Catabolic Café

22 Malingap St., Teachers Village, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Catabolic Café
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Most Recent Reviews

April H.
4.0 Stars

One of my favorites in Teacher's Village and I stick to that list because there are just way too many restaurants popping up that are geared towards the younger crowd. I find that Catabolic Cafe appeals to an older generation, in contrast to other restaurants in the area. No need to sit on the floor, or be surrounded by hugot lines, or dine al fresco. You will notice that the crowd is a bit older here. Good food at a good price point.

I was with one of my friends during this particular visit. We ended up sitting outside because the place was packed as usual. We ordered at the cashier and they will deliver said items to your table. We shared their nachos, one of their new menu items. We both love nachos and this one was no different. It had a lot of ingredients and was drenched in cheese sauce. Good value for money. I enjoyed their kimchi fried rice with bacon--yum! I'm crazy over kimchi fried rice and theirs packs a punch in the spice department. My friend tried the crispy tadyang and raved about it.

At this point, one of the waitresses approached us and asked us if we wanted to transfer inside. However we were already comfortable and we didn't want to bother other patrons with our rambunctious laughter. The table was pretty small though and you have to be careful of the nearby cactus.

We had our coffees served next, mine an iced latte and hers an iced mocha. I wanted to try the rainbow cheesecake but since it was my friend's first time here, I knew she needed to try the rainbow cake. Catabolic Cafe gained another fan that night. We did stay for sometime, yet despite this we were unable to finish all of our food. The rainbow cake saw another day. But we were satisfied with the food, service, and ambience. A tad more expensive that the typical Maginhawa restaurant but I find it has good value for money. Slow wifi though.

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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

A friend and I was looking for a cool spot around Maginhawa area where we can catch up with our work and emails. I immediately thought of Catabolic café as it is one of the most recommended places to me since their opening day.

We checked in at around 8pm and it was packed, but we waited only for a few minutes to get seated.

I got an Apple Pie ala Mode paired with Hot chocolate, while my friend tried the Revel bar and Pineapple Lemonade.

Apple Pie ala Mode was good though I kinda regret that I have it in ala mode because it's reaaaally sweet!!! And pairing it with hot chocolate was overwhelmingly sweet! Hot chocolate was good by the way!

The café offers free wifi and they have few outlets inside where you can plug in your laptops or phones. The place wasn't big, but spacious enough to accommodate about 20 people inside.

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4.0 Stars

I heard and read a lot of good reviews about Catabolic Cafe and even recommendations too. Am I too late to experience their mouth watering dishes and the famous and colorful rainbow cake? Of course not! 128540

After we played board games at Snacks and Ladders we proceeded to Catabolic Cafe for dinner. The staff invited us in and provided a table with good lighting... Yes! we need that for good pictures. Hahaha 128514

We got the bestsellers:

Fried Chicken and Waffles served with Corn, Strawberry Butter and Special Syrup for Php330.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Yes, I've waited for 20 minutes for my Fried Chicken and Waffles as indicated in their menu... and the waiting is worth it. I like the strawberry butter melts in my waffle then I'll add the maple syrup plus the crispiness of the fried chicken... Yum!"

50/50 (Burger Steak and Spam served with Rice, Egg and Gravy on top) for Php250.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Actually, you can share this, they have big servings. The gravy on top is delicious"

Rainbow Cake for Php180.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"This one is the winner, I really like the sweetness of this cake and its very appetizing and eye-catching. All of us enjoyed the colorful rainbow cake. Masarap!"128525 You can visit Catabolic Cafe at 22 Malingap St., Teachers Village, Quezon City.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Kristine M.
4.0 Stars

It's my second time here, the first visit was for their chicken and waffles (which I absolutely loved). This time, looloo reviews' pics of their rainbow cake called me for a revisit.

Aside from carrot cake, rainbow cake is the other cake type that I pursue whenever I hear that a place is offering it. Maybe it's the combo of sugar and and the bright colors that makes it somehow my comfort food.

The best rainbow cake for me is from a homebaker, Cake Shack, but since they only do pre-orders and a whole cake would be sacrilege to my so-called diet, I have to look for alternatives.

