Centerstage Family KTV and Resto Bar

Bldg. C, Seaside Blvd., Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila

Centerstage Family KTV and Resto Bar
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Karaoke Bar

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Joy Vee A.
3.0 Stars

From boring then escalated to fun night 128526 thanks to our friend from Canada who approved a 60% off the bill via skype. 128514

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Pia Christine B.
3.0 Stars

It's hard to think of songs without a songbook. Haha. Food is pricey. Small serving. So when we come here, we eat out first para konti na lang inoorder namin. Halos we just pay the per hour rate of the room para sulit.

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Kat L.
3.0 Stars

After lunch we decided to have sing along since we're in moa, centerstage is near ktv to go. (With relatives) those are my sister, uncle, niece and nephews and of course my son) and This is my second time not much a fan of centerstage. Para Hindi sa maarte na kagaya ko ok na cya. But I like red box more.
Red box has class and love their food kc masarap! Centerstage has pricey food na Hindi masarap thumbs down 128078🏻 and drinks mahal din. Yung ibang song galing you tube haha unlike red box may effort mag input ng original MTV karaoke. Mura ang red box for few person or for cheap in, cause you will experience a little high class compare to other ktv. While centerstage is per hour rate so Kung madami kayo budget friendly I just don't like the pricey of food that doesn't have quality! Specially pizza. Don't order pizza masarap pa yung pedricos! Parang sa carinderia yung Mga pagkain....quite disappointed! Ka level ng centerstage sa quality ang party party Ktv in ace water spa! They have same arrangement of videoke and style of rooms. But I think party party ktv have delicious food than centerstage.

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Joy Vee A.
3.0 Stars

Heard a lot about their lousy service but when we arrived we had a room after 10-15mins of waiting. No Song Book = having a hard time checking the songs via a remote control. Song lists are current. Nice smell from the room because all rooms are non-smoking areas. Comfortable seats and big space.

October 5, 2014
Sunday 12:30AM

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Jc C.
2.0 Stars

Not a fan of centerstage, and the iced is so expensive128557128557128557

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Enaj F.
4.0 Stars

I was not able to take an appealing photo since I was late 99969996️ This is a second time for me in Centerstage. Ambiance and cleanliness wise they are pretty descent. Though I'm quite disappointed with the bank of their songs since my ever favorite "Piano in the dark" on my surprise is not on their list 128569128575 then I chose another song and again it's not on their list and I chose another and guess what it's still not on their list. How did it happen? I have been in other videoke bars and the songlist is much better. Anyway, the food is good though I just hope they will add on their servings since its a bit pricey and just to give a pakonswelo since their songs are limited.

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Jane A.
3.0 Stars

Went here last friday night with the office mates. 128540
Reserved a room for 10-15 persons a week before coming here.

Things I liked:
- room was clean, cr too.
- the establishment is obviously new.
- price is cheaper than good times.
- food was good except for the pizza.
- they gave us an hour free use of room!

Things i didn't like:
- room was too small for 10-15 persons. we were only 6 and it kinda felt crowded already.
- their seafood pizza's a no-no!
- the a/c's swing was broken
- they don't have song books! 128545
- it takes a while to get the server's attention.
- there was a spark on the floor. apparently, the water on our table was dripping on the floor and there was an open wire under the table. super scary! (That's the reason they gave us an hour free)

We stayed for 8 hours or so. And our bill was a little over 8k.

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Godfrey C.
5.0 Stars

May it be in QC, Centerstage's good food, song selection, customer service and audio system always makes you feel in the front dot center.

Good times with friends and family! Highly recommended!

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