Chef Bruce Lim's Rustique Kitchen

820 Pasay Rd., Makati, Metro Manila

Chef Bruce Lim's Rustique Kitchen
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Most Recent Reviews

Julienne Y.
5.0 Stars

Love coming here. It's low key, quiet, comfortable and the food is delicious.

We always order:
1) Tuna Nicoise Salad P325
2) kare kare (off the menu)
3) spicy shrimp pasta P370

They changed most of their menu from Filipino to American and this is my first time back since the change. But thankfully our favorites are still there.

Service is terrific and they treat people well. More people need to come check this place out.

  • No. of Comments: 9
Dell C.
2.0 Stars

This is my second time to try dining here since the first attempt failed due to the reason that the whole place is reserved for a function. So I am really assuming that the place is offering really good food.

Sad to say, we are the only customer during this visit on a Saturday night (so the staffs are really all out on us which is good) but the food is a big fail. I ordered their Steak Pasta and the steak is not juicy tender but rather dry and a little tough. The pasta is cooked al dente but the sauce is quite bland that I have to add more parmesan cheese. Also ordered their four cheese pizza and it is also disappointingly thin and not even crunchy and more like 2 cheeses and not 4.

I thought of giving it another shot and try their other disha just to make sure that I am not mistaken with my experience with this renowned Chef's resto.

  • No. of Comments: 6
Daffodil C.
4.0 Stars

Really enjoyed the Kare-kare and Quesong Puti Cheesecake (not too sweet). Also ordered Bruschetta w/ Foie Gras and Jam (no photo).128522

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Macy T.
4.0 Stars

3 Bistro Steak Sandwiches
1 French Onion Soup
2 Coffees
PHP 1100 (w/o coffee)
~ PHP 1500

PHP 1,500 for quality food, service, and ambiance - great in my book.

This place is highly versatile. I can imagine having a romantic dinner here, taking a client to a meeting here, having a nice dinner with the family, or bonding with your girl friends for a fancy dinner out. 

They maximised the space quite well - and I always appreciate being able to see into the kitchen. It was a nice touch to see all the chefs/sous chefs/cooks behind the counter were also bald. It reminded me of how Max Brenner runs his kitchen.

The service was good - I suggest for the servers to have a little bit more confidence, though. They seemed a little bit reserved and shy when talking to us to the point they were almost whispering. But they were good nonetheless.

I catch a lot of little things when I’m dining - details that either ruin the meal or make it. This particular one, made it. We asked for the French Onion Soup to be separated into two bowls. I was expecting for them to merely transfer half onto a regular bowl. They came back with a whole new presentation, smaller bowls that fit half the soup perfectly. The presentation was just like I ordered two soups. I appreciated that.

Rustique Kitchen gets a 4 because I left happy and incredibly full. Definitely going to come back for this dining experience. I hope it’s as good or better the next times around.

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Marie H.
4.0 Stars

We were looking for some place new to dine at and I remember reading somewhere that La Regalade had been replaced by one of Chef Bruce's restaurants.

We were more curious than hungry so we ordered just the caesar salad and prawn salad (for my dad), the foie gras and jam bruschetta (for me), and the beef steak pasta which was recommended by other loolooers. I didn't really care much for the salads. The beef steak pasta had a citrusy sauce which helped cut through the creaminess of the sauce, although our party of 3 still couldn't finish it. I however loved the foie gras bruschetta with mango jam, hence the 4 stars.

This happened a few weeks back, so my recollection of our dinner is a bit hazy. I do remember that we were seated beside a table where the men were watching a Gilas game on an iPad and they would shout whenever our team would score. Now this probably won't win me any popularity contest, but I think that their behavior was inappropriate and inconsiderate. The place looked a bit more formal than TGIFriday's. I wouldn't have minded so much if they weren't making such a ruckus. I was half-hoping that the manager or the chef would have asked them to exert some effort not to disturb the other patrons. Anyway, Gilas lost that night. It was fairly easy to deduce because they eventually stopped screaming at the iPad without any fanfare.

  • No. of Comments: 3
Carla G.
5.0 Stars

I am getting hunger and craving pangs as I write this review. That's how much I enjoyed Chef Bruce Lim's Rustique Kitchen and how I absolutely can't wait to visit again and sample more of his masterpieces.

For starters, we got:

Bruschetta with Foie Gras and Jam (Crisp crusty bread topped with mango jam and seared foie gras, P450).
Rating: Excellent 1108811088110881108811088
I have no words for how good this was. But let me try anyhow. The foie gras was creamy and delicate, melting in your mouth as soon as you take a bite. I know some squeamish people don’t even try it upon learning that it’s goose/duck liver even if the dish is considered upscale, but I dare anyone who’s not too fond of foie gras to try this, and I’m willing to bet they’d change their mind! Now I’m no foie gras expert (I couldn’t even tell whether this was duck or goose liver, or whether this was bloc or entier). All I know was I enjoyed every square centimetre of the foie gras. The silken richness of the foie gras also blended perfectly with the sweet and sour taste of the mango jam and the asparagus, providing a balance that ensures there will be no umay factor. I’m so impressed not just by how divine this tasted, but by how they managed to keep it at an affordable pricing point. I would definitely recommend this.