Catabolic's rainbow cake is a close alternative even with the sprinkles. For me, it added unnecessary sweetness to the cake but I agree that it did add to the esthetics of the cake. A slice is gigantic, I had to request for them to half the slice and had the other half wrapped to go. Still the half slice is still too big for me but it did satisfied my rainbow cake craving.

Their latte is not to be left out in this review. For a coffee lover who had to make do with that thing Starbucks call "coffee," Catabolic's latte is a welcome surprise to my mouth. It has the right combination of bitterness and creaminess that a legit latte should have.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Finally, after months of wanting to visit Catabolic Cafe, it finally happened.

This was late lunch for Abe C Jairus d Mary Love S and Reich T and I got there just in time to have dessert.

Dishes ordered:

🔹Chicken and Waffles. This was a little disappointing for me. Chicken was good but I didn't like the waffles so much because they were the mushy kind. Two layers though so this is definitely good for sharing. The strawberry butter (?) was a letdown. It was a lot better in my mind. 128513

🔹 Pares Rice with Crispy Tadyang. Didn't get to taste this because I was already full from my lunch. They say this was great, especially the rice, so I'll have to try this next time.

🔹 Rainbow Cake. Huge slice of colorful cake that should definitely be shared. Goodness. It was moist enough to not crumble. It wasn't too sweet, surprisingly. But what I really loved was the cream cheese frosting. 10084128155128154128153128156

Service was great and quick. The server was always on the lookout for glasses of water that are half-empty. Power outlets are available. They have wi-fi too.

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Catabolic Café made a name for itself because of their six tier rainbow cake.  This is our 4th stop.  The café is small and exudes the intimate vibe.  Gray is predominant and dim lighting.  And yes,  the music is in sync with the design,  Norah Jones is playing in the background.

Everyone is still full from the breakfast we had at coffee project,  we decided to split the Chicken and Waffles and Pares Rice with Crispy Tadyang amongst the four of us. 

The service was quick and the server is lightning fast.  Your glass will be refilled water in a blink of an eye.  And he even offered turning on the lights for our obligatory food photos.

Pares Rice with Crispy Tadyang.  This is the star of the show.  Whoever thoughtbof incorporating pares sauce in fried rice is a genius.  I can eat this sans the beef.  That's how good it is,  no viand required.  The beef soft as opposed to the name of the dish.  Albeit the lack of crunch,  it is still delicious.

Chicken and Waffles.  Crispy chicken on top of two thick slices of waffle with some strawberry butter on the side.  I took a small bite of the chicken and truth be told,  i cant tell if its seasoned well as there are still remnants of the yummy pares rice in my tastebuds.  The waffle would be 10x awesome if they went with the crispy version.  The strawberry butter is surprisingly good.  This would go well with toast and English Breakfast Tea.

Ruth D got the infamous Rainbow Cake.  Gah,  this is the prettiest cake I've seen in a while.  Six layers of colorful chiffon layered with cream cheese frosting.  I was hesitant to take a slice as it would ruin the perfect isosceles colorful pastry.  This is surprisingly good,  the taste matches the overall aesthetic of the pastry.  The cream cheese frosting is light and subtle.

Catabolic is one of the places that i would visit again in a heartbeat.  That sumptuous plate of Pares Rice still haunts me to this day.

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

Catabolic Cafe was stop #4 on our Maginhawa food crawl. I consider this a late lunch, at 2pm. Reich T and I split on one of their two best selling dishes, Pares Rice with Crispy Tadyang. While Mary Love S and Jairus d split their other best selling dish, Chicken and Waffles.

The Pares Rice with Crispy Tadyang was a runaway winner for me. Their rice, is just pure genius, having indeed that sweet savory blend of pares sauce--- the secret? It's cooked in the drippings of the crispy tadyang. 128517128521128526 The crispy tadyang (ng baka; or beef short rib), thankfully, isn't really that crispy. In fact, it was mostly soft and juicy. Although some corners of a few pieces were indeed crispy, the important thing to note is that the insides were pretty moist and flavorful. Also made of that slightly sweet and savory blend I've come to associate with beef pares. The rice, as Reich proclaimed was her favorite, went well with either the tadyang or the chicken. Awesome stuff. I probably wouldn't associate this dish with healthy. Hahaha. Just pure indulgence. It's a good thing we agreed to split it, as I was still full from the heavy breakfast of Coffee Project. And despite its pretty hefty price tag of P350, I think this is worth it. 5/5

