Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant

110 Williams St. cor. Roxas Blvd., Pasay, Metro Manila

Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant
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Anj C.
4.0 Stars

If you’re into quality meat, Chateaubriand is one of the restaurants that offers premium meat in Brazilian churrasco style. It has been making waves on Social Media recently and I can see why as the sleek ambiance and scrumptious food truly deserves some attention.

Still on their soft opening, Chateaubriand aims to provide a sophisticated dining experience not just in style but also in taste. The menu is still kind of limited but I can fairly say that it was good in its state.

There’s Korean, Japanese, American food on the side that you can freely consume as well. My first attempt was the Japanese area where there’s some Sashimi, Maki, Tempura even cold cuts and Salads.

There’s some Pasta, Rice, Pizza and other viands available as well. The Pasta tasted good. It was al dente and the sauce, a little bit sour which I like. The Rice was perfect for any meat I’ve tried. But just a hack, you might want to skip these as the meat were generally good on it’s own. I suggest that you fill your belly with meats instead.

Now for the meat, there’s different kind of steak, lamb, chicken tandoori, sausages and even pineapple. What I liked that most were the Flank Steak and the Alcatra. Both tasted really really good. It was tasty already on their own. Other meats needed some sauces to have layers of flavors. I truly enjoyed the Chimichuri sauce all the more. You should make sure to try all the sauce as well to pair with your meat.

Flank Steak – One of the meat that I love. It was soft and tender. Flavored in garlic with some sauces.

Alcatra – one of the meat that I truly adored. It was juicy and tender and really scrumptious in every bite.

There are Bangers and Cheese Hungarian Sausages as well.

There’s pineapple with cinnamon served as well to cleanse the palate.

Make sure to give them a call and ask if your preferred meat is available.

Chateaubriand is a restaurant that I'd come back to because of it's modern and elegant ambiance and with the quality of meat they offer but it will still make me think if I really should be here or be in another buffet restaurant that has premium meat but not this expensive. It Also, some staff should be trained more to be courteous and be more friendlier. They should smile often, too.

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant is a new buffet restaurant in Metro Manila, serving unlimited Churrasco in a fine dining setup.

The restaurant has a gorgeous, neon glow from the outdoor bar that just wouldn't fail to impress you and tease you into taking a couple of shots.

The design on the inside speaks nothing but class and luxury despite its simplicity. The place is filled with huge chandeliers, and bottles of wine stacked in every corner of the room.

They offer everything basic you would look for in a buffet spread, like a make-your-own-salad bar, cold cuts and cheese station, mixed sushi, rolls, sashimi, and tempura at the Japanese station, and even desserts.

But all these are meant to serve only as appetizers, or side dishes for the highlight of the dining experience - the churrasco.

A churrasco is a term for grilled meat, and here at Chateaubriand, they serve at least 10 kinds of meats hot on your very table. And the beauty of it is you won't have to call a waiter, as they will come to you one at a time to offer each of the meats available.

All you have to do is let them know you're ready for the parade of meats by flipping the round object on the table (what I like to refer to as coaster LOL) from "no. thank you" to "yes. please"!

The restaurant offers at least 10 kinds of meat, each having their own flavor, texture, and side dishes (which I didn't include in the photos). What a time to be a carnivore, huh? Everything was delicious, especially their picanha and coconut based bbq ribs!

They also offer unlimited wine to complete the whole dining experience for an additional P499 per person.

I must say, I had such a wonderful dinner at Chateaubriand. Nothing beats getting to eat all the food you want, and having all the steak you can eat, being served by the friendliest wait staff who are all smiles as they go around the lovely restaurant serving churrasco to their valued customers.

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Jellybeans i.
4.0 Stars

Being a certified carnevore, I jumped at the chance to dine at the Chateaubriand Premium Steak Restaurant, braving rainy weather and the perennial traffic from Quezon City to Pasay.

I'm used to eating steaks and grilled meats in a more casual, even American West-style setting, so setting foot on Chateaubriand's walkway and stepping into its posh dining area was quite a novelty.  Nope, no cowboy hats adorn the walls nor down-home-type bric-a-bracs lie about.  Instead, opulent white chairs and tables are artfully arranged on the restaurant's elegant marble floors.

