Canton Road

3/F Shangri-La at the Fort, 30th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Canton Road
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Larisha F.
2.0 Stars

We had a function at Canton Road and the service at the restaurant was absolutely TERRIBLE. The food took forever to come. One table was served way ahead, while our guests at the other tables sat on empty tables. There were long lulls in between courses. One waiter said it was because they were waiting for us to finish one course before serving the next (this is not how Lauriat works), while another waiter said that it was because other guests at the restaurant arrived at the same time as we did (not an excuse as we gave our menu choices several days prior). We booked 4 tables and yet we got ZERO free parking passes! Even the girls who assisted us prior to the event were unpleasant. We are never booking an event at Canton Road again. It's embarrassing.

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Carlos S.
5.0 Stars

First time to have dinner at Canton Road. We had, among orhers, the suckling pig and birthday noodles. Pig was excellent-crispy skin with tender meat. The noodles was also great-it had big and succulent scallops! Cake was from the coffee shop downstairs. It was also vert good. Apparently it's one of the best sellers

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Rodney O.
4.0 Stars

Expensive but good. Small quantity but good. It is what you expect when you eat a Chinese restaurant inside a shangrila hotel. Some of the items on the menu are modern compared to their other restaurants menu. If you have money it's worth going back too.

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Alfred C.
4.0 Stars

After going to St. Luke's Global, my wife and I decided to try this place for lunch. The following are what we ordered and what we thought of them:

1. Trio of roasts - char siu (pork asado), suckling pig, and roasted duck. All good 128522 The suckling pig of Crystal Jade is better though, IMO.

2. Pan fried dumpling - just ok 128076 Still good though.

3. The pumpkin shaped dumpling - very good 128522 One of the best dimsum dishes I've tried. Right up there w the crispy pork buns of THW. The truffle sauce was very fragrant.

4. French beans - fantastic 128077🏻128077🏽 Crispy and crunchy outside and juicy inside. Our waiter, JC, said it's because it was cooked on high heat in a wok flash cooking it.

5. Panda shaped dumplings - very good 128523. They have salted eggs inside. A dessert dim sum.

The roasts were about P1,900.00, the French beans P450, the dimsum dishes were around P250 an order.

The food, service, and ambiance makes the price worth it. I think it would be hard to go wrong here. The dishes will range from good to excellent. 128523

Oh I played around w one of the pandas 128060. They don't serve it like that 128518.

Tip: ask for their XO sauce if you want some spice. 128521

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I have been wanting to visit Canton Road ever since I saw its panda bun stuffed with salted egg yolk. It was a powerful combination of two things I love and I couldn’t help nag R about it. However, our weekend schedules were uncooperative and we couldn’t find the time to drop by this new Chinese restaurant in Shangri-La at the Fort. And while I was weeping with sadness, I got an invite to feast on some of Canton Road’s spectacular dishes. Woohoo!

Hello, Canton Road.

I have never been to the hotel and residential side of Shangri-La at the Fort so everything looked so new to me. But as expected from a notable establishment, the hotel lobby was majestic and every single staff member was courteous and assisted me to Canton Road.

As I walk closer to Canton Road, I was greeted by beautiful interiors in dark hues and touches of gold. The place screams Asian elegance.

I first sampled the Jiangnan Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs (PHP618) which had nice black vinegar taste. The serving size is just a tad too small for sharing with the whole family if you want at least three or four portions of this dish.

It was a Cooking Master Boy moment when I got a mouthful of the Barbecue Trio Sampler (PHP2,288). The honey-roasted Iberico pork was succulent and each bite would give you waves of its delightful flavor! The roasted Peking duck was cooked to perfection as it was juicy, tender and had a nice crispy skin. And the suckling pig… oh where do I begin? It was simply marvellous. Crunchy on the outside and juicy in the inside. I didn’t even have to dip any of the meats in the sauces provided as each one was already flavorful enough. Just make sure that you do not skip the jellyfish side dish as it goes well with the meats with its slight tangy taste!

Another stellar dish served to us was the Yangzhou Soft Bean Curd Soup with Yunnan Ham (PHP388). You’d think that this dish would be nothing special but a live demonstration on how it is prepared made us think otherwise. The silken tofu is sliced so thinly by an ordinary knife or axe with so much precision that you’d think you’re enjoying misua. I was amazed by the demonstration and it made the soup taste so much better knowing the hard work and mastery behind it. (It took the chef 15 years to master such skill!) Then again, even without knowing it, it was already a pretty good dish. It had a nice light taste with a burst of flavors when you get a mouthful of ham and dried scallops.

