2/F S Maison at Conrad Manila, Seaside Blvd. cor. Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila

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Denise A.
3.0 Stars

Carnivale is a circus whimsical themed restaurant located at Conrad's S Maison Mall 2nd Floor. I was invited to attend their media event last January together with other foodies and influencers. Chef Mikel Zaguirre is behind this fancy restaurant the same man behind Locavore, Empingao and Taqueria 101 Fame.

The vintage marquee lights all over the restaurant gave me a feeling that I am inside a carousel. They even have a cotton candy cart outside and a cashier that looks like a ticket booth. So cute!

It's no surprise that with all the playful elements incorporated in the restaurant it will also be incorporated on their the food. Sous Chef Patrick told us that they want our greasy childhood favorites like burgers and fries to be recreated in unique versions.

The ff were served to us:
127842French Onion Croquettas
It's made of french onion jam, tri-color nacho chip crust, red onion mayonnaise, gratinated gruyere cheese and sriracha.
I really love how the gruyerre cheese was incorporated to this dish that added a saltiness to it. The mix of sweet and soury taste were the dominant flavors which i'm not much a fan of so i'm giving it a 3.5/5.

Salted Egg Fries
The Salted Egg Fries is a twice fried fried potato frites, season with salted egg powder, pepper and garnishes with pickled onions on top. I had mixed feelings on this cause of the pickled onion. But when I came back and ordered it again, I LOVED IT. I thought the salted egg powder was too much but when eaten with the pickled onion it give you a balance of sweet and salty.

127839Truffle Fries
House made twice fried potatoes frites glazed with truffle dressing and shaved parmesan. I love this too. Everything seasoned with truffle tastes delicious to me lol so when I saw this on the menu I knew I just had to order it and gladly it didn't disappoint!
What makes their fries different from others would probably be its CRISPINESS. Regardless if you had your fries sitting their for more than 20 min. it'll still be CRISPY AF!

It is made of butter toasted brioche bun, sous vide angus beef, two hour tomato confit, gratinated yellow cheddar and onion relish. It was a GREAT decision to order this. My boyfriend and I shared one burger and asked for it to be cut in half. It was surprisingly filling and the serving is big. The meat was so tender and juicy - THIS IS A MUST TRY!!!

Carnivale's meats are freshly grounded and their patties are hand-made daily! They use a vacuum to to pack it before storage so that it won't dry up in the fridge.

127851FERRERO BURGER. Dang! Wasn't ready for this. It came to our table shining, shimmering, splendid. LOL. My jaw drop when it came out and I was literally just looking at it for a couple of minutes. The gold edible glitter gave it a sparkle it was almost not edible and too pretty to eat.

The Ferrero burger is made of gold dust giant profiterole, sugar kracklin, dark chocolate and kahlua ganache, toasted almond flakes, nutella ice cream and dark chocolate bits.
I'm rating it a 3.5/5 for the reason that the presentation looked too beautiful but it didn't taste like it. Adding the almonds was a mistake it didn't went well with the other ingredients
Everything was good except for that one ingredient that ruined it all. Still a must try for people who love desserts like me!

OVERALL, I had a fun experience dining here. Props to Chef Kel for doing a great job on the play of the food's temperature and texture. The concept made me miss my childhood!

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Daylight M.
4.0 Stars

carnivale!!! 127905 127906 127984 🤡 128077🏻
no clowns and animals, and it's not about those rides this time, but it's for our tummy's delight! 128541
located at the 2nd floor of S Maison, this eye catching food place definitely attracts everyone's attention who passed by it..:)
we had the ffg..
lobster nachos - 1st time to try lobster with nachos, and this one's really good, but quite pricey..
mac n cheese smoked salmon - another first', oooh.. and the salmon tasted well with the macaroni and cheese, yum yum!
wangus burger - cut into halves since we cannot finish everything, hahah.. it's good to share :)
and we had mango pop chouquettes for dessert, the mango cream pops suits well with the chocolate espresso dip, a good one too! 128515

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Michelle T.
5.0 Stars

Cutest place to eat. And the food is soooo good. MELT IN YOUR MOUTH GOODNESS. The nuggets is really tender and moist its really filling. The buffalo.sauce is spot on.

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Chrisalyn T.
3.0 Stars

First of, I’ve been here twice already. I came by to try their burger on my first visit and their pancake on my 2nd visit.

Honestly, the reason why I wanted to try this place out is because the sign of this restaurant was hard not to notice. It was bright, huge and the name itself was kind of cute. It’s like you are being invited inside to dine and actually be reminded a little about your childhood memories. Like eat your favorite something from the past. At least that is how I think of it.

