Chef's Noodle

77 Sct. Alcaraz St. cor. Banawe St., Sienna, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Chef's Noodle
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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Banawe as you know is the go to place for car parts and services. Lately it has been transforming also as the street offering a variety of cuisines from well established brands. One of them is Chef Noodles, a Korean franchise.

I stumbled upon this restaurant while I waited for our drinks at Macao Imperial Tea. I got two of my favorite Korean pieces, their spiced and sour Kimchi and their full on meal, Bibimbap.

The Chicken Bibimbap was refreshing to eat. I loved how fresh the vegetables were. It gave it not just much needed nutrients but also color. Their Kimchi however wasn’t as appetizing, it was rather stale.

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Mary Margaret M.
4.0 Stars

Chef Noodle is the perfect spot when you want a kick of Korean food without spending too much. The place is very clean and well kept. I like the interior because of its korean elements as you walk in. Food is really good and I've been here many times with no waiting. there are long tables with multiple chairs here. The atmosphere was really impressive too.

My boyfriend and I got the chance to visit this place again because of the free GC I got from Chef Noodles Philippines. <Thank you!!>. I was too excited since I wanted to try their other menu that I haven't tasted yet. Also, I promise to make another review after. The service was still on point here: the waiter who served us was approachable, attentive and quick to take my order after we got seated.

We tried one of their signature dish chef noodle. For those who are used to korean noodle soups, the broth is lighter but still has its sweet savory beef flavor. The spiciness is manageable and not too intense. One bowl is good for 2 persons. Another dish we ordered was their Korean Buffalo Wings. Its sweet and spicy. I love how the chicken wings were perfectly fried. They were crispy and also moist. I'm surprised to loved this so much. I may consider ordering it on our next visit. For the dessert, we ordered their purple yam with caramel. Its an ube filled roll wrapped in thin and chewy crepe, topped with caramel syrup and whipped cream.. found this too sweet for me. I enjoyed the first 3 bites of its rich creamy ube filling but later got this "umay" feeling.

Overall I still enjoyed the experience. The quality and value for the price is good.

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Mary Margaret M.
4.0 Stars

We were on a foodie venture along Banawe and our stomach wanted to eat badly that time. Finally we decided to try Chef's Noodle. I've past this place more times than I can count, but never went in.

Clean and fresh summarizes this place. I like the Industrial chic design and the place had a nice soothing ambiance. The inside has high ceiling and gives it a fancy feel. Seats are wooden but well cushioned keeping you comfortable while enjoying your food. Table seating roughly seats 45 persons. This is a great spot for rainy day relief, date night and large groups to get together.

Upon arrival, we were immediately seated by an attentive waiter. They offer a variety of Korean specialty foods that tempt your curiosity. They also have some beers and soju to go along with your food. Everything on the menu looked delicious so I wasn't sure what to get. As hungry as we were having not eaten much that day, without a second thought I immediately ordered 2 Bibimbap, Korean Fried Chicken and Grilled Pork.

After we ordered, they quickly placed the mini gas grill on top of our table. One by one, they served the sides, sauce and raw pork strips (14pcs) of our ordered Grilled Pork all for 275 pesos. It was nice for the waitstaff to ask if we want him to grill for us. Aside from eating the cooked meat with rice, he gave us other option on how to eat the grilled pork by spreading out the palm size lettuce, adding cooked meat and sauce you like, then fold and chomp. It was written on the menu that it's good for 3-4 persons but I believe it only fits for 2 persons with a hungry stomach.

Next was their Korean Fried chicken which costs Php265. The fried chicken itself was good. It had the right amount of seasoning. The skin was lightly, crispy, and seasoned with not too much salt. Chicken overall was moist and juicy. They also have other menu for chicken, Korean Buffalo Wings (Php.375) and Chicken Karage (Php.310).

For Bibimbap, they have a choice of beef(Php.198), pork(Php.180) and chicken(Php.165). It was served hot and fresh in a bowl of white rice topped with your choice of meat, carrots, bean sprout, garnished with seaweed strips, sesame seeds, fresh egg, bibimbap sauce etc. Visually appealing with all the bright veggies. I felt the teeming hot sauce. I got traces of spiciness here and there but still tolerable. If you want your bibimbap to be extremely spicy, you can add bibimbap sauce which are available in every table. I am not a Korean food expert, but the their Bibimbap was good for me.

While I was there, I casually looked around to see what other people were eating and it seemed like a lot of them ordered the best seller's Chefs Noodle (Php.225). I'll have to try that next time. They also have one comfort room for male and female. Parking space outside the resto is limited.

My first experience here was great. Most of the dishes are good for sharing. This is a perfect place for quick and budget Korean food fix. I would love to come back and tailor my order with other menu having now gotten a glimpse of everything.

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

We ordered their set meal of 2 bibimbap, 6 pcs fried chicken, 2 ice tea at only 500. Plus solo size of their chef noodles.

Their bibimbap was good, better mix it before the rice sticks to the pot. Chicken was kinda oily and gravy lack its flavor. Ice tea was good though while the chef noodles was just so so. I think the solo size is perfect even for 1 person.

Interiors are nice and well lit. Its a not so expensive resto and opens late compare to other resto along banawe. 128522

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