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Chelsea Grand Cafe
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Most Recent Reviews

Peanut D.
4.0 Stars

When your looloo feed gets flooded by breakfast food, it eventually gets to you. This is exactly what happened to me and Chelsea. It felt like every week I was seeing the breakfast photos from this joint c/o Team Kaladkarin! This morning I saw Jayson J.'s review and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Plus he said it was the best Avocado Toast?? Sold.

I went in this afternoon and checked out the breakfast menu. Wanted to try their tapa also but I couldn’t afford to risk that many dishes. #riskaverse

I was hungry and needed 100% good food. So I ordered my Chelsea go-to dish: their Carbonara. That’s never failed me so far.

Then I decided to give Jayson’s recommendation a try. Was a little nervous about the Beet Hummus in the Avo Toast but soldiered on anyway. You won’t know how good something is without trying!

The Avocado Toast was served first. It was brimming with Beet Hummus, it made my eye twitch a little but still, I persisted.

One slice. One bite.

Aaaaaand I hated the beet hummus. It was sour and tasted exactly like beets. (Eh ano pa kaya)

One more bite, nope. Sorry beshie, I tried.

I ended up scraping off the beet hummus and eating just the avocado and the bread. The bread however was yummy just like what Angela Marie C. said. The avocados were frozen so it was a bit firm and if you have sensitive teeth, prepare to ngilo your way out of this one.

Overall, this didn’t live up to the hype I created in my head haha. If they replaced the beet hummus with scrambled egg with Sriracha mayo, then I’ll be back later. OA lol. Ruth S. You may still want to try though! Baka mahilig ka sa beets hehe.

The carbonara of course was a winner. So at least di naman ako umuwi ng luhaan. Haha. Still happy (semi) I tried this new dish though!

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Are you ready for breakfast?
Chelsea Grand Cafe is always ready all day everyday. Thanks to the raintree group, we team kaladkarin experienced Chelsea high-class breakfast.

128204Three Stacks Vanilla Pancake @250PhP
I was wowed when it was served, it's the most presentable pancake i have ever seen. By the way it looks, it's fluffy. The fruits and cream on top of it makes it more appetizing. Eat this right after it's served; the photo ops took long making it a little hard at the end.

128204Fried Chicken and Jalapeño Cheese Waffle @320PhP
I like the chicken, i can still remember its juiciness and tenderness considering the long photo ops. The waffle was just okay.

128204128525 Beet Hummus and Avocado Toast @195PhP
I LOVE THIS. This is by far, the BEST avocado toast! The beet hummus makes its magical garlicky taste, there's also almonds and chia seeds. The avocados? They're sliced-- you know you're eating the avocado fruit not something mashed.

128204128525 Almond Milk Fruit and Granola @250PhP
You might want to just get up from your bed and go right here to have that light, fresh, and healthy breakfast. It got seasonal fresh apples, mangoes, bananas, granola, almonds, and sesame seeds.

128204 Chorizo Pepper, Shrimp and Scampi Scrambled Eggs @295PhP
Your scrambled egg with bread. No need to look for pandesal.

128204 Truffle Mushroom and Spinach Scrambled Eggs @250PhP
I kinda did not appreciate the mushrooms. I thought it was sprouts.

128204128525 Baked Smoked Bangus @350PhP
I love this dish. This one is boneless; it got some veggies. The bangus was tasty too. But the thing is, the fried rice was so fluffy, and garlicky it got me asking for more bangus.

128204128525 US Beef Steak Tapa @375PhP
The beef is tasty. I love it

128204 Chorizo Skillet Shakshuka @295PhP
Shakshuka showdown! I still think wildflour's shakshouka is the best, then chaplin then this. Their shakshuka has a little sweetness in it. Well, i like sour ones. ^^

128204128525 Corned Beef Hash and Poached Eggs @350PhP
One good choice for breakfast is this dish. I love how chunky and juicy it is.

128204128525 Ice Blended Coffee @175PhP
128073🏼White Chocolate - sweet 4/5
128073🏼Caramel - sweet 3.5/5
128073🏼Mocha - sweet 3/5; this was my order. And it did refresh my afternoon.

Also avail these promos at chelsea grand cafe:
30% Off on Apple Peach Crumble, Toblerone Torte, and Tres Leches every Thursdays until Sundays 7PM onwards!

Exclusive for take out orders only, they also have a promo of two 12-inch pizza for only 695PhP!

