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Justine Lauren C.
5.0 Stars

When it first opened, I couldn’t forget the taste but there was this cake they served that was originally from Israel. I won’t really know if it’s still available now but I hope so. We ate there the first or second day they opened. So we went back a week later. Shakshouka, something yummy and new. They’re really a game changer because menu components typically cannot just be found anywhere. Meatballs, classic.

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EatsCMT Carlo  T.
4.0 Stars

[2018-11-09] I have eaten & drunk at a number of places in Poblacion but have never been to Century mall. This is my first time to go to Century Mall and of course first time also to go to Chaplin.

The "Israeli" part of the restaurant's name was intended to make clear what it offers potential diners/drinkers (I love the Mojito Tel Aviv). For those like me who does not like cilantro/wansuy, request that none be sprinkled/mixed/etc. so you do not have to take it out when served.

My favorites among those served:

Pizza Burekas - Puff pastry filled with pomodoro sauce mozzarella and feta cheese. Deliciously mild flavors that goes well with each other.

Deep Fried Cauliflower - drizzled with honey vinaigrette, chilli flakes and tahini. Again it would have been better if there were more crunch left to the veggie but I still like it as it is.

Hummus - Israeli Flag Dish. Served with fried chili, cooked chick peas, olive oil and 2 laffa bread and shawarma (additional) - I had to avoid the cilantro/wansuy used to garnish the dish but other than that I liked the mild creamy flavors of this dish.

The rest of the food served (bagel toast, hot eggplant salad, chicken shashlik, lamb kebab, lamb burekas, etc.) were also good but I were to order only an item or two dishes, it will be from the three above

Oh, I almost forgot my favorite drink served that day, the Mojito Tel Aviv. It is better drunk with the frothy cream on top with cocktail on the bottom. Trying to balance the mix the way you best like it while drinking can be a challenge but one that is rewarding. Some may just mix the two together before drinking it but that takes away some of the adventures/surprises that unpredictability provides.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

It’s been two years since they opened. And lasting that span of time in a very competitive industry, let alone a relatively unfamiliar cuisine, speaks volumes. Chaplin is an Israeli restaurant with food from the Middle East, Mediterranean, and Europe also present in its menu. This is because Israel is predominantly a migrant country.

On this invite, I got owner, Yuval Mann sitting next to me. His demeanor is intimidating, but really, he is a friendly guy with a lot of passion for his thriving business. We shared a feast together, which was more than enough for two of us.

My favorite dish was their Skewer Platter (Php 1450). It had 4 chunky sticks of chicken shislik and 2 sticks of premium lamb kebab. This order also came with classic recipe Israeli majadra rice, french fries, a hefty plate of fresh salad (similar to the Greek version) and three unbelievable sauces of tzatziki, tahini and a spicy dip. This should be your go to order when dining here with a small group of 3-4 people. The meats are unbelievably well-seasoned and I could tell from every bite that only quality ingredients were used.

I enjoyed Pizza Burekas (Php 425) as well, a puff pastry with generous portions of mozzarella and feta cheese. It’s like a croissant shaped in a pie, only its toppings outside of it, overflowing!

On some serving of sweets, I loved my heathy glass of tangy Greek yogurt (Php 190). It had homemade blueberry sauce and crisp, sweet granola. I also had Chaplin’s Iced Tea (Php 175), an unconvential version with hand shaken crushed ginger, cinnamon stick, orange slices, honey and fresh mint.

Being on top of Century Mall gives Chaplin’s location more charm. They get a cool breeze on its al fresco and a more prominent presence versus other establishments.

What are you waiting for? It’s been a couple of years! Your date here is overdue. See you at Chaplin!

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James B.
5.0 Stars

Chaplin - Café Israeli is located at the 4th flr of Century City Mall, Makati. They serve Israeli cuisine. It’s somehow similar to Mediterranean cuisine a creative way to serve veggies. Lol.

Everything served was great but since I ‘m bias when it comes to cheese, I recommend the Pizza Boureka; A puff pastry filled with pomodoro, mozzarella, feta & topped with egg and the Bagel Toast; A Israeli Panini with pesto pizza sauce, cream cheese, mozzarella, feta, corn, onion & thousand island sauce.

Yogurt – Php195 1108811088110881108811088
*Home-made Greek yogurt with blueberry syrup & granola.

Bagel Toast – Php400 1108811088110881108811088
*Israeli Panini with pesto pizza sauce, cream cheese, mozzarella, feta, corn, onion & thousand island sauce.

