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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

A friend invited me to check out this new concept at the Uptown Mall. I was looking for a restaurant but got greeted by an upscale food stall with sophisticated al fresco dining. I actually didn’t mind that there was no air conditioning, the overlook gave a nice vibe of its concept of Fish and Chips. It had a nice fish dock rugged look, a welcome change from the usual designs of restaurants.

It’s not just your usual fix of fish and chips. It is beer battered and it comes with 6 variations namely Dory (PHP 165), Tilapia (PHP 215), Cobbler (PHP 265), Cod (PHP 325), Salmon (PHP 355) and Scampi (PHP 305). This concept of British Chef Michael Hornsby Bates and local Chef Matthew Lim also comes with 5 ‘chips’ choices which are the chips itself, sweet potato variety chips, slaw salad, onions rings and cargo rice. The three tier step on ordering your preferred mix ends with 7 kinds of dips, Tartar Lime Chili Cilantro , Roasted Garlic, Honey Jalapeno, Seafood Barbecue, Mushy Peas and Chip Shop Curry. They have quite an impressive line of sauces from various cultures. So choose your type of fish, pick two chips and one dip (each additional one is just Php 25).

The packaging impressed and could have been the reason why it’s a bit pricey as per serving size. I got the Filipino Tilapia variety and its portions were rather small. It came with light batter with manageable oil drips. I did love the flavorful cargo rice and the not so greasy sweet potato chips for my carbs. The Chip Shop Curry and Honey Jalapeno as my sauces were nicely curated as well.

If you are looking for a different feel while still in town, this could be your next stop.

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Mark B.
5.0 Stars

My Salmon in Tartar Sauce with Cargo rice and yummy Slaw Salad on side. 1285139996🏻Oh! Not to mention that I partnered it with Tiger Beer 128076🏻 At CargoFish, placing an order starts with choosing the fish of your choice, then you can pick two sides and select one sauce. All of which come in a box served with the iconic chipfork! Price starts at P165!
Also, you can get the cones for snacks (for as low as P75) and beers and freshly squeezed lemonade for your refreshments! See you guys at 4/F Uptown Mall, BGC! 128031 #Cargofishph (Source: Cargo Fish FB page)

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Sandy V.
4.0 Stars

Scampi 128077🏻

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Jai S.
5.0 Stars

No pics since my phone died on me. Will try to provide one next time since I would definitely eat again here.

Had their make your own fish box (or whatever they called it) with two choices of sides and your choice of sauce

Had the cream dory with proper chips, onion rings and tartar sauce. Also asked for malt vinegar on the side

Food was delicious! 10084

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Faith M.
5.0 Stars

Good thing about my workplace is the Cargofish wherein they serve cold beers and delicious fish and chips snacks!

Their price is affordable as their drinks ranges from 55-75 PHP per bottle, we tried their Nachos and it did not disappoint! For only 200+, you and your friends can munch on this, and what I like about this is instead of using the traditional nacho chips, they used potato chips with cheese, tomatoes and of course, the fish fillet. Lol 128514

I like their set-up, it's very British pub. The servers are great and also the owners of this business, they are very hands-on and they make sure that the customers get the service they like.

I recommend this as they are open from 11am to 6am.

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5.0 Stars

Going Brit? Want some crispy fish fillet?

Cargofish is not your typical Fish & Chips, it has a various combinations which you can choose the kind of fish that you want to pair with different sides and sauces. It has Salmon, Cobbler, Cod, Dory, Tilapia and Scampi.

My favorite is the Salmon paired with Camote Fries served with Lime Chili Cilantro Sauce.

Dory - Php165.00
Tilapia - Php215.00
Cobbler - Php265.00
Cod - Php325.00
Salmon - Php355.00
Scampi - Php305.00

All fishes served with 2 Sides and 1 Sauce.

