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Carousel Creamery
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Most Recent Reviews

Glenn E.
5.0 Stars

Carousel Creamery offers 101 flavors of ice cream. Damn, I did have a hard time choosing what flavor to order. I ordered 3 flavors after having 10+ free taste out of curiosity and interest.

I ended up having Dark Side Chocolate, Chunky Cheese and Strawberry Balsamic, having ghe 3 flavors was perfect. My favorite was the Chunky Cheese, not nakakaumay and loved the cheese bits.

Some of the flavors I tried before ordering:

Olive Basil - very empowering, pesto ice cream

Chicharon and Beer - doesn't taste like beer, the chicharon was hard to chew and was a bit spicy at the end

Smores - too sweet for me

See the 2nd photo for the complete list of flavors

The place is good. Great service.

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Ron R.
5.0 Stars

They have tons of flavors like more than 100+. They are all so amazing and will take you probably 30 minutes to decide which to get.


127846Chocolate Orange
1 scoop - 85
2 scoops - 145

A must try!

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Julie L.
3.0 Stars

A wide variety of flavors to choose from that can cater to all palates. They offer several flavors for chocolate lovers or options for your fruity cravings.

I got Vanilla Macadamia scoop (85PHp) cause I'm a sucker for anything nutty.

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Pierre O.
5.0 Stars

More than 100 flavors of ice cream under one roof?? Now that is what we call an ice cream parlor. This is a dream come true. 128514

It is really hard to find a parking spot outside of the building compound so I recommend to park beneath Gloria Maris then walk. It is worth it!

I noticed that the theme of their ice cream is based on the block buster movie of the month. They derived most of the names of their ice cream there and it is written in a black paper so it is easily spotted.

It was really hard to try every flavor in this parlor and finding the correct flavor you like would have you undergo extreme stress since I already want my ice cream but was unable to pick one because of the variety of choices.

I ordered strataciella which was my favorite among everything that I have tried. It is vanilla ice cream + chocolate bars I think. It was not too sweet and the ice cream was just as soft as the cotton. Bravo!

I also like those alcoholic flavored ice cream, I think it is worth a try but wasn't able to because driving under the influence of alcohol is bad. 128514 128514 128514

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Macky d.
5.0 Stars

Carousel Creamery offers a wide selection of flavors that would definitely get people coming back! From classic flavors to unique ones (Beer and Chicharon for example), one would enjoy spending time with loved ones in this ice cream parlor.

Not to mention, the place has a nice ambience, and accommodating staff.

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Rhency L.
4.0 Stars

They have chicharon and beer ice cream! So weird, right? It tastes terrible!!!!! For me, at least. I was curious so I asked for a free taste. Daaamn I could not taste the beer at all. The chicharon bits were relatively big and were very hard to chew!

They had a lot of flavors available, 100+, so it was really hard to decide. In the end, we got Chocolate Chili, Double Shot Espresso, and Bacon&Cheese.

As much as I like ~real~ bacon & cheese, their combination in an ice cream was a let down. The double shot espresso was good -- dark & decadent in all the right ways. But the Chocolate Chili won my heart. You only taste the spiciness in the end, after the chocolate melts in your mouth.

I would give this 3 stars, but additional one star because the staff were really accommodating and CHOCOLATE CHILI!

(Farmacy, you will always be my #1)

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Kat L.
5.0 Stars

112 kinds flavors of ice cream just taste 2 flavors cheese & bacon and pistachio ice creams. 110 more to go. I'm crazy over this! So good and delicious! 128523128077128077128523128077128077128077128525

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Felina Katrina Kaye A.
5.0 Stars

Carousel Creamery offers 101 Ice cream flavours. From the most common to the most unique flavours. Each flavour is interesting. Some are weird, but tastes awesome. I tried Wasabi, Earl Grey Tea, Rosemary, and of course Green Tea. And I loved each flavour!!! Their waffle cone tastes great and is really perfect for their ice cream.

The place is nice too. The staff are welcoming ang accommodating as well. The price is good given the quality of ice cream they offer and the service they provide. 10084128077🏽128076🏽

I would definitely come back here. 9786

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Yshkael C.
5.0 Stars

Coming here is always a great experience!

I absolutely love their witty and hella creative, weird and just plain awesome flavors! You will be overwhelmed with the variety of flavors to choose from!

Don't hesitate to taste these creative concoctions as well.

This time I went for their new flavors in line with the new Ghost Busters movie. Had some mint with marshmallows. I love it. Mint Ice Cream is my thing.

Staff service is always top notch so keep it up!

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Diane C.
5.0 Stars

Awe to these flavors 128525

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

101 flavors, nakakalula! Good luck 길이길이 trying out each and every one, though its something i wouldn't mind attempting if i didnt live so far away 128517

Tried 3 flavors off the bat - blueberry, twix milo chocolate, and beer & chicharon haha.