The focal point of the sprawling dining area may be the tastefully presented buffet spread.  This buffet is pretty extensive with over a hundred items, catering to almost any preference as it includes:
a classic salad station
"Create Your Ceasar Salad"
authentic Brazilian dishes
Continental cuisine
imported cheeses
fresh fruits
a chocolate fountain
international breads
various types of pastries and desserts

However, as the restaurant's PR representative Mikaela Mutuc tells it, the all the inclusions in the buffet actually are intended to serve as sides to grilled meats that the restaurant serves.
Well, true enough, the meats do take center stage and how!
The meats are all premium cuts, most of which are sourced from various countries, grilled and served churrasco style.  By flipping the medallions on your table, you signal the churrasco boys to bring their grilled meats and other grilled items in skewers straight from the churrascaria to your table and cut off a generous and juicy slice for you right before your eyes.  

These include:
Picanha (signature Brazilian rump cap) - the real star of the show, IMHO!
Alcatra (top sirloin seasoned with a rich soy glaze)
Garlic Steak (sirloin marinated with garlic and fresh herbs)
Linguica (classic pork sausage basted with garlic butter
Frango (chicken quarters marinated with lemon rosemary)
Presunto (tender ham leg with pineapple glaze)
Milho Assado (baby corn roasted with garlic butter)
Abacaxi (pineapple with cinnamon and brown sugar)
Caramelized Banana (bananas with cinnamon and brown sugar)
Roasted Mixed Vegetables
More grilled treats may be added to the dinner menu such as:
Chuleta (rib eye with mesquite crust)
Fraldinha (choice flank steak marinated in Brazilian spices)
Lombo (pork loin with a delicate herb marinade)
Carneira (boneless lamb leg with a minted oil rub) - another winner for me!
Bacon-wrapped chicken breast with peri-peri marinade)
Pescado (grilled marlin or tuna)

To add even more flavor to your meats, you can dip or slather them (up to you, really :-)) with any or all of these three sauces:
Salsa Rojo
Chateau Steak Sauce
Note: Other sauces and dips are available at the buffet but these are the essential ones.

You can wash down your meal with any or all of the three juices available: Honey Orange, Four Seasons and Strawberry Iced Tea.

The service staff are friendly and knowledgeable about the resto's offerings.  The churrasco boys, in particular, even give diners tips on how to better enjoy their selections and gamely display their grilled meats for food photos.  They are also quick to assist requests and queries.
Feasting on churrasco at the pre-Grand Opening rates below is actually a steal:
weekdays dinner: Php2,000 (Php1,600 within October 2018 at 20% discount) + 10% service charge
weekend lunch: Php2,000 (Php999 within October 2018 at 50% discount) +10% service charge
weekend dinner: P2,200 + 10% service charge
If you want some spirits to go with your meats, you can get some by the glass at Php300 per glass or treat yourself to Chateaubriand's wine buffet at Php599 + 10% service charge. Other alcoholic beverages and cocktails are also available.

Birthday celebrants also get to eat for free on the day of their birthday as long as they are accompanied by a full-paying adult, or on any other day of their birth month as long as they are accompanied by four full-paying adults.

While the churrasco-style dining may have casual roots, Chateaubriand's opulent surroundings and top-rate service staff make it a fine dining experience

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Unshakablefoodie L.
4.0 Stars

For so many weeks now that we're passing thru Roxas Boulevard, we always noticed this beautiful and extravagant Buffet establishment. Well, who wouldn't?!?
It is a fancy sit- down restaurant. It is a place youll dream of visiting one day. I am one of the most excited to come here.

This is indeed one of the classiest Resto I've been to. The Garden with communal tables and chairs look too fancy and cozy at the same time. It's too inviting and ideal for a place to impress a Date! Prepare 2k per head for Lunch & Dinner.

About the food, Side dishes, Japanese Sushi and Sashimi and Desserts or Salads are available at the Center aisle, buffet style.
Juice Drinks are on the side with choices of Pasta and Rice. Also it's where you'll find Wine bottles for unlimited offer. You have to add P599 for that though.

Desserts with different colors and textures are carefully placed and designed in the middle.

They serve unlimited Churrasco meat Brazil Brazil style with at least 10 kinds of variety meat. Churrasco Boys are there to circulate around the customers with Green signage on their table until the customer turns it Red which means to stop the meat serving temporarily.