Hot Eggplant Salad – Php195 11088110881108811088
*Baba Ganoush with burned eggplant, tahini, fresh lemon, parsley, cilantro, almonds & toasted bread.

Deep Fried Cauliflower – Php325 110881108811088
*200 grams deep fried cauliflower drizzled with honey vinaigrette, chili flakes and tahini.

Hummus – Php420 110881108811088
*Israeli Flag Dish served with fried chili, cooked chicken peas, virgin olive oil and laffa bread.

Chicken shashlik – Php485 11088110881108811088
*Israeli version of Chicken-Rice. 200 grams skewer grilled chicken thigh marinated with Israeli spice mixture served with majadra, grilled cherry tomatoes & tahini.

Lamb Kebab – Php560 110881108811088
*200 grams grilled imported beef kebab made with lamb shoulder, cilantro, parsley & fresh mint served with majadra rice & grilled cherry tomatoes.

Lamb Boureka – Php530 110881108811088
*Puff pastry stuffed with spinach & 200 grams ground beef mixed with lamb fat, fresh mint, parsley & cilantro served with amba & tahini.

Pizza Boureka - Php425 1108811088110881108811088
*Puff pastry filled with Pomodoro sauce, mozzarella and feta cheese.

Lava Cake – Php260 110881108811088
Chaplin Tea –Php 175
Sabrina – Php175
Hot Chocolate – Php195
Turkish coffee – Php165
Mojito Tel Aviv - Php350

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Sponsored event; this us not my first time to try Chaplin Cafe. Chaplin is an authentic Israeli cuisine. There are a few who offers jewish roster of food, and this one is starting to win my heart.

128204 Macha Mule @250PhP
Got some Smirnoff and gin i think. Plus a matcha. Correct me if im wrong. But i tasted no matcha at all. Amazingly not too heavy to drink. Easy to down the drink. It has ice all over. I suggest adding a blue Curacao to liven up the drink won’t hurt the costing.
128204128525Tabula Salad @255PhP
 Feta cheese x3! I love this salad that’s similar to the filipino salad components- cucumber, tomatoes, and lemon vinaigrette. The deep fried pita breads are also one of a kind. Just dint let it sit for too long.

128204 Fatush @195PhP
Their newest offer of salad— this one is with mint leaves. Lots of them, so refreshing and so healthy. Aside from the mint leaves, it also has some greens.
128204128525Pastels @35PhP
So good too especially when hot. It has mozzarella cheese in it. Really good with the tahini or red bell pepper dip.

128204 Samosa @75PhP
It has some curry inside. Also good to dip with tahini, red bell pepper dip or their humus.
128204128525Falafel @165PhP for 6pcs
I actually fell in love with these fava bean and chickpea balls. Good either hot or lukewarm. Tahini is the main choice for dip.

128204128525Fried Cauliflower
 Cant argue with this simple yet tasty salad. It’s coated with something sweet (the brown thing)

128204 Grilled Eggplant @195PhP
 This dish does not really stand out actually because this is just a simple eggplant dish with some parsley and almonds.

128204128525Beef Bourekas @495PhP
The star of the night! This is really what you should get. Hehe. The serving is actually good for 2-3 person. Puff pastry that’s super layered and crispy. Inside this jewish snack is a mixture of beef protein and lamb fat with spinach. Im drooling again.
128204128525Turkish Coffee
 Some really good coffee from Israel. Get this too when hanging out here. It has Cardamum that’s why it tastes a little Indian.

Try this cafe if you want to open your tastebuds for some traditional Jewish dish. The place got power outlet somewhere in the middle of the area where a wooden stage is bevelled.

I forgot if it has a CR of its own i remember me using HITW CR. The place is comfortable enough from simple dates to group reunions. It’s not really a recommendable place for working especially weekend nights.

PS. They also have really really great tasting humus here! Even Kiko G agrees!

PS. Also if you want to see Israeli couples and expats. Visit every Friday nights 128514

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Ron M.
4.0 Stars

This is one of the restaurants in century city mall i've wanting to try and since we were near we took the advantage of having our dinner date here

The place was elegant and classy, upon entering servers would entertain you and will let you sit in the most comfortable seat available, they offer quite a variety of dishes and it's very tempting to order each item on the menu, but through careful selection we decided to order three of the dishes we liked and to our surprise we ordered some of our comfort foods.