Blueberry was my favorite, coz blueberry 128514
The chocolate i could tell was made from milo with added twix bits.
The beer and chicharon could have been a lot better if the chicharon chunks weren't so large and 'makunat'. It was hard to chew on at that point. I know it'd be a bit of a challenge to keep the chicharon significant AND crispy in ice cream but maybe they could try making the chicharon bits smaller and perhaps adding some more crushed chicharon rught before serving? The ice cream itself tasted like caramel with a beer aftertaste... quite good!

  • No. of Comments: 4
Phoebe N.
5.0 Stars

Blueberry velvet and lychee ice cream ftw! I am definitely coming back. This is pure haven for ice cream lovers like me. 127848

  • No. of Comments: 2
5.0 Stars

101 flavors to drive you insane! We tried lychee, mocha oreo, smores, dark chocolate, raspberry, chunky cheese, cardamom pistachio, & ny cheesecake. I'm glad that they did a good job and that the ice cream is actually delicious. None of that killer creamy flavor that some may be a fan of but am just honestly not. Their ice cream has got good consistency and dairy quality, does not melt down easily too. The flavors are emulsified but not up to that of farmacy's level. None of what we had was really sweet except for the white chocolate 128523128523128523

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Jam V.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Julienne D.
4.0 Stars

Despite my constant battle between eating healthy and making food reviews of almost any food under the sun (mostly those not really good for you health128539) , I have to say that my inner foodie got the best of me today.

My friend and I, along with my brother drove to Greenhills earlier to try their 101 flavors; well maybe not all. Hehe I have been reading reviews and the flavors they have really piqued my interest (and tastebuds).

We got there and there were quite alot of people eating. Maybe because of the smoldering heat that time or they're just also one of those curious ones like me. The nice lady greeted us and offered us the menu. (One of the things I look for in reviewing a place is how accomodating the staff is. Because I believe it has a big part in the overall dining experience of a customer). And in their case, everyone was super nice! Anyways, we started tasting!

So if you know me well enough, you'd know how I love to try the weirdest & most distinct flavors in all things - especially in ice cream, I wouldn't normally just go for vanilla or chocolate, cookies and cream even (unless I'm in the mood for it) so I tried all of these:

☆ Spiced Pumpkin - tasted like mashed squash. I was expecting a similar flavor to Sprinkles' (in LA) pumpkin cupcake though
☆ Rosebud - I laughed a bit after tasting this, it tasted like the rosewater spray I use and that drink my indian friend made for us before. But good. Refreshing.
☆ Strawberry and balsamic vinegar
☆ Olive and basil - too oily for me. I mean the olive flavor overpowered the basil. I tried this because I used to love this flavor back in DC
☆ Mascarpone and figs - always a good combination
☆ Cardamom and pistachio - love this! Cardamom was tasty
☆ Wasabi - it gave me that legit wasabi kick
☆ Green tea - HANDS DOWN, tasted like the one in O'Sulloc in Insadong, S. Korea
☆ Red pepper walnut - aaah! Spicy! Tasted like the sili ice cream in Bicol
☆ Dark side chocolate - super thick and dark
☆ Smores - this one's my brother's choice. Typical smores
☆ Honey and lavender - err, nothing special.
☆ Earl grey tea - its like high tea in ice cream form
☆ Blue cheese - super cheesy! Its like eating frozen cheese!
☆ Gorgonzola and prunes - there were chunks of prunes, and the gorgonzola balances it.
☆ Green mango - the staff suggested to put salt on top so we did. Good combination
☆ Beer and chicharon - weird! It has chicharon bits inside

I think it took me a good 15-20 minutes just free tasting! Haha! Which was surprising because I noticed that in other stores, the staff gets a bit cranky when curstomers take some time before choosing, but not in their case. They even suggested some of their personal favorites. It made me a little full though hehe

We ended up choosing Strawberry and Balsamic Vinegar, Mascarpone and Figs and Smores. Generally, you can really taste the flavor of each. So the ones I tried really gave a kick in my tastebuds.

It was a nice experience, the place has enough seats, and they have wifi connection. I just don't know if its fast since I didn't use it. The price was reasonable (85ph/scoop). I will probably come back again - but maybe after a few boxing sessions first! Hehe


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Dana M.
5.0 Stars

Our main agenda around green hills is to look for one specific ice cream place: CAROUSEL CREAMERY!
It took us 10-25 minutes to actually look for the place since we didn’t really ask around, and instead look for it on Google Maps! It was really a fun experience though, since I just saw an article from the internet (forgot what specific website, though), and I’m really excited to check out the place plus the fact that they offer 101 different flavors, which made me really giddy as I browse through the article.

