Casa Ibiza

Sapang Buho Rd., Antipolo, Rizal

Casa Ibiza
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Diane S.
4.0 Stars

45mins away from the city 128516
a quick getaway with my love just to unwind
This place is really colorful never though there's a place like this in antipolo 128522

The mini "houses" are painted in different colors 127912

We really enjoyed this place, chill lang.1278111277969786
didn't swim during our stay kasi ang dumi ng tubig 128541
It's a small quiet place so may quality time talaga without gadgets and all that 9786

The only down side is the food medj matagal i-serve and so-so pero okay naman 128513

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Gladys U.
4.0 Stars

Peaceful, cozy , and very relaxing! Proud of my awesome architect friends who did the rest house "Jagnus design studio" need a 45 minute ride resting place away from the city.... Climb up here in Antipolo and check this place out!

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Bob Louie E.
5.0 Stars

Who would have thought theres a beautiful place like this in Antipolo?

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Alecs R.
3.0 Stars

I was going to choose a better photo but.. Uh.. No.

So my family went for an out of the house trip. Well this place is really near where we live. Its like 20 minutes away. So because of an Metrodeal voucher my mom bought online, we opted to go on a relaxation mode.

The place was beautiful in the evening. They had an obstacle course, a pool, kind of huts where you can chill, poolside chill spots. I'm pretty sure they have a bar near the pool its just that after 9 pm no one mans the area. Their office/front desk is closed at night and opens at around 9 am. Their guards are not on their post at around 1 am. Their food was horrible, my mom opted to go for North Park Noodles instead. They don't have welcome kits, glasses or anything but they give you towels and they do have a refrigirator. For our villa, there are 3 rooms. 1 masters and 2 single bed rooms. This villa is good for four. I have yet to explore around the area but I think one time here is enough. Its semi self service here so if you're on a super relaxation mode I suggest find another place.

The place is fine if you're with your friends. Just bring cooked food or eat outside. The place is pretty decent. They just really lack maintenance and manpower I guess, hence the sleeping guard and the 8 hour front desk.

I expected too much I guess. We spent about 4500 because of the Metrodeal voucher but since there was five of us we had to pay an additional 1500.

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Jeff R.
3.0 Stars

Cool :)

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Paulo d.
3.0 Stars

Casa Ibiza has a nice environment where people will have the impression of; "this place is certainly a ressort". Out stay was quite nice except for the poor WiFi (only in the dining area) and poor 3G reception for both Smart and Globe. The Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner was great! And the pool is always clean!! I would like to recommend this place, except they really need to improve their facilities and replace the many broken light bulbs.

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