Chelsea Kitchen

G/F Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, EDSA cor. Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Chelsea Kitchen
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Most Recent Reviews

Abe C.
5.0 Stars

The legend of Mr. Jones' US Beef Ribcap Tapa and Garlic Overload continues in Chelsea Kitchen! Ahhhh, the world is right again. I can, once again, hear Barney Stinson saying, that's gonna be, legeeeeeendddd-wait-for-it-tapa-oveload-daaaary!

Since the Raintree group closed Mr. Jones 3 or so years back, I've been missing what probably is the best tapa ever for me. Juicy, thin cut, soft, beefy but ever so fatty cuts of beef tapa, giving my mouth a burst of savory goodness with a hint of sweetness! Ahhhh, oh Mr. Jones Tapa Overload, how long has thee been missed by me!

Chelsea Kitchen, at a Glance:
> Food & Beverage: 127775127775127775127775127775
> Service (Dine-In): 127775127775127775127775 a few missteps by the trainee on denying me the tapa overload experience at the start was rectified. Service was friendly and fast.
> Kitchen Service: 127775127775127775127775127775
> Ambience: 127775127775127775127775127775 brilliant use of open space, different furniture yet coherently designed look
> Value for Money: 127775127775127775127775
OVERALL: 127775127775127775127775127775
Worth a try - Yes
Worth a return - Absolutely!

> TIPS: you can have coffee, brunch, dessert or have a full meal here. Well lit, great service, very good food, and a choice of at least 3 distinct areas, furniture and feel-wise. For dessert, I recommend the donut holes. Yummy with the thick chocolate dip. Coffee is great, too, though pricey.

> VERDICT: Obviously order the dammed tapa, right Peanut D??? And their Donut Holes are awesome good.

More kwento, etc.

Chelsea Kitchen offers a great variety of food, but today, my objective was to see if their tapa carries on the Mr. Jones Tapa Overload and they did! 'Nuff said. I'm thankful to have met Raintree group's Chef Kalel Chan a year ago and haven't forgotten his tips to check 2 restos of this group where Mr. Jones' imprint is subtly still visible in the form of their Tapa Overload. Yummy.

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Kate R.
3.0 Stars

I was always intrigued with Chelsea, and finally I had a chance to have a snack here with my sister.

Well, I didn't enjoy their best seller Wicked Truffle Mac And Cheese. Too salty and I cant seem to enjoy the every bite of it. The aroma of the truffle is present however something doesn't adds up. 128533128529

We've also ordered chicken salad though, and it was way better than the mac and cheese... yes it was fresh and crunchy!

Presentation of food is good, so all in all I think it was okay.
Price is quite expensive too. 128566

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Annechile S.
4.0 Stars

I am a big fan of pizza 127829 and pasta 127837 . Had a late-lunch with a friend here a few weeks back.

We ordered:

| Yellow Carbonara: 127837127837127837127837 (320php) it was my first time to have a poached egg on a pasta, but I liked it it! Yum!

| Bacon Hawaiian 127829127829127829127829 (350php) the pizza was really flavorful. Di tinipid ang ingredients.

Service was efficient which is always a plus! 128076🏻

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Mica C.
5.0 Stars

My absolute favorite salad has to be the Sesame Seared Tuna and Mango for P350. I love the tangy dressing and mango. And I get so full with the Seared Tuna that they do not scrimp on. And its so inviting, light pink smack in the middle but charcoal black on the outside, a masterchef worthy prep for the Tuna. And the drama the waiters build on when mixing all the components together makes it more fun! Caveat though, expect to wait for a while. My bf ordered a burger and it took much longer before they brought it out. We had to call their attention a few times. But when it comes to Salad, Chelsea Kitchen knows their stuff!

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Tei A.
3.0 Stars

Had a quick lunch of truffle cheese mushroom pizza and iced tea! Nothing special.

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Steffhanie S.
4.0 Stars

Chelsea Kitchen is one of the most visually appealing restaurants in Mega Fashion Hall.

Located close to Zara, it's an outdoor restaurant that's actually open on all of its sides so if you're wanting some privacy while eating, this may not be the place for you.

