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Most Recent Reviews

Emily T.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

Finally! At last! I had the chance to have my gelato-fix and dessert fix here. 128522

I have seen photos from friends as well as recommendations and even their IG account is quite active that made the curiosity hype up even more 128513

Last night, some friends decided to visit the canal. We had dinner in Alab then here for dessert.

I was eyeing the panna cottas, only to my dismay that it already run out. 128546 I also wanted to try out the gelato but was not so keen as before (IDK).

We ordered some cakes instead.
I had no idea what else to order so I checked out what the other | reviewers ordered. Ruth D’s capture of their Original Tiramisu (175php/slice) caught my eye and I decided to get one. We also got another not-so-sweet cake 127856 Mango Almond Delight (115php/slice).

We both loved the cakes ♥️
The textures were both amazingly good. 128077🏻

•Tiramisù is quite filling, would work really well with black coffee 1108811088110881108811088

•Mango Almond Delight is a chiffon cake. The chiffon is baked right, it’s also not sweet. What made it sweet was the mangoes on top and in between layers. 1108811088110881108811088

•Gelato Small 3 Scoops min. (120php) 1108811088️ My friend tried it out and I was able to taste some. I found that it’s quite overrated. The gelato texture is not as thick and creamy like the other gelatos. The gelato was thin in texture, IMO, it is similar to a melting ice candy.. 128533 A bit dismayed about it.

What was also disappointing was the espresso machine closes earlier than the mall and the cafe. Something to do with the calibration of the machine or electrical that’s tied to the mall.. IDK. #dikonagetsyungexplanationnila 🤨128528
We dined at their cafe at 10pm ish. It was just sad that a gelato cafe with no coffee, not even a brewed coffee is available at wee hours of the day.. so sad.

Service 4/5
Cakes 5/5
Gelato 2/5

Giving the place 4/5 stars because of the good service and delicious cakes 128522

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Erastus M.
4.0 Stars

•Small & cozy place
•Liked the ambiance inside the store
•Friendly staff
•Quality gelato

Overall 4/5*

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Pretty good. Liked their tiramisu. Indoor store space is just small but they have an outdoor space that gives you a nice view of the canal.

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Carlos L.
4.0 Stars

Stracciatella milk with chocolate is the best, pistachio and hazelnut is also good, get the 5 scoops with cialda at p200

  • No. of Comments: 3
Sandy V.
4.0 Stars

Extra dark, pistachio and ricotta & figs 128077🏻

  • No. of Comments: 9
Isha S.
4.0 Stars

If you want something sweet, heavy and delish, check out Chiara's dessert toasts!

I got the Il Padrino, which is buttered toast topped with white chocolate cream and pistachio gelato (225 PHP). The dessert is substantial, good enough for sharing (but I finished it all by myself HAHA oopsie 128514). The toast was nice and pillowy and combined with the rich pistachio gelato, it was heaven! SO GOOD THO! 128525

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4.0 Stars

This is not my first time in Chiara's Pastry. I went here several times for their gelatos. But this time I was able to try some of their cakes and new summer cooler products or they called it Iced Treats.


127846Hazelnut - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
127846Pistachio - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
127846Nutella - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
127846Mint - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
127846Dark Chocolate - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
127846Mango - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
127846Strawberry - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
127846Stracciatella - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

"Pistacio and Hazelnut gelatos standsout but my favorite is the Stracciatella gelato, I just keep scooping on it everytime."


Tiramisu - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
Mango Almond Delight - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
Choco Hazelnut Royale - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

"I like all the cakes presented to us. The Mango Almond Delight and Choco Hazelnut Royale were my favorites during our visit."


Iced Peach Latte - 110881108811088️ 3/5
Iced Hazelnut Cappuccino - 110881108811088️ 3/5
Caramel Frozen Coffee - 110881108811088️ 3/5
Iced Vanilla Coffee - 110881108811088️ 3/5

"It would be much better if the Iced Treats are more distinguishable except for the Iced Peach Latte. And they need to be more sweeter, it taste bland for me."