So, as soon as this place opened. I decided to bring my date here for a burger meal. I mean we rarely have burgers for dinner, so it’s nice to at least have some once in a while. Anyway, there were many burgers to choose from, so we decided to try 2 from the list. Which were CRONUT (Php 380) and WANGUS (Php 360). I had the cronut, so I could only share my opinion regarding what I ordered.

First of, the stack was composed of Brioche bun, house baked parmesan cronut, sous vide Angus beef, streaked w/ Wagyu fat, sour cream, caramelised onion dressing, cornichon, onion relish, alfalfa sprout, gruyere cheese and Dijon mustard. Seems interesting right?! Well, honestly, the patty was delicious. I liked how juicy it was and flavourful. However, overall the burger was just ok to me. I guess having too many ingredients changed that for me. I mean sometimes the simpler it is the better. They definitely succeeded on the patty, but lacked that you’d crave for it factor. By the way, it had some fries on the side too. I liked their fries also.

As for the CHICKEN AND PANCAKE (Php 420), well I had this on a different day. I actually saw a picture of it on instagram I think, so i was tempted to try it. I mean I rarely get to eat breakfast food, so having a few pancakes with my favorite childhood snack, the nuggets is quite exciting. First of, as soon as this dish came out. It looked interesting. I was kind of confused by the shredded cabbage underneath my nuggets though. I mean why are there cabbages on my pancake. The owner of the restaurant, well I’m assuming she is the owner, was kind enough to explain that it was mainly put there to help make the nuggets stand or least look presentable. Secondly, as i took a bite of the pancake. You can really feel the soft texture of the pancake in every bite, as it has been basically aerated to create that extra volume and to make it softer to eat. It had chopped pistachio nuts and parsley sprinkled on top of it, with a few slices of peaches too. It was drizzled with Maple syrup like the usual, I mean one can’t have pancakes without the syrup right?! While on the side I was served with the mushroom gravy and sesame dressing. I honestly find the combination kind of weird, I mean I love pistachio, but I’d rather not have it on my pancake. The nuggets however was really made from scratch, however, I had a few of it and when i bit onto it. I looked like my nugget is smaller inside than it looked outside, which means it had less meat inside. It wasn’t heavily seasoned anymore as you can dunk it in the gravy sauce which was also made from scratch. I actually loved the mushroom gravy. It was really good and paired well with the nuggets. Overall, I find this dish okay, but you’ll definitely get “suya” after a few bites.

As for the servers, they are attentive. On my first visit, one of the servers was too attentive that I can literally feel him staring at us which made it uncomfortable to eat. Second visit, I sat on the side near the wall, which made them not notice me too much and I get to eat in peace. haha

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Marc M.
3.0 Stars

Still on Soft Open.

Attached their menu in the pics.

Not a burger fan but we already ran out of choices around the MoA area a long time ago so we tend to try new places around the area as soon as one opens. 128514

Truffle Fries - Thick slices of Potato Fries. Quite tasty but truffle is nowhere to be found. Not even a hint of smell. 128532

Nuggets - around five pcs of Chicken Nuggets that come with Spicy Buffalo sauce that is not spicy and another dip that seems to be blue cheese.

Sausage Egg Muffin - loved the sous vide sausage patty (almost everything is sous vide here 128513). Also, i would prefer the english muffin to be thinner, they were too thick IMO.

Wifey had the Wangus and I had a taste. It was nice.

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4.0 Stars

If someone ask you what is Carnivale? What would you say? A celebration? A happy moment? Yes, indeed. Carnivale is a newly opened restaurant in S'Maison which is situated at the SM Mall of Asia Complex. Carnivale offers happiness in their comfort food to satisfy their customers.

In their soft opening, I tried the Cheese Burger for Php430.00. Whoah!128561 What a price? But wait... It is stack with House-made Buttery Hash Brown Buns, Sous Vide House Grinded Angus Chuck and Short Ribs with Wagyu Fat Streaks, Mac and Cheese, Gratinated Cheddar, Gruyere and Mozzarella, 64 Degree Egg and Parmesan Crisp. The burger I got is overloaded with cheese. The hash brown and the egg balance everything.

Burger: Cheese - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

The place is not that big. They used bulbs as their main lightings and center of their interior.

The service is pretty fast with attentive and alert servers. They will refill your glass with water without asking.

You can visit Carnivale at the 2nd Floor, S' Maison Mall, Conrad Hotel, Pasay City.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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