Capones Island

Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales

Capones Island
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Louise S.
4.0 Stars

We first made a tour at Capones Island. Back in 2015, I was able to get inside the Capones lighthouse and admire the beauty from the top. Fast forward to today, I got surprised to know that it is no longer open to the public. There was an incident where a tourist fell down the stairs because the construction of the lighthouse is no longer sturdy. A part of me felt so sad upon hearing this news. I wonder if they’ll ever restore it.

It’s a good thing that the beauty of Capones Island isn’t just about its lighthouse. We were still able to appreciate its glory. This time, we docked to the other side of Capones Island where beautiful rock formations and clear sandy beach are at.

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

A few months ago I had the opportunity to travel to Zambales for a Save The Date shoot. Zambales is not a go to destination for me cause I'm not a fan of their beaches plus I don't do camping so it isn't enticing for me to visit. Perks of my job includes being able to travel to unfamiliar destinations and good thing our couple decided to have their prenup shoot here!

We rented a boat to island hop and look for good spots to shoot around San Antonio. We went to Anawangin Cove and did a shoot near the beach. There were a lot of campers during the day and a lot were grilling their bbqs, drinking beer by the beach and just bathing in the sun. I may come back to Anawangin for it doesn't just have a calm beach but also has a pine forest. It's so vast and quiet I can imagine strolling around the area by myself, such a perfect spot to stop, breathe and relax.

Our next destination would be Capones Island. It was windy that day and the waves were a little harsh so we didn't opt to go to the Lighthouse anymore which will require our boat to go farther and swim so instead of proceeding, the boatmen recommended for us to go down at the nearest shore and take a 10 min. hike to the top of the hill, with a surprise of a picturesque view awaiting us.

The path was very steep I feared for my life while hiking up as I was holding my camera on my left hand and using the right to the grip some stones beside. Lol. I've never hiked in my entire life so to be honest even if the trail looked pretty easy to climb, it was really hard for me. I can't believe my bosses were able to do a quick hike up considering they were bringing a lot of gears with them than me.

After a successful 10min. hike, I was in awe when I saw the view.
It was one of a kind. I've never seen anything as beautiful as this.
It's almost like being inside a painting. I feel humbled seeing the sun set slowly illuminating the vast grassland on top of the mountain. The waves were suddenly calm, the sky got clearer, the wind was just perfectly breezing through giving us the perfect opportunity to get the best shot we needed for the save the date video.
(if you are curious on how the save the date video looked liked, message me on Facebook, haha!)
What a surreal moment. 128525 I'm starting to fall in love with mountains.
Till we see each other again, Capones!

Things to do
127810 Visit Capones Light House
127810 Surf & Swim at Pundaquit Beach
127810 Camp & Chill at Anawangin Cove
127810 Island Hopping, Trekking, Snorkeling, Diving
128153Ahhh it is so picturesque! Instagram photo shoot all-you-can!

128652 Travel Time: 3 to 4 hrs. from Manila
128176 Budget: P1,500 - P2,000
❌ No Electricity; No Mobile Signal
Perfect Place for 128247 E-sessions

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David V.
5.0 Stars

Capones Island is located in San Antonio, Zambales. As to me, in our island hopping tour(anawangin,camara), Capones has been my favorite.

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Judie Ann Princess M.
5.0 Stars

All of our team thought that we'll be heading to the lighthouse of the island. Unfortunately, we couldn't because of the huge waves 128549 so the boat men decided to drop as all at the beach at the back of the lighthouse. I didn't swim because the sun was strikingly hot that's why I decided to stay on the boat and relax myself while waves are dancing. Nice hang out!

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Dada M.
5.0 Stars

capones island is love!!! :) escape from city traffic to a peaceful place! definitely a must in zambales! ps dont forget anawangin and nagsasa!

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Annica O.
5.0 Stars

My first lighthouse experience. Hahaha The struggle of getting up here is sooo real. Hahaha At first, I didn't think I can make it. Guess I need lots of exercising to do but the view is totally worth the climb! 128522

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Jacob N.
5.0 Stars

Definitely one of the best islands I've been in the Philippines!!

