Champagne Room

The Manila Hotel, Roxas Blvd., Manila, Metro Manila

Champagne Room
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Most Recent Reviews

Liezzy M.
5.0 Stars

superb fine dining experience. used the deal grocer voucher for a 4-course meal and it was worth it 128139

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Tan M.
2.0 Stars

Late review!

Last 14th of February 2017 me and the beau had a reservation at Champagne Room located inside Manila Hotel. To be frank the place was just so so and I think the utensils needs to be replaced 🤔. We had the "blah blah" course which I already forgotten and the funny thing there is that the servers aren't trained enough to know what's in the menu.. 🙄 gosh ako nalang kaya mag explain?hehe joke anyway what really made our day disappointing was the "deconstructed beef Wellington" which is in the menu and the beef was freaking hard128548. As if you were eating a jerky.128548128548 btw BF still ate it and said "hayaan ko nalang daw because maybe the kitchen is also cramming (There's a lot of guests that time)" and I was like ok, pero sinabi ko pa din na matigas ung beef and they offer to replace it but we decline saka he ate half of it na. Anyway we don't want to ruin the day pa.. lastly after asking for the bill, They forgot to less the downpayment we paid for the reservation. Pano kung Hindi chineck ung receipt diba? Eh di the payment you payed ahead of time is forgotten?? The whole experience there was ok sana kaso knowing that it's a 5 star hotel and mind you that course meal was really expensive!128531 it's like 10k+++ and you'll be getting that kind of service and that food (had a bottle of merlot 2500php)??? Anyway we just don't want to end the day ruined especially it's a special day for everyone so we opted to eat deserts elsewhere.

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Louella D.
5.0 Stars

I Would really like the ambiance and unfortunately I forgot to capture the taste of there foods. 128514

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Linlin T.
5.0 Stars

ELEGANCE IS A LOST ART! You'll agree when you step into the timeless halls of The Manila Hotel's Champagne Room. From its crystal-made palm trees to the oh-so-pleasant butler service, nothing else quite comes as close to this historical icon of a restaurant.

The menu is mostly French and dishes are hearty! A degustation menu is also available but tonight it was a no-brainier for us to skip the escargot as soon as we heard that they offer the specialty dishes the The Cowrie Grill! We were presented with a special menu of crowd-pleasers that were impossible to resist!

BREAD BASKET - a special mention to the complimentary bread basket as it came with not only butter but a heaping serving of liver pate as well! Classy and Generous, this place sure knows how to spoil it's diners!

FOIE GRAS APPETIZER (pictured) - 2 pieces of fatty Foie Gras delicately seared over a caramelized ring of tart Apple to perfectly cut through the heaviness! This was decadence on a plate

SORBET PALETE CLEANSER - another complimentary item not even mentioned on the menu! It was light, refreshing and sent us salivating for our main courses!

SIRLOIN STEAK - the Cowrie Grill all time best-seller did not disappoint! You're not only getting perfectly cooked steak but you're getting a massive portion that could easily feed 2!

GRILLED SALMON - a lighter choice but by no means less flavorful! The salmon was cooked to incomparable juiciness! Just goes to show the possibilities of good technique and good ingredients!

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - we ended the meal of another complimentary plate of Manila Hotel's signature chocolate truffles!

OVERALL impressed! A lot of training has been put into making each guest here feel like a VIP! With classic food cooked right, They sure know exactly how make sure we had a smile on our faces as we ended our meal!

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Aiza A.
5.0 Stars

Worth every penny! Perfect ambiance if you like romantic settings. I love how their servers are very attentive to our needs and they do their work with a smile on their faces. The place itself exudes elegance and romance, great place for couples. I do not recommend this to families with kids because the restaurant is more of a date place, if you know what I mean. Food is great though quite pricey. Prepare at least 3500 for a meal for two.

Photo attached here was my order. Entrecote de Boef Grille. Yummy! :)

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Julienne Y.
5.0 Stars

With so many restaurants in the city these days, we tend to overlook our historical, classic gems like the Champagne Room. It is a BEAUTIFUL restaurant, with antique murano glass palm trees and capodimonte porcelain decor that date back to the 80's (possibly older). Being in there just brings you back to an era when Manila was a delicate, budding, elegant Asian city. I could imagine myself dining beside Imelda Marcos and other dignitaries, discussing the Beatles and the possibility of colored television. But I digress.

At the end of the day, it's a restaurant and The food is of great importance. The menu is simple and classic with french influence. There is no fancy plating or gastrofare blah. It is simple and good. The best part is that it is not as pricey as you would think. Expect to pay P2000 - P3000 per person if you are splurging and less if you are not. I feel this is at par (or even less) than some other restaurants. (i wont name names)

We were a party of 4 to celebrate my mom's bday and heres what we ordered (prices to the best of my memory):
- 1 tasting menu P3000/head with 6 courses
- 1 tasting menu P2,500/head with 4 courses
- 1 appetizer snails
- 1 scallops soup - P280
- 1 lobster ravioli - P480
- 1 rack of lamb
- 1 prime rib to share (from the cowrie grill menu)
- 1 crepes suzette
- 1 slice of cake - P90
- 1 glass moet chandon
- 1 glass red wine
- 1 coffee
Total spend: P12,000
As you can tell it was a lot so we definitely felt it was value for money.

Menu highlights: steak!! Seabass!! Escargot!!

Service is terrific.

If you are on a budget and want to dine here: Option A: skip the tasting menu and order ala carte. Choose wisely. Their appetizers are around P280-650, pastas are < P500, mains go as high as P2000 and low as P1,200. Share a dessert. Option B: get a 4 course tasting and share. augment with an extra appetizer or pasta. In both scenarios don't get drinks.

