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Chrisalyn T.
5.0 Stars

Because I had an amazing time here before, i convinced my date that we grab a bite here for a change. It was on a friday night, so it was packed with so many people. Luckily, we still got the chance to get a table for 2.

I ordered 2 of the appetizers i liked on my first visit, which were the smoked salmon capers, lemon and avocado and chowder soup.

As for the main dishes, I ordered something different which is the OYSTER PO BOI (Php 425), it is one of their seasonal and recommended dishes. I read from one of my friends review that the Lobster Po Boi is really good, but i rarely get a chance to eat a sandwich that has oysters in it, so might as well give this dish a try right?! I mean, i love oysters so i might like this dish as well. Honestly, as soon as this dish came out, i was surprised at how big this plate was. This dish is actually good for sharing or 1 if you aren’t going to eat anything else aside from it. If you want to take a bite, well it is really going to be hard for you to do so. You better use your utensils to eat this dish as it is too big to fit in your mouth. Anyway, the oysters were slightly crunchy on the outside and really soft and sweet on the inside. Imagine eating an oyster tempura, but it had bread crumbs/panko on the outside. The vegetable salad in the sandwich tastes really good also. I actually ate this dish by hand but i removed the oysters and just used a fork and fed myself with it after every bite of my sandwich. One word to describe this dish. Delicious. I couldn't say the same for the fries though. I actually didn't finish the fries.

My date ordered something different also, he ordered another one of their recommended dishes, which is the CITRUS GLAZED MAHI MAHI (Php 650). It was a simple dish, with mahi mahi seasoned with salt and placed on top of the spinach risotto. It was infused with a tad lemon juice also, thus the citrus flavour. I like how they perfectly baked this fish and it was done just right. It had just enough seasoning too. Oh it also had some olives, cherry tomatoes on the side too. I was pairing some of the olives with it to add some more flavour to the dish. I actually like this dish, just not one of my favorites. My date didn’t quite enjoy it though, he finds it bland. I guess it just depends on someone’s preferences.

Overall, we still enjoyed our orders and I hope you do too when you get to visit this restaurant.

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Chrisalyn T.
5.0 Stars

My friends and I would usually plan our get together every month. I love to eat and they know it, so they just let me pick a restaurant that I would want to try with them. We ended up here, because all of us had never been to this place, we wanted to try something new and well it is located somewhere in between where we all lived. By the way, we came here on a weekend and it didn’t have a lot of customers inside. Knowing that we were the only once plus a table of 2 were eating there, made me hope that our dinner wouldn’t suck, plus good reviews of this place would be true.

Anyway, let us get down to what we ordered that night.

For our Entree, we were contemplating on which ones to order. I mean there are literally a lot of choices and we wanted to order most of it. Since we all were having a hard time, we decided to order anything and just worry about the bill later. haha

Under Ceviche

Rocoto Tigers Milk(Php 250), composed of thinly sliced mahi mahi, chili rocoto dressing, lime, ginger, coriander, black sesame seeds, onions and some dill as garnish. I liked how simple this dish was and still appetizing to the eyes. I mean eyes eat first right?! It had vibrant colours, which made it look nice. The taste of the dish didn’t disappoint also, it looks and tastes fresh and had a bit tangy flavour too.

Kinilaw (Php 250), composed of Tanigue, Ripe Mango, Pickled Vegetables, Ginger and Caviar. As usual, our local version is soaked and marinated in vinegar. Why vinegar? well in Bulacan, it’s known as “liquid fire”, which is “kilaw” also known as anything fresh/raw and in this case fish was used which is then cooked by vinegar. Some of you may have noticed that the fishes soaked are partly turning into a different colour because that part is partly cooked already. Anyway, to make things short. This is one of my favorite Filipino dishes. For people who wants to try something raw, try kinilaw first before trying sashimi.

Under Carpaccio or Tartar

Smoked Salmon Capers, Lemon and Avocado (Php 350), composed of everything as written with few black sesame seeds and mayo dressing. This one is actually one of my favourite dishes that night. Anything smoked does taste a whole lot better. It had a salty, sour, creamy flavour. I just loved putting all of it inside my mouth. haha

Under Oysters and Scallops

Chowder (Php 350), composed of lobster, scallops, slices of Mahi Mahi, Japanese corn, fresh herbs, carrots, celery, clams and cream. A bowl of fresh seafood goodness. This dish is actually good for sharing, like you can share it with 1 or 2 more people. It had slices of breads on the side too. I mean, i could literally just order this dish and it will be enough for dinner. I actually love this dish, it had that smooth taste and was seasoned just right. The freshness of the seafood gave it that sweet flavour too.

Baked or Rockefeller (Php 620 for half dozen and 1100 for a dozen), well who doesn’t love oysters? Either cooked or fresh, oysters are just the bomb. We actually ordered the baked oysters, and I loved that it had some spinach in it too. Plus i loved that it tastes sweet, creamy and just awesome.

For our Main Course

Under Fabulously Farinaceous

Risotto Nero (Php 575) composed of Arborio Rice cooked in squid ink, thus the black colour. It had scallop, octopus, prawns, mussels, thinly sliced red radish, and caramelised lemons. I would highly recommend this dish to you guys. I seriously loved every bite of this dish. I would literally not share this dish if i get to order it again. Selfish i know, but it is that good. I love sliding everything in the yellow creamy dots of sauce in my plate though. Made it taste extra good.