I did not expect much about this island since I haven't heard so much about it and it is not that popular,
When you hear about zambales, its always about anawangin and nagsasa but people should know that this is the real treasure of zambales!

Upon reaching the island, I was blown away by the beauty of it!

White sand, crystal clear beach, awesome mountain scenery, and rock formations.. This is the perfect definition of a virgin island!!

Unfortunately, we did not stay long because the sun is hot as hell and we still have 2 islands to visit, I was not able to climb up to the light house as well :(

but that gives me a reason to go back, next time ill make sure to spend a whole day in it.

Im not sure if overnights are allowed but I saw some tents around, maybe it belongs to the brave hearted ones..

I don't really write long reviews but I'm trying to, coz i wanna win in the 50k summer giveaway so badd 🙄

What makes me really happy is that I realized that you don't have to spend so much for a vacation, Life's all about finding your own paradise... 128513128522

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Ann T.
4.0 Stars

When we went island hopping in Zambales a few weeks ago, we explored Anawangin Cove, Capones Island, and Camara. Nagsasa Cove wasn't part of the package so we dint go there anymore. From a resort in Pundaquit, we rented a boat for 1,200 pesos to take us to the islands. I enjoyed the boat ride going to the islands because the view was breath-taking. I was mesmerized by the mountains, rock formations, and the distinct color of the sea in this part of the province.

Among the three, Capones is my favorite. This is mainly because Anawangin is a bit too crowded with campers and there are areas with quite a lot of trash. And while Camara is beautiful, it's the smallest of the three so there isn't much to see or do. Don't skip it, though. It has the most beautiful shades of blue of them all.

Going to Capones Island was a bit challenging. If you're planning to go there anytime soon, I hope you're mentally taking notes! :D

The boat couldn't afford to go near the shore because of the strong current. It can't go any closer than about 60m away from the shore. So we were left with no choice but to swim our way there. This meant tying our slippers or shoes in our life vests and securing our phones in a ziplock hoping it won't get wet. Well, we wouldn't wanna leave it on the boat because we have to upload travel photos on Instagram, right? Nope, we weren't bringing Go Pros. And so we risk it. But because we weren't prepared, we had to swim open-water without goggles, proper attire, not quite immersing ourselves enough in the water to try to save our phones, and fighting our way through the strong current. If you're not use to swimming in open water because it's so much different than swimming in a pool, you might panic a little. Don't. Just keep swimming. When you're near the shore, be prepared to go home with battle scars - bruises and scratches - because it's rocky and sometimes, no matter how you try to take control, the current would still defeat you.

When you get there, you'll be captivated by the beauty of the island. The shore, the trail, the view from the top, and the lighthouse! Yes, you have to hike a little to get to the top and see the lighthouse. You may find it hard to bring a beverage when you swim your way to the shore, so make sure you hydrate before getting off the boat.

The lighthouse will leave you speechless. It was first lit in 1890 to guide the ships going to Subic. The structure is beautiful not just physically but also in the way old and broken things are beautiful because they have a story to tell and they've gone through a lot. I hope the people responsible for preserving this Philippine heritage would try harder to do their jobs. The climb to the tower is no longer safe and in a few years, or months maybe, no one will be able to explore it anymore.

The cliff would give you a really great view of Pundaquit and it's islands. For a brief moment, I just wanted to stay there adore the works of God. It would somehow make you feel like you're in Batanes. Well, close enough :)


Hike at day time - you would appreciate everything so much better with the daylight.
Prepare something for lunch - because I'd choose eating by the beach than in a fancy restaurant any given day and I know you would, too! ;)
Disconnect with your phone and reconnect with the nature. Walang signal, so wala ka rin choice :P
Befriend your tour guide and the locals - you'll learn a lot from them and making new friends is always a good idea!
Pick an awesome travel buddy - so you could say yes to adventures with a great company.

Capones, I'm coming back for you! :)

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Erica D.
5.0 Stars

This is one of the best Island I've ever been in the philippines.

