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Casa Italia
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Most Recent Reviews

Vinny L.
4.0 Stars

There are just some restaurants that offer immediate comfort the second you lay your eyes on its dining spaces. It’s the kind where simplicity is synonymous to coziness, and where inviting seats are almost impossible to refuse.

Entering Giulia, located at the ground floor of The Block at SM North Edsa, is like being welcomed into a familiar kitchen. It has an ambience that would make you want to linger as it houses various shapes and textures that delight the eye—walls are patented with wooden boards, while the floor’s mismatched tiles work in the favor of shoefie addicts.

Giulia’s furniture also plays with muted colors in mixed-and-matched printed fabrics and tanned leather, making no single corner more vibrant than another. On display, too, are stalks of lavender and glass jars that are half full with different kinds of pasta.

The restaurant now stands where Casa Italia once was. In fact, the signages that bore Casa Italia will now light up with a different name: Giulia. Co-owner Jay Tan shares it’s because along with a new restaurant, they wanted to introduce a new menu that is loaded with comfort food that aren’t strictly under Italian cuisine, but are all equally crave-worthy.

“We have so many recipes that we wanted to share to our customers that wasn’t necessarily Italian. We have this great fried chicken recipe, and we wanted to center on familiar and go-to comfort food. But when it comes to the Italian dishes on our menu, it’s the same—it has the same recipes with imported Italian ingredients that were approved by our Italian partner chefs. Everything that our regular Casa Italia customers enjoyed, they’re still all here,” Jay says.

Though under appetizers, the Loaded Fries (P265) can honestly be a meal on its own. The skillet is filled with tons of melted mozzarella cheese you’d actually wish there was more of those long and crispy fries. Three different types of meat also join the gastronomic party—there are chunks of bacon, ground meat, and Spanish chorizo.

Giulia’s Nacho Supremo (P230) is a mountain of tortilla chips and cheese goo that comes out exactly as it is pictured on the menu. The sauce is surprisingly spicy thanks to the well-seasoned ground meat, but the peppery taste is tamed by the refreshing tang and fresh crunch of the pico de gallo.

The same meat, which is made of 100 percent lean beef, is used to top the Carne Asada pizza (P355). Along with the meat, it’s the fresh cuts of tomato and lettuce that make this pizza taste so much like a taco—minus the mess. It is drizzled with thick garlic mayo and garnished with tortilla bits for that extra crunch. Baked in an Italian stone oven, you’re sure to get those crisp burnt edges, too.

Aunt Giulia’s Legendary Fried Chicken (P285 for one serving, P495 for sharing) has been an Italian family favorite since the 50s, its recipe passed down from generation to generation. And we now understand why this extremely juicy, deep-fried perfection deserves to be remembered throughout the decades. The fillet has flavorful white meat in every bite, a similar lip-smacking savory taste that makes it the ultimate Chickenjoy contender.

Each serving weighs more than 300 grams and you get to enjoy it tons of crispy chicken skin. Besides its indulgent crackle, what gives the chicken skin personality are the additional flavors from the cayenne pepper and paprika spices. There’s almost no need for the old-fashioned gravy and honey that ware served on the side, but the mixture of dips completes the umami taste of the chicken.

Since Giulia’s soft opening this month, this chicken fillet has turned out to be an instant bestseller, with about 60 servings of the Legendary Fried Chicken being sold daily. The dish is served with different sides, including mixed grains, chunky and long cuts of Russet potato fries, and spiced corn.

Giulia has a more traditional take when it comes to the pasta they serve. With no-frills recipes, the familiar goodness of Carbonara (P265) is present with the simple combination of heavy cream sauce and honey-cured bacon bits.

Capped with pieces of succulent shrimps, the Creamy Prawn spaghetti (P315) has exquisite silkiness in every slurp. There is a natural and distinct balance of sweet and sour in its San Marzano tomato base, a real treat to those who looking for a taste of modern yet authentic Italian food.