Spicy chicken wings 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻
6-7pcs of Deep fried chicken wings tossed with homemade spicy sauce served with garlic and sour cream chives. It was sweet, tangy and had a little kick to it despite having a generous sprinkle of pepper flakes, I wish it had a little bit kore heat into it but it was still good, chicken was deep fried the are brittle enough to break it as you bite into it

Truffle mushroom fettuccine 128076🏻128076🏻128076🏻128076🏻
Freshly made pasta with sauteed onion and mushroom deglazed in white wine with truffle paste. This pasta is a must try, it's really rich and creamy we even wiped the plate with the garlic bread, you'd really taste the truffle on the sauce

Shakshouka pizza 128079🏻128079🏻128079🏻128079🏻
Sauteed tomatoes with red bell pepper, onion, mozarella, pesto & eggs in a pizza, yes it's a pizza, quite covenient i must say since you don't need to tear some pita bread and dip it in shakshouka, what made this dish more delicious is that they made a twist by adding some pesto and it was a great combination together with the threading mozzarella cheese, kinda like a crossover between margherita pizza and shakshouka

Their dishes were great and what made our experience better was their service, crew were very attentive and paid attention to every little details, also they served everything at the same time and with a minimal waiting time, I really enjoyed it and I will definitely comeback to try more of their dishes and also their cocktails

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

This one's an invite prior to launching their Israeli cuisine. I've been here already and the last experience was not that so okay.

I got interested with Israeli food but it's really just Mediterranean cuisine/ middle eastern
We were first greeted by these alcoholic drinks
128204 mother of dragons @325PhP
It's a dragon fruit base cocktail with Bombay sapphire, black raspberry juice and fresh lemon juice. For me it tasted a little like wine, a little like lipps candy and a little like tempra. Lol. But totally good to go with the falafel. Its drinking pleasure is completed by the aroma of burnt rosemary.

128204128525 mojito tel-aviv @350phP
I like this better. It's a little sweet tasting. It has oaked rum, galliano, fresh lime, and elder flower cream. That elder flower cream was the best part. It tasted like the one you put on your cream cheese milk tea. 🤤

128204 Shakshouka
Oh. So this dish is middle eastern after all i thought it's Indian. They got three kinds of shakshouka. They offered us two. This dish is served as starters traditionally. They share the bread and dip. The chatting begins.
But over all i think wildflour is better (but i think this one is the authentic one) chaplin got thicker texture and got that thick tomato taste.
- black olive, eggplant and feta @445PhP
- jalapeño and mozarella @425

128204 Falafel @165PhP
This is ground chickpeas and fava beans made into balls. If you dont know what are these, it tasted bitter and dry. The tahini dip made it a little moist but it also taste bland. I guess it's designed that way

128204128525 mousakka @425PhP
Love this eggplant dish. The potatoes, zucchini, were not dry-- thanks to the good tomato sauce and really good greek béchamel sauce. The ground beef is great for a contrast consistency of the dish

128204 chicken shishlik @375PhP
Something chicken. It was a little dry imo. Its herby with paprika and cinnamon. It's served wth majjadara or Mediterranean rice. Pass. 128537

128204128525 beef kebab @525PhP
Real beefy. But it's too pricey lol.

128204128525 Lahama Ba'ajin @550PhP
Get this one too! It's a Turkish pastry with ground beef, pesto, tomatoes, onions, spinach and tahini. It tasted like an oily pizza for me but the taste was just irresistible!

128204 Brie and Cherry Tomato confit sandwich @355PhP
It's dry as well. Arugula, cherry tomatoes and alfalfa. Veggie dish it is!

128204 Cauliflower Salad @425PhP
Oh there's the salad! I don't find it that good unlike the other bloggers, it was just okay imho. The cauliflower tasted a little like

128204128525 Sweet potato Salad @335PhP
Now this, for me is really good. The sweet potatoes were drenched in this citrus dressing.

128204 Lava cake @260PhP
I do prefer dark chocolate tasting lava cake. But i really like how the molten Swiss chocolate glisten as it ooze smoothly.

128204 three layer chocolate mousse @365PhP
Three layers. Tasted like belgian chocolate.