Chelsea grand cafe offers breakfast that's freshly prepared. Because this is a sponsored event, you might want to find out for yourself if service ^^

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

Team Kaladkarin was invited to try the breakfast menu of Chelsea Grand Cafe and it was such a wonderful experience! The brunch culture exploded in the Philippines a while back now. I think it’s not as popular these days, but it’s always nice to enjoy your favorite morning comfort food any time of the day. And Chelsea Grand Cafe’s all day breakfast menu is absolutely to die for! 128571

1.) Three Stacks Vanilla Pancakes
This was the first thing served to us and it was such a pretty sight. Three pieces of fluffy pancakes stacked on top of each other, with a marvelous helping of fruits and syrup, and finished off with whipped cream. It was served with extra maple syrup, but for me it didn’t even need that anymore. It was absolutely spot on just that. The portion size is quite large, but if I were to eat this alone, I can devour this all by myself. The sweetness was perfect, the balance of flavors absolutely amazing. I really enjoyed it! It was just love on a plate. 128571

2.) Beet Hummus & Avocado Toast
OMYGAD, I think I died and went straight to heaven. This beautiful, totally instagramable piece of bread was the absolute best thing in the world! I ain’t a vegetarian, but this may probably put me in an all-veg diet if I can eat this all day, everyday. Ansarap-sarap po niya! The textures of every ingredient on that toast gave it such complex body. The flavors were so well balanced, from the earthy-garlicky beet root hummus, to the greens on top. It was such a wow for all of us, and we were all swooned! 10084

3.) Fried Chicken & Jalapeño Cheese Waffle
This was such a lovely surprise for us because of the kick of the jalapeño. This ain’t your typical plate of chicken and waffles. The syrup they used was quite spicy and so went really well with the fluffy waffles and tender pieces of meat. The fried chicken weren’t too cloying, coated with breading just right, and fried to perfection. 128568

4.) Baked Smoked Bangus
This was such a delight as well! The smokiness of the bangus was great, it gave such a well-balanced saltiness to the fried fish. It was cooked very well too, not at all dry nor greasy. This is one posh silog meal I would definitely come back for! 128568

5.) U.S. Beef Steak Tapa
Tapa is always a go-to for me for breakfast. I would love to enjoy a helping of an awesome tapsilog any day, and Chelsea’s was one of the best I’ve had ever! The meat was so tender and had the exact amount of sauce I liked, enough to go with a spoonful of garlic rice. It was also enjoyable with the vinegar dipping sauce it came with it. The saltiness was again very well managed, and the portion size is of a very filling one. I absolutely loved this dish too! 128571

6.) Truffle Mushroom & Spinach Scrambled Eggs on Bread Bowl
This was a very creative take on scrambled eggs, being served in a bread bowl so it’s like having eggs on toast already. What I liked about this is that the star of the dish still remains to be the eggs. Having mushroom and spinach with eggs is always a good idea. 128568

7.) Chorizo Peppers & Shrimp Scampi Scrambled Eggs on Bread Bowl
Same concept as the previously mentioned dish, I like this one more by just a hair because of the garlic sitting on the crown of the bread bowl. It gave such an elevation to the flavor of the scrambled eggs. The chorizo gave it a nice salty flavor, so enjoyed with a helping of the bread, it was really delicious! 128568

8.) Chorizo Skillet Shakshuka
My impression of a Shakshuka is a posh omelette, and I think Chelsea’s elevated it even more. It was such a pretty sight! Served with three pieces of bread, this was such a hearty meal already. Make sure to mix it all up to enjoy all the flavors together. The tastes from the eggs, the chorizo and the veggies really make for a series of explosions of flavor! 128568

9.) Corned Beef Hash and Poached Eggs
This was definitely one of the best corned beef dishes I have had in my life. The chunks of beef were delicious, tender and not at all greasy! The pieces of fried potatoes were cooked to perfection, and can be enjoyed very well with the meat. The eggs were wonderfully poached, exactly as one wished for it would be, with the runny egg yolk center and whites light as air. I really loved this this too! 128571

10.) Avocado & Salmon Gravlax Eggs Benedict
Who wouldn’t enjoy a nice helping of eggs ben? Add in two of my favorite ingredients ever - salmon and avocado, and I am the happiest kid in the world! This dish was not only pretty, it was absolutely delicious! The hollandaise sauce, which they make in their own kitchen was very tasty and the textures of the rest of the layers were just awesome. This classic breakfast never gets old, always a favorite! 128571

11.) Almond Milk Fruit & Granola
This was served to us last, and it became a nice touch because it was like dessert already. I think this was the first time I enjoyed a bowl of granola. Hahahaha 128569 legit. I don’t like it actually, but Chelsea Grand Café sure has converted me on that. It was a very well balanced take on the humble power breakfast bowl, and it was surprisingly enjoyable! 128568

All in all, this place is worth visiting to enjoy a wonderful breakfast experience! The prices are also very much appropriate for the quality of food they put on the table. I will definitely come back in a heart beat! 10084

Everything we had was absolutely amazing! Thank you oh so much, Chelsea Grand Cafe and Raintree Restaurants for having us!

