Cauayan Airport

Pan-Philippine Highway, Cauayan City, Isabela

Cauayan Airport
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Mico C.
4.0 Stars

I was very fortunate to have my flight to Isabela scheduled on a clear day. On sunny days, one may greatly appreciate the blue skies surrounding the immediate area of the landing strip once the plane lands. On the other hand, on cloudy and rainy days, the airport experience may be quite difficult. This can lead to damp clothes or cancelled flights. The Cauayan airport is part of my list of airports in the Northern area of the Philippines which I could run to whenever my flight is cancelled in another airport such as the one in Tuguegarao.

After landing, I took several pictures of the plane and the airport. But I do not advise everyone else to do so. I think it’s either highly discouraged or prohibited. In my second picture, you can actually see one of the airport personnel waving us off the landing area. I noticed him after taking a few pictures, my apologies.

Once you enter the receiving area, do not expect the electronic carousel. Typical of majority of our provincial airports, the set-up here can be improved but quite adequate. They have a simple platform where the crew unloads the luggage of everyone. It can be a bit crowded at first but everyone manages to get their bags at the end of the day as long as the airline did not misplace them.

That’s it for now. Visit Isabela! It’s a nice place. Take care everyone.

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Dheybert P.
5.0 Stars

Great weather and fanstastic view ⛰ you know you're already here when you passed Sierra Madre. Travel time is 56 minutes from Pasay.
They have newly renovated airport. Incumbent Mayor is Bernard Dy. 128144127880🙂

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Tei A.
3.0 Stars

Such a small airport and definitely needs improvement. They dont have a conveyor belt for the luggages, it is manually carried and placed on a small table by the airline staff. It can get rowdy and confusing as majority are scrambling to get their luggages.

Although it is small, it is clean. The floors are shiny clean.

When we arrived Lito Lapid and son Mark Lapid was also there, most of the airport staff including the police were busy having their photos taken. So it was pretty much chaotic.

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Perry S.
3.0 Stars

Coz it's the only operational airport here in Cauayan! Where else?

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