Interestingly, even when the same handmade imported Italian spaghetti was used for both dishes, the pasta adapted well to its sauces to create varying bites. The Carbonara had a more dense and thick texture which added firmness to the pasta, while the lighter and smoother Creamy Prawn sauce found a chewy spaghetti as its partner.

“A lot of people also wonder how we manage to keep our prices low despite importing all of our prime ingredients from Italy—our meats, pasta, herbs, everything,” Jay shares. “But the only reason we try to keep our dishes affordable is so that more of our patrons can enjoy the so-called ‘luxurious’ Italian cuisine, anytime.”

Having a short list of ingredients doesn’t necessarily make a dish taste less interesting. The Italian Beef Stew (P455) uses a braised beef shank that is slow-cooked in tomato sauce for four hours to come up with an extremely tender all-meat delight.

The marbled perfection is served alongside a bed of creamy mashed potatoes. Other than giving your tastebuds a satisfyingly smooth and melt-in-your mouth texture, an overpowering taste of the fresh chopped parsley gives this usual side a different twist.

Giulia is the type of restaurant where you can satisfy all types of cravings in one go—whether you’re in the mood for Italian goodness or not.

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Shellah Marie R.
3.0 Stars


Just a week ago, I was at Sm North Edsa and noticed that Casa Italia is closed. And so I remember to share my Casa Italia experience back when it was still new in Manila. Casa Italia was so hyped in social media even before it opened its first branch in Manila. I was so excited back then to try it. So upon hearing that they have a branch in North Edsa, I immediately asked my mom to come with me to try it.


Place was very spacious and cozy.


Beef Lasagna: It was good but there's nothing really surprising with their Lasagna. I love that the top of the lasagna was burnt which gives the dish more flavor and makes it more appetizing.

Gamberetti: This is a spaghetti in marinara sauce with 2-3 pieces of prawns. Nothing special with the taste. It was good but I kinda expect more from them.

Blue Cheese Pizza: This is kinda oily and theblue cheese flavor is really strong. My mom doesn't like it but I'm just okay with it. Kinda disappointing that it doesn't have any wow factor on it.

For their gelato...

I got the Forest Berries Yogurt and Apple Eight - it was just okay. Nothing really special with the taste not the texture.


It was.... just okay as well. Hahaha. It's not cheap nor expensive. But in terms of value for your money, hmmn I think it's just...okay. Hahaha


Friendly and accommodating staff


Did I enjoy it? - Yes
WillI I recommend it? - Maybe no
Will I come back? - No

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Angelo A.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Jomarie A.
3.0 Stars

Yesterday, I had dinner with two of my high school best friends, A and E. Since I had to work until 6PM, they agreed to come to SM North Edsa instead. Days before our meetup, I sent them a list of restaurants to serve as their guide in choosing where we'll have our dinner. We initially decided on Frankie's. But upon arrival there last night, we were overwhelmed by how long the queue was (we were #7 in the line), and also, we hated that the restaurant was sooo warm inside! That was when we decided to just grab our dinner at The Block.

We walked around a bit, then finally decided on eating at Casa Italia Café. What caught our eyes was their pretty interiors! 128525 Upon seating down, we were handed ONE menu. We had a hard time reading the menu as A was seated opposite of E and me, so I asked for two more copies (shouldn't they provide each person with a copy of the menu?). The waiter grumpily asked his other companions to give us more menu copies, but we were told they only have just one extra copy. (Side comment: Is it that expensive to print more copies of the menu???)

So anyway, we went ahead to order, and got the following:

✔ Quattro Formaggi (Php 295) - 11088110881108811088
Since most of the other options were quite pricey, we opted for this classic pizza flavor. I loved its thin crust, but the cheese topping itself is lacking in flavor. It paled in comparison to most of the four-cheese pizzas I've tried in the past, but still giving this 411088 because it's the strongest dish among those we've ordered.

✔ Beef Lasagne (Php 275) - 1108811088
Their lasagna looked so sad! It was super unphotogenic, and the pasta noodles were really soggy. 128546 The sauce was not that flavorful nor meaty... To be honest, I like Greenwich's lasagna more than this.