This American-Italian inspired resto has very hip, modern and cool looking decors, furnitures and interiors. The open kitchen has a mixture of steels, woods and plastics in the designs making it look very eccentric. The colorful furnitures vary from large sofas to stools and regular chairs that really gave the resto its character and identity.

The menu has loads to offer -- from its appetizers to a selection of pizzas, burgers and sandwiches to pastas and even ramens, hot and cold drinks, Chelsea Kitchen won't disappoint.

So for our orders, we got the Mozarella, Tomatoes & Basil Pizza, Yellow Carbonara and the Seafood Cioppino.

I am not a fan of Carbonara but I got to appreciate this one given that the pasta was cooked well, the creaminess was balanced with the overall taste of the dish and I liked the effect and taste added by the poached egg on top of it. This one came with some ciabatta bread that I loved.

The Seafood Cioppino looked really well presented when it came to our table. The orange sauce mixed with loads of seafoods from shrimps, mussels, clams etc., looked visually pleasing altogether. The flavors and tastes went really good together and the texture was made even better by these soft crouton bites that gave the pasta a different aftertaste.

The pizza was the usual one. What made it a little bit different was the hot sauce that got the texture, look and color of the usual honey syrup. While I was pouring some sauce on the pizza, it got me thinking that the sauce would taste sweet and yeah, it did taste sweet with the spicy aftertaste so there's this weirdness factor. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it as it's something new for me.

There are still a whole lot more to explore from their menu and I am quite excited to visit the place again.

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Vicky J.
5.0 Stars

The location of this restaurant at Megamall wasn't so inviting to me at first as it is in an open space at the mall's fashion hall. It lacked the privacy I always look for when dining. However, they serve very good food with a wide array of food items to choose from that the privacy issue didn't matter anymore even if passersby give you a stare as you have your meal. In fact, I have been to this place twice already and wouldn't mind going back to try the other interesting dishes they offer.

Commendable among the dishes I've tried at Chelsea is the CK Chicken Salad. It's an Asian coleslaw-type salad with char-grilled Asian pesto chicken, peanut plum dressing, fresh basil, cilantro, mint leaves, red and green cabbage, carrots with a nutty flavor from the generous sprinkle of peanuts and black sesame seeds. It is quite filling and can be shared between 3-4 people. It is very refreshing, too and unique from the other salads I've tasted.

Next time I visit, I will make sure to try their desserts. I always end up too full with my meals thar there's no more room for dessert. See you again CK!

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

SM Megamall could be a city capital with the crowd it has. Seriously! Why is it crowded EVERYDAY?! What do those frequent shoppers do for a living??? Anyway, my college friends and I decided to have lunch here and since the restaurants we want to visit are packed, we settled with this quaint restaurant on the ground floor of Fashion Hall.

Hello, Chelsea Kitchen!

A good friend of mine told me that this place serves good food. And I believe her since Chelsea never fails me.

When I arrived, M and K already ordered the following: Smoked Tinapa Aglio Olio (PHP320), Three Cheese Pizza (PHP320), The CK Chicken Salad (PHP250) and Jones’ Tapa & Fried Egg (PHP320). I just added Crispy Pork Belly “Bagnet” (PHP395), Truffle Mac N’ Cheese (PHP295) and Sundrenched Freshly Brewed Iced Tea—Strawberry and Lemon (PHP195).

First served was our salad.

The server mentioned that it is best eaten with a bit of the dressings. True enough, I like the different flavors—saltiness of the grilled chicken, sweetness of the plum dressing and coolness of the herbs. It was a delightful dish to start the meal.

Next served was the tapa which was topped with a lot of fried garlic. It was loooove! It was tender and flavorful.

The smoked tinapa pasta was pretty good as well. The flavor was light and not overwhelming. The serving was good for sharing too. However, I find it a bit too oily. Then again, it’s aglio olio so I should expect that.

The three cheese pizza was delightful too. I loved that it tasted cheesy. I usually get disappointed with cheese pizza as I could just taste the dough but Chelsea Kitchen’s version was tasty. Yum!

I didn’t like my bagnet order. It was very dry. The sour apple onion jam helped a bit though.

The mac n’ cheese was pretty okay. The taste wasn’t overwhelming as well though it would have been better if it had a cheesier taste.

