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Carousel Creamery
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Most Recent Reviews

Dhang C.
5.0 Stars

I reco this to everyone! We tried their ice cream and we enjoyed all that we chose!

Beer and chicharon
maple and bacon
blueberry bingsu
blue cheese
white almond

My personal fave is blue cheese. It tasted legit and I almost asked for red wine 128514

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HungryManila P.
5.0 Stars

I came back for their Avocashew !!! It's so good !!! You guys must try the creamy goodness of avocado with some soft cashews.

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HungryManila P.
5.0 Stars

It's a little bit late for me to try this one. But, it was worth the try. I immediately fell in love with their Avocashew flavor. It is really something different. Imagine having the delicious avocado and then you can bite tiny bits of cashew. It's really heavenly.

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Reginald B.
4.0 Stars

Got to try Carousel Creamery's ice cream! They claim to have 101 flavors of ice cream and I'm lucky enough go try four! I opted to go for the unusual ones.

Here goes my mini review:
🥛🍾Baileys - smooth and light, with just a subtle alcohol taste coming from the Irish cream liqueur.
🥓127809Bacon and Maple - very light and has the right sweetness to it. The bacon bits inside gives it a surprising savory flavor.
🧀127815Gorgonzola and Prunes - I know I'm in for a treat with this one. Gives off a distinct blue cheese taste with added sweetness coming from the prunes.
127816127811Olive and Basil - I feel like eating pesto in ice cream form. I can feel slices of cheese (or are those olives?) which gives the ice cream a salty twist, while the basil makes it refreshing.

Price: single scoop 85, double 145, triple 200, sampler of five 395.

Will definitely be back to try the other 97 flavors

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

Ice Cream HEAVEN!!!!

Haven't been to this place in a loooooong while so when we had dinner at Dohtonbori, Carousel was inevitable!

As usual, choosing what to get was so hard! I tried the flavors that I haven't seen and tried before and then when I have finally chosen, I tried my favorite flavors 128514128514128514

Gorgonzola is one of my favorite cheese so I went for Gorgonzola and Prunes! Loved that they were able to capture the strong gorgonzola taste, made a little subtle by the sweet prunes! I can finish a pint of this! 128557128557128557

I also got Langka Turon. Loved the jackfruit flavored ice cream and the crunchy turon wrapper bits!

My daughters opted for Bubble Gum which tasted like Bazooka Bubble Gum 128514 and Banana Chocolate which was okay.

Husband got weird flavors - Green Mango with a side serving of salt and Lemonade! Both sour LOL

I also tried Blue Cheese (too strong), Malted Guava (lasang bayabas tlga!), Green Tea (still needs more milk, too bitter!), Cold Brew Coffee (just the right coffee x milk mix), Wasabi (gosh, sushi at toyo nlng kulang 128514) and a lot more flavors that I can't remember anymore!

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Petim M.
4.0 Stars

It was actually a colleague who introduced this place to me. It was certainly a surprise - it's not your everyday ice cream flavors. It's the twist and surprise of adding something new. I have tried the Salted Caramel with Pork (Yes, there are really bits and pieces of pork, so it's a bit chewy).

I'm looking forward in trying the Beer and Chicharon Ice Cream. Seems interesting! What are the flavors that you've tried?

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Abbey A.
5.0 Stars

Toblerone was not available, but thank God the flavors I ended up getting were soooooo good!!! Cold Brew Coffee and Chunky Cheese. Good on their own, and perfect together! I loved the contrast of the flavors. I loved the smoothness. Will consider getting a pint next time! And I'm very hopefully I'll find more favorite flavors! :)

Toblerone, Cold Brew Coffee, and Chunky Cheese are my top there for sure tho 10084

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Gayla b.
5.0 Stars

Only place the Zo and I agree on is dessert places-- Hello Carousel! 128525

The place was crowded when we got there. And there are too many choices to choose from-- it was very hard to pick one. But of course, as always, White Chocolate got me weak on my knees-- 128517

I 10084️ it here.