Ceasar Salad (Char-grilled romaine lettuce dressed with roasted garlic-enriched caesar dressing, oven-roasted cherry tomatoes and queso de bola shavings, P225)
Rating: Very Good 11088110881108811088
It’s hard to mess up a classic salad like this as long as you serve the vegetables fresh and crispy, which they did in this case. At Rustique Kitchen, they promise to add some twist in classic Continental and Filipino dishes and they delivered by adding queso de belo shavings to a classic appetizer. Now I absolutely love queso de bola, so this salad was a winner for me.

Prawn Salad (Seared prawns with green papaya and fried monggo with salad dressed in dayap vinaigrette, P350)
Rating: Excellent 1108811088110881108811088
My friend was craving for prawn salad so she got this. I didn’t get to try this as my friend finished this salad in a matter of minutes. She was raving in between forkfuls so I take that as a very good sign. She said the salad tasted so “clean, fresh, and healthy.” I didn’t even dare interrupt her for a food porn photo because she was thoroughly enjoying the dish. Even if I didn’t get to try this appetizer, I got to enjoy how this was served. The waiter tossed the salad in front of my friend and served it on her plate. Plus points for presentation! Not only that, I find the mix of traditionally Filipino ingredients very interesting–green papaya, fried monggo, and dayap vinaigrette.

Complimentary Bread Basket
Rating: Very Good 11088110881108811088
Free appetizer is always welcome, especially if it’s super delicious like this one. The herbed butter which the complimentary bread came with was very good, but what really stood out was the very unique Coffee Maple Butter. I liked it so much I had to ask the waiter what it was, who readily explained it to me.

We were a group of seven and we decided to order two pasta dishes and three mains.

Sizzling Ox-Tail Kare-Kare (Ox-tail simmered in peanut sauce served with fried rice cakes, P595). 1108811088110881108811088
Rating: Excellent
We were quick to ask Chef Bruce who came over to say hi what their bestseller was and without batting an eyelash, he recommended this. We immediately knew why it was the bestseller because it was probably one of the best kare-kare dishes I’ve ever tasted. No gamey taste, no trace of too much fat or sebo at all (which often happens with kare-kare, especially when it has slightly cooled). The meat was tender and falling off the bone. The vegetables were perfectly cooked and generously included. I could’ve eaten this dish without the usual bagoong (shrimp paste) because it was good enough by itself, but the twist was in the sauce/dip paired with it, so it was not to be missed. Instead of the typical bagoong, the kare-kare was paired with ox tripe salad mixed in bagoong. This was a very impressive twist. The salad can even be a dish on its own, but of course the two worked perfectly together as well.

Beef Steak Pasta (Grilled steak with spaghetti tossed in a creamy citrus sauce topped with caramelized onions and fried shallots served with sauteed mushrooms, P395).
Rating: Excellent 1108811088110881108811088
This was another table favorite. In fact, we ordered two of these. This was a bestseller from Chef Bruce Lim’s earlier restaurants and my boyfriend who was a huge fan of this was more than delighted to see it reincarnated in Rustique Kitchen’s menu. I too only had praises for this pasta dish. For me, it didn’t taste like the pinoy beef steak (bistek as we’d call it). It was like the traditional medium-rare steak you’d find at posh steak restaurants. I liked that it was juicy and still pinkish, not the usual soy sauce-colored beaf steak. Also being a lover of everything onion, I gushed at how the caramelized onions worked really well with the steak and pasta dish. I liked the tangy, citrusy taste I noticed when eating the onion rings (probably from the batter?). The fusions of flavors, even if they seemed a little strange to me, just all worked out perfectly. I found this dish really creative and delicious.

Duck Confit with Kalabasa Cream Sauce (Cured duck slowly cooked until tender baked until crispy served with Kalabasa cream and potato pave, P695)
Rating: Very Good 11088110881108811088
Despite being an adventurous diner, I’m not particularly fond of duck. My experience with duck has always been on either side of extremes–either really good fine dining-type, exquisite duck or really bad, gamy, yucky-tasting bird. I’m happy to report that this was a great duck experience. The skin was crispy, but the meat was so beautifully tender. The kalabasa (squash) cream sauce gave it an interesting twist, complementing the already flavourful cured duck. I also love asparagus, so the siding, which included potatoes, carrots, and asparagus, was a welcome treat.

Country Style Braised Pork (Humba style pork belly served with sauteed mustasa and chicken rice, P295). 110881108811088
Rating: Very Good
My friend wanted humba so she ordered this. I was already getting too full from the kare-kare and pasta dishes that I didn’t get to sample this, but judging from how it was quickly finished and completely wiped out, I’m assuming that they liked it. My friend Jamie S observed though that it needed more twist to differentiate it from the typical humba.