Upon finishing my iced tea, I realized that it was overpriced at PHP195. It was very refreshing and yummy but it didn’t last me the whole meal. 128529

Despite some misses, I would still visit Chelsea Kitchen again. I’ll try the desserts next time!

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Charlene J.
4.0 Stars

The placement of this restaurant amazes me because it's in this one little side of Megamall in the new wing, and I thought " must be uncomfortable to eat here because it's not enclosed. No privacy and all." Man, I stand corrected. The ambiance was actually pretty amazing because you forget that you're out in the open because of the amazing food. Although, make sure to bring great company as well to enjoy the place and food even more. Sharing *is* caring, right? Haha.

My sister and I ordered a half-half pizza to share which consisted of the flavors Chorizo Garlic and Three Cheese because they didn't have any Pepperoni and Fried Onions pizza. And we ordered a Yellow Carbonara which we decided to share as well.

The pizza came first, and man it looked so amazing. HOWEVER, I did find a strand of hair in the pizza which definitely did not please me. But...I was starving so I just decided to leave it be. Okay, here's a tip, eat your pizza with the honey chili sauce. IT IS THE BOMB DOT COM. It gives your pizza more flavor, giving it a hint of sweetness and spiciness at the same time to the already existing flavors of your pizza. With the Chorizo Garlic, you can really taste the flavors of both ingredients, and it's not too garlic-y which I like. The Three Cheese one might make you think "Eh, it's just cheese. So what?" Dude. It's cheese. AND IT DOESN'T TASTE BORING (especially with the sauce). But other than those things, everything else about the pizza was awesome. Who am I kidding? Pizzas are always awesome.

The pasta came shortly after the pizza. AND MAN IT WAS SO GOOD. I kinda wish I didn't share it...WHOOPS. Hehe. It was creamy, cheesy, and of course, yummy. You can really taste the egg yolk inside the pasta even if there was a lot of cheese which is good because that's how it should be. The flavors were balanced well, not too much yolk, not too much cheese. I definitely reccomend this pasta. And the hollandaise makes the pasta really stand out.

All in all, the food here was amazing. I already want to go back here this weekend and try more food Chelsea Kitchen has to offer. And don't forget to use the honey chili sauce for your pizza if you're not a huge fan of spicy but still wanna try it out!!! 128521

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Michelle Ann Y.
4.0 Stars

After our delightful lunch at Peperoni Pizzaeria in BGC we went straight to Megamall just because we want to shop HAHAHA shopping day with the cousin :) After our shopping sesh we decided to eat at Chelsea Kitchen and good thing it’s just infront of H&M. 

We ordered the Mozzarella Stuffed Mushroom Risotto Balls with Mushroom Cream (195php) YES! goodness in every bite :) The mushroom cream is so flavorful and perfect with the risotto balls! :)

Next up is the Crispy Hot Wings (295php / 6pcs) Served with carrots, cucumber and jicama on the side. The wings itself is good but the flavor is not that spicy for me, well I understand because I have a very high tolerance with spicy food and ohhh I love the sidings! 

For our thirst quencher, I had the Strawberry Temple (160php) Shirley’s other side! with ginger ale, strawberry puree and sprite and the Cousin tried the Raspberry Rosemary Lemonade (195php) It has fresh lemons, lime soda, and raspberry syrup which is also good! It’s very refreshing.. 

Final Verdict: Food was good, prices were reasonable and served fast! Since every restaurant in Mega Fashion Hall are always full you can also consider Chelsea Kitchen since it’s not that crowded unlike the other restaurants. 

Follow @CHEFFYMITCHYU on Instagram-Snapchat-Twitter for more food photos/videos/updates and to discover new restaurants in the metro.

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Pia R.
5.0 Stars

We were feeling super hungry-- too hungry to even consider lining up for Din Tai Fung, so we stumbled upon Chelsea Kitchen. The location isn't the best (it's right beside the mall entrance), but the overall vibe definitely makes up for it.

