Chef's Bistro

94 Sct. Gandia St. cor. Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Chef's Bistro
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DarkstarM D.
3.0 Stars

This was free food from a Wednesday conference in transplant and vascular surgery department of NKTI. The food was okay but I'm very specific about fried rice, it was not that good. For the tapa, still nothing beats Maty's. That's my standard when it comes to tapa so this one is just xoxo. I don't have any idea about its price but it can be used as snack only and not as main meal since they have small serving.

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Geli B.
5.0 Stars

Nice place to chill and catch up with friends and to have a meeting..

Foods is a bit pricey for students.
They have half & half pizza for 550.
They also have pasta sandwiches ..
Wine are a bit expensive .

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Charmaine A.
2.0 Stars

I have coupons for this restaurant so we looked for it last Sunday. We were coming from the scouts area near Edsa going to Tomas Morato. We were cruising along Sct. Gandia but we missed the place because the signage would only be visible if you were coming from Morato. Bummer.

The place is a bit small, though I can imagine how it can get cozy on rainy days with a cup of coffee, which I haven't tried.

My first visit entitled me to a free pizza Margherita. It was good! The crust is soooo thin and crispy it's almost like a biscuit. The toppings are the usual you'd have on a margherita but I like Shakey's better.

The pasta we got was not delicious. It had salted egg, fish, and pesto sauce. It was dry and bland I think my friend has a better concoction.

Overall the place is ok. The food isn't something I'd go mmmm for on the first bite. And with a price range of 250-500/item, I might have to look for other places to spend my next Sunday night in.

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Jorge J.
5.0 Stars

food is fab, superb service provision, squeaky clean restroom.

i have yet to taste their mojito later :)))

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Patrick B.
2.0 Stars

I ordered a very simple dish... Chicken tenders... For such a simple dish, I didn't expect to wait for ~15 minutes.

Worse, this food is so expensive. It costs PhP340. The serving's small and tasted bland. BK's chicken tender's way better and cheaper.

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2.0 Stars

I won't even bother editing this photo.

Man, this place is a rip-off. Sky high prices for mediocre food. P380 for a daing na bangus meal that tastes like it was marinated in Knorr? Ugh. I'm still groggy from all the MSG.

The original sisig was okay but stay away from the special unless you like sisig drowning in mayo. Oh and everything I ate at this place was WAAAAY too salty.

Oh, and the menu is wack. Even the posters on the wall advertise the wrong prices. OH! And their prices aren't VAT-inclusive (someone told me that junk is illegal). How do they tell you? A piece of masking tape on the menu that says "Add 12% Vat"

Dino S and other frequent Tomas Morato patrons- Iwas kayo dito.

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Erick B.
2.0 Stars

I got the porkloin. Basically it's like porkchop with some ground rosemary leaves on it. It also comes with pasta that has cream sauce with lots of bacon bits in it spread on the side of the chop. It was okay. Nothing special. But what I disliked about it is the expensive price. The dish does not justify its P450 price tag. The place doesn't look like an expensive, classy resto too to charge you with that amount.

Other dishes we got like the bangus belly were salty too. MSG salty.

Not coming back, sorry.

EDIT: Now that sucks. My 100th review's a 2-star one.

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Roegan T.
3.0 Stars

Typical bistro/bar in morato. The place can only accommodate a few people.

They have a small section where I think acoustic bands play.

They were playing Champ's songs when we went here. 128556

So we asked to change the music because it was too early to get emotional. They changed it to party party music. Haha! Not appropriate for lunch, but hey, still better than emo songs in the afternoon. Haha!

Their meals are too expensive. I got their Chicken Garlic & Mushroom. It was okay. But I didn't expect it to be crepe-like. It looked different on the menu. Oh well.

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Jaime Nel J.
4.0 Stars

The food was great and the selections are many. The menu includes pizzas, pastas, steaks, salads etc. the ambiance was ok, great for hanging out with friends. The wall was decorated with some great paintings made by local artists.

