Camiña Balay nga Bato in Iloilo

20 Osmeña St., Iloilo City, Iloilo

Camiña Balay nga Bato in Iloilo
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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

This is another stop we chose for our short day trip of Iloilo city. It's a museum/house akin to the ones in Taal. The house has been passed down from generation to generation and has been preserved very well. The entrance fee is ₱150 which includes a cup of their very famous (and delicious) hot chocolate. But for bigger groups, you can book in advance and have a taste of their molo soup which is another specialty of theirs.
Before the tour there will also be a short and informative clip about the house and its history. a guide will tour you around for a few minutes then you are left to explore on your own. It's not too big but it's very interesting to see knickknacks from the past.
A nice stop and also recommended place for your trip in Iloilo.

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Phantasm D.
5.0 Stars

Traveling to Iloilo City has brought us to this ancestral house which serves one of the best traditionally-prepared hot chocolate in the country, known as "Tsokolate de Batirol."

Upon entering the house, we were given a warm welcome by one of the owners (Ms. Luth Camiña) and she gave us a tour before having lunch. The interiors are amazing as well as the collections inside. You will see antiques, artworks, fine wooden furniture, and more--this house is rich in culture and class. For a house that is more than 150 years old, it is well-maintained, and the owners still live in this place. Camiña Balay nga Bato is located at 20 Osmeña Street, Arevalo, Iloilo City, Philippines.

Next up, my favorite part: buffet. They offer lunch and dinner buffet which feature their local gourmet food. You just need to make a reservation at least a day in advance.

Dining at Camiña Balay nga Bato will make you feel like a noble. As this house belonged to the upper-class. The dining area showcases exquisite tableware. With golden bells, if you need to request something from the server, and Sinamak or the famous Ilonggo spiced vinegar on the side.

Here are some of the dishes that you can find:

Saging at Tsokolate. Fried banana with melted tablea dip.

Fried Shrimp with Green Onions. Fresh shrimp cooked just right.

Pancit na Walang Sahog. I'm surprised that this tastes great--even without the sahog.

Grilled Bangus. Another fresh catch which makes it extra good.

Ternate Rice. Check it out, guys, it's blue! It's cooked with Blue Ternate of Butterfly Pea which has a lot of health benefits.

Kalo-Kalo Kalkag Rice (KKK). Fried rice with small shrimp.

Adobo Rice.

Pork Binuog. Grilled pork.

Hinanggop Salad with Anchovy Fries. A good contrast between the sour taste of the vinegar of the hinanggop and the salty anchovies.

Winged Bean Balagay. The vegetables all looked fresh but I skipped eating healthy on this day and went for the meat and seafood.

Stir-Fry Baby Spinach.

Embotido de Arevalo.

Malabar Nightshade.

Bitter Gourd/Ampalaya Salad.

Cucumber and Calamansi Juice. Homemade and very refreshing.

Pancit Molo. One of Iloilo's famous delicacy is the Pancit Molo. Being Filipino-Chinese, dumpling soups aren't new to me. This Pancit Molo or Filipino Pork Dumpling Soup, however, has its own unique delicious taste. The soup is rich in flavor and is quite viscous. The term pancit for this dish, though, is confusing since I was expecting noodles in it.

The dishes taste good and I had a good dining experience here.

Last is my favorite part, having the tsokolate de batirol which they call, Tsokolate eh. This hot chocolate is made from melted tablea. There is also a way to drink it. The way of the elite: hold the cup with your pinky finger raised. Yep, I'm now an elitist. Lmao.

Trivia: During the Spanish regime, there were two types of hot chocolate that hosts can give you. The "tsokolate eh" (meaning thick and rich chocolate) and the "tsokolate ah" (meaning watered and thin chocolate). Being given the thick chocolate, it means that you are liked, while the watery means you are disliked.

FULL REVIEW and HD Photos (uncropped by looloo) on my blog.

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Gem G.
5.0 Stars

Rich. Dark. Thick.

This classic Tsokolate E variant, which means "thick" in Spanish, captured the old fashioned Filipino taste. It has an exquisite thick consistency made balanced by the rich bittersweet chocolate goodness, screaming perfection in a cup. It is served with 'kinihad' (toasted bread) and mamon tostado.

What better way to eat it? Of course the Filipino style, 'sawsaw bread'.

Aside from the tsokolate concoction, one will admire the cultural heritage of this place since the house has been standing since 1865. Currently the house-slash-museum cafe is still the dwelling place of the 4th generation of the Melocoton-Avanceña clan. The walls and windows of the house was made to stand extreme heat, rain, and wind. This house is a living proof of something that stands the test of time.

At 150 Php one can enjoy a tour inside with the special refillable tsokolate and bread treat. They also serve lunch and/or dinner buffet but only through reservation at 500 Php per head, with a minimum of 10pax.

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Shiela S.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Mitzi B.
4.0 Stars

An afternoon delight of tsokolate eh with local biscuits and pancit molo at this Avancena ancestral house in Villa Arevalo, Iloilo. A reservation is a must specially if ur inclined to try the Pancit Molo. The tsokolate eh is the best one I tried so far (I'm more of a coffee person). Tried also dipping the the biscuits in it! Yum!

Php200 - house tour, tsokolate and biscuits with Molo soup.
Php150 - house tour, tsokolate and biscuits only.

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William O.
4.0 Stars

The tour was very educational. You get to appreciate the history behind the place plus the host was very accomodating and knowledgeable.

We went here for lunch and tried the chocolate espresso made from their own brand of "batirol" that gives its distinct taste. Overall, the experience was awesome!

128077 : Chocolate Espresso!

128076 : Molo Soup (a bit under-seasoned)

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