Their menus are huge and everything seems so. Freaking. Good. I wanted to taste everything, to be honest 128556 But I settled on the spicy arrabiata with ricotta cheese rigatoni, and I wasn't disappointed. It was spicy but not too spicy, and the pasta was cooked al dente. I wish I could've ordered more but we were still planning to have dinner at a relative's place. Looking forward to coming back! 128076🏼

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Emmanuelle C.
4.0 Stars

Good, but definitely overpriced. I mean, don't take me wrong, the food was great. All I intend to imply is that the quality didn't live up to what the restaurant charged for it. I don't mind paying a premium for sublime-quality food, clothing, shoes, bags, anything at all. But if you aren't going to serve up a storm, or give me what I'm paying for, might as well be honest with your pricing. However to be fair, the concept is adorable and the food was nothing short of delicious. The only issue I had was the disparity between the price of the food and the quality.

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Jown P.
3.0 Stars

Light pre-game meal thanks to Chelsea Kitchen. We were in for a big dinner at Maginhawa but we can't stand our hunger anymore so we gave in to a small amount of fries. 128076🏻

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Anch B.
4.0 Stars

I always see this around Megamall, but i never had the urge to try eating here. Today is a different day, i guess! No regrets though!

Here's what we ordered:

▫️ 12" Stone-fired pizza THREE CHEESE //
As me and my friends were newbies, we wanted to be "safe" with the food that we choose to eat, and as far as i'm concerned, you can never go wrong with the resto's best seller. (USUALLY)
But here we did pretty great.

Their pizza is very flavorful. Every bite melts in your mouth. Plus the cheese is not overbearing. Officially one of my fave cheese pizza now. Though nothing beats the one in Tagaytay (Amoroma Ristorante) pa rin cause the cheese pizza there is legit. Luh?

▫️Truffled Mushroom Cream and Bacon Spaghetti//
This one was an easy choice. Anything with truffle and bacon just gets me, + my friends feel the same way.. So..

Loved that the pasta was cooked aldente. It was creamy and flavorful.. I LOVE IT!

▫️ Truffled Mac n' Cheese//
I am one of those people who are highly obsessed with mac n' cheese, and considering that i've never had a bad experience with ordering one before, i decided to give it a go.

Oh wow, this one is disappointing :-(
Not that it tasted horrible, but it was BLAND. I didn't taste any cheese AT ALL. A hint of truffle maybe, but dang. I expected more since it's 300+ What a waste of money... *sigh*

Oh and the service here is great! Everyone's nice!!

Overall, i liked it here!! (Well except for the overpriced drinks that is) I have yet to try their Calamari and their Smoked Tinapa Aglio Olio! You'll hear from me again as soon as i try both! Meheh

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Mark A.
5.0 Stars

This is by faaaaar the best place and resto i have eaten in the metro. Well althought it is located inside the mall and doesn't have an outside dining area, their dining inside area makes you feel like you are just at home, having some food over the table. :)

I ordered CK chicken salad with peanut plum and lemon vin on the side for appetizer. This is a must try!!! Ang sarap sobra. It is a coleslaw salad with grilled chicken pesto on top sprinkled with cashew nuts, balck and white seaweeds with cilantro and mint leaves. Pag hinalo mo na yung sauce sa salad lalo na yung peanut plum, everything just jives together inside your mouth. Actually bitin sakin yung isang order eh. Hahaha!

Eto pa ang isang must try. Creamy carbonaraaaaa! Super creamy nya talaga. If you're a pasta lover, you'll surely love their carbona. It is topped with pouched eggs kaya pag kakanin mo sya, pag hiwa mo palang ng egg, the yolk just automaticaly mixes with the pasta, which makes it a lot creamier.

Too bad we when there to eat a little bit late already. As a matter of fact, medyo nagsasara na sila nung pumasok kami ng friends ko, pero pumayag pa din sila na kumain kami. :) Servers are very friendly. Hindi ko din napicturan mga kinain ko kasi i was too busy talking with my friends. I definitely i will be coming back here to eat and i'll make sure na mapipicturan ko na. Hahaha! 10 thumbs up!

Highly recommended! #12days

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Ygie M.
5.0 Stars

Looking for a new place to satisfy your Italian cravings? Why don't you try out Chelsea Kitchen!! They got the best pizza ever!! Out of all the pizzas I've ate, I really loved their crust!! It's soft, cheesy and delectable!! Their pasta plates can be shared and could satisfy your hunger!! Another thing is that they got many choices from their entrees like the one on the photo (chicken) topped with a creamy and delicious sauce!!