✔ Pesto Pasta (Php 220) - 110881108811088
Their pesto was more on the oily side, and had less basil than I thought it would have. It also lacked in flavor, but at least the pasta noodles were firmer than the ones in the lasagna. We sprinkled so much parmesan cheese on our pasta, so in the end, it tasted better than it actually was.

Food was generally just okay, nothing exceptional. I feel like the food will easily be forgotten, as there is no competitive advantage when it comes to their menu offerings. The service was not that good; to be honest, the servers who seemed young (maybe OJTs?) were more courteous and more attentive than those wearing the Casa Italia uniforms. Most of the restaurant staff (those wearing black) were grumpy and seemed unwelcoming. 128542

The ambiance was the greatest saving grace, but it isn't enough to make me come back to this restaurant ever again. 128546

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Alyssa Denise M.
4.0 Stars

On finding a dinner place with my bf and sister, we ended up in Casa Italia. An instragrammable interior Italian restaurant at the ground floor of the block, near the hypermart. This area has been our usual place to choose where to eat. This time, we tried our first time here. We were in awe with the set up. I don't usually include the interior because I don't usually mind it. I only do when the space is too small, spacious, hot, or cold. This place has a nice design. The place also has a few games and yes, you can play with them.

I like to love this place but there are flaws. First, service takes time. We were occupied because we were playing. However, since you can feel your tummy, you would notice the wait. After a long wait, the first food that arrive was our order of carne asada pizza. It tastes soooo good. 128557 Taco + pizza = 128076. Another sad part was that it wasn't hot anymore. 128542

Our second order was the baked chicken and mushroom rice. Served on a stone pan, it was obviously hot. This is ideal for serving and the three of us did. It's on the salty side since it's a cheesy dish. 🧀

Lastly, we ordered a gelato and my sister were surprised at the strong flavor of our choice, milk tea. We were undecided on what to get but upon tasting milk tea, we just knew we had to get this. 128523128523128523

For some reason, their service was a bit slow. When we asked for the bill, we had to call twice. It felt long the first time we asked for kt that I had to ask my sister if we even called for it. It can be quite pricey since both meals cost 355 and 350 each. They also forgot to put our order of gelato when the first time and we had to correct it. Our bill was more than 800 Php and even if I liked the food, I don't know if I was full enough for this.

I want to try here again but maybe when I don't worry about the price of the meals I order anymore.

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Kates A.
5.0 Stars

Being a coffee aficionado, I usually spend my weekends in a coffee shop (particularly Starbucks – yes, I’m a Starbucks lover) But, since the SB planner season has ended and I’ve heard a lot of themed-cafés popping up one after another, I got interested in giving it a try!

I and my bestfriend spotted Casa Italia in SM North (G/F, The Block). The place is cozy and we find it nice-looking so we entered and grabbed their menu to see what’s interesting in the list.

For our dose of caffeine, we ordered Flat White (grande size@P140). I loved the taste of the espresso dominating the flavor supported by the velvety milk – Oohh, this just satisfied my coffee craving. 128522 But, of course, our coffee sesh is not complete without partnering it with their best-seller cheesecake @P165/slice. Every dig into the slice gives us an extremely rich, creamy, and lightly sweet taste which is made even more appetizing by the oreo crumbs at the bottom and, the bitter-sweet chocolate on its top layer.

At a corner, you will also find different board games to play that may help you get away from your gadgets for a time 128522

It was another well-spent weekend!

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Wil T.
1.0 Stars

Ordered 2 flat whites, after 30 minutes waiters are gathering around the counter and forgot about my order. Bad service even when establishment is at 10% capacity and over staffed.

Flat white is below average, just go to the adjacent Costa Coffee for better coffee.

