Caravan Black

Net Park Bldg., 5th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Caravan Black
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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

After a nice sushi lunch in next door Izakaya Sensu, the wife and I got our coffee at Caravan Black. This came highly recommended by Reich T. Very nice interiors. They called it Caravan Black to give a nod to how coffee was traded in the nineteenth century. The interiors also use prominently the classic bowler hats, another nod to the mid 19th century creation which became popular with the British working class then made its way to the upper class in the 20th century.

I ordered Reich's reco, the Iced Caravan, a Mocha based coffee. It was rich, but not too sweet, perhaps using more cacao (dark chocolate), giving it a nice bitter taste to balance the sweetness. My wife ordered their Americano / long black.

We met the owners, a young couple, Miguel and Chicho, and they recommended to my wife to use their other blend for their coffee instead of the one used that day, because she wanted less citrus notes. That was a good call, because the other brew was smoother, and I liked it when I tried it.

I also loved their green tea cookie. As much as possible, their pastries are baked by themselves, and I liked it's chewy texture and added white chocolate for sweetness. The green tea flavor was pleasant. Worth coming back to to try their sandwiches and other offerings.

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Josette P.
4.0 Stars

Been trying to find time to visit this new block at BGC finally had a chance to at least visit this coffee place.

Caravan Black has this Old British appeal with its modern/antique theme. They offer a variety on their menu from drinks to sandwiches, pastas and pastries. Since I'm already out and about, I only got to try their coffee on this visit. I tried Local Motion, a Caravan Signature Drink. It's uhm, an iced drink in epresso, milk, honey and coffee jelly priced at Php 140. It's almost the size between a tall and a grande so I think it's reasonably priced. It taste good! The honey is the perfect match to make this drink a little less bitter plus those yum coffee jelly that's so soft and tasty. My friend had the Iced Caravan Choco which tasted okay. It's cocoa in ice blend with I think choco syrup at the bottom. It's not so sweet compared to the usual chocolate drinks.

The place is really cozy. Great music, very chill place. I love the arts and the couches too. They closes at 9pm though. Forgot to check the wifi so I'm not sure about that but for an evening or morning chill, and for a quality coffee you can add this to your list when at BGC.

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Christina R.
3.0 Stars

Came in here to meet a friend who wanted to try their coffee. Not being a coffee drinker, I got myself a bottle of a kamias (sucks, I know) which I've never tried before. My friend ended up with a glass of white wine. Wine trumps coffee. My daughter asked for that colourful cupcake, which she barely ate, and a soft, chewy, chocolate chip cookie (her first choice until she saw the cupcake), that she loved and finished. I tried the cupcake and, nah, pass.

I was already halfway through my drink when my friend came by with the menu. "May menu?!" There I was obviously a new customer looking at the board for what coffee I could possibly like, may menu pala. No one (and there were a couple of them there) behind the counter offered it to me, nor suggested any drink. I should've checked |, as they have matcha green tea pala here. It wasn't on the board, they have it on the menu... which I didn't see... Sana they helped out clueless customers like me.

I'll be back for the matcha. And that other coffee drink with honey.

On a side note, they have a clean, tangerine scented toilet. Bango! However, I wish they changed the lock. I had a hard time locking the door in my several visits with my little girl.

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Kat M.
4.0 Stars

Ordered Iced Caravan Mocha (less espresso) for myself and Localmotion for Neil.

Both drinks taste good! 128076🏼

Location is a bit hidden so it's not as packed even on a weekend like today. Place itself looks nice, has lovely interior and i like that it's not loud, just perfect for hanging out and spending a rainy afternoon.

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3.0 Stars

After we went to Yakimix. We went to Caravan Black, it's a coffee house/cafe making craft coffee located at Net Lima Building at BGC.

We got Hot Matcha 11088110881108811088️ 4/5 and Pineapple cupcake 110881108811088️ 4/5.