Dress Code (please observe!!!) - semi formal. A nice dress for the ladies. A dress shirt and slacks for the gents. Coat optional. A place like this deserves nothing less.

Words cannot do the place justice. You just need to go, put on your sunday best (and bring your loves ones and go.

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Paul G.
4.0 Stars

Flashback two years ago. The place was awesome, very romantic, and was once and until now the place where people proposed marriage or where couples celebrate anniversaries.
We celebrated valentine's here and the Valentines Chocolate Tasting Menu included the following:
1. Pan seared foei gras with pear and apple mille feuille and balsamic chocolate syrup
2. Bitter sweet chocolate and parmesan grilled chees sandwich in a toasted almond and garlic puree with fresh coriander
3. Crisp bacon dipped in salted dark chocolate with minted strawberries orange supremes and seared goat cheese salad
4. Chocolate raviolis in brown butter and sage stuff with roasted pumpkin and mascarpone cheese
5. Champagne and rose petal sorbet
6. Smoked duck breast with spiced chocolate and juniper berry quintessence, wild rice pudding and braised cabbage and carrot slaw
7. Chocolate covered braised veal short ribs with caramelized shallots and burgundy reduction, morel mushrooms, haricot vert and creamy cauliflower with truffled mashed potatoes.
8. Soft chocolate ganache with cornflakes feulletine and raspberry ice cream.
9. Selection of international cheese and served with warm chocolate fondue accompanied by homemade jams and confitures
10. Chocolate pralines
11. Coffee or tea
I would have given 6 stars except they messed up in terms of service. Murphy's law and It happens to even the best they say. But they made up for the lapse in service big time so they get 4 stars. With Grace G

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Cheska S.
4.0 Stars

I really like the ambience here. I think I love the ambience more than the food itself, although the food tastes delicious too.

The decorations and interior are all stunning. I don't think it's possible to get tired of this place.

We ordered steak and oysters, among others. They did get 2 of our orders mixed up (there were 9 of us dining) and it wasn't really a big deal as we just exchanged plates but the manager/supervisor even came to our table to personally apologize for the mix up.

Steak was juicy and the sauce was delicious! Yum!

I love this place and will definitely come back! 128522

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Macky E.
5.0 Stars

Ambiance here is mesmerizing, the experience brings you back to the classic French era that we see on films.

Food took a while to be served i don't know why. But when they did, no more complaints.

Ordered the Chilean Seabass (1,200) and Beef Tenderloin (2,600 for 2pax)

Seabass was very tasty, indeed one of the best, if not the best tasting seabass i have ever had. Serving size was typical hotel portion i wished it was bigger.

Cheateaubriand steak was perfectly cooked. Its thick filet slices covered in peppercorn sauce is one that can not be missed when dining here. The Peppercorn sauce was not as strong as i have hoped for but bet I'm definitely going back for these thick slices of premium cut beef babies!!

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Rhea S.
5.0 Stars

128561 -> My first reaction when I stepped foot in this room.

128525 -> My face while waiting for my order. The interiors / ambiance is simply the best. I therefore conclude that this is the perfect venue for in-between shots of couple during a wedding.

128514 -> My face after my first bite. Nil negative comment.

128515 -> My face to sum up my whole dining experience.

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Jodi N.
5.0 Stars

We ate here last year for an anniversary party (Pre-Looloo era). Hence not having a photo. 128549

But my goodness, this place is over-the-top luxurious and incredibly classy. It has to be since it's the flagship restaurant of Manila Hotel. It's ideal for special occasions or if you want to impress a date or loved one. 128526

Expect to spend at least P3,000++ per head. The food we had was continental. We had rib eye steak, king prawns, Foie gras, and sea bass. All of which were terrific and presented like an art piece. They also served some in-house made chocolate bars. Yes, Manila Hotel makes its own chocolate bars.

I don't remember seeing any dress code restrictions but I think its appropriate to suit up for the place. I sure did. 128540

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Mikko M.
5.0 Stars

First off, the place looks spectacular! Perfect for dates or if u just want a classy night out.

Prices can get steep but are actually very reasonable if u consider the type of food you're getting. Lobster for 2800 and tenderloin for 1500 which is not bad at all. Forgot the other prices but most dishes are at the 300-600 range.

Service was excellent and they even gave us some free lime sorbet as well as chocolates after the meal.

Take note that there is a dress code (no jeans or sneakers.)

The only downside is that manila hotel is so far from the rest of civilization, but aside from that the place was perfect. Two thumbs up!

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Leah Cassandra A.
5.0 Stars

I just fell in love with this place! 128525

For the starter, i had the pumpkin soup. It was not on the menu, but you can request for it. My partner had the australian lamb chops which he liked very much and find the price reasonable. I had the ravioli, for me it was OK. But he liked it, so I'm not sure. For the dessert we had chocolate souffle and complimentary chocolates which are really good!

Fancy as it seems but really reasonable prices for the quality of food and service plus the ambiance. Perfect for anniversaries and romantic dates!

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Johannah C.
5.0 Stars

Great ambience
Great service - VIP treatment
I love their food preparation and presentation;
Their Caesar salad is delish and prawn flambé Was a nice pair and definitely great food presentation.
I like their prawn risotto too.
Their cocktails is a blahhh .... You just have to pass on that. To be safe go for the wines instead

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Edson O.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Gretchen O.
4.0 Stars

Amazing ambiance! Similar feel to the Palm Court at The Plaza NYC. Great service. Food is ok.

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Claudene A.
4.0 Stars

Not a typical fine dining, classy and cozy. Dine in a couch =)

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