Additional side start at Php75.00 and additional sauce for Php25.00.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Diana Nina Jean L.
5.0 Stars

I haven't really reviewed any restaurants but this definitely deserves my first ever review!! So this new fish and chips in town is the BOMB! I gotta say, when they marketed it as the 'authentic' fish and chips it is really THE AUTHENTIC fish and chips! They serve it with a variety of sides! And did i mention their sauces?!?!? My personal favorite is the lime chili jalapeño and roasted garlic but i think everything works well with the dish anyway. Top it all off with a great place with great interiors and great playlist and this place is top notch 128076🏻

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

I've tried Cargofish before and I loved it! It's a stall that offers a simple snack I've always loved, without all the fuss. So, when Team Kaladkarin was invited to Cargofish for an afternoon-filled treat, I was so thrilled! I was ready to indulge in

We were given an order of each of the items on their menu. To be honest, I can't really remember which fish was which, although I have to admit that they all had different textures. However, since I generally love salmon, then I'll be completely biased and say that their salmon was my favorite xD The scampi was also great.

Let's talk dips! Well, because a big part of what makes the dishes in Cargofish great lies in their dips. Here are my top picks, and the only dips I could recall xD

|The lime chili cilantro dip is the most unusual pair to the fish and chips, but also surprisingly good. The tangy vinegar, herby cilantro and mild kick from the chili all gave the fish an upgraded, profound taste.

|Chip Shop Curry: The taste of the curry was not that strong, which is good as it did not overpower the fish. This dip complements the fish so well. It brings anything you pair with it to a whole new level.

|Tartar Sauce: Ths has always been my go-to sauce whenever eating fish and chips, and it's just perfect. If you're playing safe, go for the tartar sauce. It never fails. But once you've tried the other two I've mentioned, then you'll quickly abandon the tartar. I'm quite positive about that xD

Cargofish has done an excellent job at rebranding the British fish and chips that's definitely a win for Filipinos.

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Sandy P.
5.0 Stars

Who wouldn't love fish and chips?!! Thanks for bringing me here guys!

It was a Saturday afternoon when we tried Cargo Fish at Uptown BGC. They only have a small stall with high chairs and tables near the foodcourt.

They actually served everything for us! Fish and chips party as it is! 128514128525128525

•Scampi (P305) - this is the favorite! Gone in 5mins! Lol. Everyone loved it! We even asked for additional order so the others could try.

•Cod (P325) - this is good too! But i like the dip more

•Cobbler (P265) - I actually ate a lot of this bec it's the only one left 128514 it was ok but it will be better if you would choose your perfect sauce to pair

•Tilapia (P215)- this is also good!

•Dory (P165)- I like this one with the curry dip!

•Salmon (P355) one of their best sellers! A must try!

They also serve cones:
✔️Onion rigs
✔️fish and chips
✔️Sweet potatoes
✔️Proper chips

You can actually choose your fish, 2 sides and the sauce. 128076🏼

Choice of sauce:
✔️Lime Chili
✔️honey Jalapeño
✔️Roasted Garlic
✔️Chip Shop Curry
✔️seafood Bbq
✔️mushy peas

Overall it was good! I enjoyed everything except for the flies. It's understandable that there's an ongoing construction beside and the flies are everywhere or maybe they wanted to join our party! Lol 128514

Will definitely be back! 100841008410084

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Truth is I really like cargo fish because it's one of a kind-- i mean where else could you get legitimate fish and chips?

So we visited cargo fish again and this time we tried all of their fish selection.
I think it's best to know your fish when ordering here. Thanks to Christina R for clarifying somethings out.

How do you like the texture of your fish?
The softest of them all, but unlike the normal dory you encounter, this one does not crumble upon taking a bite.

Next to dory, i actually thought this fish is oily, but when i get to try it, it was not.

128204128525 Cod
I'm just gonna make one entry for cobbler and cod, since both have almost the same textures. If you want a more heavy fish, choose either one of the two

128204128525 Salmon
Of course, who's not aware of this tasty fish. The heaviest of them all.

128204128525 Scampi
This is, if in case you don't like eating fish. This is their prawn selection.

For the dips. You know what's good. Try the silantro based dip or the curry dip.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Back again in Cargo Fish! This time Team Kaladkarin was invited by Matthew and Matthew. 128512 The ambiance of the place improved a lot since our last visit. They have more chairs and the 7-11 across is now open so they have installed some kind of decor as a border. Very nice!128512

On this visit we got to try their various fish and chips. Which for me is one of the best in the current market.
128031Dory - their cheapest version of fish and chips peg at 165PHP with 2 sides. Now compared to the fish and fires of a fastfood chain at 149PHP. This was really sulit the serving size was big and their various sauce was so good! Side dish was also server generously. For the dory itself it was very tasty and wasn't bad considering it was just a dory fish.

