Chef Paul's

Visayas Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Chef Paul's
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Nate P.
4.0 Stars

Chef Pauls boasts it's chill music theme with kooky waffle combinations to create a chill hangout for friends and family. Located across from Yellow Cab Visayas, Chef Paul offers a chill and laid back dining experience.

This is my squad's hangout area where we go to catch up over some waffles and nachos on the side. The establishment is owned by a humble family and you can see their dedication for not only food, but also music. The place is decked out with musical instruments, vinyl records, and murals of famous filipino bands. Though I am not big into the opm scene, there was something nostalgic about it.

I have ordered an assortment of waffles, pastas, drinks, and deserts from the area. I can say that I do have a liking for the spam waffles (their menus are food wordplay with bands and music, just something cute and creative), but the meals aren't anything outstandish. The prices for some waffles are a bit steep as well. Their desserts and drinks do deliver, but I don't have a particular taste for the nachos.

For me, Chef Pauls will always he a cool hangout with my friends. I'm paying more for the food and actually lean more on the atmosphere and oh so nostalgic feeling with the music and friends.

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Kem G.
4.0 Stars

Chefs and crews are bruskos and maskulados, they have live band during fridays, view is nice, place is a bit cozy and food is good.

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April H.
2.0 Stars

Forgot to review this place a while back...

I read about this place online and I loved the concept... Waffles incorporated to almost all of their dishes... Waffle burgers and waffles with pasta? Seems cool, right? Thus, I invited two friends to join me over coffee and waffles...

I used google maps to look for the place, since I was kinda unfamiliar... The map was inaccurate, so we got lost along Visayas Ave a couple of times... I finally found their number online and asked for directions. The girl who answered the phone was pretty rude... I informed her that the restaurant was incorrectly placed in google maps. She told me that I may not have understood the directions... I'm sorry, I know how to use a simple map and I'm familiar with Visayas Ave, thank you very much... My friend who has lived in Road 8 all her life, a road perpendicular to Visayas Ave, was likewise insulted. Attitude much, $&@# (rhymes with witch)? I'm helping her out na nga by telling her that the directions were wrong... INIS! Part of me didn't want to proceed anymore but curiosity (and admittedly, hunger) got the better of me...

Found the place immediately after being given the correct directions... The place was on the second floor... I thought it felt half baked, kulang sa commitment... It was music inspired, decked out with old song hits pages on the walls, records hung from the ceiling, napkin holders were made from cassette tapes taped together, guitars were also there that customers can play... But it felt kind of bare and a bit too trying hard... And a little too tribute to the Eraserheads for me, making me wonder if one if them owned the place... Some of their chairs were broken, limiting our seating options (I was wearing a short skirt, so demure effect)... There was seating on the floor, several tables and a nook by the window... We chose a table with mismatched seats... The staff (the girl wasn't there when we came in, I swear pasalamat sya about that) were nice naman, still getting their bearings as the place was still relatively new when we visited. We ordered the strawberry cream cheese waffle, Nutella almond waffle and a Kalookie monster-- your choice of Kalookie variant with ice cream... We also ordered coffee- I ended up trying the iced Dark mocha hazelnut coffee...

Our reactions?


The waffles were nothing special and a bit expensive for the product--around P100-110 per waffle... The servings were also a bit small... The thing we liked most was the Kalookie topped with ice cream... But then again, you can buy these in Trinoma and add a scoop of ice cream at home. The coffee I tried was, to be straightforward, not good. I brew and make a better cup and that's without the use of Torani flavoring... Maybe the milkshakes and pastas or waffle burgers are better options in this place... But my friend, who lives near this resto, already came back to this establishment with her sister... She said the food wasn't worth what she paid for. I guess it's a resounding NO for us...

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Gian Carlo B.
4.0 Stars

The place is great and the food is unique. Waffle burger is recommended.

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