Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort

Caliraya Springs, Cavinti, Laguna

Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort
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Jhinky A.
4.0 Stars

fun and relaxing 128077🏻128513 super slide #superfun 128588🏻128166

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Jairus d.
4.0 Stars

Last Saturday, my family celebrated my youngest niece's birthday in Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort. Thanks to my mom's gift certificate that she got from one of her officemates. We live in Santa Cruz, Laguna so it only took us 30 minutes to get to the place. Prolly two to three hours if you are coming from Manila.

It was already getting dark when we arrived. After a few minutes at the reception area we headed straight to one of their villas. The superior villa could accommodate eight to ten people and it was just enough for us. It's a huge nipa hut with four bamboo beds with foams and four mattresses on the floor that's probably two to three inches thick.

There is a wooden sala set and flat screen tv. It's not subscribed to a local cable so better bring a couple of DVDs. The villa is not air-conditioned but the Caliraya chill and two ceiling fans were enough for a good night sleep. Each villa had a table and light post outside. A good spot for eating and midnight chit-chats. We were a few steps away from the public comfort room with four to five toilets and shower rooms. Props to the resort for having bidets! It would have been better if all the potty's have tissues tho. Do take note they have rooms with air conditioning units.

We didn't do much at night. Most of the activities happened on the following day. It's also one of the best Sunday morning views I had. Hectares of lush greenery with an awesome view of the lake. A cup of coffee and a stick of cigarette would have been my company if I was still smoking.

I played with the kids at the hanging bridge, stayed a couple of hours in the pool overlooking the lake, some used the resort's kayaks and zip line. The kids also enjoyed feeding the group of ducks near our villa.

The resort is also best suited for team building activities. I saw 10 obstacles courses that will develop camaraderie and test your limits:

128681Slide and drop
128681Wall climb challenge
128681Tire challenge
128681Cable Challenge
128681Karate Kid
128681Tarzan Swing
128681Military Crawl
128681Log Crossing
128681Horseback Course
128681Palo Sebo

There's a game room for billiards, board games and darts. Fishing, trekking, animal caring, bike rental and horseback riding are also being offered. Rich peeps can also bring their A-Game for Golf.

Food was subpar but you can bring your own without corkage fee. Service was okay. All in all, there are improvements needed but I would surely come back to unwind and release the stress from work.

Here are the Rates I got from the resort's website:

Cyrene C Gwen I Roegan T - Feel free to add the resort's rates on the app.128522


Green Fees

No. of Holes Weekdays Weekends
9 Holes Php 850.00 Php 1,130.00
18 Holes Php 1,700.00. Php 2,036.00

Other Charges

Golf Cart 9 holes - Php 450.00
18 holes - Php 780.00
Caddie Fee 9 holes - Php 250.00
18 holes - Php 300.00
Umbrella Girl Php 200.00
Gallery Php 300.00
Driving Range Fee Php 200.00
Driving Range Ball Php 50.00 per box of 40 balls


Non Member: Adult P300
Child (3 ft. below) P 150

Small Villa (6-8 pax) P3,250 per night
Big Villa (8-10 pax) P3,850 per night
VIP Villa (8-10 pax) P4,200 per night

Obstacle Course P 150 per pax

Marina Services
Boat Launching Fee P 600
Retrieval Fee P 600
Boat Parking P 1,000 per month
*addtitional 1 month advance


Standard Room P 3,999
twin sharing
Deluxe Room P 4,999
triple sharing (1 single bed and 1 double bed)
Superior Room P 5,999
quadruple sharing (2 double beds)
Family Room P 6,999
5 person sharing (2 double beds, 1 single bed)
Extra Bed P 700

Massage P 600 per hour

Game Room
Billiards P 200 per hour
Chess P 100 per hour
Scrabble P 100 per hour
Darts P 200 per hour


Bike Rental
Twin Bicycle P 500 per hour
Mountain Bike P 200 per hour

Bike Trail Adventure P 500 per person
Horseback Riding P 600 per person
Trekking P 150 per person

Zipline and Hanging Bridge P 150

Boat Rental
Paddle Boat P 300 per hour
Kayak P 300 per hour
Banana Boat P 1,500 per 15 mins
Jetski P 2,500 per 30 mins
Boston Whaler P 3,500 per hour
Pasyal Boat (small) P 2,500 per hour
Pasyal Boat (large) P 3,000 per hour

Dory Fishing Village
Gazebo Half Day (5hrs) P 500
Gazebo Whole Day (beyond 5hrs) P 1,000
Nipa Hut Half Day (5hrs) P 300
Nipa Hut Whole Day (beyond 5hrs) P 500
BBQ Griller (small) w/ charcoal P 200
(large) w/ charcoal P 400
Fishing Fee per pax P 300
Fishing Rod w/ Bait P 300
Telescopic Rod P 150
Fish per kilo P 150
• No catch release policy
• If you will bring your own food and drinks, a corkage fee of P200 per pax per day will be charged. 83

Lake Bass Fishing
Boston Whaler Speed Boat with Captain P 4,000 (5 hours)
(casting and rolling)(1-4pax max) P 6,000 (5-8 hours)
Nitro Bass Boat with captain (3pax) P 5,000 (5 hours)
P 10,000 (5-8 hours)
• Life jacket included for all water sports
• Lunch packs per head P150 per head includes - 1 bottled water, 1 meal dish, 1 veggie dish, 1 cup rice.

Animal Caring
Lamb Feeding (inclusive of 10 bundle grass) P500
Duck Feeding (inclusive of 6 bowls of duck feed) P500


Caliraya Lake View Tent Space Rental
4-6 person Tent Size P 600 per night
7-15 person Tent Size P 1,200 per night

Bonfire P 700

Caliraya Lake View Pavilion Event Rental
5 hours P 5,000
5 to 10 hours P 10,000
5 to 10 hours P 10,000
• No Corkage for Venue Rental
• View Deck Operation: 7:00am-10:00pm

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Ruth D.
3.0 Stars

Our office team building was held here weeks ago. It took us about 3 hours to get there with short stopovers.

I wonder how many hectares of land this resort owns. The clubhouse/hotel was so far from the Marina/camping area and the Marina was also far from the hotel. I loved the fresh air but you couldn't really go from one place to another without being driven. Oh and they have a golf course too.

The hotel's structure has reception and function rooms/areas at the ground floor, then rooms at the basement. So, inside the rooms, you won't be getting any network connection. No luck with wifi as well. I don't remember if there was a 2nd floor.

The rooms are quite old and are not well-maintained. They're not well-lit and not well-ventilated. It will smell weird when you enter.

Service wasn't great either. After the activities, we decided to clean up first before having dinner. At 6pm, we requested one of the staff at the Marina to have the dinner set up at 7pm. When we got to the hotel, another staff informed us that dinner will only be until 7pm. So of course we were surprised and we asked why. Her response: because the staff need to rest. 128563 Really? At 7pm? They don't even have that much checked in guests. I'm sure there was miscommunication between her and whoever she spoke with, so we let it go and didn't mind her. But the response was really annoying.

Then during dinner, we followed up a dish that was not being served. We were told that it was not in the contract but really, it was. We showed it to them then they explained it was not on the list given by the person in charge to their kitchen staff. 128531

The only thing that saves this visit was the camping area. There were camp huts and an obstacle course. The service we got from the camp master was great. Is that how they're called? Haha! She was very patient with us and gave clear instructions before we started with the activities. Plus there were cute ducks around.

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