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Ria L.
3.0 Stars

The baby back ribs was so tasty i kept wanting for more. However, the service was poor because they didn't give us the things that we needed in anticipation. Like for ex complete set of utensils- we had to ask for a knife, additional set of utensils for correct number of people, plates.. Usually in dining areas like these food servers prepare them the moment you arrive. Also when we were about to pay, wrong receipt were handed to us and had to correct them about it to think only a few people were dining at that time. 128528

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Mary Margaret M.
4.0 Stars

This place lives up to authentic Italian gelato. One of the good dessert places that is conveniently located to grab your sweet tooth fix.

Its definitely a good find dessert to be shared with. The place have indoor and outdoor seating and is not too crowded so you can easily find a place. They also have free wifi. The staffs were very friendly and super helpful when it comes to choosing what you wanted. Service is quick and efficient. Place was well kept and clean as well. The cafe's interior is rich in modern italian chic decor. Absolutely adorable place for its colorful designs.

They have a long list of menu ranging from pasta to pizzas to appetizers to rice meals and their well known gelatos. They also serve coffees and frappuccinos. What more surprisingly they have Italian beers and wines.

They have a ton of interesting icecream flavors like Ferrero Rocher, Snickers, Baileys Irish Cream and Earl Grey Tea, in addition to conventional icecream and fruit flavors. The prices are a little higher than a typical ice cream shop, but not outrageous. Prices for every scoop of gelato Piccolo(1 scoop) 130 pesos, Medio(2 scoops) 195 pesos, and Grande(3scoops) 260 pesos. You can always get your ice cream in a cup or cone.

when I asked for some of their best sellers flavor, Pistachio was their top pick so I gave it a try. True to their words, It was really good. It was satisfactory in taste and texture. You can distinctively taste the Pistachio.

Since I'm a die hard fan for Dark chocolate, I chose Dark Truffle but ended up disappointed of myself thinking it was Dark Chocolate. Obviously its dark TRUFFLE and I don't even know what it is. So I researched and found out that Truffles are a kind of subterranean fungi, meaning they are mushroom that grows underground. The taste? Its very rich in flavor and thick. Too dark that you'd feel the bitterness (wooh!).

They are both extremely creamy and are equally delectable depending on your personal taste. It was definitely tasty. But I have this "umay" taste after. The small size is big enough! They really pack the cup full and it's overflowing.

Personally, I would say it was nice casual italian cafe that is worth coming back. It's a good place to stop by for a dessert snack, especially if you are interested in the unique flavors they offer. Prices were fair not exactly cheap but not exactly pricey.

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Roselle C.
2.0 Stars

Hate bad reviews but this is in all honesty.

Ordered pizza and pasta, it took more than 30 minutes before they serve our orders. Unfortunately, the ingredients in the pasta were a bit cold and not fresh. You can tell that it was not prepared from scratch. Microwavable lang? 128532 And the taste were bland. As in. The pizza however, pwede na but still not worth for the price. We did not finish eating the pasta and we were asked by the "manager" if we didn't like it. And we were honest enough to tell him the truth. He told us that we should not pay for it but we already did and then he offered us to have some gelatos for free but we refused. He was so apologetic but thankful for the honest feedback. In that way, they know they need to improve. Well, I just hope they improve the quality of their food otherwise they will be gone in no time.

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Hydz T.
4.0 Stars

I love their pizza dough and gelato! Their pasta was so so..

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Sarah B.
3.0 Stars

Lot's of choices. I ordered for the dark chocolate gelato(something like that). Worth a try but i'd still go for baskin robbins.

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Airah E.
4.0 Stars

I've been to Casa Italia twice for their gelato. Perfect for the weather! On my first visit I got the matcha flavored gelato (no one is surprised 🙄). The consistency was perfect, and yup, I tasted the matcha. 128077 On my next visit I got the hazelnut and my sister got [grandma's cookies?]. Needless to say, I ended up eating more of my sister's gelato. The hazelnut was too sweet. Grandma's cookies though, absolute perfection. Not too sweet, and the crunch from the cookie bits was lovely. The smooth texture was still there on my second try, so good job on that. Make it a point to come here on those really hot (parang everyday na nga eh 128514) days!