The Chicken and Waffles was equally indulgent and well made, and, despite that, it just wasn't my thing. I think, for others, they'll consider this their fave dish. I get it. Crispy fried chicken on top of two decent thickness waffles. If I ordered it, I'd probably ask it be well made coz that's how I prefer my waffles. This was just medium. A few crunchy parts, but overall, it's more fluffy than not. The flavor was good, especially accented well by their strawberry butter on top. At first glance, I thought it was ala mode 128518… that is, until I noticed that the "scoop" didn't melt as quickly as ice cream. So when I got a few cuts to try, and spread it around with ny knife, I found the use of strawberry butter to be a nice touch. I think that they made use of real strawberries or strawberry preserves, so kudos to their head chef who concocted that. It's also served with maple syrup, which was on the thick side. The chicken had uber crispy skin, and the leg/thigh combo was cooked well throughout while it was still moist. The chicken lacked the marinade to make the skin flavorful enough, though. So though it was cooked well, I found the flavor a bit underwhelming (either that or my flavor buds has a preference for really salty fried chicken. 128517128541128523) Overall, it held a premium quality to it--- a fantastic touch here and there by the menu's creators. 3.5/5 (others may rate it higher but, again, it's a taste preference thing). I think this was P330 so the price was appropriate.

Their rainbow cake is also famous (though I've already tried Zoricho's awesome version), so Ruth D ordered it for all of us to taste. And it did not disappoint. Many layers of moist chiffon cake with well made cream cheese icing; it's also covered in colorful sprinkles. At P180, I think this is worth it. Jairus creatively got the right rear corner with e icing so I had to balance the left side, too. And Mary got the remaining back icing. #wais This is a winning dessert, 4/5 and good to share. They also serve dark chocolate cake and revel bars, as well as cookies.

The interior is modern minimalist, with quite the comfy chairs. Outlets are easily available so they also encourage people to stay and study or read a book. I'm afraid none of us ordered coffee here, but I read on spot that it features 3rd wave coffee. So for the QC people, this is a good hangout for coffee and meal or dessert fix. Plus their service was so attentive and proactive with ice water refill. Their menu board is cute, reminds me of the impression I got walking into Co/op before. Their board has large letters of the menu items. Overall, a great find in Maginhawa. Plus it's relatively away from the slightly traffic Maginhawa Streat area. There's ample parking relative to the main road, with a few slots above and basement parking.

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Jairus d.
4.0 Stars

Fourth Stop at Catabolic Cafe! Artsy ceiling and minimalist design. It had a relaxed vibe all over it.

Wifi was fast and there were ample number of wall outlets. An indication that their target market are the students near their area.

We ordered their Chicken and Waffles (P330), Pares Rice with Crispy Tadyang (P350) and Rainbow cake (P180).

Me and Mary had the Chicken and Waffles. The huge serving of fried chicken had a crunchy texture while maintaining the tender meat. Flavors are there but weak. The waffles were fluffy and heavy, nicely complimented by two scoops of strawberry butter. You have the option to drizzle the maple syrup that had a hint of mild spiciness.

I loved the Pares Rice with Crispy Tadyang ordered by Reich and Abe. The rice was already infused with pares flavor and it's also all over the tender meat. This is the taste of comfort food!10084

The group shared a slice of rainbow cake too. Colorful layers of soft chiffon cake with thick and delish cream cheese icing on every layer. They also make a rainbow cake with chocolate icing but stick with the cream cheese!127752

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

It was a few weeks in the making but we finally made it to Maginhawa for an epic food crawl.

We didn't exactly plan our stops but thanks to looloo and Waze, we managed to find the rainbow cake store, Catabolic Café.

The store was pretty empty at 2 p.m. with only two tables occupied. We quickly placed our orders namely Pares Rice with Crispy Tadyang (PHP350) and Chicken with Waffles (PHP330).

The Pares Rice with Crispy Tadyang was a hit. The rice was flavorful and complemented the slightly sweet and tender beef ribs. I would have liked it better though if the beef was more succulent.