What really caught my eye was the beer and chicharon flavor! I’m not really a beer person, but it’s very unique and interesting one! (I think the website is, not sure!) “I’d love to give it a shot as soon as I visit there.”
So I already saw the Ice cream place from afar, and saw a lot of people inside, which made me MORE, MORE excited to try their flavors!!!!! When we got in, there were a lot of people occupying seats, I also love the ambience of their place since it looks really clean and cold!!!!!

Going back, so I was so mesmerized by the 101 flavors that I can see in front of me!!! (well, not everything’s in front of me since there are some that is located on the left side of the ice cream store) but anyway, to summarize our 128147 CAROUSEL EXPERIENCE:128147 I think ended up trying 20-35/101 flavors before actually deciding what to order!! Since it’s really hard to choose! Before ordering, I was actually satisfied already, I think I’m already *busog* with all the free taste! (LOL, Don’t hate me Carousel Creamery!) 9996🏻️

In the end, we decided to order Mocha Oreo + S’mores! It was really good, and oh, after paying, they will give you a stub (it’s like a plastic ice cream thingy), and you will give it to the person who’s assigned to the ~section~ of ice creams which you will take the flavor that you chose! (You can also give it to your friends as a gift!)

Thanks, Carousel Creamery!
(Hoping for birthday perks128540)

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

A trip to Carousel Creamery is a must after Dohtonbori. You gotta break all the saltiness from the Okonomiyaki with some sweet and cold treat! It was the first time of hubby and the kids in Carousel Creamery and I knew they will go crazy! It took them a while to choose the flavors that they wanted. THERE WAS JUST A LOT. They took their sweet time and when they’ve finally decided, we got a table and opted to dine in.

We all got 2 scoops each in a cone but I requested for an extra bowl for Cherienne just in case it gets all messy.

Husband’s choices of flavors were weird or should I say too manly lol Licorice and Irish Stout! Err I didn’t like them. They were too soft so Kenneth, our server, placed the entire thing in a bowl.

Cherienne got Mango Jubilee and Banana Chocolate. Very fruity! She loves mangoes and bananas so she went for these. She snubbed the chocolate and cheesecake variants. The Mango Jubilee was good with the refreshing taste of ripe mangos. Goes the same for the Banana Chocolate.

I got two strong flavors – both best sellers: Dark Side Chocolate and Olive Basil. Each had a distinct bold flavor. I super love Dark Side Chocolate! It was super thick and creamy and there was a sour end note to it characteristic of a high percentage of dark chocolate. Olive Basil was good too. Husband said that it was like eating an ice cream form of Pesto. Individually, each flavor can get cloying but the combination was so perfect they actually complimented each other.

Service that night was SUPERB!!! Kenneth attended to all our tissue and water needs lol He was there by our side the whole time watching my youngest, Maaike, eat ice cream and get herself super dirty! I was amazed how fast he acted when Maaike’s cone fell! Kenneth handed us more tissue in a flash! Whow!

We really had a great time in Carousel Creamery. I’m sure we will be back when we get the chance.

  • No. of Comments: 3
Mary Margaret M.
5.0 Stars

Summer went by way too fast and so here comes the rainy season, but that's no reason to stop eating ice cream for me!

Ever since, I've been a terrible icecream lover. Whenever I read news that there'll be a new Icecream shop that will open, I'd google it on my phone on how to get there. This is something I've done a lot over the years. But due to my busy sched at work, I never get the chance to drop by at the new and hip icecream shop "Carousel Creamery" that opened since last year. So here I am, craving in the right place at the wrong time (haha.. Whut?). Whatever, iceream is great any time of the year.

After a stressful and tiring day at work, my boyfriend asked me what he can do to lessen my exhaustion from work. I just said, "I need icecream sa malayong lugar". And then poof! "Punta tayo ng Carousel! Di ko pa nattry dun!128557".

When we got there, we had a hard time looking for a parking space (naka motor pa kami nyan). So tiyaga lang sa paghahanap at paghihintay especially to those who have their car. After we've parked. I was like a kid hurriedly went towards all the ice cream. The funny thing I tried to do is to count all the icecream displayed because I read that they offer more than a hundred of icecream flavors, 101 flavors to be exact (but I failed). I lost count and got lazy.

I couldn't believe all the amazing ice cream flavors they sold there - carrot cake, olive and basil, green tea, Beer and Chicharon, Bacon and Cheese, Chocolate Chili, and more! All the ice cream was handcrafted. I love how their staff at the ice cream counter was too happy to let me taste sample as many as I wanted. After tasting some of the flavors, I chose "Dark Chocolate and Dulce De Leche" for two scoops and opted to have it in cone for 145 pesos. If you want a single scoop, you can have it for 85 pesos and triple scoop for 200 pesos. My boyfriend ordered their "Frozen Hot Chocolate" for 120 pesos and "Beef Nachos" which I found too pricey for 160 pesos. By the way you can order your icecream right on your seat and pay later. They accept cash and credit card.