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Roy T.
5.0 Stars

I was one of those super happy kids after learning about Casa Italia having and opening a branch at SM North EDSA soon. As someone who frequents the northern malls (lol at northern) I was really excited to try this Singapore gelato franchise that has an Italian touch.

Too bad I got too busy with work that Casa Italia is now one of the many backlogs I have. Just had the time to review again this week during my vacation leave so here goes.

I think I went to their store for three times already. And all three visits were awesome thanks to the very friendly and accommodating staff, very nicely decorated interiors, and and and of course the gelato!!!!

Did not really count but I think there are maybe around 20 gelato variants and the servers are too kind to let you taste any flavor you like. Coooool. And this makes the choosing a lot more difficult 128553128517128517128517 It's like I want to try each one.

So among the flavors I have tried, my favorite so far is their gelato version of the Quattro Formaggio or Cheese variant. It reminds mo of some kind of cheese chichiria I think I've tried in Hong Kong. So yummy and not too sweet. You can feel small cheese bits that add more texture and extra yum.

The matcha green tea variant is also good. A bit on the more bitter side of matcha which I liked also. 128077🏻128077🏻

Their apple pie flavors was a bit too sweet for me. Tasted like legit apple pie though because they're supposed to be sweet. Also has small chunky bits.

What's really cool about their gelato is how fine the texture is. Most recent ice cream textureI've tried that I can compare with it is Haagen Dazs. You just can't stop scooping some more ice cream. Ahhhh. I scream 128514128514

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Marian P.
1.0 Stars

Never again! All the dishes we ordered was either bland, lacks flavor or not good at all! The chicken was dry, the pizza was not good, the lasagna lacked flavor even the croquet was soggy 128557. This is the only restaurant that I didn't find any food appealing 128078128078128078.
It also so hard to call a waiter. Oh, and if you want water you have to get it yourself 128544. I don't get it!!!! The waiter takes your order and serve it to you, but when you ask for water, they'll say you have to get it yourself?! What the?!!!!
The only saving grace was the gelato. It was good but I have tasted better.
Overall 128078128078128078. Not coming back again.

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Dan P.
2.0 Stars

Tried it out for the first time. Never coming back here because of the incompetent staffs (had to follow up the ice cream that was ordered infront, they didn't ask if the flavors would be separated or what cup size to use, self service for water? Too lazy to serve it? they placed the salted caramel and cheese in one cup!). Blue Cheese Pizza was horrendously salty, lasagna wasn't that appetizing, pepperoni pizza lacked flavor and the dry chicken's sauce couldn't save it. Good thing the ice cream was decent but not memorable. Place was really well designed but other than that, no point in going back again.

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Ariana N.
2.0 Stars

Casa Italia was... a disappointment :((( Let's break it down, shall we?

1. The Service
- 1008410084️ and a half
- First off, when we got there, there was only one table left. It was the kind of table that's very low and not fit for dining. We made it clear that we were going to actually eat there, not just eat ice cream. But they insisted. My mom was like, "Paano kami kakain diyan?" and the guy was just like "Sorry ma'am, wala talaga eh." without even offering to help us find a table!
- The tables were dirty and it took them a lot of time to notice.
- They didn't give us spoons or forks, which caused my dad to so sarcastically say, "Kakamayin ba namin 'to?" (I facepalmed, though. my whole family has a reputation for being really really... *shudders*)

2. The Food
- 1008410084️ and a half. Eh.
1. Blue Cheese Pizza
- It was tooooo salty for my taste. I've tasted pizzas with blue cheese before and they weren't that salty. At first, it was okay. But then it got too hard to tolerate. 1008410084
2. Chicken-something
- It was so dry. Not worth our 350 pesos. Ilang chickenjoy na ba yun HUHUHUHUHU. 10084
3. Carbonara
- This one, I actually loved. It's perfect for my taste. Pero it was too oily so... 10084100841008410084

My parents disliked the place so much that they didn't try the ice cream.

