Camp Sandugo Wall Climbing

5/F Market! Market!, Mabini Ave. cor. McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Camp Sandugo Wall Climbing
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₱50 - ₱340

Most Recent Reviews

Ryan Oliver L.
4.0 Stars

There are times when I just want to do something sporty and not fattening. Sadly, there are not much to do here in Manila compared to other cities around the globe. We don't have nice parks for nice walks nor bicycle lanes that are car-free. But since this is a season of fat, I had to do some research on how to be more active without leaving Manila or simply going to the gym. And I discovered Camp Sandugo Wall Climbing.

Camp Sandugo wall climbing is a cheap way to kill time. At P50 for a single climb, you already get a belayer’s assistance. I think that this is a better deal compared to the unlimited climb at P140 without a belayer. You need to add P200 for belayer’s assistance. If you are the type who wants to make sure that everything will be fine, you could also rent climbing shoes at P50. Not sure how many times one can climb to make P340 worthwhile. Anyway, I opted to avail the single climb since we planned to do laser tag right after. It was a quick climb and not really as challenging as I thought.

Nonetheless, it was fun and a nice break from the usual food trips.

Side note: R.O.X. also has one but if I remember it correctly, it costs double or triple. Well, it's nicer too but the walls are leas challenging.


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Kevinross B.
4.0 Stars

My officemates invited me to go wall climbing on a tuesday night after work. I had no experience with wall climbing whatsoever so I had no Idea what gear to bring. So I just brought an extra set of shorts, shirt and a pair of basketball shoes. Lol. Please don't judge me! 128514 I recommend bringing climbing shoes or five fingers, perhaps? Something that's light weight, not so bulky and with good grip so you won't have a hard time climbing. I only realized it when I went climbing already. Hahaha! Although I read on the other reviews that they offer shoes for rent? Not sure if they still do since they didn't offer me a pair.

We arrived at Market Market and went straight to the 5th floor. The wall climbing area is just near the cinemas and it's beside a sports shop. I forgot what the name was, but that's where you will have to sign a form that you understand the hazards of climbing, pay the fee, and dress up before climbing. Their rates are surprisingly cheap! If you wanna try it for the first time, you can avail the Php50.00 per climb or you may opt for the Php340 rate for the unlimited climbs.

The wall setup was also nice. It didn't just have a straight flat wall, but it also had some challenging obstacles, such as a slanted portion and the ones you'll have to hang on the rocks (Sorry I don't know the terms hehe. Just refer to the photo. 128540)

For a beginner, I would recommend getting at least 2-3 climbs first. Climbs are counted if the rope is connected to your harness. If in case you're in the middle of climbing and you lose your grip or you get tired, you can take a break at your current position and it will still count as one climb. The climb will only end when you ask the belayer (Not sure if belayer is the right term. But i'm referring to the guy holding the rope on the ground while you climb) to bring you down.
So when no one's climbing, you can test out crossing the rocks just to practice your grip and they won't charge you for it. 128522

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Angiel Love C.
4.0 Stars

Place was small and I was expecting like a complex or a larger facility haha lol. The courses are okay naman. Complete for different levels. Fees are cheap too! Imagine paying only 340 pesos for unlimited climb?! Pagod to sawa! I just hope they provide more shoes so more customers can climb and hassle-free yung procedures :))

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Lesley Ardelle V.
4.0 Stars

The last time I went wall-climbing was 10 years ago, when I took it up for my Physical Education class in college!!! 10 years ago!!!

I don't know what compelled me to take it as my P.E. before, since I'm deathly afraid of heights. I started to have acrophobia as I grew older. Back in my glory days, I was FEARLESS. I would be the first in line in roller coaster rides; I would sit at the top bench at Anchor's Away; I planned to have my honeymoon in Orlando, Florido, so that I could go to all the amusement I could ride all of the roller coasters!!!

Growing into my 20s, though, my stomach lining changed. I dunno how else to explain it, because the fear that I feel comes from my tummy. You know that "kiliti" you feel when you free fall? 128516

Now, I no longer ride roller coasters. I get sweaty palms just by looking up at high rise buildings (which is not convenient for me since I work in the construction industry). I still like amusement parks, but I stick to the visual-effect-type / boat-cruise-type It's A Small World. LOL. Shucks, just writing this review is making my palms all sweaty. Still kinda scared. 128513

I guess back in college, wall-climbing was just another normal P.E. subject for me. 10 years after, though, it is now a fear that I want to overcome. And overcome it, I did!

I conquered 3 and 1/2 walls here at Camp Sandugo: the straight wall, the semi-inclined wall, the mixed straight and semi-inclined wall...and half of the super duper inclined wall. I think most of my sweat that day was generated by my furiously beating heart. I was super scared, especially as I climbed higher and higher. Midway up the wall, I could feel the fear gripping my stomach (and my palms were sweaty!!! Not good if the success of the activity depends on your grip on the rocks!!!), and there were times when I wanted to give up. But I just kept my eye on the top most rock and pushed myself to reach it. 128513

I feel so fulfilled. Haha! Next time, though, I WILL conquer that last wall. 128170

Only bad thing about the place was, when we were there, only 3 climbing shoes were available. The place wasn't even full. Our group (4 pax) was the only group there! Also, the shoe sizes were really small, so they pinched my feet. 128532

Great sport to try out if you're looking for a thrill...and if you want a killer core workout!!!

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