128031Tilapia - this one is at 215PHP. Again this was also good but with the price diff I'll go for the Dory variant. Not too much of a fun of tilapia after all the unhealthy news about it. Haha.

128031Cod - this is my fave of the fish variant. A bit pricey at 325PHP but it was worth it! Love the fishy flavor of it and felt the authenticity of the fish and chips.

128031Salmon - this one served at 355PHP. Their salmon was fresh and tasty. Meat was very firm. This one was also good!

128031Scampi - just learned that scampi is a shrimp haha. This was also one of my fave. You can never go wrong with shrimp. Priced at 305PHP.

For the sauce I suggest you try their new chip shop curry dip. It was perfect with any of the variants. For my fave sauce its still the lime chili cilantro. Perfect!

Overall I encourage people to try this authentic Fish and Chips stall in Uptown. 128512

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

We went here the first week it opened. We were so excited to eat some fish & chips, I in particular because Fish & Co and Chucks closed awhile back.

I really liked it, the chips had a crunchy coating, the fish was still juicy. Not the best I've ever tasted, but a solid choice for a craving. Wish the portions were bigger though.

Super loved the lime chili cilantro dip!!!! Aaah. It's that fresh burst of cilantro with a bit of sour which I love with the fried fish.

Mushy peas is a very British staple. Takes some getting used to, it's kinda like baby food, with no insult intended.

But that rice, oooh, what a pleasant surprise. We almost didn't order that if Chef Matthew, didn't recommend it.

Happy the prices are reasonable. We got the cod and the dory. Btw, beers are super cheap!

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Chedie J.
5.0 Stars

If you know me too well, then you know I. Don't. Eat. Fish. Now let's talk about my recent life-changing decision. 128514 I love everything! Couldnt recommend any sauces as they were all spot-on to any kind of fish you would like to have. Dory with 2 sides and a sauce for P165! OM!!! (Onion rings is my favorite for the sides btw!)

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Midz S.
5.0 Stars

We visited this place as part of our Uptown Mall foodcrawl, but when we arrived at around 2pm, the place was still closed. We were told that it will open around 6pm, so we made it our last stop instead.

I've always been a fan of fish and chips, so of all the newly opened restaurants, I think this has been the one place I wasn't able to wait to try.

Cargofish looks like a pop-up booth situated just outside the mall's food hall, near the entrance to one of the building's office tower. It offers a mix and match of fish, sides and sauce of your own choosing. It's that simple.

Step 1: Choose your battered fish
Dory P165; Tilapia P215; Cobbler P265; Cod P325; Salmon P355; Scampi P305

Step 2: Choose 2 sides
Chips, Onion Rings, Poper Chips, Slaw Salad, Cargo Rice

Step 3: Choose 1 sauce
Seafood Barbeque, Honey Jalapeno, Tartar, Chip Shop Curry, Mushy Peas, Lime Chili Cilantro, Roasted Garlic
Recommended by Cargofish: Chip Shop Curry and Tartar Sauce

With Sweet Potatoes, Cargo Rice and Tartar Sauce
We confused the dory with cod because it tasted similar, until owner Matthew pointed out that the difference lies in the texture of the fishes. The cargo rice was a bit dry to me. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like that, or I'm just not a fan of fish with rice. The sweet potatoes were delicious! The cod tasted heavenly with the tartar sauce. Classic!

The whole thing was packaged in a sturdy, slide-to-open box, perfect for a to-go meal.

We were told that the fish and chips cone contains all dory, but I was surprised to pick up a salmon in there. Lucky for us, the first few customers of Cargofish gets a mix of fish inside a fish and chips cone. For P99, this is already a catch.

I enjoyed my fish and chips so much that I wanted to come back the minute I left. It didn't help that I've been seeing more and more reviews about stuff I haven't tried from this establishment. I want more. I'll be back. Soon.

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

CargoFish is a newly opened stall at the open area of Uptown Place Mall owned by one of my high school batchmates. Right after seeing his photos on Facebook, I received recommendations here on |! Way too quick!! 128514

Met up with my high school barkada at BGC one night and decided to head on over to have dinner here. We were also able to visit Matthew - who was extremely busy with all the customers they had.