There's a problem with the arrangement of tables and chairs of Caravan Black, medyo magulo yung dating for me. They have nice interior pa naman.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

Caravan Black is starting to become my favorite coffee place. I love the modern interiors, the spacious store, the nice vintage ambiance, the great coffee and their cool signature drinks.

Went back after watching Me Before You on a rainy Wednesday and decided to get one of their signature coffee mixes. I preferred a cold drink again instead of hot because of the humid and hot weather. The Barista suggested for me to try Cooper and good thing I listened.

Cooper - their signature mix of cold coffee served in a cocktail glass. Espresso x milk x almond in the form of orgeat (syrup with sugar, almonds and orange flower water), served foamy with some orange peel art. Makes you think if it's a cocktail or what coz it definitely looked like one!

This coffee doesn't have that strong coffee kick and is more for refreshment than for the coffee flavor itself. But then again I loved the creativity! It's cold, sweet and had notes of orange in it. I'm not complaining!

Definitely coming back for more. Also wishing that they'll have more pastries and cakes maybe, wifi and longer operating hours 128522

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

Some coffee are best left hot coz they tend to taste watered down when iced. Toby Estate has the best Mocha, hot, for me but I have never tried it's iced version. Then comes Caravan Black...

While trying to kill time as we were waiting for hubby and his officemates, I decided to see what Caravan Black has to offer. Got an Iced Mocha and with just one sip, I know that it's one of the best that I've ever tried! Kinda reminded me of Magnum Opus... Strong and bold coffee, dark chocolate, just the right sweetness... There were even bits of bitter dark chocolate towards the bottom of the cup which tells me that they don't just use some chocolate syrup.

Loved that the chocolate complemented the coffee well and I can't wait to go back and try their signature coffee creations!

Also --- the space was lovely! Sofa, high chairs, chandeliers, charging outlets --- the place was cozy and had a relaxing vibe! Definitely coming back for more!

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Shayne B.
4.0 Stars

Spent almost the whole day in BGC yesterday with J. It was a boring afternoon at home so we decided to go to BGC instead. We are into this thing when it comes to having coffee or desserts: NO TO MAINSTREAM COFFEE SHOPS. 1285149996🏼️ We did research first and he let me choose among 3... I chose Caravan.

We entered the coffeeshop and it was a bit crowded. 128532 However, it's quite sad that there are some people who are just focused on their phones instead of having real conversations... Ok but that's none of my business. 128514128584128557

I ordered one of their signature drinks, the Cooper. I forgot the whole content but it's coffee mixed with almond milk and I forgot the other one. It's good, but I can't taste the "coffee" anymore. It was quite frothy also when it arrived, plus, it is served in a wine glass. 127863 J's drink, Localmotion (coffee jelly, honey, milk) is served in a cup.

They don't have much pastries yet. I was thinking of buying a cake when that time, they only had ensaymada and cookies.

The place is high-ceiling, with big paintings. I wanted to take a photo of this one corner with a big "gentleman" painting hanging on the wall, but didn't try to avoid strange looks from the group of friends seated on that corner. 128514128514

Service is fast despite of the crowd. 128522 The place is a bit hot too, maybe it's really the weather. Looking forward to be back here soon.

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

PSA:  Do not take Bioflu while at work.  The lethargy is out of this world.  Uncontrollable. 

I made that mistake as i was a lil under tge weather due to the downpour last night plus the horrendous traffic.  I need caffeine,  quick! 

Perks of working at Net Lima.  You don't have to cross the street for a cup of joe.  I decided to swing by Grind.  Alas!  They don't have takeaway coffee containers!  Grrrr!  I counted 1 to calm my nerves. 

Went to Caravan Black instead.  First thing i felt was regret....forgot to bring Slade!  The place is so pretty (in an androgynous kind of way).  Mismatched chairs,  high ceilings,  the light fixture is industrial era-ish, eclectic decor and wooden tables. 