The water is so clear, The sand is so smooth.
It is a very beautiful scenery.

Although it is only good for a day trip since there are no toilet, cottage or hotel around the area.

If you are a nature lover you would probably enjoy your trip here then do an island hopping to nagsasa cove to rent a tent for overnight escapade

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Josette P.
4.0 Stars

For a weekend adventure, and a good stay at Nagsasa Cove. Find time to explore Capones Island. I don't think they allow overnight stay here cause the island is pretty creepy. Well, at least for me. The lighthouse with barracks is really old without any signs that it is being maintained nor cleaned. You can get to the top of the lighthouse but it is scary, and the stairs is all rusty, and every steps is muddy too. But the other end of the island, has glorious beach and seriously blue and clear waters. Sooo great!!! 128525

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Wonder what you can do here?

Head for the lighthouse!
I already climbed this twice.
And please do not wear slippers.
The first time i trekked to the top of the lighthouse i was barefoot--yes, and i endured it. Well, because i thought there was nothing in this island so i decided to leave my shoe at the boat. But then the tour guide told us that we should go to the top of the lighthouse! Already too late cause we were too far from The boat. It's about 30-45minutes trek from the shore to the top of lighthouse. Hot sand, rocks and soil to be encountered. I was glad to had a footspa after.

The lighthouse is kinda old and rusty but the view from the top is breathtaking. That smiling face was my second time already when i was more--prepared.

Of course picture taking at the top of the lighthouse was my favorite part. Again, dont go slippers or sandals, i saw a lot of worn off slippers at the bottom of the pathway to the lighthouse--- throw it or you wont enjoy-- you might even get injured too.

Well, i did survive without bringing water with me. It's a short trek after all. Bring a stick if you want props. Lol.

Scenery along the trek especially the beach part was cool also. Huge rocks, white sands and big waves-- you could do a prenup here. Note. Not all parts are white sands here.

I dont suggest trekking here past 4pm. Goodluck on your way back. We did our trek around 1pm the first time, so we were quite burnt. We did the second time around 3pm. Worth it.

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Chrisalyn T.
3.0 Stars

After our Anawangin Cove overnight, we asked to pass by Capones on our way back. It was a short trip probably 10-15 mins ride only.

As soon as we got there, our guide dropped us off a little bit far from the shore. He said the current was strong and it was pretty rocky below already if he continued towards the shore. I'm not sure if it was because of low tide that is why there are a lot of corrals below that time, or maybe we were dropped off on the wrong side of the Island. I will tell you though that we really had a bad experience on our way to the island and even getting off the Island. The current was strong for sure, so while we were swimming our way towards the shore. We were carried by the water back and forth and even had a few incidents that we had scratches from accidentally hitting the corrals. As soon as we reached the rocky parts, we were able to stand a bit but was trying to keep our balance because we were avoiding slipping and getting more bruises. Our guide was no help at all, didn't even help guide us to the right path towards the top, so we passed by lots of plants before finding the stairs all the way to the top. We weren't even told where we should pass through to get to the lighthouse. It felt like it was partly a waste to get to the top. The only positive thing that happened that time though was seeing the view from the top. It was captivating, too bad we weren't able to go to the lighthouse though or even explore the island even more. We were just so tired from our swim and the heat.

As for our way back, it was the hardest part of it. The current kept pushing us back to the island. Took us a really long time to get back on our boat. It didn't even have that ladder made our of ropes, so we had a hard time carrying ourselves out of the water. Our guide had to lend us his leg for us to climb on. Oh by the way, I suggest you bring your very own aqua shoes to avoid stepping on any poisonous corrals or creatures down below. It's also better to swim by pair, so that you can help each other out. All in all, I think I could have enjoyed our trip, if only our guide was really helpful.

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Zai M.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Dhean Zandro U.
5.0 Stars

Most people go to Pundaquit to experience the amazing coves and see the 2 beautiful islands, oftentimes camps at the coves and stays there overnight, but why not try camping and staying overnight at the island instead?