He mentioned that the mall developer was going to put up sunshade over their area so it would be safe to dine outside even when it rains. 128077🏼 There weren't enough tables yet so we took our orders in to the food court.

STEP 1: Choose your beer-battered fish
• Dory - PHP 165
• Tilapia - PHP 215
• Cobbler - PHP 265
• Cod - PHP 325
• Salmon - PHP 355
• Scampi - PHP 305

STEP 2: Choose 2 sides
sweet potato chips • onion rings • proper chips • slaw salad • cargo rice

STEP 3: Choose a sauce
seafood barbeque • tartar • mushy peas • roasted garlic • honey jalapeño • chip shop curry • lime chili cilantro

We got the following combos:
cod + sweet potato chips & onion rings + roasted garlic
salmon + sweet potato chips & onion rings + honey jalapeño
cobbler + sweet potato chips & onion rings + lime chili cilantro

We loved all!! 10084️ The cod is the classic fish used for fish and chips. The salmon was fresh and firm! The cobbler is pretty similar to dory but has more texture, which we liked too! The beer batter was crispy and had really good flavor.

It was funny how we all got the same sides 128514 But those were the top 2 sides we really wanted to try. The sweet potato chips were big, but there were some slices that were undercooked for my friends. Personally, I didn't have any. 128541

The sauces!!! ALL WERE SPOT ON!! The honey jalapeño had the perfect harmony between sweet and spicy. The lime chili cilantro was tangy with a hint of spice. The roasted garlic went really well with the cod! One of my friends was a sauce addict! She dipped everything in the sauces! 128514

I'd love to go back to try the scampi and the other sauces. Also quite curious with what makes the cargo rice different 128540 But I'll give that a try after May. 🤣

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5.0 Stars

I 128153 Fish and Chips!

Cargo Fish recently open in Uptown Bonifacio Mall catering different kinds of fish and chips, literally. Hahaha! 128514

You will never missed this place once you're in the food hall. It is located outside with a big signage of "Fish and Chips". Although the place is not that big, just like a pop-up store but Cargo Fish provided chairs and tables to accommodate customers who wants to dine in.

We choose Cod Fish paired with Sweet Potato Chips and Cargo Rice served with Tartar Sauce for Php325.00 and Fish and Chips Cone for Php99.00.

128032Cod Fish and Chips - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5
"It's like a cream dory the only difference is the texture of cream dory "medyo mashy" according to the owner, Mr. Mathew Lim. I can say it's one of the best fish and chips I ever tasted. The sweet potato and the cargo rice we paired with cod really blends well and compliment with the super flavorful tartar sauce. Ang sarap!"

128031Fish and Chips Cone - 11088110881108811088 4/5
"Oh! We were so lucky that different kinds of fish were served inside the cone (normally, "dory lang") like dory, cobbler, tilapia, cod and salmon. Served with original chips (potato) mixed with the fishes inside the cone. Grabe! Sulit for Php99.00."

The only thing I noticed that it tends to be oily especially the chips.

Overall, I love Cargo Fish because of the nice packaging, reasonable price and of course the fish and chips... masarap!

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Paolo S.
5.0 Stars

All hail probably the best fish & chips along 36th St. BGC 128517

But seriously, this is seriously good, seriously. I said serious 3x because i'm serious nga! Being in the Philippines they do have options for tilapia, dory, rice, and tartar sauce but if you want to experience the real UK deal throw that aside and go for the COD with proper chips, onion rings, chip shop curry, and mashed peas. Don't forget to top it with some salt and malt vinegar. Now that is a serious combo and some serious fish and chips my friend, all without breaking the bank for the price and quality you're getting.

Heck if you eat clean like me, you can take home as a souvenir (or reuse) the lalagyan box and fork! 128517

Wash it down with a cold beer or lemonade. Their lemonade is super refreshing btw and balances out the fried seafood! 128076

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

The name itself is interesting enough, cargofish is the latest food hub at uptownmall that is unique. Saw the post at IG and the meetup team finally decided to just include this
We spotted the two Matthews who were hands on the operation. We saw the menu board with three easy steps to follow when ordering.

