Capitol Medical Center

Quezon Ave. cor. Sct. Magbanua St., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Capitol Medical Center
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Paula S.
1.0 Stars

Effin hate their work ethics!!!! They don't deserve a star. I'm asked to go to their ER because there's something in my eye.

I caught something in my eye that washing with water and eye drops didn't help. I felt the discomfort of having it and got scared because it's a very sensitive part of a human's body.

I came her around 12:30, processed all papers needed for my HMO card and got to the doctor's office exactly 12:57pm today. I was advised by Medicare that the doctor will be in at 1pm. It's 2:25 as I this review and the doctor is still not here. Almost 1.5 hours LATE!!!

Update as of 12:28am. She arrived with stuff from a hardware store. Pinalitan muna nya yung ilaw sa receiving area. Till now hindi nagpapapasok ng patient. Mofo!

Ang sabi saken ng secretary, may patient sya sa st. Lukes kaya sya na-late. May patient siguro sya sa isang hardware store, hindi sa st. Lukes. I may sound mean, but waiting for more than 1 hour and 30 mins ANG COUNTING ISNT ACCEPTABLE!!!

Update as of 2:52pm: may foreign body daw, may maliit na metal lang naman sa mata ko at marami na daw gasgas. So I have to go back to the order building and seek Loa. Now im here, at may anesthesia yung mata ko which is only good for 10 mins. #76 palang and MEDICARE at #82 ako. SERYOSO?? GANITO KABAGAL??

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Dheybert P.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Tan M.
4.0 Stars

I had this Merced's Sylvannas around the cafeteria of the hospital and twas yummy.128523

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Shayne B.
3.0 Stars

Been here yesterday because of my paranoid Mom. 128514 She thought I already have dengue or whatsoever because of fever, body pain, and breathing difficulties since Sunday morning (yes and I still managed to eat at Greek Kouzina and party at Seda Hotel that day even if I'm sick hahahah 128514).

Been to ER. Idk but I find the service too slow... And they don't have a bed for me to rest on because it was all occupied, so no choice but I have to just sit down on a chair and play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood while waiting. Same old situation when I was food poisoned back in 2012. Geeeeez. No bed for me + long wait + stay in a chair for several hours. 128528 Kinda crowded... Maybe a lot of people are getting sick because of the weather.

Check up, urine test, blood test, blah blah blah... Turned out I only have flu. Mom already knew it was flu last Sunday, idk but she suddenly became paranoid and thought of having me checked after 3 days of fever and shizzz.

Take care everyone. Gaaaaaahd seems like a lot of people are getting sick these days. I'm okay now but my brother and my cousin are sick na din after me. 128533 Yikes!


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Monica B.
4.0 Stars

A week after my due date I asked for their room rates. I even asked if we can check the rooms (parang may balak magtagal sa hospital) - small private and private deluxe. Unfortunately, small private lang available for viewing. Super liit lang even the cr pero malinis.

The big day!

I called to reserve a room for that day pero pang 16 pa kame. Grabe! Went there past 4pm. Went straight to the ER, showed my admission slip from my OB then wheeled to the delivery room (agad agad). Wheelchair talaga? Sabi ko sa nurse kaya ko maglakad pero kailangan daw. Fine! (makulit lang talaga ako. Haha)

They're all friendly. Wala ako masabi. Super linis ng delivery room and nursery room.

Room? malinis pero maliit lang. Cr parang HK style.

NICU? malinis at maasikaso ang mga nurse. Alaga talaga baby ko.

Food? as usual walang lasa. Haha liquid and soft diet ako for 3 days kaya wala din ako halos kinain.

Nurses? mababait at helpful. Kahit super kulit ko na.

Resident OBs? super babait! feeling ko may new found friends ako. Haha 12 hours ko ba naman sila kausap at kasama.

Hospital bill? reasonable naman.

Doctor's PF? next question please.

Overall experience, okay naman. :)

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Karen C.
4.0 Stars

I work here as a post-graduate intern. As of the writing, I'm already on my 2nd month of internship. I was put into ER for the first 2 months (May-June) of my rotation. So far, I am enjoying my training and was able to learn a lot in terms of clinical management.
It was somehow disappointing at first because not only emergency cases are seen in their ER department, but even OPD cases as well. And it is irritating when patients can't wait enough for the laboratory results. Just to inform everyone, ER lab tests are usually under STAT request. STAT means immediately, and that makes like 1-2 hours of waiting time.
Also, patients keep on bugging you that they have been there for a long time. We really would like to see all the patients as much as we can, however, those who are entering the ER are categorized as Emergent, Urgent and Non-urgent. With that system, health care workers will know which ones are required to be seen ASAP.
As for benefits, residents and interns have free meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack).
Schedule was recently changed from 24 hours duty into 19hours. Preduty status starts from 7am upto 4pm. Duty shift became 1pm-8am (radio dept 8am-12nn).
ER nurses were very efficient, reliable, and friendly. They show respect to everyone and are easy to work with.
I am actually looking forward for more adventure and learnings in the next 10 months this hospital.

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Vinny L.
1.0 Stars

I'll keep this vague cause I might end up ranting and drafting a law suit so, here it goes:

1. Doctors won't admit surgical mistakes nor do anything to fix it accordingly for the betterment of the patient. Profit and medical licentiate is more important than lives, apparently!
2. ICU nurses are not as hands on as they are supposed to be. ICU na yun ah!
3. Switching of rooms would take up to at least 4 hours. WOW.
4. System of referral: teams of doctors for different specializations would be assigned to the patient but there is lack of coordination. Meaning, they solve/treat individual bodily systems but does not work together to observe the underlying concept of interconnectedness and overall health.
5. Some of the midwives are annoying and they often wear an annoyed/poker face when you ask them to do something.

If looloo had an 0 star option, it would be DESPISED.

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Kristian A.
4.0 Stars

Good doctors

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Dheng E.
4.0 Stars


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Mara-Angela N.
4.0 Stars

Hospital needs in the suburbs. Not so crowded.

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