The chicken with waffles was pretty good as well. It was definitely good for sharing as one order comes with 2 layers of huge soft waffles. The waffles are also topped with strawberry butter. 10084

The chicken was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. It's great paired with buttered corn. The waffles were soft creating a nice contrast against the crunchy chicken skin. The others hoped it was crispier though like Pancake's. (Tip: Make sure to get some of that strawberry butter and spiced maple syrup for a different burst of flavor.)

Ruth D decided to order a slice of Catabolic's popular cake and we liked it! I was hesitant at first to buy one as it's pretty and I have this thinking that pretty cakes taste meh or worse... too artificial and dry. But this one was moist and had a generous serving of cream cheese per layer. And for PHP180, it was a great deal and definitely good for sharing! (Unless if you love sweets like Jairus d.)

Overall, it was a nice dining experience. I'd love to order the pares rice with crispy tadyang again and probably the suggested tomato soup as appetizer.

128513 Reich T Abe C

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Jaja M.
5.0 Stars

Everything about this place is ♡♡♡ from the cafè itself to the food grabe! =) yes it's a bit pricey but it's super worth it!

Today I ate Pares Rice with Crispy Tadyang, it was really yummy, my belly is happy! ♡

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Jam V.
5.0 Stars

Oh so goood!! 128077🏼127752

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Trina H.
4.0 Stars

Great place to chill or do work. I only got to try their Revel Bar (PHP50) and Pineapple Lemonade (PHP100). Both were good!

I would love to try their pasta next time. 128527

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Em D.
4.0 Stars

Came to Catabolic Cafe to try out their famous chicken and waffles which I've been seeing around here on looloo. |

It was a very hot day (may araw bang hindi na mainit sa panahon ngayon??) and the lack of parking where this place is located didn't help my hunger and temper lol. I rushed inside the place to get some AC but it was kind of warm also on the inside. Either their AC is weak or the heat was just really too much for everything in this world. #MedyoOA

One (and probably the only) server handed us their menu and told us that you have to go to the counter to place and pay for your orders. Around 10 minutes later, the chicken and waffles arrived. I liked the waffles more than I liked the chicken, even if I was weirded out by the strawberry butter. The chicken was just OK for me. I also ordered their iced tea, which turned out to be the type of iced tea I despised. It was legit bitter tea that lacked sugar. 128553 I prefer the fake iced teas when eating at restaurants but I still do order iced teas from Starbucks hehe.

Service was good even though there was only one dude manning the counter, serving the food, refilling glasses, making coffee, getting the bill, giving the new comers menus. He was literally doing it all. Baka siya pa nagluluto sa likod! 128561 He was getting all sweaty and he looked very tired but go lang ng go si kuya!!! 128077🏻 I hope they do something about it soon.

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Neil R.
4.0 Stars

Trying out Catabolic Cafe was a no-brainer due to the following:

1. It's the #1 trending establishment in the Maginhawa area; and

2. 1 out of 7 reviews for this place are from Doc April H. 

Another no-brainer was what to order. Based on the reviews it had to be the...

✅ Fried Chicken & Waffles -- P330
Served with corn, strawberry butter, and our special syrup 


I find prison-style tableware fascinating. So stacking fried chicken and waffles on a shallow pewter-like bowl is a visual plus for me. Though the practicality of that decision is questionable, since you have to maneuver your fork and knife at a sharper angle.


The waffles were thick, soft and dense. Just the way I like them.

As for the strawberry butter, I had my doubts, fearing that it would be too sweet. But after that first bite I was happy to be wrong. The strawberry hits you first yet ever so mildly, so it doesn’t linger on your tongue.

The chicken was a medium-sized piece of a thigh and leg. And the fact that it was not covered in thick breading and crisp was promising. Too bad the flavors were a bit weak. As a foil to the waffle, I was hoping for a stronger umami taste from the meat.

So maybe this was what the special syrup was for? Thick, sweet and spicy -- an odd concoction, it was. Straddling two worlds, it could comfortably match with either the chicken or the waffles.


An accessible price point, Spartan plating and simple twists, this dish was a satisfying ensemble. 


Order and pay at the counter. I made the mistake of calling a server to place an order. Oops! 

Small and cozy. They only have four 2-seater tables and four 4-seaters and a long couch.

Weak A/C. It was a bit warm due to the noon summer heat. And there were only three customers at that time. Ugh.