It was a Friday night, so in lieu of desserts, we decided to get cocktails (plus we expected to be so stuffed with the dinner itself). A quick scan of the bar list reveals that all the cocktails are priced under 200. Again, this was a really pleasant surprise considering how upscale the whole place felt.

These two cocktail drinks were absolute superstars and worth coming back for:

Carnival (Ripe mango, orange, beet syrup, soda water, popcorn, P165).
Rating: Excellent 1108811088110881108811088
This was so fun to drink. The fun began with us wondering what the popcorn was for (The carnival theme didn’t immediately sink in). After a quick brainstorming, we decided that the right way to drink it was to put a small popcorn piece in your mouth then take a gulp. We didn’t get the explosion we were half expecting (and slightly afraid of), but it worked! The drink and the popcorn created a sweet and citrusy blend. When Chef Bruce walked by our table, we brazenly asked what the popcorn was for and he explained that it was in keeping with the carnival theme. He did say we drank it the right way so we gave ourselves a pat on the back.

Femme Fatale (Ripe mangoes, lemongrass, fundador brandy, absolute vodka, jose cuervo tequila, bombay gin, P175).
Rating: Excellent 1108811088110881108811088
Chef Bruce Lim suggested this when my boyfriend asked for his recommendation on cocktails and we totally get why. This was pretty strong, but you wouldn’t even notice because it was so delicious. I loved the taste created by mixing mangoes and lemongrass. This one’s a creeper, as Chef Bruce said. How did we know that? We were slightly buzzed toward the end of our dinner date, and we were pretty sure it wasn’t the Carnival.

Did I enjoy our Rustique Kitchen experience? To say yes would be an understatement. I was already planning my next visit even before we were out the door!

Here’s a summary of how I’d rate Chef Bruce Lim’s Rustique Kitchen

Taste: Excellent. 1108811088110881108811088
I loved everything. Everything I sampled. Not a complaint on a single dish. I loved the creativity in fusing flavours and using new ingredients in traditional dishes to make what used to be so familiar more exciting.

Presentation: Very Good. 11088110881108811088
The presentation of all the dishes gave them a “fine dining feel.” They were all fancy looking. Even the rice was very creatively served! The only reason this is not “Excellent” was because we missed the sizzling bit in the Sizzling Kare-Kare. :)

Pricing: Excellent. 1108811088110881108811088
I still can’t believe we paid only about 500 pesos each after everything we ate. I’m completely amazed by how they keep the pricing affordable even if everything feels upscale and high-quality. I would gladly pay more for the foie gras appetizer for one.

Service: Excellent. 1108811088110881108811088
Service was fast and efficient, but warm and friendly. Chef Bruce Lim himself went over our table a few times to say hello and check on how our food was. He even obliged when we asked for a group photo. The waiters were very attentive, even opening soda cans and pouring it in our glasses for us and tossing the salad and serving it on our plates. They were also knowledgeable on their menu and specialties.

Ambience: Excellent. 1108811088110881108811088
The place was huge. Tables were spread out so it felt quiet and relaxing. You couldn’t hear the chatter at the next table. Interiors were classic and elegant. You’d see wooden chairs, long marble tables, classy lighting fixtures, and a classic bar straight out of black-and-white Hollywood films. Diners can entertain themselves too with the open kitchen, where you’d see several bald men skilfully crafting the dishes (all-kalbo kitchen staff is a trademark of Chef Bruce Lim to keep the kitchen and food clean and hair-free). But while it feels upscale, the welcoming staff makes you feel comfy and at home.

I haven’t had a favorite Continental/Filipino restaurant in a while, so I’m very happy to have tried Rustique Kitchen. As long as they keep up the good work, my fearless forecast is this restaurant will be thriving for a very long time.

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Jamie S.
3.0 Stars

The food is good, the place is cozy. Recommended for friends who want to have long talks over good food and service. Price is reasonable as well.

I tried:
(1) Bruschetta with Foie Gras and Jam - yummy and flavorful because of the mango jam. Best for sharing.

(2) Beef Steak Pasta - a returnee from Chef Table's menu so no surprise here.

(3) Country Style Braised Pork - comfort food for Filipinos but maybe it's just me, I expected a little twist for this dish.

Also tried other dishes but I was already too full to appreciate them. 127860

  • No. of Comments: 4
Monique A.
3.0 Stars

Revamping Cojuangco’s old French restaurant and infusing Filipino comfort food into its menu.. concept by chef Bruce lim. It’s familiar flavors with a twist, both Filipino and international favorites. Its menu includes such Filipino comfort dishes as Tortang Talong and Sizzling Oxtail Kare-Kare and desserts like Signature Buko Pie and Quesong Puti Cheesecake, as well as international selections such as French Onion Soup and Crab bisque.

The restaurant is lovely. It's elegant and comfortable at the same time.

Speaking of my meal...lamb rack crusted with pili nuts,is a classic favorite given a Filipino twist roasted to medium, served with roasted garlic jus ...They were tender, and not overly "gamey." Just beautiful, big serving , good for sharing @995

Service :110881108811088
Servers are friendly and knowledgeable of their menu

  • No. of Comments: 8