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San Antonio, Zambales

CASA San Miguel Bed & Breakfast
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Cj A.
5.0 Stars

I may have just found one of the best carbonara I've ever tasted and it's not in Manila.

So a few weeks ago, we had a vacation in Pundaquit, Zambales to have a well-deserved R and R. We stayed in Capones Vista for 3 days and on the 2nd day we were planning to go island hopping to Nagsasa, Camara Island, and Anawangin. Unfortunately, the waves were too strong so we decided to just stay in the hotel. Besides, I get nervous whenever I'm in a boat, so I was secretly relieved that it didn't push through.

The food in the hotel was so-so and I was seriously craving for seafood. Who would have thought that the area we're in doesn't have any seafood resto nearby, even if it's surrounded by the goddamn sea?! Anyway as I desperately searched for a restaurant, I bumped into CASA San Miguel's FB page. Their cafe does not serve seafood alright, but the place sounded interesting. It's a Bed and Breakfast, a music school, an art gallery with a small library inside a VW combi, and their cafe looks cozy. Being fans of the arts and since we're close to starvation, we decided to go.

I have lots of things to say about the place and it charmed us big time, but I wanna talk about their cafe more. It's a small, artsy place with just a short menu. We're kinda intrigued because we didn't know we would find a place like that in the middle of Zambales. The place is instagrammable so to speak. I'll convince the girlfriend to write a review about the place since she's the travel junkie (and she takes good pics too!) so that I can concentrate on the food.

First we ordered their Roasted Chicken coz we read a lot of good reviews. As expected, it was tasty and tender. We got the breast part which if not cooked well, tends to be dry, but they cooked it perfectly. It comes with soy sauce as its dip, but it can be eaten without the condiment coz it's flavorful.

And then we got their Classic Carbonara. We were expecting a typical pinoy style Carbonara but we were quite surprised when it was served. It looked simple because it only had bacon as its toppings but what made it special was the half-shell egg on top with the raw egg still in it. We were instructed to pour it on the pasta and to mix it. And so we did. And how was it? It was divine. It tasted like an authentic Italian Carbonara and we loved it. Who would have thought you'd find an authentic Carbonara in Zambales? From the very first bite up to the last strand of the pasta, we were praising the dish non-stop. The pasta was al dente, the cream was not overpowering, and even the bread that comes with it was soft and delish. And the egg helped the dish bind the flavors together, just how it is in an Italian Carbonara.

They also sell polvoron which was served to Obama the first time he visited the country. Sobrang sarap daw, from what we read, but unfortunately, they were not done packing them yet when we were there.

I wish they open a branch in Manila but I think it's kinda impossible. The tour guide who we talked to while roaming the gallery said that the owner, who's an award-winning violinist named Coke Bolipata (he's so good Imelda Marcos sent him to NY to study in Jilliard when he was young) loves zambales so much that he really opted to live in Zambales, even when he had a bigger chance to flourish in Manila or even US. He even gives scholarships to fishermen's kids to study music in his school. Basta the man and the place are both very interesting and we're so glad we discovered it. And oh, while we were roaming the gallery, we were being followed by Coke's dog named T-Shirt! I think T-Shirt is a pitbull mix but he warm, and malambing too. When we asked why he was named T-Shirt, all the tour guide can say, "Hindi rin po namin alam kay Sir Coke eh!" Oh, well, with a guy named Coke, maybe naming his dog T-Shirt shouldn't come as a surprise.

Ugh! I have lots of things to say about the entire place but there's just too much! It's beautiful, it's quirky, it's relaxing, and artsy! I strongly urge you guys to visit. If you're not an artsy person, then just go for the Carbonara. You will never go wrong with the Carbonara.

And T-Shirt.


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