Rib eye Steak
Boneless Lamb
Bacon wrapped Chicken breast
Bangers & Hungarian Sausage
Chicken Tandoori
Rib eye Steak
Flank Steak
Pork Loin
Boneless Lamb
Grilled Tuna
Pineapple with Cinnamon
Banana with brown sugar
Baby corn with garlic

FOOD 3.5/5

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Aira A.
4.0 Stars

Definitely a good choice for a date night. From the outside, you'll easily find the sophistication and lavishness of its interiors. The restaurant offers unlimited steak for 2000 per head during dinner time and 1800 per head during lunch time. Add 500 to include unlimited wine. Their meats are served churassco style ie servers will come to you with the meats on stick and slice it per your preference. Aside from the unlimited meats, they also have a number of cooked dishes like poached salmon, beef and lamb rice, pizza, pasta, sushi and maki. They also have a wide variety of cheese and cold cuts perfect to pair with the unlimited wine. There is also a salad station wherein the dressings and salad toppings has a lot of varieties. Even their desserts section is gastronomical. Everything looks delish. I was also impressed with their juice section as I can taste it's definitely real fruit juice and not powdered one.
Overall, I can sense the premium quality they put in their food and I am impressed by that. Ambiance is also posh, you'll really feel you're in an upscale restaurant. Definitely value for money for its price.

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Jacexperience V.
4.0 Stars

I had the opportunity to experience Churrasco eating again after many years when BRAZIL, BRAZIL!!! was still alive in Metrowalk.

Let's K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Simple)
- Beautiful and expansive garden area! The whole place outside is very instagrammable.- There's a waterfall too that would greet you outside.- I highly suggest for the garden area to be an event venue for small gatherings or even weddings! Very nice.- Yuuuuge (Imagine Trump's voice) and expansive first floor and second floor area!!!

 CHURRASCO RATES:P1800 - LunchP2,200 - DInner+ 10% S.C.
KIND OF MEAT THAT I LIKED:1. Pork Shoulder Butt2. Presunto (Honey Glazed Ham)3. Chicken Tanduri

- The MEAT offering here is the highlight of the experience- Buffet eating for inter-continental food offerings and desserts are available too which is part of what you pay for.- Wine is P300/glass + 10% SC. You can have the UNLI-WINE by paying P499. P200 nalang difference unli na eh!- They have different kinds of cheese! So if you are a cheese lover, you are in for a treat!

WHAT TO WORK ON:- Other meats that was served tasted ok. Just good enough. Hope they can work on the taste of the other meats that they served that I didn't mention above. Since the meats are the highlight of the whole experience so the taste must be elevated or exceptional given the price that they charge.

Aside from that, it is all good!
That's all folks!

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FoodventuresByFrapao T.
5.0 Stars

All-you-can-eat grilled steak at Chateaubriand!

Churrasco is the Brazilian’s version of our inihaw. Their grilling method involves a variety of meats cooked over a barbecue grill. Meats are stacked on metal skewers and roasted by a charcoal or wooden grill.

Chateaubriand is a new eat-all-you-can resto in Roxas Boulevard. The restaurant’s approach is a combination of fine dining and churrasco experience at the same time.

The resto has 4 separate areas. There’s a live band area, a bar outside where there are bean bags laid on the grass, a fine dining churrasco buffet area on the 1st floor, and a live concept kitchen area on the 2nd floor.

The interiors is filled with grandeur fixtures, marbled floorings, beautiful chandelier, large tables and aesthetic chairs. The ambience here is quiet, a bit on the high class and cozy.

We started our feast with their intercontinental buffet. They have a cold cuts station, japanese cuisine station, salad station, hot dish station, fruit and desserts station.

But the real highlight of our experience here is their different kinds of Churrasco.

First you have to turn the circle thing to its other side to let the wait staffs know you’re ready for your Churrasco Feast.

Alas! The Churrasco Feast begins.

These are some of the meats that we tried.

Hoisin marinade beef sirloin
Peach mango chicken
Mango chicken
Coconut based bbq spareribs
Tandoori Chicken

All were good, fresh meats from the grill, smokey and full of flavor.

So if you want to experience a Churrasco feast and a fine dining in one, better not miss dining here at Chateaubriand!

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