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Pertee B.
5.0 Stars

Lunch and Dinner here while on sick leave! :) (yup, it's that good)

I went to a computer shop in Tomas Morato corner Sct Gandia when I realized that I was past lunch time and I was hungry... I went for a walk and saw this small, inviting resto called "Chef's Bistro".

These were dead hours for the Tomas area, so I was the only one who dined for a late lunch yesterday. I asked the waiter for their best sellers, and he gave me a few. I picked the Pommes and Chops.

Looking around, i saw that the place was really ran by a chef, judging by the menu and the food advertisements that surround the resto's interiors. (I'm positive that I saw a special type of laguna sisig being advertised)

(The owners didn't seem to notice that I was dining; she was doing the books when I was there)

When i got to taste my order, the first thing that came to mind was: "I'm so gonna be back to this place!". I immediately thought of inviting some people to try the place to share my excitement and enthusiasm hahaha!

I guess the theme of this place was Fine meats with fine pasta. Believe me, they're really fine! :)

My lunch order, Pommes and chops, was a delight in every bite. It was a good hefty serving of tasteful pork in apple cinnamon coupled with agliolio pasta and veggies. I also ordered their choco peanut cake for dessert - yum!!!

The same night, me and my buddy went to eat dinner there due to my persistence. (ha-ha-ha!!!) Believe me, my buddy's palate is extreme. He rates places 3/5 when I rate them 5/5! But this place, I was sure he was gonna like. And guess what?!?! He did!

He ordered Stroganoff and I ordered Porkloin. Both were paired with pasta (that tasted like main course, seriously!!!!) my buddy liked the serving's volume as well as the taste. (seriously, that's pretty hard to achieve)

The price is equivalent to it's taste. Service is great too. More people should dine here. :)

I'll be back, Chef's Bistro!!! :)

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Marqui S.
3.0 Stars

Chef's Bistro is one of those date places but its also good for hanging out with friends to get drunk and have decent chit chat. Food is okay they have buy 1 take 1 very very thin crispy pizza. It was my First time to have eaten something like that with so much grated cheese that isn't melted. Dont get me wrong its not bad, just not my usual.

Price ranges from 200 to 500+ cant remember
They have pizza, pasta and some rice meals with a whole lot of other things.

We had pasta as seen in photo its not much, i mean serving size is just for one person. But me and bf shared given that we had 2 big pizzas. Food tasted okay and worth to try.

Go here if u want to try something different. The resto interior is very much like a modern wooden house with a lot of art and paintings like some sort of exhibit.

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Rosh C.
5.0 Stars

Chef Bistro located in Sct. Gandia Tomas Morato was started since 2008 by Chef Paul Tee (whom a good friend of Actress/Chef Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo) & Couples Chef Mike & Emily Sio of Center for Asian Culinary Studies (CACS) in San Juan, M. Mla. And now continued by a private couple teamed with Chef Jackie Lou Jurado who graduated from Center for Culinary Arts Manila (CCA) in Pastry & Baking Mngmt. & recently returned from FRANCE taking up French language & French cuisine.
I've been handling their Lease in the said area since it started until now..

The Dishes which captured us (me & my bosses) to support them for we believe in their foods & plans are:

Pommes and Chops
Juicy porkchops with charred apples, warm mallow salad, pomme demi glace

Sole Fillet
Sole fish fillet in meuniere with mornay sauce
Served with Pasta too

Grilled porkloin with herb cream sauce, topped with bacon bits served with herb mixed vegetables and pasta

Spicey Pumpkin Soup
Freshly squashed pumpkin served with herbs and spiked scented veloute of pumpkin

...with Sumptuous Pasta, Pizza, Crepes, Cakes to choose from... Too.
The Ambiance at the ground floor & the private cozy 2nd floor dining areas (good for meetings, private gatherings etc.) are surely one of the reason to go back as well.

Two thumbs up! 128077128077

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