Casa San Pablo

Gomez Compound, Colago Ave., San Roque, San Pablo City, Laguna

Casa San Pablo
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Camille S.
3.0 Stars

Our overnight stay here was all paid for by my company. Our budget's not that high hence we got a simple external venue.

The place was not easy to spot as their road sign is a little small and it's being covered a little by trees. When we got there, you'll be welcomed by nature. After a short walk from the parking lot, you’ll arrive at the swimming pool area and the conference room. Their conference room can accommodate at least 50 people with an ample amount of space to roam around. They also served pancit, puto and brewed coffee for the morning snacks. The food was okay but the brewed coffee was really good! I had mine with 2 teaspoons of sugar only and the richness of flavor of the coffee can still be tasted. They had a water dispenser but unfortunately, it had an off taste.

When we finally got to check in, I was part of the group who stayed in Room #17. The room had 2 rows of 4 individual beds and 2 sets of shower and toilet. The room’s vibe reminded us of Madeline’s room. Haha. Each bed had two pillows and one soft blanket. We underestimated the room’s air conditioning because we didn’t think it would get super cold when we all slept.

The dining area had a little more intimate setting than the conference room. The tables had little space in between and it was not easy to roam around. Because of this, we asked if we could occupy the patio (which was connected to the dining area) when it was time that we needed to discuss in small groups. The only catch was that the whole area became hot since there were only few air conditioners in the room.
For the food, all of the meals were served controlled buffet style. The taste of their meals was not bad but not super memorable as well. Unlike the water in the conference room, the water dispenser in the dining area had no off taste.

The place had a lot of Instagram-worthy spots but this was a work trip so :(

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Casa San Pablo has been around for quite a time and I remember it was one of the places that's become popular, thanks to travel bloggers who were then only starting to make a name for themselves.

I was able to visit a few months ago for our workshop. I liked the place instantly as the surroundings were clean, filled with trees and other various plants, and the staff were very warm and accommodating.

Some rooms look a little old though. I'm not sure if that's really the concept but from our first assigned room, we asked to move to another because it (or the bath at least) was a little too creepy. 128584 Good thing there was an available room!128588🏼

As we checked out, we met the owner and he invited us to see their private home, also in the same compound. It was super lovely. Their entire property just makes me want to leave the city for good. 128541

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Joel C.
5.0 Stars

Attended a garden wedding in this place. The venue is really perfect for a very intimate wedding. The place will give you a very relaxing atmosphere. I would to experience to have a staycation here soon.

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Chamz C.
5.0 Stars

Just want to share a few pictures of Casa San Pablo's yummy selection of food. :)

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Chamz C.
5.0 Stars

A perfect weekend getaway place just to chill and relax. Casa San Pablo (in Laguna) has 12 different rooms with different themes from different artists.

You may want to avail their meals because they're all really, really good! Home-cooked yummu Filipino dishes. And oh, if you get bored, there's a swimming pool you can use for a quick dip. :)

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