Also the Beer & Chicaron flavor got my attention, and the Chewy Baka-- will be back and see if I have the courage to try them. 128517

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Abe C.
5.0 Stars

Carousel Creamery is always at the top of my list whenever I am in the Greenhills area, looking for dessert. After a satisfying lunch at next door Hai Chix & Steak, we walked over for coffee and dessert. 128522

Carousel Creamery, at a Glance:
> Food & Beverage: 4/5 (they serve coffee, too, my first time to try)
> Service (Dine-In): 5/5 (nice that they made the tables strictly for dine in and that they now take your orders at the tables)
> Kitchen Service: 4/5 (more for the coffee, as this is an ice cream place) -1 for the less than friendly girl I encountered at the left rear corner, such a contrast
> Ambience: 4/5 clean look, modern but not blow your mind design; one chiller was closed due to its glass being cracked all over (weird)
> Value for Money: 4/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5 (rounded up to a 5)

> Worth a try - Yes if you've never been to Carousel Creamery, you've never experienced anything like its over 100 flavors! Seriously.
> Worth a return - Hell YES! Like, where have you been (this is addressed to MM based ice cream / dessert lovers, pls don't take offense128513). This is my 5th trip or so and I've never repeated an order. Put it this way, I've been here more times than the also good gelato places near me in BGC.

Taste as many as you would like to try. I am writing this because we ordered two fantastic flavors in Malted Guava and Coco Lemongrass (deets below), plus 3 other good ones that were more typical. Prefer to dine in, but if you find it really cramped, order it to go, and bring it over to Craft Coffee (order a coffee there, of course!) or Toby's 3 minutes away.

For parking, there's basement parking on the left side of this building. And a high tech touch button elevator. Ample space and not tightly done driveway. Ask the guard for assistance.

> VERDICT: Carousel Creamery is a great ice cream/gelato place. With over 100 flavors to choose from, you'll never run out of things to order for the first time, whether it's traditional flavors, creative ones, or just plain weird (white chocolate salted chicharon jumps at me here). It's intended to tickle, if not outright blow away, your sweet tooth & taste palette.

More details:
Malted Guava - my wife and I have always been intrigued by anything with Guava, but it tends to dominate conconctions because it can be strong. I wouldn't have thought of using Malt (think Milo or Horlicks) to mix with it, but, work well it did. The malt acted like something that curbed the cloying or lingering taste of guava, so you taste the guava first but it's tempered by the malt. Excellent! 5/5

Coco Lemongrass - I wanted to try something non traditional, so I went with this flavor (my wife ordered the malted guava so I went to find something else to try that's atypical, and you're likely to find one or so that fits this category here) instead. Lemongrass is a flavor that can get away from you if not done right. This one was just right. So it was like a lemongrass tea dessert, with a hint of coco, to boot. 4/5

I also ordered a more mainstream flavor in Almond Roca, which was potentially great with a vanilla base, BUT sadly, I only got the almond roca bits in one bite at the tail end. Not that well spread, kinda like the crunch in Trader Joe's speculoos spread vs. the crunch in every bite of the original Lotus Biscoff cookie butter spread. Super bitin, man! 2/5

My bro in law had the strawberry cheesecake, a fine choice! While his wife had the green tea.

Also ordered Americano's to melt the oil away from all that Porterhouse steak. Haha. Decent, not wow on form, and it was a medium bodied brew, so with Splenda, it was fine.

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Anne K.
4.0 Stars

Since my sister didn't like her dinner order at the restaurant, I decided to treat her out to a good dessert. Immediately, I thought of Carousel Creamery because I just love their ice cream and their ice cream never fails to make me happy.

I enjoy trying out their variety of ice cream flavors from the savory, sweet to the weird combinations. I'm  very adventurous when it comes to food and a bit indecisive, which makes me want to try all their flavors. It's a good thing that I went here on a weekday night 'cause normally this place would be filled up with people.

