Chef Samurai

Sampson Rd. cor. Raymundo St., Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales

Chef Samurai
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Most Recent Reviews

Sandra Y.
5.0 Stars

Quality time in Subic. R & R, also meant good food 🥘 For lunch, we quickly decided to visit once again our favorite Japanese resto whenever in SBMA, Chef Samurai!

We ordered:

🥢Chef Samurai’s special aburi rolls. Not only I was impressed with rice rolled in unagi and skewered with mango and shrimps, but consistency of taste remains. Its still so good! Flavorful sauce 128522

🥢Seafood sampler, served in a plate with fresh goodies: salmon, tuna, mackarel, cuttle fish and uni ♥️ how was that? All of it are fresh.. yes! Coz we’re in Subic, where seafood is abundant.

This resto is still good and still highly recommended. Clean ambiance, good service and of course, quality food.

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Alfred G.
3.0 Stars

Maki rolls are good... the beef was not tender (rubbery) ... service was quite bad

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Sandra Y.
5.0 Stars

Satisfying moment once again Chef Samurai last Saturday. This place is worth visiting whenever you're in Subic. It was a hearty lunch , we had;

128076🏼Wagyu Skewers are like M&M's, it really melts in your mouth. 2 sticks for P270. Reasonable price!

128076🏼Dynamite Rolls (10 pcs), -the crunch on to is great.

128076🏼Agedashi Tofu- served hot! Topped with nori slices. This is a must try! Tofu perfectly cooked

128076🏼Salmon belly tepan- crispy golden brown salmon belly served with veggies.

128076🏼Salmon Sashimi- need I say more? 6 slices 10084

Verdict: Superb, generous serving. We live everything that we ordered. Highly recommended128076🏼128076🏼128076🏼128076🏼

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

The boyfriend and I just love Japanese food so we went Japanese for date night. Thanks to Jayson J's and Sandra Y's reviews of this place that we got convinced. Again this was from our Subic trip last May. 128569

We loved everything we ate here! We wiped out our plates, and as you can see we ordered a looooot of food! 128569

We started our meal with their Spicy Tuna Salad. Their version of the popular Japanese appetizer was absolutely delicious! Not too spicy and the tuna tasted really fresh! 128571

We ordered two types of their makis, sadly I forgot the names already but both were excellent! The sauces they used were to die for, you didn't even need to make a soy-wasabi dipping sauce anymore. 128568

J had the Katsudon which was great too. Very tasty, and they did not scrimp on the meat. There was a nice balance between the meat and rice. For me, I ordered their Salmon Belly Teppan and a cup of their Seafood Chahan. OMG ansarap! The salmon belly was super tender and seasoned perfectly and the rice was packed with so much flavor! 128571

Everything we had was amazing! Serving sizes were not that bad either, we were full to the brim and paid just the right amount. Plus they don't have service charge here and no tax so hurray! 128570

I look forward to coming back to this awesome place! 128571128571128571

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

This is the small and humble Japanese restaurant just beside hotshots. Right where my next stop is after my hotshots visit. It was already around 10pm when i finish eating at hotshots and i asked chef samurai what time they close, they told me 10:30pm. Good. I have a few more minutes; since i would not be ordering much and i still see a lot of people still eating and since i don't go to subic too often, i really did push the order.

I had a mixed samurai sushi. (Php350)
I really did not expect it to be big pieces, but then it surprised me that the sushi were bigger than i expected.
My order has five kinds of sushi namely:

Ebi 鰕 127844 or shrimp with shredded radish on top. It was not raw since i was not getting a sashimi. And it was also sweet. Which it should be properly called as amaebi. (Sweet shrimp) the japanese rice were prepared with vinegar and stuff.

Maguro 鮪 127843 or tuna. On top of this were freshly chopped 玉葱 or green onions. This tuna among all the sushi i say is raw, good thing there's the wasabi to go with it. So it's also fresh and the rice was great tasting.

Tamago and kani 卵と蟹 🦀 127859 or the egg and crab. The egg was sweet and the crab stick was glazed with some kind of similar Japanese mayonaise. I can say this is not the freshest. Cause we all know that the tamago and kani could have been days sitting in the fridge.

Unagi 鰻 or eel this is again semi cooked and is glazed by some kind of teriyaki and then sprinkled with sesame seeds. Really good. But really am not so fond of eels. Maybe because i remember one time i ate eel and had a hard time deboning it. Good thing the eel was thinly sliced, no bones at all.