3. The place
- The place has a cozy ambience to it. I like how they have board games for everyone to play. Yaaaaaay.

Would go back for Carbonara. But eh.

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

I know. I'm on gelato spree. Casa italia in particular.
But it's super disappointing that their service here is not that good compared to their branch at forbestown. They got the mall vibe--with that not so cold, closes early and noisy.

With that they don't have wifi. And as i have mentioned, their service here is quite gloomy. Well, their lighting way too dim.

I see their servers weren't that apple-faced. They were long-faced why is that? No brightness in their service, they shout 'ciao' differently--pilit. (Or mashado lang malaki boses nila)
And just by observing, i think their staff here (if not all, some) are not that dedicated.. You could see using their phone.. Doing other business...

Well, they have other flavors here that i have not seen in their other branch at forbestown

128204swiss chocolate
This tastes like kisses milk chocolate.

Mmm. A dark tasting avocado. Just a little milky taste

128204128525 earl grey
I like this. So bobo i forgot to order this. Tastes like breakfast tea dessert. refreshing gelato

128204maccha green tea
Tastes like my starbucks 6 scoops matcha in my venti green tea latte

I also get to taste
Too sweet for me. But it does taste like snickers puree.

In the end... I had
128204rhum and raisin
Here's the comparison between the rhum and raisin of this gelato at trinoma cinema floor (sa may gardens which i forgot the name)... I like it better doon. Casa italia's rhum flavor is bitter. And raisins were quite few

128204after eight
Meh. Mint that is quite lasting in the throat by 3 seconds then gone. It's thin also. Sweet and minty.
128148128148128148 by my order.

I still go for the pistacchio and dark truffle
Challenge one to compare this with their forbestown branch.

And you could learn here why their coffee is called otto:
"Otto means eight... Because all their coffee beans used to brew is never older than eight weeks from roasting..."

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Charmaine M.
4.0 Stars

Hanging out? Try Casa Italia Cafe. Me and my friend, ate ryne after a lunch at the Block, we tried to have coffee and to have a small talk so we decided to go to Casa Italia Cafe. The coffee shop is just in its soft opening but you can say that you'll be attracted with their gelato. We haven't try the gelato but we tried their coffee. We decided to have a cafe mocha but my friend choose cold cafe mocha which cost 110 pesos to 180 pesos depending on the size. The order of my friend arrive but my order is still on going. After a while the manager inform us that they can't serve my hot cafe mocha but I can have gelato shake with coffee flavor. I ask if I need to add some payment because the gelato shake is pricey as compare to cafe mocha. The manager is so generous, she told me there is no need to pay for additional.
For the taste, I still prefer the cafe mocha because of its intense coffee flavor as compare to gelato shake because the taste of gelato shake is too sweet for my palate. I can say that having coffee at casa italia is worth it as compare to starbucks. Overall the service is great. Maybe next time I'll try their gelato which they are famous for.

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Gwen I.
5.0 Stars

I decided to try their gelato before heading home today. 128512

Of course, I test-tasted several flavors first:

Vanilla - Disappointing. All-time favorite flavor ko pa naman 'to when it comes to ice cream. I don't know why, but it lacks that vanilla flavor. Nakakaiyak. 128557

Nutella - Good! Not too sweet like the spread, but it's thick & chocolatey. 128077

Salted Caramel - I really liked this one. Flavorful! It's becoming a favorite flavor of mine na. 128512

Hazelnut - Not good. More on the bitter side. Should it be bitter in the first place? 128533

Dark Truffle - It's dark chocolate. It's more on the bitter side (of course), but I wanted something sweet tonight, so I skipped this.

I ended up getting 2 scoops of Nutella & Salted Caramel for 195 pesos.

Verdict: I really liked it actually despite it's price. Rich, thick, flavorful. Hmm.. Happy palate indeed. 128522

Interior: Very nice. Love the combination of colors and displays on the wall.

Staff: Very accommodating and friendly. 128077

I'll try their food next time. 128522

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