There were so many flavors that my sister and I were thinking how many scoops we wanted each. If you are dining in, they just take your order when you are seated. The waitress took my sister's order of strawberry cheesecake, vanilla macadamia, and smores. She was also asked if she wanted a glass of warm or cold water. The waitress then left us. We had to call her back for my order. She apologized to us for leaving immediately. Apparently, she thought my sister and I were going to share the triple scoop cup. =))) my sister and I laughed. We told her "sorry po. Matakaw po kami eh." =))) I ordered the cold brew kahlua, rum raisin, and earl grey, which were oldie flavors according to my sister. Glancing at the other customers, most of them shared a double scoop or triple scoop. Maybe that's why the waitress thought we were going to share. Hahhaha well, you can see how much my sister and I love ice cream that we had a triple scoop cup of our own. We both enjoyed our ice cream. 128525

Some flavors I got to try and I also liked: smores, tiramisu, cheesecake, green tea, dark chocolate, maple walnut, speculoos
Some flavors I found weird: joker berry yogurt- too sour, chicharon beer- tasted odd and leaning towards the beer side, minto avocado- not a fan of mint ice cream and I didn't get to taste the avocado

Tip: initially, my sister and I were thinking if we should order a sampler set of 5 to share but upon my cheapskate computation abilities, I found out that it's cheaper to get 2 triple scoop orders (P 200 for 3 scoops) = P 400 for 6 scoops compared to a sampler set of 5 which costs P 395 for 5 scoops.

Price: 3/5 price is at par with other ice cream and gelato places
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 3/5 service was efficient. However, i noticed that for a day with not much stress, most of the waiters who let you do free taste were not smiling. They looked a bit unfriendly. They kinda make you feel that they were forced to let you get a free taste even if they didn't want to. Some also serve such a minute free tsste that I couldn't even taste the ice cream. Only one employee was the exception. I forgot to get his name but he was very jolly and friendly from the moment we came in. He greeted us good evening and was very generous to offer a free taste of the ice creams. He was suggesting their bestsellers and gave a free taste enough for us to appreciate the flavor of the ice cream. Kudos to him for making our experience pleasant.

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

When was the last time you visited carousel creamery? I was here just a while ago and was amazed to see how they change/add their flavors! You know, one secret parking space is in this building, some of us had difficulty parking but i was able to park at the building's basement in no time--yeah, provided that you have to buy something from this place. As for me, carousel ice cream will be my first option.

Glad to have tried their new flavors. Some flavors are inspired by Halloween, some harry potter, but what i get to really order are the Christmas flavors

128204wingardium lemonosa
This is the most lemony ice cream that i have ever trued. Sa color palang alam mo na.

128204minto avocadus
I got interested in this. I think the mint just overpowers the avocado flavor.

128204128525 bergamot earl grey
I like earl grey, this one got orange taste. This is good to go with a cookie or something sweet

128204128525 raspberry coco ripple
For a more fruity option of mine coconut ice cream with raspberry sauce ripples. I appreciate the coconut flavor here compared to freezer burn's cause the latter's texture is

128204128525 chocolate banana fondue
For my third option is for the texture, there are presence of nuts. The bananas were weak though and i love how the chocolate's thickness is like with their dark side chocolate flavor.

Uy, it's my first time not to order dark side chocolate, and there are a lot more interesting flavors like white chocolate and salt and vinegar chips flavor and that peppermint chocolate! Cant wait for more cool flavors!

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Anj C.
5.0 Stars

I went with my friend to eat dessert at Carousel after our lunch last September 2016.We tried to eat some samples of their ice cream.

All the ice creams are so good.It has very unique and out of this world ice cream flavors.

