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Scy L.
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Lil' Mymy Cupcakes (Dagupan)

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It was a rainy night and I felt eating the chicken fillet of Magbowl shawarma. There were tons of people so I had to wait for my order. I then noticed the bakeshop/cafe called Chef Distrito, across the street and remembered I wanted to visit it. So I did!

It was then I saw these lil' cute cakes! These caught my eye I entered the place. They had various kinds to choose from. Honestly, I want to buy them all, but I only brought a few bucks with me, so I was torn to choose 4 pieces. That's the minimum you can buy in a box.

By the way, Lil Mymy cupcakes are made by the owner's wife. Chef Distrito is the cafe and Lil Mymy's sweets is on display by the counter. Just in case you were wondering where to find it.

Now let us take a look at these pretties!

I am so excited to try them all, if only I can eat them at once. I don't have a sweet tooth but cakes and cupcakes are one of my weaknesses.

The next morning, I started out with the mini S'mores cupcake and Pistachio and cream cheese mini cake.

I love the S'mores so much. The icing was probably made from or like melted mallows, torched on the top to have that slightly burnt taste that marshmallows have on an open fire. It was topped with a bar cut of Hershey's Milk Chocolate. The chocolate chiffon was super moist and not sickeningly sweet at all. The cake alone would suffice. The toppings are just a bonus.

S'mores (Chocolate) Cupcake

Up next, the Pistachio cream cheese mini cake. They have various cheesecakes to choose from too. But I wanted something different than the typical blueberry or strawberry so I went for Pistachio.

Pistachio Mini Cheesecake

This one I didn't like. I mean, I know we cut corners by using gelatin to increase the volume of cream cheese but this was too much gelatin. If they didn't use gelatin, my bad, but it did feel gelatinous. I didn't like that. Plus, the pistachio didn't go well with it. I bake too, so yeah I know what I am talking about. I love to cook as much as I love to eat. Well, not a fan of this one, that's for sure.

The same day, I was working late at home finishing up a few projects and I wanted a snack with coffee, or maybe some wine. Then I remembered I still had two cupcakes and these had alcohol in them, and I can eat them with coffee! What do you know!

I first took out the Black Forest cupcake. Technically, black forest should have rum in it. Some people don't do that anymore and just replace it with cherry liquor or concentrate. I don't know if this has any of those. I couldn't really taste the rum there, but there is a bittersweet taste that I love. The cupcake is also moist like the S'mores. I suspect they have the same base. The icing was nice and almost have a chewy feel to it. The cherry on top seals the deal!

Black Forest Cupcake

The last but not the least because I reserved it, because I like eating what I love last (anyone does that too? Like saving the chicken skin for last?). The Jack Black. I like the funny name. The cupcake was darker than the others, and you can smell a hint of Jack Daniels in the moist chiffon. So moist, so good. If I were to have a party I would definitely order these! Hmm, sound like a dark alcohol rich party with sparkling chandelier lights.

Black Jack (Daniels) Cupcake

So anyway, there you have it. Next time I am in the area, I would go and buy the other flavors. Would want to try them all!


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