Chateau Royale Sports & Country Club

Nasugbu, Batangas

Chateau Royale Sports & Country Club
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Karla Francesca G.
1.0 Stars

This weekend is labour day weekend. Our friends (9) decided we want to go on a trip together. From looking around, we finally decided to book at Chateau Royale. Given this holiday was a few weeks prebooked, we have looked forward to a relaxing and a destressing weekend vacay.. but it not.

Travel time: QC to Nasugbu. 4 hours. Travel time during holidays jack up so it was normal.

Arrival time: 12:30PM
Booked reservation: 2:00PM
Amenities that we expected: 2 rooms. Decent Airconditioning. Hot and cold water for bathing. Restaurant for dinner and a buffet breakfast the next day.

In reality here's what we got for paying 14k (overnight for 9 adults and 3 kids):
1. The check-in validation was 30 minutes. Still decent because we expected that they were packed for the holiday.
2. At 1PM, we finished our validation and waited for our booked room. At 2PM, we received our 1st room. The 2nd room was being prepared.
3. You have to ride their shuttle service to reach the rooms.
4. It was a hot Saturday afternoon so upon entering the room, we were all looking for the airconditioning unit. It wasn't working. We were calling the front desk but it was just ringing and no one was answering.
5. We drove back to the reception/front desk to complain. We have 3 kids (2 babies) complaining about humidity from a room with a busted a/c. We still have no 2nd room. It was 3PM.
6. We got our 2nd room at 330PM. The A/C was fixed just the same time.
7. Room locks weren't working. We had this fixed.
8. Water for both rooms were barely dripping. You have a heater that isn't working. We asked for a pail and dipper to make it useable. The toilet can't flush your fluids. So go figure.
9. We used the pool for 30minutes, we barely had the energy to play around. We got exhausted fixing the things to make it work at least. Come evening, we've been told that the wave pool is broken and can't be used for the next day.
10. Dinner time, by now you can feel our frustration. We wanted to just relax and have a good meal. We tried their floating restaurant. With all this mess, we've been told that the minimum waiting time is more than 1 hour. They only had 2 chefs available to work through the night. We ended up having dinner at Twin Lakes (Bagoong Club).
11. We kind of expected that the same service was going to happen for the buffet breakfast and we weren't spared. We anticipated that there will be a large group having breakfast so we decided to take ours early 8AM. Luckily, we got some rice, 1 cup of coffee, 2 glasses of iced tea, 10 plates, omelette, tuna, some adobo and beef tapa. Everyone at the buffet area was hoarding food thinking there's none left. Sadly this wad just a horrible morning to start our day. The saving grace was when we complained for the 2nd time around and someone went to organize their staff.

All in all, I cannot put all of our frustrations in this post. I can just imagine all other prebooked guests being overly disappointed with the lack lustered service. This is easily one of my worst holidays. I WONT COME BACK. I WONT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE NOT EVEN TO MY ENEMIES.

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Mister J.
1.0 Stars

An absolute nightmare.

We stayed here for a conference, our group was 8 pax in a suite with two beds and bath. From the main lobby, it's was about a kilometer and then some walk - about 15 minutes - to our room which was in another compound and across the road. The second time we had to go back to our room, the guards were very unaccommodating because the shuttles took forever to go around and we thought we could exit the place and take a jeepney/bus along the highway instead. They made us walk through the compound under the sun.

Speaking of sun, since we were a large contingent, we had to eat under the noon time sun. They set up canopies but we had already finished eating.

The buildings are old and have grim facades. The functional ones sit right beside the abandoned ones without any differentiating signs so we got lost. Check out the photos at how nasty the old ones are.

The existing ones aren't better by much. There's bird poop all over the kitchen and near the windows since there's no screen. There's a TV in the room without a power cord. NO SHOWER IN THE BATHROOM BUT THEY DONT EVEN GIVE YOU A PAIL AND DIPPER TO WASH YOURSELF WITH. THE FAUCET IS UNTIL MY KNEES. No bidet or hot water; toilet barely flushes. Hardly any data signal in the area.

Food is lousy, service is shit.

There's another review that's also just 1 11088️, and I wish I read that sooner before joining the summit. Huge disappointment.

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Jill B.
3.0 Stars

We had our National Conference here for 3 days but I stayed here for 4days. Since we arrived 1 day advance from the actual start of the conference, we have to order out food from their restaurant/cafe.

