Causeway 2 Seafood Restaurant

876 Banawe St. cor. Linaw St., Banawe, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Causeway 2 Seafood Restaurant
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Jomarie A.
3.0 Stars

My sister is away this long weekend because of a church camp. My mom seldomly goes out of the house (except when she has to go to the bank, to to market, etc.), so this long weekend was an opportunity for me to bring her out of the house.

We opted to start and end our day early, so we chose to attend the 7AM church service. Around 9AM, we were already in Banawe, looking at Causeway's range of dimsum -- thinking of what to get for our brunch dimsum date. 128525 Here's what we got:

✔ LEAN MEAT CENTURY EGG CONGEE (Php 130) - 11088110881108811088
This was good! The serving was huge, so my mom and I split an order of this. While the meat were really lean, they were juicy and delicious. I actually expected less meat, but there were a lot of pork pieces! I also liked their century egg. The yolk was a bit creamy, and it was really fresh. The congee is topped with fried wonton wrappers and a raw egg yolk, which you can mix in with the congee.

✔ HAKAW (Php 100 / 4 pcs) - 110881108811088
Hakaw is probably a dimsum I will always order whenever I get to visits from a Chinese tea house. Sadly, Causeway's version was quite expensive and didn't live up to the expectations. The shrimp was not that crunchy, even though it was freshly steamed. 128549 King Chef and Mabuhay Palace still has the best hakaw I have tried.

✔ CHICKEN FEET WITH TAUSI (Php 53) - 11088110881108811088
This is my mom's ultimate favorite dimsum, so we got two orders of this -- and I made sure to give her more. The chicken feet were cooked properly, not too soggy nor were the ligaments chewy. I would prefer it to be more spicy than how it is, though. 128546

✔ SHARKSFIN DUMPLING (Php 80 / 4 pcs) - 11088110881108811088
This was pretty good. The filling was packed, and was very flavorful. The wrapper had the right thickness, so it does not tear eaaily, but isn't too thick to enjoy. 128516

✔ SPARERIBS WITH TAUSI (Php 80) - 110881108811088
Serving size was quite big, even if we initially thought the plate was too small. 128513 The meat was quite tough and lacked flavor, though. You may dip it in the chili oil to enhance its flavor.

✔ BEANCURD ROLL (Php 98 / 3 pcs) - 110881108811088
I absolutely love beancurd roll, but today's rolls at Causeway was a bit disappointing. While they were served freshly steamed and piping hot, I did not like the filling as much. I usually get a generous serving of pork and shrimp in each roll, but this had small shrimp bits laced in the pork and vegetable filling. This lacked flavor as well, good thing the chili oil saves the day! 128076

Causeway has the 'lako' system for their dimsum, where everything (except for a few items that must be freshly steamed from their kitchen), so food is generally served quickly.

The service was okay, most of the servers were attentive. The manager was also visible and is helping in areas needing his assistance. The servers weren't exceptionally cheerful though, even for a Sunday morning. 128543

There were a lot of guests dining, mostly families. In Chinese restaurants, it may get a bit noisy at times, because of how closely the tables are positioned beside each other. This is a norm, though.

Overall, food has good value for money. Causeway may not be the best dimsum restaurant, but given its prices, it sure is worth it! 128076


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Drea T.
5.0 Stars

They have a wide variety of dimsum and everything I ordered was great and satisfying I just hope they added more drinks for the kids and such #UnicornGiveaway

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Alexandra N.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

Apparently, this is a second branch within the same street. The newly renovated place that is located at the corner of Frisco and Banawe, no longer have the 50% off dimsum. They still serve dimsums but on a regular price.

But at this Causeway 2, you can avail of the 50% off dimsum starting from 9pm-ish onwards. 🤗128077🏻

As always, food tastes yum! Except for the XLB. 128533 It was such a downer for me. The soup inside was so few and the wrapper wasn't tasty, I was sooo sad 128532 my excitement died down.. (IMO)

The downside was the quality of service -- 1108811088
Getting the bill and waiting for the change overall took about 45mins! 128563128548128561128561

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