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363 Legarda Rd., Baguio, Benguet

Camping Date
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Diana L.
5.0 Stars

Writing this review made me miss Camping Date! The concept of the restaurant was so cool! Perfect spot for camping since the weather in Baguio is always cold I think? Haha.

It was raining heavy in Baguio when my howe and I decided to take a trip. What we did was eaaaat, eaat and eat! Haha. But everything was worth it.

I am an avid fan of Korean food. ALWAYS. Not because I love Korean drama, KPOP and Korean actors (oppas) 128514128514 every Korean food is really tasty.

We ordered chicken and tteobokki which I think is always a perfect combo. Ohh. I forgot to include beer! 128513

I looooove love love it! Even my boyfriend who was before not a fan of tteobokki loved it! But really, if you're ordering what we ordered you should be at least 3 or 4 gosh they have huge serving. Hehe.

Anyways, you feel like you're in Korea because of the cold weather too or if like us have experience having Koreans beside us who's loud maybe because they're drunk. Hahahaha.

You guys should definitely go here if you plan to visit Baguio. 10084

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Billy Ray B.
4.0 Stars

127775127775127775127775127775 -> ambience and the place is unique, you will be eating inside a tent as the name of the place implies.
127775127775127775127775 -> their salad dressing is masarap and their pizza with potato and bacon toppings is amazing.
127775127775127775-> mejo matagal ang service to think na dadalawa lang na table yung iseservan nila.

Overall, it's worth the money. 128076🏻128077🏻

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

It is always fun to go to Baguio. I love the cold and fresh wind, peaceful ambiance and the fact that I could disconnect from everything (due to the poor satellite signal). And since R and I were getting a bit too stressed with Manila, we decided to head to the land of ube jam and strawberries for a short getaway. Though we buy supplies to keep us from starving, we still try to visit at least one restaurant in the city and this time, we visited... Camping Date.

Hello, Camping Date!

We had a hard time finding this Korean place! We followed the location pin on several food apps and it led us to different places. But since our option #2 is a bit far from Legarda, we decided to spend a bit more time to look for this place. After two failed location pins, we finally made it to the right place—Lighthouse—which is right across Prince Hotel.

The place was packed when we arrived and all tents were occupied. We ended up with the uncomfortable camping chairs with tables which makes it your usual dining experience with back ache. R was giggling to see me so disappointed and pout like I’m about to kiss the ground.

Determined to have the Camping Date experience, I was like a hawk eying its prey when checking which tent will be done soon. When I spotted the middle tent’s “occupants” finishing up, I immediately asked the friendly server to move us and she obliged.


I was super excited to be inside the tent for 5 minutes before the not so pleasant smell hit me. The drawback of dining inside the tent is that the smell of the different dishes remains. Also, since it’s harder to clean the floor of the tent, the servers do not get to thoroughly clean it before the next diners sit down. Oh well...

We got to order Garlic Chicken (PHP350), Combination Pizza (PHP250, small; PHP450, medium; PHP680, large; P950, family size), and a mug of Milk Tea (PHP60).

Food was served after 15 minutes or so and first served was Garlic Chicken.

The nicely glazed chicken was served with tongs for us to use and I find it more environment friendly than handing us with plastic gloves.

I loved every bite of the garlic chicken. It was well cooked and generously seasoned and glazed. It was flavorful without it being too overpowering or overwhelming. I also loved that each bite guarantees delightful crunch. The chicken parts were just a bit too small but it was okay and definitely delivered when it said it was good for two.

It took a bit before the Combination Pizza was served but we didn't mind as we were too preoccupied eating chicken.

The pizza was small but pleasant to the eyes with its vibrant colors. I liked how the sweet potato was placed on the pizza to make it stand out. (It's the yellow circle in the middle.)

This dish is perfect for those who could not decide which pizza to try as it allows you to have a taste of every topping available at Camping Date. And all toppings, including bulgogi and sweet potato, actually go well together. I really enjoyed this small bit of dough and would love to order it again.

I was surprised when my milk tea arrived. It was served in a mug. I figured it's to emphasize the "camping experience" and after one sip, I realized that it was actually warm. Warm milk tea? Though there really is such a thing as warm milk tea, I'm not used to it. But this milk tea was somehow true to its name. It was indeed milky with a faint hint of tea and high dose of sugar.

It was definitely unique experience and I loved the two dishes we ordered. But trying it out once is enough and next time I crave for Camping Date's chicken and pizza, I'll just give them a call and have my orders delivered.

#50ksummergiveaway #gluttonshopper

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Len T.
4.0 Stars

This restaurant offers a unique dining experience to the customers. You get to feel like you are out camping but still get to enjoy the comfort of a nice meal.