128204128525 shalom-shalom @420PhP
This is their best tasting dessert offering, shalom means hello (or peace) which if you repeat the word hello hello = halo halo. Gets?? The poached pear (red wine) with cherry on top easily catches your attention, under it lies black sesame ice cream, then beneath it is a little hard rock brownie. Pay attention to details you could see small marshmallows all over. There's more!! Served with three syringes, it got chocolate syrup, milk syrup, and baileys!!! Say whuuut?! Taste details got a little kick of alcohol. 128523

There might be little changes with the menu (which includes all of these!) but for a start, i love it. But i think if the prices were included, i think they're a little steep.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

I've heard about Chaplin since it opened in Century Mall. I thought they were purely a coffee shop but last week I've got invited by our friend from TheFoodieStation to try out their Israeli dishes. I was shocked to learn this place was an Israeli restaurant. Located on the top floor of the mall with breezy chill vibes. The place got lovely elegant couches and the place is well lit by classy hanging lights. 128522

In this event we were introduce to Chaplin new dishes. I wasn't sure what to expect for an Israeli dish but after the dish was served one by one I was surprised that it was quite similar to Greek/Middle eastern dishes. This made me more excited since I'm a fan of Greek dishes. So here are the dish that we got128522

128205Cauliflower Salad - this was quite unique in a good way. The cauliflower was deep fried giving it golden brown color and delicious burnt like taste. Tasted even better when mixed with aragula, chili pepper, radish and tahini. One of my fave for the night and a great dish for this meatless holyweek.

128205Sweet Potato Salad - I also love this one. Love the delicious sweet potato bites.

128205Jalapeno and Mozzarella Shakshouka - I'm not that of a familiar with this dish. Its a hot dish with 2 poach eggs in a sauce of tomato, jalapeno and mozzarella cheese. For my 1st time to try Shakshouka I enjoyed it. The big bread that comes with it was also perfect with the Shakshouka.

128205Moussaka - a fave order of mine when having a middle eastern cuisine. A lasgna like dish with layered eggplant, potato, zucchini, ground beef and covered with tomato sauce. Moussaka dish is always a hit for me and this one didn't fail to impress.

128205Falfel - not much a fan of this chickpeas ball ever since I've first tasted it. I just feel its a bit dry for my taste.

128205Beef Kebab - Two sticks of grilled beef kebab served with salad on the side. I enjoyed their beef kebab but find it quite expensive compared to other resto that served equally good kebab.

128205Chicken Shishlik - Grilled chicken steak. This one is good even when the meat was a bit dry. I love the flavor of the grilled chicken. The simple dry seasoning of this dish bring out the delicious flavor of the chicken.

128205Lahama Ba'ajin - this is one of the crowd fave for the night. A turkish pastry filled with pesto, ground beef, tomato, onion, spinach and tahini. It was like a pizza wrap. I love the combination of flavors and the pastry dough itself was thumbs up.

For dessert we got to try the following
128205Lava Cake - sweet bitter delicious chocolatey lava cake with vanilla ice cream on the side.

1282053 Layer Chocolate Mousse with Coffee - my fave among the 3 desserts. A must try.

128205 Shalom-Shalom (Hello-Hello) - their version of Halo-Halo. Their version got a black sesame icecream, poached pear in red wine and with 3 injectables the Amaretto, Vanilla and Chocolate. A big fan of black sesame flavor! Tasted good but with a quite unique kick on it because of the mix of alcohol.

128205Mojito Tel-Aviv - This one is perfect. Love the foamy milk tea like cream on top of it. Blends best when done with a big gulp to have the mixture of the cream with delicious lime alcohol.

Overall the place really surprised me. It was just so different when I first saw it as a coffee shop in the morning. At night it transformed into a cool chill vibe hangout place. Love the food. Quite expensive but great big servings. 128522128076

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Ruth S.
2.0 Stars

Meh. Overpriced. Not worth it. The place is just comfy and relaxing + Free wifi. Nice place if you just want some quiet time. Or to just chill and spend time with your friends. Nothing else. 128530

And oh, they have an on going promo where in you get 20% discount when you like their Facebook page. Btw, since they're asking customers to like their FB page, they might as well do something about their FB page because the reviews posted there aren't really nice, there was even a food poisoning case. 128563 This was the reason why we just ordered coffee. Katakot! 128518

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Rachel T.
4.0 Stars

A relaxing and chill place to spend time and catch up with good friend is what I can describe this place. The resto is located at the 4th floor of Century City Mall. The place is oretty cozy, not noisy and pleasant.

Food serving time is ok. While waiting we were served some complementary breadsticks coated with cheese which btw was a thumbs up for me.

We ordered the ff:
128073Shakshouka with Black Olives, Eggplants & Feta Cheese - the shakshouka is one of their signature dishes, it has 2 poach eggs in tomato sauce, chili peppers and onions. The tomato sauce has a very rich taste and if you like tomato based dishes, i am sure you will enjoy this. Serving size is also big. 3 of us shared this one order. It also combines well with the bread served with it. Although for me the side dish served with the shakshouka we ordered was a bit redundant as it has the same content (tomatoes, onions and olives) except for the cucumber. You have other choices for the shakshouka like meatballs, jalapeño mozzarella etc.