I wasn’t so thrilled with the Mingan Five-Spiced Marinated Pork Belly wrapped in Dried Bean Curd Sheets (PHP748, 6 pcs) when it was compared with kikiam. I’m not fond of kikiam so I was thinking of just having half of the dish. But I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked this dish too. Though a tad oily because it was deep fried, I liked that the stuffings were sliced instead of minced. The flavors from the sliced pork and water chestnuts were harmonious and the contrast in textures were delightful.

Soon, the dumplings and buns were served.

The Steamed Iberico Pork Dumpling with Abalone and Black Truffle (PHP468, 4 pcs) is your usual siomai but ten times better. Each bite was so succulent and flavorful thanks to the prime Iberico pork. But it wasn’t good enough for Canton Road hence they decided to top the already good dumpling with abalone and black truffle. It was absolutely delicious. It would be a crime to mask this dumpling with soy sauce or black vinegar as it is already perfect.

The Steamed Custard and Salted Duck Egg Bun (PHP228, 3 pcs) is probably the cutest dish I have ever eaten. It was so adorable that it took me quite some time before I decided to take a big bite. And it was a bite to remember. I went head over heels with the mantao used. It was so soft and had the slight chewiness that I really love. The salted egg filling was also divine. It had beautiful consistency and addicting salty and slight sweet taste. Everyone loved this one and some even ordered a few to bring home.

The Steamed Crystal Skin Shrimp Dumpling (PHP248, 4 pcs) was also delightful as Canton Road used king prawns to ensure that no bite will be just a sad bland wrapper. However, with the dozens of dumplings to choose from, I’d probably skip this one despite being a hardcore hakaw lover.

I was reminded that Halloween is fast approaching when plates of Baked Pumpkin, Black Truffle and Chicken Puff (PHP228, 3 pcs) were served. I enjoyed munching on the slightly flaky puff stuffed with chicken and black truffle. I fell in love with its wonderful and mouthwatering aroma that I immediately took a bite. And it was hot. So make sure you poke this one a bit to let the filling cool before indulging in this lovely dish.

Last savory dish served to us was the Canton Road Signature Fried Rice, Sea Urchin, Shrimps and US Scallop (PHP848) and despite needing to unbutton my pants, I managed to enjoy several spoonfuls of this dish. I liked its light taste and it sure is perfect for the rich dishes we had earlier.

Finally, we have reached the final dish—Mango Pudding with Baked Swan Taro Puff and Seasonal Fruits. It was a beautiful and colourful plate of sweets and it was hard to behead the detailed swan taro puff. The thin layers of pastry had a lovely flaky texture similar to croissant. The taro filling was smooth and mildly sweet. This puff is a great treat for the elders who are not fond of overly sweet desserts.

The mango pudding is your usual pudding and very similar to Summer Palace’s.

Throughout our meal, we were given some beverages to help cleanse the palate. One of which had lapsing souchong which had a nice smoky taste. But my favorite was the Signature Canton Road Garden Tea. It was sweet and very refreshing.

I will definitely visit Canton Road again and try its other dishes and order more of the Barbecue Trio Sampler and Panda Buns

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Their last order is 10:30pm! Good thing i came at the place around 9:15pm. I thought they were close. It's located at the third floor of the shagrila fort, turn to your right after the elevators open. A friendly Chinese national greeted and entertained me. He found me a table that was good for two but was then transferred in a much more bigger table because the previous was not ready.

They have a different menu fir lunch and dinner. Unfortunately ALL DIMSUM were not available during dinner. But, it was nice of them to check if they have a stock since their dimsum chef went home already.

128204128525 welcome drinks!
Oh yeah. Joh the server told me everyone is given of this very 90s drink-- wolf berries, red dates and haw flakes!! Server told me customers may order a pitcher of this for 688PhP!

128204 canton garden tea @88PhP per person
Their tea is for sale. No free house tea here. Haha. Well, it was great naman, really should come with a price. Infusion of wild chrysanthemum, osmanthus, rosebuds and some more flowers from Tibet. It's constantly being heated by a candle below the teapot set.

All their orders are pricey. Their lowest price is 300PhP plus, so for my main for tonight is at the rice and noodle menu.

128204 Ee fu noodles, straw mushrooms and vegetables @548PhP
This one is ordinary, i have to be honest. It's like ordering birthday canton from another Chinese pan to place. Nothing really special. The order is good for two which i think is always in their menu.

Aaand fortunately, the dimsum from the lunch were available! Oh thank God cause i really came just for these!
128204128525 steamed custard and salted duck egg bun @288PhP
As a more popular dish found in canton road, i did not let myself get affected how cute these buns were. They were soo delicious! I actually ate the saddest looking one and just took home the other ones.