Prices on the menu is a little higher than average but is still within reasonable range for the food they serve. We ordered Red Kiss Chicken and 2 medium-sized pizza (cheese, bulgogi) for the 5 of us and we still had a couple of slices to take home. :)

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Laura M.
5.0 Stars

I love love love their food. The place in general is okay but they posiyioned the tents, lights, etc so that when you take your photo it will look like you'rereally camping. We ordered the cheesy red chicken, cheese pizza and bulgogi pizza. All of it is really delicious. Super sulit and really yummy. I recommend this to all that wants to try a different concept witu good food :)

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Mintzy F.
5.0 Stars

Food: 10/10
Staff and Service: 9/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Experience: 9/10

Overall Ratings:
Their chicken is! I swear! If you want some crispy korean chicken goodness, make sure to visit this place. They moved to a different location but the quality of the food is still there. We love ordering theirm "red kiss chicken", it's sweet, spicy and tasty! Make sure to order the chicken with the bones, for more meat and more flavor. Even leaving it in the fridge overnight, it's still crunchy. Camping Date also serves different pizzas (they have potato pizza btw!), although they are quite pricey it's still worth the try. If you're feeling bold, feel free to try their silkworms. If you're craving their crispy chicken and you're feeling lazy to go out of your house. They are open for delivery by just texting or calling their mobile numbers.

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Rocky R.
4.0 Stars

Because of this awful weather Baguio has been receiving the past week, which by way I hope you looloo'ers are keeping safe and dry, I decided to order food from Camping Date via delivery. I was finally able to try their pizza! But before I begin, I would like to thank the owners of this place for generously offering me a complimentary combination pizza. I wasn't, nor do not expect, anything in return from reviews that I give, but I am very (very) thankful!

Many countries have their own interpretation of this beloved pie, and Korea is cashing in on the trend as well. Camping Date had offered me their take on a combination pizza. Aside from the regular toppings of a combination pizza, they add a Korean flare by including bulgogi, sweet potato paste, with a sweet potato-filled crust. In thought, it may sound unappetizing for introducing sweet potatoes in the mix, but then, I, too was weirded out when I first tasted Filipino spaghetti, but ended up loving it. 128513

The dough was a bit "doughy", that I feel can be baked a little more to give it a nice crisp texture. But if the super soft crust is what they're going for, so be it. 9786️ The sweet potato-filled crust is a meal on its own. I ended up removing the crust, and eating it later on in the evening. The natural sweetness of it made seem as if it were a dessert.

I enjoyed this pizza. I love the fact that other countries, like Korea, have their own take of this dish to call their own. Kudos to Camping Date!

Happy eating!!!

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Rocky R.
4.0 Stars

Has anyone ever wanted to experience camping, but somehow not the outdoorsy type person? There's a solution--Camping Date!

Camping Date is an oddly unique restaurant. As seen on the photo, the tables in the middle of the restaurant are surrounded by tents that fits 1-6 persons. I believe this brings a fun element in dining. It brings the outdoors inside, giving the opportunity to those foodies a camp-like experience.

This is a Korean restaurant that specializes in chicken dishes and pizzas. Not just any pizza, but Korean pizza!

Because this was my first time visiting Camping Date, I went the safe route, and ordered their Crunchicken (fried chicken), and Red Kiss Chicken (fried chicken glazed in corn syrup/honey and spices). All I can say is, WOW!

The Crunchicken was that--crunchy! It was juicy, and clean to the palate. By the taste, it seemed like the chicken was brined. I maybe wrong, but the spices used was absorbed down to the bone. You also can notice that the oil used was fresh, and not recycled, unlike a lot of food chains serving fried chicken. I'm sorry to the loyalist of franchise-owned fried chicken, but this has got to be the best in town.

One word to describe their Red Kiss Chicken is savory. From the looks and taste, it seems like they coated their now-famous Crunchiken with a mixture of corn syrup (or honey), soy sauce, chili paste, ginger and possibly a secret ingredient. I can't pinpoint the taste, but I know I've tasted it before.

With any of the chicken entrées, you have the option of having the chicken boneless or not. I prefer having it with bones, as they bring more flavor to the chicken. Plus, since you're having a camp-like experience, why not be messy when eating?

Sadly, I wasn't able to try any of their pizzas. My full stomach wouldn't allow me to wiggle in any more food. Don't worry, maybe someone will be able to review it before I do. If not I'll just get back to you as soon as I pay another visit soon!

This is a rare find in Baguio. Though there are plenty of Korean restaurants around here, Camping Date stands out.

**Just a heads-up: prices are a bit higher than average. A half chicken will cost 350PhP, and a whole will cost 600PhP. But I do honestly feel that it is worth it.

Happy eating!!!

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