Camp Sinai

Pintong Bocaue-Kasii Rd., Antipolo, Rizal

Camp Sinai
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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

The best things in life are NOT free. You have to work the hardest, over and over again. Giving up is not an option. Especially for the best tapsilog.

How to get to this place? You have to go to San Mateo, Rizal. And then climb the intimidating roads of Timberland Heights and Mt. Maarat.

The roads have a crazy gradient of about 3% to 5% in average. Getting there involves biking on both asphalt and a combination of soil, rocks, and roots. It took us around 40 minutes to get here (without rest).

Probably, one of the scariest parts of the trail, is the last climb which leads to Camp Sinai. The path can only fit one bike. One wrong move and you'll end up falling off the cliff. 128561 The gradient here is scary. I had to get off my bike because... well... gravity. I couldn't finish it without pushing my bike. It was just crazy. 128517128532

We always try their tapsilog and guyabano shake. The tapsilog meal costs Php150 which includes a free drink of your choice (hazelnut brewed coffee, softdrinks, or Gatorade).

The hazelnut brewed coffee was extremely good as well. I was told that it's good for one person. But when it was served in a coffee press, it was freakin' full! Good enough for 3 people! 128588

The guyabano shake didn't disappoint. They told me that they plant their own guyabano, which means it's like farm to table. Right? 128514

Also, I was surprised when I saw their restroom. It was super clean! They have a nice toilet and sink. It also has paper towels and running water. I was surprised because it even beats the restrooms found in the metro. I was in awe. Didn't expect to see a restroom that nice in a mountain.

No wonder a lot of cyclists go here. To get the best tapsilog, one has to work the hardest and bike all the way up here. 128693🏼

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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

Had the chance to go back to The Ten Commandments, a famous landmark in Pintong Bocaue, Rizal.

But this time, I got the chance to try Camp Sinai's Tapsilog.

I paid P150 for an order of Tapsilog + guyabano juice/guava juice/Gatorade. Of course I chose the Gatorade. I was freakin' tired! 128514

I must say, it was one of the best tapsilogs I've ever tasted in my life. Spending P150 was definitely worth it. The rice was perfect! "Garlicky" flavor and it's not "buhaghag".

The tapa was so flavorful and crispy. Actually the first tapsilog I've tried that has crispy tapa. It was very interesting. But in a very good way. A VERY GOOD WAY.

The service was great. I even joked around and asked "ate" if we can hang a tarpaulin of our bike group's name in their store. She tried to ask the owner about it but good thing I stopped her in time. I was just joking ate! 128514

And the ambiance? It was like being in the old Tagaytay. You know how Tagaytay used to be peaceful and not crowded. That's how it felt like.

Nothing beats:

A delicious tapsilog + awesome view of the mountains + burning 2,634 calories + spending time with friends 128077

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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

Famous among mountain bikers, Camp Sinai is one of the easiest rides. The place is just a couple of km away from Timberland Heights. But since we biked all the way, it took us a total of 60 km back and forth.

Getting there from Timberland was a breeze. Not a lot of uphills.

I think the best thing about the whole ride is that we had to pass by a road with lots of pine trees! Amazing! It was like being in Baguio. It was cold and windy when we went here! Probably because of the incoming storm, "Luis".

Getting at the camp's famous landmark, "The Ten Commandments" will give you a view of Timberland Heights and some other mountains surrounding the province of Rizal. Sadly, it was really foggy when we went here, so we didn't see the mountain view's real beauty.

I highly recommend this place to mtb noobs!

Although you have to pass by wall 1, 2, and 3 to get to the entrance of the trail that leads to Camp Sinai -- which is of course, a series of hell-like climbs any cyclist would curse and hate. 128514

I used Strava to monitor the stats of our ride. I burned 2,764 calories and was outside for almost 9 hours! 128561

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