Wednesday is Avril Lavigne Day? It certainly seemed like it. They made sure to re-acquaint me with the goth princess' discography during my hour and a half stay. 🤘🏽

John Mayer took over just before I left. Thank god. 128516

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Maginhawa St-- a collection of many start-up restaurants offering a variety of good food at affordable prices... My friend, who co-owns two restaurants along the busy street (DISCLAIMER: don't worry, I have made one honest review about one of the restos at di yun libre!128517 And I have not made a review for the other one), asked to have dinner in the area... I suggested Catabolic Cafe because of the availability of parking spaces and frankly because I like it there... Since she hasn't tried it before, she was G!128515

We just ordered the chicken and waffles to share for dinner... I told her that we should save room for the rainbow cake...128525 We dug into the waffle with the strawberry compound butter and the crispy fried chicken... Soooo good!128077 Loved the crispy chicken skin and the moist meat... My friend kept tasting the butter which was weird!128517 She liked it that much!128518 We promised to try the crispy tadyang next time...

I insisted on the beautiful rainbow cake!127752127752127752 The mere presence of this delightful and colorful cake makes me smile! A vibrant mini rainbow that is definitely IG worthy! But it's also delicious and my friend immediately loved it! We kept trying to fish for the name of their supplier for the cake but the staff kept mum... Sana kahit first letter man lang!128517 mapapa-amin ka din namin kuya! Itaga mo sa tadyang yan!128514

One more thing-- clean utensils for this visit!!! Yey! Keep it up guys!128588

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Dennis O.
3.0 Stars

Drop by this fairly new coffee shop. Its in the new big commercial building along malingap. Service wise I like their service and the place got a great feel to it. Love their big menu. Don't know why but some of the power outlet are not allowed to be plug into. Leading to a much lesser available outlet for charging gadgets. Wifi was also intermittent.

Was supposed to order the famous rainbow cake but it wasn't available. So I settle for just a simple Flat White. Their coffee beans are from EDSA BDG. EDSA Brewery for me is one of the coffee shop that I've been to and they've really some great coffee beans. Thats why I was expecting a great coffee in this coffe shop. When my drink arrived 1st I was disappointed because there was no latte art hehe. 2nd the taste was lasaw. It was lacking in coffee flavors. They might have added too much water. I didn't like it.

Overall I'll give this place 3 star for service and interior. But they need to improve their coffee. Great beans comes great responsibility. Sayang if not properly brewed. 128522

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Jiena D.
4.0 Stars

Chix and waffles: enormous chix, but was undercooked. Comes w mixture of maple syrup & hot sauce dip. Waffles was great, the strawberry butter was a pleasant surprise.

Crispy Tadyang Pares Rice: unbelievably tender meat w great flavor, just enough sweetness. Good for sharing.

Rainbow cake: eye-catching dessert. Great for kids.

Try the COO sodas.

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

128536 looloo, congratulations on once again surprising us with your many updates. Now, multiple photos, only encouragng is to review and take not only more photos, but also, with all our best, the stunning ones.

Because of the pending recommendations, i decided to go to catabolic cafe this day to have my late lunch. Just to take advantage of this opportunity to try our the recommended ones. I was quite hungry when i came around 2:30pm, having only a cheesy eggdesal and hot choco from mcdonalds this morning. I came and sat on a table good for two. The place was a little poorly lit. It relies on the sunlight outside as for its major light source. The music is quite soft to the ears, servers greets you warmly too.

Having sat on the chair, the server handed me a quite worn out menu--papers on clipboard-- it either seems to be more convenient for them to have it this way or maybe they're still on soft opening? Well, the server politely instructed me to just pay as i order at the cashier. I did not take time as i only quickly browsed the menu.

(**yeh! All food items that i review can now be featured , well, at most 10 9786️)

128204 rainbow cake at PhP180
The cake that became a hit by Denise J!
I was lucky enough that there were only two slices left. The cake was set apart from the rest i don't know for what reason, i love the vibrant colours, there were only 6 layers though.
HEY kulang ng INDIGO color 128557128557128557128514 there was only ROYGBV and not ROYGBIV
Each layer is baked individually, each layer is about more or less half an inch. It's cemented by cream cheese similar to red velvets and carrot cakes and overloaded--as in-- with colorful sprinkles on top... Overall without eating, i could get hyper in a while with all of these food color and sweets!! Plus... Ang laki ng slice niya! After it was served i almost fainted

Well well, so much for that, the taste was absolutely good! Moist and not so sweet. All layers whatever the color is, tastes the same. But since my chicken and waffle is still being cooked (20 mins wait), i ate dessert first. Not long after, i started to feel cloying.. The cake started to taste starchy, and i left less than half of it because...