Step 1: choose your beer battered fish
128204 Dory @165PhP
This is their basic fish. And it does not taste bad. The beer batter easily detaches from the freshly cooked fish fillet.

128204128525 Cod @325PhP
This is their recommendation and i loved it. The cod tastes a little fresher and more solid than the dory. I'm no fish expert but i could taste the slight difference between the two.

The salmon @355PhP and the scampi @305PhP are interesting fish protein to try as well!

Step 2: choose your 2 sides
128204128525 sweet potatoes
One nutrition enthusiasts especially body builders know that sweet potatoes are a must as main carbo intake. Im no body builder but i just like the sweet starchy taste of this root crop. They have plain potatoes if you want.

128204 onion rings
Their quite big. Unless you really like it, i think ordering this one will not make the most of your money because it's big, it will occupy more space thus tendency serving would be few.

128204 slaw salad
Order this. I think they'll give you a handful. Tastes quite okay and simple

128204128525 cargo rice
This is their rice that has a fish tastes according to Matthew, it got beer batter crumbs that came off from the deep frier to give the rice extra crispy texture. I liked it because the rice is tasty.

Step three: choose 1 sauce
128204128525 lime chill silantro
Get this if you don't hate silantro. It guarantees you a lime-chili silantro taste. See for yourself.

128204 mushy peas
It's kind of warm in your mouth. I like its uniqueness. Not really familiar in the PH but it's similar with your mash potato only very veggie/earthy taste.

128204 roasted garlic
Probably one of the safest dip next to tartar sauce option. Very good combination with lime chill silantro sauce.

We saw how authentic everything is--the presentation and concept...
We saw that they sell beers as well as low as 60PhP
We saw how friendly the staff is as well.
We also saw... they only have two sets of table infront of the stall!! Huhu. We suggested that they should add more.

The stall opens 5pm till 2pm but it may soon change as they sense the demand increases, there can be cuing up of long lines.
Cant wait yo try salmon or scampi!!

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

CargoFish give a fresh authentic feel of Fish and Chips that we'll surely love. The chill vibe of the place is a perfect hangout with the cool breeze of air. Their menu was simple and straight to the point. 1st choose your type fish, next choose your 2 free side dishes and the dip of your choice. We got the Cod (325PHP) and Dory (165PHP). For the sides we choose the Cargo rice, sweet potato chips, onion rings and slaw salad. For the dip we got the lime chilli cilantro and roasted garlic. The Cod was so good especially with the cilantro dip it was a perfecf combination. I was used to having my fish chips with a tartar sauce but this cilantro vinegar like dip is way better. The dory fish was a steal for 165PHP plus generous serving of sides. Imagine comparing with McDo that have it at 150PHP. Haha.. I also love the cargo rice that have the crunchy bits from the excess of the deep fried fish. The onion rings was also got big sizes.

Overall if you want to have a real fish and chips this is the perfecf place to go. BTW love their cool packaging. 128522

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Kristin A.
5.0 Stars

Went to an impromptu meetup at Uptown and Dennis O suggested Cargofish. Since initial reviews were promising we decided to try it out.

You have to order at the counter.

- First, you are given a choice of fish/seafood, with different prices ranging from Php 165 (for Dory) to about Php 360 (for Salmon).

- Then, you pick 2 sides. Choices are chips (or what we call fries), rice, cole slaw, sweet potato fries, and onion rings.

- Then you pick a dipping sauce. Tartar is definitely one, or you could have cilantro, seafood barbecue, mushy peas, garlic, jalapeño and curry.

Per recommendation, I got the Cod (Php 305) with sweet potato fries, coleslaw, and mushy peas. I loved the fish! It was cooked just right, and none of that cloying oiliness. Adding on the vinegar (because that's how they do it in the UK) and getting a few squirts of ketchup and mustard on the fries, my dinner was made.

But my dinner companions had both cod and dory, and dory is good too! At Php 165 it is a much better deal than the fast food fish and chips, since you get a variety of sides with it!. They also got the garlic and cilantro sauces, which personally I preferred. Hahaha.

Cargofish is currently open from 5pm to 2am, but they're thinking of expanding their shop hours because they should! LOL. Seating is limited, but the great thing is that the food is served in a convenient box. The box is cute too - next time I'm taking it home :')

It was great talking to the two Matthews who own the place, best of luck!

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