I picked Iced Mocha (php 160).  I ogled at the decor while waiting for my coffee.  As much as i wanted to give you a blow by blow description of the texture and taste of coffee,  i really can't.  I ain't a coffee connoisseur but i know good coffee when i taste one.  Caravan Black's coffee is good. Just enough caffeine jolt to wake you up,  not too bitter and not to sweet.   Suffice tp say that i enjoyed my coffee and this is a first of many visits.

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April H.
4.0 Stars

After a disappointing experience at Grind a few weeks back, I dragged Jenn N to Caravan Black next door for coffee... Since there was no soy milk option (that plus all the food we ate for merienda), I ended up ordering coffee without Jenn... I asked for their bestsellers and my interest was piqued by one of their signature drinks...

Local motion is an espresso shot, mixed with milk, sweetened by honey and comes with coffee jelly... No non-fat option at the time-- not too sure if that is by design or if it was just their soft opening... The drink was initially just okay, but the more I drank it, the more I liked it... I liked the strong coffee taste as well as the coffee jelly at the end... The whole thing had just the right amount of sweetness. I definitely enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to trying more of their coffee creations!128077

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Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

I've been wanting to try Caravan Black since last week. I actually went here last time with Cindy S and Arzola but it's already closed. 128546 They're just until 9pm. 128548 Good thing we finished earlier yesterday so we arrived here at 8pm.

Anyway, I ordered Caravan Hot Chocolate. I loved it. It's not too sweet, and it's dark chocolate-y. 128517 I also ordered red velvet cupcake. Cindy tried their hot Matcha drink as she is a matcha sucker. She paired it with matcha cookie. She believes there's no such thing as matcha overkill. 128514

Aside from the drinks, I loved the interiors. Very chic and modern!

Next time I'll try cold drinks here. Maybe their signature drink Localmotion?

P.S. They do not accept debit/credit cards yet. 128584

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Patrick V.
4.0 Stars

Arrived late and I couldn't open the door. I tried again and used isang daang porsyento ng aking lakas (Taguro from Ghostfighter style with a little "Gaaah") para mabuksan.

Jayson J and Kristin A were talking to Chef Joy (who also brought goodies) as I sat down and wiped some of the sweat on my forehead. Lol. Kidding about the sweat part! (But I walked from Uptown to Net Park. Haha.)

Ordered the Cappucino. It was a little strong but I liked it! I also saw that they're selling sandwiches, cupcakes, cookies, etc.

As for the cookies, The Raisin Oatmeal was okay. It had cinnamon. I liked their Matcha cookie. It had a creamy tea-ish taste. Yum! 128147

I would definitely visit again to try their signature coffees! 128077

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Net lima is one infrastructure at BGC teeming with good food choices. The latest cafe to open is this Caravan Black. Their soft opening date started last Saturday, and unfortunately, they are not open during Sundays as of the moment.

Alas, Kristin A finally got to try this out first among us, credit for you! Patrick V and we met chef joy coming out of the kitchen, with some goodies to try on. Chef joy said that The owners did not choose to name the cafe 'Black Caravan' because there were a lot of restos which name starts with 'Black' so they opted to name it Caravan Black. Chef also explained 'personalized delivery' like as a caravan as to why it's named that way.

As much as i want to challenge their latte art skills, i ordered the wrong coffee 128517

128204 long black
So. It's like a dark Americano. No milk. So yeah, call me a newbie, whatever. im saying that there's no latte art sa long black. The beans they used was a little bit citrus. Though i don't think it's that strong/dark.

As i mentioned previously, chef brought out some goodies, that is, cookies for us to try. For those who dropped by here before and noticed unbelievably small sized cookie that was sold like golden... Crew made a mistake on bringing to display the small ones.. Take a look on the cookie chef made us--it's supposed to be that size.

128204128525 raisin oatmeal
I like this because it got some cinnamon. The texture was amazing. Sweet tooth alert.