PS: They gave each of us a box of their revel bars as a token of appreciation and it was honestly the best revel bar I have ever had in my entire life! Thank you so much for that too! 128571

***Note: This was a sponsored event of Chelsea Grand Cafe. All food items have been chosen by the restaurant based on their own discretion.

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Midz S.
5.0 Stars

Waking up in the morning to go to school or work is the very first challenge most (if not all) people face every single day. But what if I tell you a secret? I discovered a restaurant that serves hella delicious all-day breakfast, with a classy and calming ambiance that's sure to excite you to jump out of bed every morning!

Chelsea Grand Cafe's new all-day breakfast menu is simply captivating. Each of the dishes on their menu is captivating, and absolutely crave-worthy.

|Three Stacks Vanilla Pancake P250
With whipped cream, fresh cut fruits and maple syrup
This was one of the most surprising dishes I've tried from the all-day breakfast menu. I didn't expect to be impressed by pancakes, because, you know, they're merely pancakes. But this was different. The pancakes were fluffy, moist, and tasted more exciting, perfectly matching with the fruits.

|Fried Chicken & Jalapeno Cheese Waffle P320
Fried chicken, chili honey, sausage gravy. I love the added twist that this restaurant has done with the usual chicken and waffle breakfast combination. The chicken was flawless. The inside wasn't dry, while the outside had that nice, golden crisp. It's lightly seasoned with salt, which, when consumed with the chili honey, makes a well balanced flavors. The Jalapeno waffle was intriguing. They were able to really incorporate the taste of the Jalapeno in the waffle.

|Beet Hummus & Avocado Toast P195
This was everyone's favorite. The vibrant pink and green colors alone are enough to make us drool. What's amazing about its delicious taste is the absence of the earthy taste that is inherent in the root crop beets. The chia seeds, almonds, avocado and beet hummus on toast is a tower of glory.

|Almond Milk Fruit & Granola P250
Seasonal fruits, cranberries, granola, almonds, and chia seeds served in a bowl, with a glass of almond milk and honey on the side. This is a great alternative to your boring oats in the morning.

|Truffle Mushroom & Spinach Scrambled Egg on Bread Bowl P250
|Chorizo Peppers and Shrimp Scampi Scrambled Egg on Bread Bowl P275
There are for those who can't survive a day without a serving of their precious egg dishes. The scrambled egg on bread bowls, aside from being cute, will give you the protein you need in the tastiest and easiest way, to help you overcome the misery of eventually having to leave Chelsea's doors and off to work 128514

|Baked Smoked Bangus P350
2 eggs, garlic rice, dill butter, mango caper salsa, house made vegetable pickes and pinakurat vinegar
While I may say that like eating fish, I still consider it as a boring breakfast meal. Aside from being small, it also comes with lots of bones that just make me feel too lazy to eat. Thankfully, I was able to lift my fork up and take some of Chelsea's bangus, and I was extremely happy. The fish was cooked tinapa style. It tasted great even without the sauce and the toppings.

|U.S. Beef Steak Tapa P375
2 eggs, garlic rice, roasted garlic confit, housemade vegetable pickles, pinakurat vinegar. Tapa to top your morning and give you the boost that you need! The tapa was tender and scrumptious, and I loved it even better with their garlic rice that was partially glazed with the tapa's sauce.

|Avocado & Salmon Gravlax Eggs Benedict P475
Marinated avocado, red radish, salmon gravlax, 2 poached eggs and hollandaise. I may not have a sole favorite dish from the all-day breakfast menu, but this definitely left a mark on my heart. The perfectly poached egg, the nicely done hollandaise sauce, the fresh and smooth salmon gravlax, plus the crunchy and slightly bitter arugula just make a great team.

|Chorizo Skilled Shakshuka P295
Homemade chorizo, 2 baked eggs, tomato pomodoro, stratchino, toast. This one's good, too! It's like eating a tomato based meatball pasta, with the toast replacing the noodles. It's a really simple, perfectly seasoned dish.

|Corned Beef Hash and Poched Eggs P350
Who wouldn't want corned beef for breakfast? Obviously not me, especially when it's from Chelsea Grand Cafe. House-cured corned beef with well-seasoned diced potatoes, 2 poached eggs topped with hollandaise, and a side of curry ketchup, which I didn't even touch because I liked the taste of the dish as it is. Now I'm wondering how this would affect the dish. Hmmm. Looks like I'm gonna have to come back for this as well.