We had Carbonara, Meat Ball Spaghetti and Club house. Club house was great! But Meat Ball Spag was disappointing coz the meatballs were obviously frozen for a long time. Then Carbonara was okay. But lacks sauce.

Their Pineapple shake was great!! Very fresh and there's not much sugar at it.

The next day, The breakfast we had was okay. Serving was huge. They served us tapa & skinless plus fish on the side and egg. They use pampanga for the Skinless. The tapa was so hard but vinegar was great!

The rest of the food served during the 3-day conference was satisfying.

Will do a different review for the Accommodation. 128522

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Margot D.
4.0 Stars

Where you can find the biggest wave pool here in PH

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Jamielynne W.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Dexth L.
5.0 Stars

perfect for a short travel getaway

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Jennifer Lea U.
4.0 Stars

My friends and i wanted a quiet getaway so we can chat and update each other. Saw this resort thru metrodeal for p599 per pax per nyt with bfast( min 4 pax). But they were fully booked on a labor day weekend. So we opted to try booking directly, we were told the lig cabin was full but we can avail of the Gulod.
We got the gulod room for 4420 a nyt with addl 1000 for addl 2 pax. My dayghter, 7yo was free of charge.

Gulod, we discovered was a few walks away from the main resort. And there was a walking bridge since you have to cross the street. We were the only guests there, i think.

We loved the privacy and made used of the lap pool all to ourselves. The room was clean but ypu will feel that it wasn't used for some time. The room can accomodate all of us by adding one queen mattress with the existing queen bed. There' s a mini ref, elec stove, pots n pans if u want to cook. We had fun!

My daughter n i tried the playground n kiddie pool on d main resort. She enjoyed it!

Our accomodation comes with plated bfast at their floating restaurant. The experience was good since im with close friends. And it helped that my friend drives a car so we didnt nid to walk back n forth ( esp wen its nyt tym)

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Kitt D.
3.0 Stars

My BFF took me out for a date after buying vouchers from Metrodeal. We went to Chateau Royale for a day tour plus lunch for only 399. When we got there, there were no guests other than us. The staff were not that accommodating. The lobby has no lighting (kala ko nga brownout eh) and it seems rustic. Ayaw pa nga sana tanggapin yung voucher namin dahil late na daw, 2 pm na kasi. I almost had a B-fit.128548

Finally, after a few minutes of discussion, they offered us a seat in their cafeteria. They actually didn't have electricity!128545 So we ate outside, overlooking the pool area. They offered us some kind of chicken lollipop (I didn't know how it's actually called), plain rice and some side veggies. It's kinda dry, but due to my hunger, I finished everything except the veggies. The waiter was generous enough to give us complimentary desserts kasi daw nahiya siya sa'min. Hehe

The pool is clean! Of course I enjoyed it because we were the only ones swimming there. The lifeguard was keen in looking after us. Bottomline, we really had fun in the pool because we took fake drowning selfies. Crazy!128518 Shower and locker rooms, kinda creepy but not dirty.

Anyhow, I suggest they make the place livelier and more attractive. They should maintain their facilities and add more fun activities in their resort. It's such a waste if they will leave it sinking like that.128549 2.5 stars, between disliked and OK (Needs Improvement).

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Nin C.
1.0 Stars

Rip-off! Very disappointed and pissed. Their service is horrible. God. The receptionist is very unprofessional. Food, nvm. No room service. No wifi. Bad reception, for both cellphones and cable. And, if you get your reservation from an online deal, expect your Cabana/Family Room to be located at the farthest area as possible - Far from the lobby, activity areas, cafe. Some rooms didn't have their own telephone. Low-pressure water coming from the faucets and shower. Beds are STIFF because of the springs. Take note: no foams. Overall, WE HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE!! You'll get more pissed because their receptionists are friggin unprofessional.

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Angelica T.
5.0 Stars

This was a really impromptu decision we made for my dad's birthday. I love love love it here. The room that we got was their cheapest one which is for 3700 I think plus 500 for an additional person (only good for 2) but the room was really spacious you can even fit another double bed on it. The entire place is massive. They have a lot of things you can do here. Horseback riding, swimming, rock climbing, zip line and even fishing. The food in the veranda Cafe is also absolutely amazing. We had bulalo last night and sabaw palang busog na. A visit here will be super worth it!

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