They have 2 islands namely Camara and Capones Island, both are gorgeous indeed but only one is ideal for an overnight stay. Let us focus on Capones Island the much bigger one. A great island when the sun is up but a more majestic one when the sun is not around. Stay in group as much as possible, the place is kinda creepy when camping alone. There are no electical source and also take note that there is no fresh water source. Although there is no electrical source you still have light and a natural one i must say. You can see clearly the nightsky without any light pollution. And also just to mention, the sunset is breath-taking.

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Demie E.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Chrislyn F.
5.0 Stars

My boss who is from Zambales asked me if I want to go with her to her hometown since we have the same rest day and as we'll go island hopping to Capones island. How can I say NO to my boss. Lol. Once we have reached the island, our boatman told us that there is a lighthouse in that island. To get to the lighthouse, we will have to do a 5-10 minute trek from the paved staircases that will lead to the lighthouse’s gates. The mixed eerie and majestic feeling that this lighthouse brings might be the reason why tourists keep coming back to Capones Island. Although Zambales boasts a number of pristine beaches, other travellers opt to swim at Capones Island with its clear blue waters and white sandy beach.

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Justin J.
5.0 Stars

Capones Island is a must go place when visiting the area. White sand. The wind, and the waves. Perfect place to chill for a while before heading to your real destination.

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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

Zambales Second Stop: Capones Island

Sidetrip to the Anawangin Cove, this place is just few minutes away. Unlike Anawangin, the sand here are huge pieces and there are corals everywhere.

What's really exciting here is the Capones lighthouse. It was a ruined place in the middle of the island. We had the chance to see and climb this place. Nakakatakot because the stairs are old and shaky. You might fall any time. But after I conquered my fear, I saw how beautiful the whole island is! 128076Sulit!

Will go here next time agaiiiin! 1108811088110881108811088

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Justin J.
5.0 Stars

3rd destination of our Zambales trip yesterday was Capones Island.

I would suggest those who go to Anawangin, to go here instead and just go back to Anawangin to sleep. The island is beautiful! Fine white sand and crystal clear waters. Ohhh so beautiful!

We weren't able to spend too much time here though because the waters were getting rough. We werent able to bring our things down from the boat and we had to just jump off and swim to the island. Therefore that's the best picture I managed to take. Haha. Also we weren't able to see the lighthouse which should've been the highlight of the visit to the island but we couldn't because of the condition of the waters.

That wrapped up our trip to Zambales. Really great and fun experience. Especially the part where I got to spend time with a beautiful and awesome person. I mean group of people 128521.

Happy Birthday to me indeed! 127881

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Randy M.
4.0 Stars

Capones Island is among those islands within Pundaquit Zambales area where you can spend a day w/ friends & family around... while this has not yet fully developed & no ameties yet, i love going back here because of its serenity & calmness, only a sound of seawater/waves as your background to include fresh breeze air.....not to mention its accessibility from the manila as well.

foreign nationals like koreans & taiwanese or chinese nationals often seen here swimming and camping around (that's what i observed based on my 3x visit in this lovely island).

we even went thru the light house w/c is already dilapidated but u can still appreciate the beauty of nature over looking the blueish west philippine sea.

across this island are two separate islands; one is called "potipot" because if its very fine white sand only on this tiny island - potipot, as per local guide means "white"... while across these two islands is the anawangin cove... where u are allowed to stay overnight for as long as you have your tent & a pack of camping kits with u as this island has no ameties yet except for a tiny hut where the local guide or "katiwala" of this private area stays (i just do not any developments as i am writing this late review).

budget is not that much going inter islands specially if u r going in group... i think roughly 3-4k would be enough for a group of 8-10pax for a boat rental... just dont forget to have your sunblock/s etc( im sure u know what i'm referring to, & one thing more, lets respect this gift of nature - refrain or don't make this as a haven of honeymooners, cause there are hidden eyes around that could/might catch u & im sure, u might end up bracing bars for obscene acts)...
cheers & enjoy island hopping (oh, its December, not a good time to plan for a visit here; u may reserve your plan on summer)... u bet!

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