Overall, it doesn't matter which meal you order, as each and every one of them is worthy of your time and money. What you should be worrying is when you'll be returning to try the other dishes you didn't order the first time. I suggest that you do come back for them (as I also will).

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5.0 Stars

The team went to Chelsea Grand Cafe for another Raintree Group of Restaurants Eat Up. This time we will try Chelsea's All Day Breakfast.


The restaurant is situated in Serendra, BGC. The place has a nice interior surrounded by a glass wall that gives the restaurant more brightness from the outside. It has a casual set up with a classy feel.


127859Three Stacks Vanilla Pancake for Php250.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"With whipped cream, fresh cut fruits & hot maple syrup."

127859Fried Chicken & Jalapeño Cheese Waffle for Php320.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"With chili honey and sausage gravy"

127859Beet Hummus & Avocado Toast for P195.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"With chia seeds and almonds"

127859Truffle Mushroom & Spinach Scrambled Eggs on Bread Bowls for Php250.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

127859Chorizo Peppers & Shrimp Scampi for Php275.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127859Baked Smoked Bangus for Php350.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Served with 2 eggs, garlic rice, dill butter, mango caper salsa, house made vegetable pickles and pinakurat vinegar"

127859U.S. Beef Steak Tapa for Php375.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Served with 2 eggs, garlic rice, roasted garlic confit, house made vegetable pickles and pinakurat vinegar"

127859Low-fat Matcha Yoghurt Bowl for Php250.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"With dried cranberries, granola and seasonal fruits."

127859Avocado & Salmon Gravlax Eggs Benedict for Pho475.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Served with red radish, 2 poached eggs and hollandaise"

127859Chorizo Skillet Shakshuka for Php295.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Served with 2 baked eggs, tomato pomodoro and toast"

127859Corned Beef Hashed and Pouched Eggs for Php350.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Served with 2 poached eggs, hollandaise, curry ketchup and toast"

"All the breakfast we had were so beautiful and mouth-watering. Yes, it's very Instagrammable. And another Yes for the good flavors. Yum!

If I will to choose my favorites... I will pick U.S. Beef Steak Tapa, Three Stacks Vanilla Pancake and Avocado & Salmon Gravlax Eggs Benedict"

We were served Iced Coffee, Hot Coffee and Juices during our eat up.


The staff were very supportive and accommodating. I really enjoy all the breakfast we had. It's delicious!

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084️ #teamkaladkarin

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Drop by Chelsea to grab their buy1take1 ice blended drinks during the holyweek. The place was jampacked and the aircondition wasn't enough to cool down the summer. I tried their mocha chips ice blended. It was good but too sweet for me. Good thing while waiting for the drinks my brother order this grilled baby calamari and discover this amazing dish. It was so good! The flavor of the baby squid was so delicious. I highly recommed this dish.

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Andrea L.
1.0 Stars

I hated it.

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David S.
1.0 Stars

Don’t get me wrong, I like surprises… just not a cockroach in the meal.

(It was in the gravy that came with grilled pork belly on the 23rd Feb 2017)

I would post a photo but it’s too disgusting and I don’t want to wreck anyone else’s day.


Perhaps pre-prepared food from a long time ago, bad sanitation, unacceptable food handling and storage.

Sure, the head server apologised and gave us a 50% discount… but come on, would a 50% discount on your meal make you happy after discovering a cockroach in your food?

As Gordon Ramsay would say… close the f#$%ing kitchen!

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Mark C.
5.0 Stars

Great Merienda place at 150 pesos for all these cookies. Along with some coffee, it makes for a wonderful afternoon (credits to my wife Anna for the photo)

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John M.
5.0 Stars

Luvin' the staff in here so friendly and accommodating. Food are really good. Worth it! 128521

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April H.
3.0 Stars

After that sucky coffee from SO, our dessert cravings were still unsatisfied... I wasn't in the mood for ice cream and he didn't want churros or cupcakes... I finally suggested Chelsea and he agreed...