Anyways, we tried to order their Sample plate of 5 for P395.
We ordered Coffee, Dulce De Leche, Strawberry, Mango Jubilee and Chocolate.We ordered safe ice cream flavors.We thought that the scoops of ice creams are very small.When the waiter put our 5 sample plate of ice cream.It has big scoops per ice cream flavor.While we are eating the 5 sampler of ice cream, we just noticed that all the ice cream flavors blend.

I want to go back next time.But it is hard to park there.It is advisable to walk from viramall or Greenhills shopping center.

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Anthony J.
5.0 Stars

Delicious and creamy. They just have way too many enticing flavors to choose from.

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Glenn E.
5.0 Stars

Carousel Creamery offers 101 flavors of ice cream. Damn, I did have a hard time choosing what flavor to order. I ordered 3 flavors after having 10+ free taste out of curiosity and interest.

I ended up having Dark Side Chocolate, Chunky Cheese and Strawberry Balsamic, having ghe 3 flavors was perfect. My favorite was the Chunky Cheese, not nakakaumay and loved the cheese bits.

Some of the flavors I tried before ordering:

Olive Basil - very empowering, pesto ice cream

Chicharon and Beer - doesn't taste like beer, the chicharon was hard to chew and was a bit spicy at the end

Smores - too sweet for me

See the 2nd photo for the complete list of flavors

The place is good. Great service.

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Ron R.
5.0 Stars

They have tons of flavors like more than 100+. They are all so amazing and will take you probably 30 minutes to decide which to get.


127846Chocolate Orange
1 scoop - 85
2 scoops - 145

A must try!

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Julie L.
3.0 Stars

A wide variety of flavors to choose from that can cater to all palates. They offer several flavors for chocolate lovers or options for your fruity cravings.

I got Vanilla Macadamia scoop (85PHp) cause I'm a sucker for anything nutty.

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Pierre O.
5.0 Stars

More than 100 flavors of ice cream under one roof?? Now that is what we call an ice cream parlor. This is a dream come true. 128514

It is really hard to find a parking spot outside of the building compound so I recommend to park beneath Gloria Maris then walk. It is worth it!

I noticed that the theme of their ice cream is based on the block buster movie of the month. They derived most of the names of their ice cream there and it is written in a black paper so it is easily spotted.

It was really hard to try every flavor in this parlor and finding the correct flavor you like would have you undergo extreme stress since I already want my ice cream but was unable to pick one because of the variety of choices.

I ordered strataciella which was my favorite among everything that I have tried. It is vanilla ice cream + chocolate bars I think. It was not too sweet and the ice cream was just as soft as the cotton. Bravo!

I also like those alcoholic flavored ice cream, I think it is worth a try but wasn't able to because driving under the influence of alcohol is bad. 128514 128514 128514

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Macky d.
5.0 Stars

Carousel Creamery offers a wide selection of flavors that would definitely get people coming back! From classic flavors to unique ones (Beer and Chicharon for example), one would enjoy spending time with loved ones in this ice cream parlor.

Not to mention, the place has a nice ambience, and accommodating staff.

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Rhency L.
4.0 Stars

They have chicharon and beer ice cream! So weird, right? It tastes terrible!!!!! For me, at least. I was curious so I asked for a free taste. Daaamn I could not taste the beer at all. The chicharon bits were relatively big and were very hard to chew!

They had a lot of flavors available, 100+, so it was really hard to decide. In the end, we got Chocolate Chili, Double Shot Espresso, and Bacon&Cheese.

As much as I like ~real~ bacon & cheese, their combination in an ice cream was a let down. The double shot espresso was good -- dark & decadent in all the right ways. But the Chocolate Chili won my heart. You only taste the spiciness in the end, after the chocolate melts in your mouth.

I would give this 3 stars, but additional one star because the staff were really accommodating and CHOCOLATE CHILI!

(Farmacy, you will always be my #1)

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Kat L.
5.0 Stars

112 kinds flavors of ice cream just taste 2 flavors cheese & bacon and pistachio ice creams. 110 more to go. I'm crazy over this! So good and delicious! 128523128077128077128523128077128077128077128525

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