Casa Pizzeria

Session Rd. cor. Post Office Loop, Baguio, Benguet

Casa Pizzeria
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Business Hours
Open: 8:00a - 8:00p


  • Sunday
    • 9:00a - 7:00p
  • Monday
    • 8:00a - 8:00p
  • Tuesday
    • 8:00a - 8:00p
  • Wednesday
    • 8:00a - 8:00p
  • Thursday
    • 8:00a - 8:00p
  • Friday
    • 8:00a - 8:00p
  • Saturday
    • 8:00a - 8:00p

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Street, Parking Lot

Most Recent Reviews

Emmeline B.
4.0 Stars

very affordable and offers a wide-range of puzza the guyabano drink---healthy.

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Rocky R.
4.0 Stars

Since Casa Pizzeria is a small stall located right next door to the post office on Upper Session Rd. of Baguio City, the only people it attracts are the locals who happen to walk past it when going to the post office. Now you may ask yourself, "Pizza?! A stall?! Not a restaurant?!" Well, as a food lover, sometimes the best eats are situated in the most unexpected places. That's what I like to call a "hole-in-the-wall".

Casa Pizzeria is not a fancy eatery. It's only a stall surrounded by a few tables. What compensates for their lack of visual aesthetics are their service and good pizza.

Now, unlike true to nature pizzerias, Casa Pizzeria is non-apologetic by using pre-made crust. Some may say it's not a real pizza if the crust is not handmade and tossed, but I say, a pizza is not a pizza if it doesn't taste like pizza. (Revert to my review about Hungry Surfer.) In my opinion, it's very good. The crust is perfectly toasted. It has a good amount of crispness and the same time, the right amount moistness.

The tomato sauce used is nothing fancy, it's just a simple marinara sauce, but good. It has the equal amount of tanginess and sweetness.

Normally you won't get generous servings in stalls, but toppings are generously given in their pizzas. From their various toppings, I suggest to try Hermie's Anchovies as well as their Chicken BBQ.

By the way, the use real cheese!!!!!!

Their motto is, "Home of quality, yet affordable pizza". In this case, they live up to their motto.

As to not giving Casa Pizzeria 5 stars and not 4?

I honestly don't know...

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