Chelsea was one of my favorite restaurant several years ago... We haven't been back in years, well just because of the staggering number of restaurants opening on a daily basis... I was happy to visit again that night, even if it's just for dessert.

We got there past 10pm and there weren't many diners left. We perused the menu, but we eventually headed over to the display case. The New York Cookie Dough Cheesecake looked the most appealing out of all the cakes displayed. Cheesecake for me, cookie dough for him-- so it targets both our tastes.

The cake was a good sized slice, with caramel drizzled at the bottom. The cheesecake was decent and the cookie dough was okay. Not a bad piece of cake... There is one big but though-- IT COSTS P310!!! With service charge, we paid almost P350!!!128561128561128561 I suddenly thought about Catabolic Cafe's Rainbow Cake, which was twice the size and half the price... And exponentially more enjoyable in taste and the way it looks... Sorry Chelsea, but this just wasn't worth the price we paid...

Service was okay, the servers seemed tired already because of the late hour... But they tried their best to be friendly.128515

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Marco P.
4.0 Stars

Inconsistency is the beast description of this restaurant 9889️ food is very good one day and Mabey tomorrow is not the same 128556favorite braised Rebs // Arucola salad // peach Melba // big wiener schnitzel!!!

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Mark C.
2.0 Stars

I thought I loved this breakfast. It looked good and tasted awesome. But 30 minutes after...lets just say Montezuma finally had his revenge.

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Evelyn B.
5.0 Stars

I like the salad very big portion infact i cant finish it that's why i ask my niece to help me finish it.

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Myla A.
4.0 Stars

The place is very cozy and open, perfect for breakfast or brunch, and the food was very satisfying..

We've had the Grilled Baby Calamari as an appetizer and it was already a meal in itself - baby squids on a bed of potato salad and greens.. We've had Creamy Truffled Mushroom & Double Smoked Bacon as well as the Napa Style Fried Chicken for the mains, way more than enough for 2 people..

It's a little bit pricey for me but I guess the food was worth it..

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Mark C.
4.0 Stars

This bacon and truffle pasto was good but I think that the italianni's one with the prosciutto ham is better by a bit

  • No. of Comments: 3
Diana L.
4.0 Stars

Fell in love with their Creamy Clam chowder in a bread bowl. Very creative! 128077 I suddenly missed this place. 128546

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Ange T.
5.0 Stars

Always a satisfying meal especially if you're looking for American style food. The pastrami melt is delicious!

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Marc M.
1.0 Stars

Staff are very inattentive and seems poorly trained. Orders took forever to come out. When it did, all the orders were wrong. We ordered for the Truffle Pasta and the All Meat Pizza. What came out was Pasta that we think is Carbonara and Clam Chowder. I double checked with the server if the pasta indeed was the Truffle Pasta because it didn't look the part but she confirmed it was. So I told her instead to take the Clam Chowder since it wasn't included in our order, which she did.

So on to the pasta, the wifey and I were looking at it reluctantly because, well, it looks plain old Carbonara. So we tasted it and we both agreed it was Carbonara with not even a hint of truffle. We called another server and asked what kind of pasta were served to us and He answered: (you guessed right!) CARBONARA. We told him we didn't order Carbonara and to take it out, and so he did.

By now I was on observation mode. I noticed the dishes they took out from our table went to the kitchen for a few seconds then went out again straight to the other table. WOW! Remember we just tasted the Carbonara? (Saliva and all 128069) My Goodness! 128561 I am now very concerned about the state of our food.

So out comes our order of Truffle Pasta and All Meat Pizza. Truffle Pasta tasted like Carbonara with Truffle Oil. With little traces of mushrooms. At least now it tasted the part. The All Meat Pizza was chewy and hard to swallow. We were both disappointed. 128532128532

Even the check took a good 15minutes to come out. Even had to call the attention of 2 different servers to get it. 128545

I guess I should have believed the rants of the other looloo reviewers about their poor service. All this happened during off peak they were only serving 3 tables including ours. Sorry. NEVER again.

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Peanut D.
5.0 Stars

This is the Oven-Baked Warm Brownie S'mores (Php 295). One of the best brownie desserts I've had in while. It had a toasty brownie crunch at the top but a warm and super moist center. The mantecado ice cream was the best, too! I forgot to ask where they got it though.

I didn't expect it to be this huge (this one's got to be good for three) but when it was served, it kind of reminded me of the skillet brownie (?) from Refinery.

It takes a while to make this one (took 30 minutes when I got it) so that's something to consider for those atat to eat dessert.

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