Try Chelsea Kitchen now at:
- Mega Fashion Hall, Ground Floor between Zara and H&M!
- Eastwood Mall, Ground Floor in front of My Thai Kitchen! :)


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Jacqui T.
5.0 Stars

Dinner time and Chelsea Kitchen caught our attention due to its colorful and clear place. It is an open restaurant with plenty of seats.

I ordered their Smoked Tinapa Agli Olio. It was sooooo good. Remember the Sardine and Garlic Liguine of CBTL? Well, this one is my second love. I loved the angel hair pasta topped with crispy tinapa bits, cherry tomatoes and garlic. I didn't sense any lansa. Good for sharing.

We also ordered half Creamy Garlic and half 3 cheese pizza. It was good as well. Imagine your delicious pizza, less the oil. Guiltless pizza!

Isabel and Jake ordered Spicy Arrabbiata and Ricotta Cottage Cream Rigatoni and Garlic Rosemary Fried Chicken. The Spicy Arrabbiata spicy level was tolerable. Non-spicy person can handle it. It was good and really good for sharing too. The chicken was okay too. Savory and tender according to Jake.

Service was excellent. Staff and the managers were making sure that all customers were accommodated and served well.

We left the place soooo full and happy.

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Ronith Jazel D.
5.0 Stars

After watching a movie, I excitedly made my way to this European restaurant, Chelsea Kitchen. I have seen this restaurant many times before and was one of the many restaurants I actually wanted to try.

Chelsea Kitchen is an open restaurant, the mall’s roof is its roof, the mall’s lights are its own and I think I like it that way. It’s bright and simple, but the colorful signage in front is eye-catching and balanced the simplicity of the restaurant. There are two spots you can stay and dine here, at the front, near the EDSA entrance of the mall, and at the side. I opted to stay on the latter for a quieter scene and more privacy. The server who accommodated me was in full smile and energy, I liked him easily. He politely gave me the menu and very attentive to come back just in time for my order with a glass of cold water which I really appreciated.

I had Mushroom Chicharon, Chicken Parmigiana, and Pepperoni with Fried Onions Pizza.

I first devoured the Mushroom Chicharon. To be honest, I ordered it out of curiosity, I wanted to know how irony tastes like and I didn’t regret that I did (order it) for one second! It comes with two dips, spiced vinegar and basil pesto aioli and I think, it goes well on both. It’s crispy and beyond heavenly! I mean, the concept of “healthy and not healthy hybrid” is already amazing, but the fact that the outcome is still very good in every way is really something!

I was shocked by the sight of the Chicken Parmigiana, for the serving size was really big, I think it could be good for 2-3 persons. But it wasn’t just the size that’s good in this dish but also how flavorful, tender, and juicy the chicken alone was and how the tomato sauce and eggplant gave it more twist in a non overpowering way. It was also topped with mozzarella cheese which I really loved. This dish didn’t disappoint either, even my mom (I took my left over to-go, it’s that big, yes) found it really satisfying.

I was already feeling so full when I had a slice of pizza. I thought I couldn’t eat anymore but after my first bite, I just wanted more! It is not your ordinary pepperoni pizza, see, the fried onions made the already special pizza more memorable and savory. The pizza sauce too was good, it’s rich and balanced, and the dough was crispy and toasted, just what I wanted.

The whole experience was something I would want my every restaurant experience to be, satisfying and beyond the expected. I’m still bummed that I wasn’t able to have a taste on their desserts (because I was already full) but it’s just a reason to go back and have some more of Chelsea Kitchen’s goodness!


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Crissy B.
4.0 Stars

Superfood Salad! As far as salads go, this is pretty delicious. I think that the extra grilled chicken is over priced though - you get less than an ounce of shredded chicken for P95. 128532

I stole some of my mom's tinapa pasta and it tasted like tinapa in the best way possible. Highly recommend!! Hehe

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Tin C.
3.0 Stars

If you're craving for Chicken Parmigiana but you can't find Banapple near the area, Chelsea Kitchen is a good option too. Serving's already good for two (rice not included)!

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