Cecil's Snack Inn and Bakeshop

LG/F Gaisano Mall Davao, JP Laurel Ave., Davao City, Davao del Sur

Cecil's Snack Inn and Bakeshop
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Dianne C.
3.0 Stars

So there's a funny story behind this durian pie.

I convinced my bf and friend to try this just for the sake of trying all-things-durian...because DAVAO 128514
Going to supermarket, we passed by this store and I decided to buy a slice of durian pie and egg pie.

So we went back to the hotel and put the pies in the refrigerator. We only got to try the pies after our trip from Samal Island.

So we were in the hotel and they didn't want to try it but I kept on bugging them until they finally gave in. Haha 128513

From the tip, I sliced three small pieces, bf got the middle and I got the tip (the smallest) 128514. Our friend was busy looking at the window while bf and I tried the pie, as soon as I put the slice in my mouth I immediately spit it out and bf did the same thing. We were laughing and I told bf to eat egg pie instead so our friend will think that we were still eating the durian pie128520 haha. As soon as our friend turn around, bf said it was okay and he should eat his piece while heading to the cr to throw his piece, I on the other hand acted as if I was pissed that there were a lot of paper litters in the table, cleaned it and threw it together with my piece to te trash. Haha. Pang Oscar's ang acting hahaha.

Our friend finally tried it and he was cursing but still managed to eat it since he thought that we ate pur part. 128514128514128514 We laughed and told him that we didn't really ate our slice. Hahahaha. 128518

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Gee M.
5.0 Stars

Delicious pinoy foods and pastries, good for heavy or light snacks.

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Suzette C.
5.0 Stars

This place is famous for their cakes, egg pie and leche Flan128516

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