Under Crispy and Delicious

Sous Vide Green Tea Salmon (Php 675) with lemon mash and sautéed spinach. I would highly recommend this dish also, because it was cooked in perfection. The skin of the fish was crunchy on the outside, the fish wasn’t overcooked. You could also taste the hint of green tea too in the mashed potato. It is one interesting dish actually.

All in all experience here? Well, if you ask me regarding the service provided here. I would say that they need to improve a bit on that, because servers weren’t that attentive. But I’m not complaining too much since it isn’t that bad compared to other restaurants I’ve been to. If you ask me about the dishes? Well please do keep doing what you guys do, because I am most definitely a satisfied customer. I could literally taste the outcome of the chef’s creativity; passion and just trying to experiment on all the dishes I had that night. It was all served in one plate. I literally went home with a happy tummy and a smile because of it. I also liked that they had simple interior design, but they really stick to their theme. Like I could see shells on the table, quotes written that is saying something about fresh and fish. Well I couldn’t literally remember what I’ve read, but it is just nice to see those little things while I was waiting for our food. Oh if you are looking for a chill drinking place to go to after dinner, well you could either stay here or go to the connecting resto bar beside it, which is actually owned by the same person/s. Catch has a brighter ambiance, while Hooch has a darker, much more bar feel too. My friends and I wanted to have our pre-drinking session before going our separate ways to our other parties. So it was nice to have a few tasty drinks here with a few more catching up too along the way.


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5.0 Stars

Catch me if you can 127939🏻128168.

I'm just glad there's a new contender for seafood in makati. For those who're familiar with Lulu before, this is the the place that replaced it. The new joint is completely revamped and might I say, there's a big improvement in the menu and vibe as well.

Once you enter you'll see the huge writings on the wall at the kitchen - Fish are meant to swim three times: in water, in oil, and in good wine. Interesting stuff. Maybe as interesting as the huge oyster shells that make up their glass tables. Genius. 128076🏼

Most of their seafood are flown all the way from France (yes, France) so you'll be surprised that the fish and mussels have a different texture than ours. I actually love their mussels and their crustaceans. They're all so fresh and so flavorful.

In the Picture is one of my favorites from their menu - the Lobster Po Boi. Imaging lobster claws perfectly cooked and sandwiched in succulent greens and a crisp toast sandwich bun. 128523 This dish can do no wrong. 128077🏼

Definitely a must try! You've also got to try their risotto Nero (omg), Mushroom Risotto, and their lobster Mac n cheese. 128076🏼

To summarize (like what I do in my IG chubbyperohappy):
128073🏼128176Value for Money: 3.5 yums
128073🏼128523 Taste: 4.5 yums
128073🏼️️️9970 Ambiance: 4.5 yums
128073🏼128129🏻 Service: 4.5 yums
128073🏼128076🏼 Overall happiness: 4.5 yums
*The scale is 1 to 5; 5 being the highest*


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Livs Y.
3.0 Stars

Miss the old resto that was here before. Lulu. Tried this by mistake when we thought Lulu just had a change in decor. The food was a hit and miss.

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Mary Love S.
5.0 Stars

I love birthdays. It’s the day of the year when I feel special. I spoil myself with sweets and a gift or two. But more than that, I love making the people I love special on their special day. This is why I had big plans for R’s big day. But it was ruined by APEC when they cancelled my flight back to Manila and I had to stay in Seoul for 4 more days. *cries* Good thing, I have Plan B ready.

Hello, Lulu (which is now named Catch focusing on Lulu's seafood dishes).

I spotted a deal on Lulu’s scrumptious steak while checking Deal Grocer a few months back and figured it would be a great meal to share with R on his special day. For PHP1,800, we get 600 grams of Lulu’s rib eye steak and two sides—garden salad and one of your choice.

Since I missed R’s actual birthday, I made dinner reservations at Lulu the following night and it was perfect as we were the only ones in the restaurant. It was as if I reserved the whole place for us. Sweet!

It was a bit chilly that night so we opted to order a bowl of Organic Squash Soup (PHP250) along with our U.S. Prime Angus Rib Eye with garden salad and truffled fries.

The squash soup was served first and it was pretty good! It was slightly creamy with a bit of earthy flavor from the spices. I enjoyed it the crisp toasted bread.

The rib eye steak was served after quite some time. I think it took them at least 20 minutes to serve the steak but when it was served… wow oh wow~

It was huge! I was scared that 300 grams might be a bit too small for us but I was wrong. Pairing the steak with truffled fries made the dish even heavier.

We asked them to make our steaks medium rare and it was spectacular! I loved how soft and juicy the steak was. Each bite was succulent and packed with flavor from the rich mushroom gravy sauce. I just kept having one mouthful of steak after another like someone who was deprived of food for days. I also loved smothering the seasoned fries with the thick gravy. It was a lovely meal.

And to cap our night, the Lulu team gave us a complimentary Lemon Glazed Cheesecake with Grilled Lemon (PHP250).

The lemon cheesecake was probably one of the best cheesecakes I’ve had! It had the right amount of tanginess (that also cleanses the palate) and the crunchy bottom was divine! Too bad though that we had to rush eating this dessert as our ride was already waiting for us. (I just couldn’t tell R that I had one last surprise in store for him. But it worked and made him smile! Yay!)

Overall, it was a great dinner, yummy dessert and an awesome deal! I can’t wait to dine here again soon and try Catch's seafood dishes!


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