Shake 鮭 or salmon. The plainest of them all. No toppings or anything. Just semi cooked. However i still loved it. Really good to go with the vinegar rice.

Red ginger for palate cleanser!

I also grabbed the opportunity to get a cold 酒 or sake 127862 (really loving those emojis) i really plan just to have a shot that would cost be php150 but then i asked they ran out of sakes which can have shot as order; so therefore i just ordered a 300 ml sake called nihonsakari 日本盛. They also have description of the sake. It's in the middle of light and heavy and near the sweet type rather than the bitter type of sake. It costed me php300. You could have it cold or hot, as to my liking, i chose cold.

I smiled when i saw the odd looking flask served with a whole inside to keep my sake cold. Look at the pic how cool it is!
And my one shot became seven shots! 128561 imagine how i drank it all with just the remaining time i had. I immediately took all those seven shots and hurriedly went back to the hotel before i get dizzy. 128518 well. The sake was smooth and sweet. So no problem in drinking it straight.

While waiting for the orders to come out, i did enjoy the small woody semi bright ambiance. The servers were still very nice and accommodating even though its nearing their closing. I have not seen any comfort rooms around though i might be wrong since i did not have much time to go around.

True enough i was already in my room when it hit me. Hehe. And yep. I got asleep after posting IG pics. And i kinda had a dream about sadako that night pero carry lang. Haha.

I do like to recommend this place if you are around since it's the only branch in the world (yet).


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Ginny B.
5.0 Stars

Wanted spicy tuna maki but was told that tuna was unavailble so they made one with salmon instead. Was bummed out at first, but mahn! The moment i took my first bite.. HOT DAAMMN!! It. Was. Glorious. The salmon was coated with some sort of spicy mayo that had the right amount of kick! 128293 It was SO damn good. Paired it with a few pieces of their huge ebi tempura and my life was all good.

Hoping they open a branch in Manila, after all, it's owned by the same people behind Kettle and Tender Bob's! 127843127857127836

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Sandra Y.
5.0 Stars

Last Friday, @ Subic, I felt like having Japanese dinner.. One thing in mind are the posters we saw during lunch time: Chef Samurai 128161(lightbulb)

I have no idea with this place & its a first. When we arrived, place is almost full, mostly families having dinner. The resto reminds me of Ikkoryu..

Aside from the menu we are also handed a tablet for the new menu listing. We had wagyu skewers, soft shell crab salad, spicy tuna maki, tuna sashimi (favorite!) and unagi cream cheese maki. All of it are good than I expected.

The new one for my taste bud, is the unagi.. The presentation of the food and creamy taste makes it special, it is served with shrimp & mango , a must try128077. While wagyu skewers make me say "it melts in your mouth".. I love it! Cant relinquish the memory 128540 the soft shell crab is also good, the veggies & dressing complements with the crab. Spicy tuna maki is ok, but since we have the unagi.. I have to give it up.. Hihi!

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Jennifer N.
4.0 Stars

We were craving for Japanese food for lunch on our way back to Manila from Bataan, and happened upon this place. We weren't disappointed! I ordered the spicy tuna maki (php215) which was a pretty hefty serving for the price. The tuna bits were of decent size (unlike some Japanese places that charge a lot but you can barely see the tuna) and overall the sushi was quite good. My friend ordered the same, but requested an extra kick (i.e., more spicy) which the restaurant nailed. Plus points for them (and mental note to self, ask for an extra kick for my own order next time).

Definitely going back here for more sushi if I'm in the area.

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Ian P.
3.0 Stars

Are here with the in laws for pre New Years dinner. In laws were craving Japanese so I turned to looloo for suggestions.
It was either Sakura or or this one but one user said cheap Japanese food. "Cheap" is a strong word for my father in law so this restaurant won already!
We ordered kani salad, seaweed salad, a sashimi set, miso soup, uni tempura, dynamite roll and a few other stuff
Food was alright. Sashimi a were fresh but I wasn't able to try it. Miso soup was good. Over all a very good Japanese restaurant. Not my favorite tho.

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Jeric D.
5.0 Stars

Reasonable price that will satisfy your Japanese food cravings here in subic 128523

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Kunie G.
4.0 Stars

Fresh salmon sashimi! I enjoyed it very much. I also liked their chashu ramen, its a mix of cold noodles and vegetables with sesame sauce. It was quite simple but hefty nonetheless.

I also liked the interior of the restaurant and the whole ambience. Service was also great.

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