128204128525 baked pumpkin, black truffle and chicken puff @288PhP
These were deep fried i guess. Com'on, who aming us does not like black truffles?! Thanks to Christina R for featuring it at her IG page. It also contains chicken puff casserole. All of these, who would think these would be found inside a cute little pumpkin dimsum?! I wonder why it's pumpkin! Haha it's also cute!!

Now for sweets,
128204 taro puff pastry @288PhP
Who would not forget the swan pastry puffs posted by Marc David M?! Of course i have to get one and taste it! I did not eat the swan neck it was too hard. The server told me it's edible naman--it's made if flour, but no i just cant. The puff got a mixture of sticky and sweet taro. So good. The sesame seeds at the bottom of the swan makes it more tasty. The strawberry syrup? It just complements everything in it.

Okay, i really admire servers who really talks with the customers. At first i was kinda irritated because he was standing beside me while i was eating. But being talkative pays it all. He offered me free birthday buns.
128204128525 birthday buns
Dont firget to ket them know it's your birthday! Inside is a soft lotus paste with black truffles, honestly i did not taste the black truffles. Hehe. But i also love the bun itself.

Going to the CR will require you to go outside of the canton road itself; however because it was almost 11pm, i was able to use their function room's CR. The CR's foor is camouflaging its wall design. Well, inside is a highclass CR! Pwedeng pang laban kay salvatorre.

Wifi eill be of the shangrila hotel itself, it's ever so fast and reliable.

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5.0 Stars

I went to Shangri-la Fort for dinner at Canton Road, a Shang Dining Experience. While walking to quiet aisle of the hotel... the bright and elegant interior set-up of the place really amazed me. Its like I am destined in another place. As I enter the restaurant, the receptionist assisted me to my table before the staff approached me for my order. I asked the staff if the Panda Bun is available, she said "during lunch time only but I will check inside the kitchen if there is..." I also asked if the Wonton Noodle Soup is available, again she said "thats during lunch time sir, but I will check inside the kitchen". After few minutes, she said that the bun and noodles were available which I can order.

I got Wonton Noodles Soup with Honey Glazed BBQ Pork for Php288.00 and paired it with Steamed Custard and Salted Duck Egg Bun for Php228.00.

While waiting for my order one of the staff serves glazed peanut and a shot of Iced with dates.

127836 Wonton Noodle-Soup with Honey Glazed BBQ Pork - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Average serving is for 1 pax only, but this is uber loaded noodles with wonton and honey glazed bbq which 2 people can share (madaming sahog hinde tinipid). They have good presentation of the food and it's very appetizing. I like the balance taste of the soup not that salty and not that too hot (which you're tongue will not get burnt on the first sip). I add some chili garlic oil to add some spice... masarap!"

127836 Steamed Custard and Salted Duck Egg Bun - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"These three pieces cute little panda bun with custard and salted egg inside were super "hirap kainin" because of the cute presentation. And it really taste good, "nakakawala ng umay and nakakabusog".

Canton Road restaurant is huge. They have function halls too. Using some dark colors where the warms lights in the ceiling reflects with the classy table of the restaurant looks really fantastic and elegant.

Canton Road is located at the 2nd Level of Shangri-la Hotel - The Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Marc M.
4.0 Stars

How can I even start eating this? I kennat!!! Hindi ko pa nga hinahawakan lumuluha na.. 128546

But when I did. Omnomnomnom! EJK! Extra Judicial Kain 128514

Of all the food we ordered I'd recommend the:

✔️ Crispy Pork Belly Macau Style (P688) - Perfect Cubes of Gracious Pork Belly. Crunchy skin with delicate meat. 128525

✔️ Xiamen Noodles (P748) - looks really simple but very tasty and quite filling considering the fine noodles. It also goes so well with:

✔️ Kung Pao Shrimp - Shrimp overload! 128525 A bit spicy but still tolerable nonetheless.

Other food we tried:
228 Steamed Custard and Salted Duck Egg Bun (Panda);
248 Steamed Crystal Skin Shrimp Dumpling;
228 Baked Pumpkin, Black Truffle and Chicken Puff;
228 Pan Fried buns filled with minced pork, white cabbage and wood ear fungus;
388 Dried Bean Curd with Shrimp wrap, assorted vegetables;
588 Poached Free Range Chicken in Shaixing Yellow Wine;
748 Mingnan five-spice marinated pork belly wrapped in dried bean curd sheets (Kikiam);
228 Chilled Mango & Sago, Grapefruit (quite expensive);

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Sandro V.
3.0 Stars

Gotta get 'em all pikachu sweet dimsum

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Sandro V.
4.0 Stars

Great tasting savory dimsum at the newly-opened Chinese restaurant of Shangri-La at the Fort

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