128204 matcha cookie
Yep. All matcha lovers try this. I find it less interesting. The taste is, well, matcha! It got bitter-tea taste with a some sweetness of white chocolate.

Oh glorious, Caravan Black offers signature coffees to make a difference!
9749️Miami Vice (cold soda water+espresso)
9749️ Sprywalker (espresso + hot drip coffee)
9749️ Localmotion (cold espresso+ coffee jelly+ milk + honey)
9749️ Amigo (brewed coffee+ hot chocolate+ mallows)
9749️ Cooper (espresso +milk + orgeat)
My, i dunno what's orgeat but i find localmotion really interesting!

Oh, they also have cocktail drinks
I hope they improve on sandwiches, cause their sandwiches are like of 7/11's-- plastic128560. Not good for a decent breakfast.

Anyway, surely i will be back fir the signature coffees!!! Please please malke your sandwiches legit 128540🙃

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Say hello to the newest coffee shop in BGC!

The Caravan Black Coffee Company is currently on its soft opening and is ready to serve you from 8am to 9pm, Mondays to Fridays and 8am to 5pm on Saturdays. For now, they are closed on Sundays until further notice.

The shop is close to Manam and a Japanese restaurant I failed to take note of. Just look for a hat and you'll find Caravan Black!

Moving on...

The door was quite heavy and I failed to open it myself. Luckily, one of the owners saw me struggling and helped me.

I went straight to the counter and was greeted by the friendly cashier. I wasn't in the mood to drink anything hot so I settled with Iced Caravan Choco (PHP130) and had it to go as I wanted to be home before it gets really dark.

I was given a piece of numbered paper and was asked to wait for my drink.

While waiting, I admired the nice interiors of the café. I find the hat lights so adorable! There is also a communal long table for solo diners (I think). Communal tables are becoming a trend now in cafés and restaurants. Sadly, only a few are open to mingling with fellow diners. I guess most still strictly follow the "Stranger Danger" rule.

My iced drink was served in a few minutes and it was great! I loved that it was dark chocolate and that it had that delightful slightly bitter after taste. There were also a few choco powder balls (which I believe was unintentional) that gave it additional texture and a bit of sweetness.

It would have been nice though if they mentioned that the drink was a bit dark. I don't mind at all since I'm a fan of dark chocolate but I know a lot who hate it.

I would love to visit again when they start to serve warm dishes.

See you again soon, Caravan Black Coffee Company!

Thanks for the reco, Kristin A! 128518

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Kristin A.
4.0 Stars

This long-awaited homegrown coffee shop is now open! It's a bit more exciting for me because I found out about this store during my first rendezvoos. How time flew!

I actually went here last week when they were still setting up - my colleague and I walked in thinking they were already open 128514 But the folks here were really gracious, and when they couldn't get rid of us 128517 let us order a couple of drinks on the house 128561 Great marketing strategy, it just made us want to come back for realsies 128525

Since they opened last Saturday, today's the first workday they are open and there are quite a few people here already. My flat white came fast (less than 5 mins) in a uniquely gray cup, and they gave me a tear-shaped tumbler of water right away too. Great service, eapecially since it's really hot even this early!

The flat white is a good strong brew, and seems to have very slight fruity undertones.  They used the Maverick blend if I'm not mistaken, which is also sold as whole beans along with the Gypsy blend.

They also have all-day cocktails, which I don't intend to take advantage of until 6pm anyway, lol. Just putting it out there.

They also have a limited food menu for now, with cupcakes, cookies and cold sammies. They'll be serving hot sandwiches when their kitchen is all set up. 

It's a pity they're only open until 9pm for now, because I need a study place until at least 10pm. But then, the cafe is probably more conducive to idle chitchat than studying, with its mood lighting and interesting decor. A good retreat for when you need to take a step back and gain new perspective to tackle the rest of the day.

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