128073Chicken Pesto & Cream - the pesto part was not very recognizable, their pasta was more on cream than the pesto. Chicken breast was dry and not that tender. You have a choice of penne or fettuccine pasta or add 50 php if you want the pasta to be a ravioli. We opted for penne. Serving size was ok. 3 of us shared one order

For dessert, we ordered their crumble cheesecake with whip cream on the side and strawberry syrup drizzle on it. Their cheesecake was the soft and smooth cream type and not the fluffy cotton type. This was just ok for me. Nothing special.

Unexpectedly during our visit or the weekend we visited, they have a promo wherein between 11 to 1 pm all dishes you ordered will be 50% off. So from 900+ php we only paid 500+ php. We even got a free blue throw pillow. Lucky!

Service was good.

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Edwin I.
3.0 Stars

This visit at Chaplin was for coffee and dessert. We tried their Triple Chocolate Mousse and Apple Pie.

This visit, I must say that their Apple Pie was under-whelming. The crust tasted flat. The apple stuffing seemingly lacked tartness and cinnamon flavor.

We liked their Triple Chocolate Mousse. Not the best there is, but we enjoyed the mix of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate of this triple layered mousse dessert.

Their Americano coffee was good. Aromatic with nice strength and acidity. Went well with the Triple Chocolate Mousse.

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Kit t.
5.0 Stars

Cozy interiors and amazing comfort food! Loved their Chaplin Pizza and the Crushed Lemongrass Shake! Most everything we tried off the menu was great: salmon fillet, sloppy joe, dip platter and the (not too sweet) three chocolate mousse!

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Elmer R.
4.0 Stars

Strolling in this mall's rooftop, saw Chaplin, knew they serve some delicious Mediterranean dishes like this bourekas, a crusty phyllo sandwich filled with eggs, tomatoes and pesto sauce with a side salad.

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

Chaplin is new
Chaplin is ok
I ordered just a Pomodoro here and waited for 20 minutes. You have a choice of either fetuccini or penne. I chose the previous.

Voila. After waiting for a considerable time, presentation is ok. The red sauce looks orange actually, but then i just started to dig up.

Oh.. It looks like the pasta was sitting for a while already. The fetuccini was sticking with each other and there were parts that were hard... Just like a pasta that has been exposed to air.. And the pasta was not contuniuous.

The red sauce was just ok. It was hot. And that i assure was just poured right before it was served to me. But still.. Thr pasta has aged na.. Well, now i dont suggest you ordering pasta here,

The ambiance is comfy-classy. They have a fast wifi too.

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Gwen I.
3.0 Stars

"A giraffe's coffee will be cold by the time it reached the bottom of its throat. Ever think about that? No. You only think about yourself." - LOL! This is one of the funny quotes posted on their wall. It's funny and sarcastic. I like it. 128513

I went here last night to meet with a good friend over coffee. I ordered their Hazelnut Cappuccino for 180 pesos. The cup may seem big, but it's just small. I find it quite pricey.

The taste? It lacked that hazelnut flavor and it was served a bit lukewarm. I'm used to getting my coffee hot so I was quite disappointed.

I liked the place, though. There weren't many people there when we arrived around 8 PM. The servers were nice, too.

They also serve breakfast food, pasta, pizza, salads, sandwiches, a few selection of burgers, and desserts. They also serve alcohol.

I'll still probably go back to try their food. Still worth a try. 128522

PS: This is my 1st web review. So cool! Credits to my amazing colleagues. 128079

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Maureen S.
4.0 Stars

Century City Mall is a small one but packed with one-of-a-kind restaurants!
This time, Mark O and I decided to try Chaplin. We got carried away by the sweet talk of the receptionist/manager(?), who also told us that the place is owned by an Israeli.
Of course I got curious about what dishes we'll get to try!
We got Chaplin Pizza (the one in the picture), it has egg yolks on top that ooze out as you bite into them. The pizza was different in that regard but that was just about it. I think I just don't enjoy pizza as much anymore and this wasn't thin-crusted as well.
The next dish was grilled chicken with mashed potatoes. It was tasty and looked healthy too 128540 and because of this, we didn't feel guilty about the House Fries. This was the best among what we ordered. The potato wedges cum fries came dressed with sweet chili sauce and alfredo/cream.
For some reason, the receptionist/manager(?) gave us complimentary 3-layered chocolate cheesecake. It was ok for me but Mark loved it.
Will I come back? Yes! For the house fries 128514 and maybe to try their other dishes. I hope they put more choices into their mains as well.

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