The quality of the ice cream they serve lives up to all my expectations. They're not overly sweet, just sweet enough to satisfy my taste buds. Every spoonful is loaded with creamy goodness. I love the combination of my Dark Chocolate and Dulce De Leche. Super yummy! BUT minus one percent for my icecream melts kinda fast. As for their frozen hot chocolate, i found nothing spectacular on the taste. It's simple but still pretty good, same goes with their nachos.

The atmosphere is very chill. There are enough tables for you to enjoy your icecream. Staff was very welcoming, friendly and attentive to the needs of their customers. Definitely will be returning to try their other flavour.

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Yeah! My love for this creamery still lives on! Now tagged some of my friends to taste this good thing! And yeah, they had a hard time on choosing their top three! Lol. Good thing that these serves are always happy to scoop and answer some question! Earl Rey T you should expand already! 128538

✍🏻128525coffee chip walnuts
I like this one, if ever ill be going for a coffee flavor, this will be my choice--full of texture and great tasting coffee
✍🏻128525coco lemongrass
Such refreshing flavor! Good for summer
✍🏻gargonzola and prunes?
Ugh.. What was that? 128540 i need to learn how to eat gargonzola maybe?
✍🏻olive basil
Waaay too herby 128521128513
✍🏻128525banana cinnamon
Uy! Really good. Banana and cinnamon. Have to find a pair with this!
✍🏻 smores
This was one of my friend's scoops. Like it!

In the end i discovered
128204128525 raspberry hibiscus
Light, sweet and cute floral flavor with little or no taste of raspberry128518 but i still like its uniqueness
128204128525 pistachio.
I remmber casa italia. Oh my,. Can i consider this gelato? Cause it's almost like that!!
Of course my last will be the dark side chocolate. Even my friends liked and got one scoop of it!!

Oh. The CR is not part of the cremeary, so you do have to go out to use the CR. Teehee.

So.. Till the next flavors? 128527🤔128513

  • No. of Comments: 8
Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

It really is irresistible for me not to visit this ice cream shop whenever i stop by Missouri for a healthy meal at salad stop. I cant help but to get enticed by carousel while munching my salad. At first i said to myself 1 scoop of my favorite dark side chocolate will do for that night, but... Once i entered the place and seeing the different flavors, i cant help but to order 3 scoops at the end!!

For tonight i said to myself i must satisfy the dark side chocolate craving and to try weird flavors and some sure ball good flavors.

128204 Yoreoda
This flavor tasted spiced minty Oreo, it was not as minty as peppermint.

128204 Chocolate chili.
Light milk chocolate. I wish it would be darker. It's similar to papa diddy's davao meets bicol flavor. It got not so powerful chili taste afterwards.

128204 Honey lavander
Tastes herby, i almost associated it with a perfume. Lol. This is just too weird to indulge on.

128204 128525Green tea dark
MATCHA Addicts, get this!

128204 All spice and everything nice
One good weird flavor. A bit chilly with some twist of fleshy fruit at the end.

128204128525Red pepper walnut
This one. I almost ordered this one! Tasted red capsicum with wall nuts! Weird eh, pero it got a bit milky at some point so its yummy in a sense. Plus the good mix of walnuts!!

128204Chocolate soya
WYSIWYG. It got very dark color but upon tasting, it was light chocolate.

128204128525 Wasabi
Wow-sabi. Has that thrill in your nose after. However tolerable cause it gets creamy at the end. This was one of the featured flavor in my photo, and i tell you, the strongest of them al. I suggest not to be paired with nut-flavor cause it does overpower. At the end, burps feel like i've eaten a sashimi 128513

128204 Rosebud
Tasted indian. I feel it has some sort of saffron or cinnamon mix? Certified weird.

128204 Beer and chicharon
Cool duo. Crispy bits. Bad in real life 128521

128204 Spiced pumpkin
Elk. No one really gets this. Just out of curiosity. It feels like eating pinakbet ice cream. Hahahaha.

128204 128525Toasted cashew
Featured at photo, my last choice. All this because i want some nuts in my order, tasting this alone, the cashews were gorgeous in the mouth. But after pairing with wasabi, i can only taste cashew nuts and milk. No more cashew flavor in the cream. Hehe. I guess wrong pairing it with wasabi.

Then again thanks carousel for the play of flavors. I just noticed the pistachio is gone. Hehe, service was a bit off compared the first time, but then it just pulled off at the end. I still liked the almond Roca and NY cheesecake.

The dark side chocolate never really get that cold.. I just noticed that it's syrupy when melted

Oh yeah is carousel opening somewhere at BGC? Where did i see that carousel logo of theirs one time i visited the area.. Haha 🤔128518

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