128204 waffles and chicken at PhP330
This main dish finally came!!
I again almost fainted because of the serving! Angela Marie C and Roy Lambert T were right on the big serving. I ate slowly and almost did not drink water! The chicken was juicy--was it? Or was it just oily? The skin was crunchy but it was so weird cause the meat part was not really that moist. Eating it felt like eating deep fried lechon kawali sides... While the waffles did nit really tasted that great for me. Too bad i experienced yardstick's waffles first before this. Well, i liked the berry-flavored butter that was served with it. But the spiced syrup i did not dare to drizzle it to the waffles anymore--it tasted weir!! The corn kernels at the sides were also good with the dish--making it more tasty and adding more flavor.

I was quite irritated at the plate though, it was like a lazy-sally (or lazy-susan??) that also turned as i cut the chicken... Argh! All in all i finished 90% of the chicken and only 75% of the waffles 128549 but i really tried to finish it all hindi ko talaga kinaya.

The service was great. People came all the more. Shame seeing such leftover in my table. Sorry i was not prepared for this fight. Lol.
But i would like to visit this cafe again next time--if i got company!!!!

The wifi is absolutely fast.
What? My stomach is really filled up i don't think i will eat dinner tonight

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Steffhanie S.
4.0 Stars

Catabolic Cafe is one of the restaurants that I've been wanting to visit for quite a while now as I've heard news about its promising deals and reviews to those people who've always frequent Maginhawa Street.

I've read about its infamous Rainbow Cake from a lot of looloo reviewers and that actually made me even more excited, so, when I got the chance to decide where to meet with some of my girl friends on a fine Saturday afternoon, I chose the place.

It's situated in a building that houses a lot of other new and upcoming restaurants in this food haven so it's quite easy to find. With its nice signage and lighting from the exteriors, you'll instantly locate it.

Upon entering the vertical shaped restaurant, a welcoming and cheerful waitstaff accommodated us and talked about what's the best that they could offer. He was more than willing to entertain us and I find that such a nice trait from workers like them. It simply shows how they love what they do. Such a nice reflection of the place's vibes.

Upon entering the restaurant, its cozy feel shall make you feel at home. On a corner was a mini living room set-up with a couch and coffee table wherein you can hang-out and chill with your girl friends. Their usual tables and chairs can sit comfortably too. We chose to sit there as we were meeting to plan my best friend's wedding.

We were all quite full so we found it hard to order. We went for some snack that we can share which is Fish and Chips and some drinks including their Iced Tea and their recommended COO for me!

The Fish and Chips served was for sharing. It's good for 3 pax already. Everything was served fresh and hot. The chips were crunchy and tasted yummy. The fried cream dory was big, tasty and really crispy. What made the items even more delicious was the dip that tasted like a mixture of garlic mayonnaise and honey mustard.

Their drinks were big too. The Iced Tea can actually be shared by 2 people. My drink was the recommended COO which is actually in a bottle. It tasted like soda with a mixture of the fruits that I chose from the menu which was lychee and grapefruit. It's actually a unique find and I enjoyed it.

I saw their pastries and cakes but sadly, I was too full that time so I'll definitely come back to try those.

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Pam L.
5.0 Stars

I love their chicken and waffles!!!

Although not super crispy, their waffle makes up for it in flavor. Plus take note that it's made up of 2 waffles! So it's very sulit.

The chicken is also delicious. It's very flavorful and juicy. It has different spices unlike your typical fried chicken. Almost like a very mild Bad Bird chicken. And it's HUGE. I think it's almost a quarter of a chicken.

The waffle also comes with whipped strawberry butter and maple syrup.

I can't finish the whole thing, I usually share with a friend. It was a very filling meal! Make sure to make room for dessert and get the rainbow cake.

Plus points because this small joint accepts credit cards!!

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