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

Ice cream is very dear to me. It's the one item that carries most of my memories, not only as a child, but even as I grow up. Even before I knew how good food tastes like, ice cream has already been my constant companion, both through happy and troubled times. Now that I'm growing older, my love for ice cream is just growing stronger, especially that I have been introduced to the superior kind, the gelato.

Chiara's is a dessert shop that specializes in gelato. They offer around 16 different flavors of gelato that change from time to time to ensure customers that there's always something new and exciting to come back to. On top of the freshly made gelatos, Chiara's also has a wide variety of cakes and drinks guaranteed to even more satisfy the sweet tooth in you.

Team Kaladkarin had the opportunity to visit its branch at Venice Grand Canal Mall for a glorious dessert haven. We had servings of their gelatos, cakes, and drinks.

|Pistachio: My absolute favorite! I'm sure Chiara's was pretty generous on the nuts to create this flavor. The taste of the pistachio was very obvious.

|Hazelnut & Nutella: Both were good and tasted a bit similar. This is perfect for those who are not much into sweets, but love chocolate nonetheless.

|Strawberry: Although I've been repeatedly declaring my hate for almost anything strawberry flavored, I cannot say that I felt the same hatred for this one. Why? Because theirs is different. You can taste that real strawberries were used for this, instead of the artificial ones others use.

|Mango: The texture of their mango flavor was a bit different compared to the others. I don't know if it's just me xD Like the strawberry flavor, the mango also didn't taste artificial.

|Stracciatella: If you're looking for a milky and creamy gelato with some chocolate shavings to enjoy, then this is for you.

|Mint: Heads up, solid mint lovers! You might want to try this one and get your money's worth with Chiara's. Their mint flavor has got to be the strongest one I've ever tried.

Layers of novarini biscuits dipped in coffee syrup topped with mascarpone cheese and fresh cream, dusted with some cocoa powder. It had a really smooth texture. I didn't taste the coffee, which I liked because I don't like coffee. I also missed the mascarpone cheese, but it's probably because I only had a few bites of this.

|Mango almond delight
A layer of fluffy mango sponge cake and almond meringue filled with mango cream and real mangoes. This cake had a lighter taste than the other two, and also the cake favored by majority of the team.

|Mango hazelnut royale
Layers of chocolate chiffon cake filled with choco hazelnut cream. At first I didn't notice that the filling was hazelnut. I kept thinking that it was caramel, only less sweet, until my friend told me that it wasn't. So, I tried to taste filling alone to prove to myself that it was indeed hazelnut, and I liked it better :) It might be a bit of a chocolate overload, but it's weird that it didn't taste too sweet for me, nor did it make my throat sore.

All of the cakes were great. It's hard to choose a favorite because each has its own attributes. For me, I liked the chocolate hazelnut best (probably because I was craving for a chocolate cake).

Their drinks are a hit or miss. The hazelnut was bland, peach was weird (because it was sour but had milk as well. I don't know, I think it also depends on your personal preference), the coffee was okay. Note that these are juices, not milkshakes, so the consistency is thinner.

Chiara's gelatos were amazing. Add the cakes to the equation and you'll have a truly delightful sweet escape.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Chiara [Kya-ra] did celebrate their 1st year anniversary branch at venice grand canal where they made a promo of buy one take one. I believe Chiara's gelato are underrated so i'd love to clarify --what they're selling is not ice cream. It's gelato. Their gelato are smooth and rich in flavor. However they lack textures as most of us like to enjoy our cold desserts with nuts, crispies and all those extras....

Try my recommendations (128525)

Gelato - small cup @120PhP big cup @200PhP

128204128525Dark Chocolate
Best paired with mint flavor



I find the mint flavor strong


Meh. If you like strawberries with a little kick of sourness, this is for you.

My least favorite. Although it got milk chocolate flakes, i find it too simple- vanilla-ish flavor

128204128525 Tiramisu
128204128525 Mango Almond
128204 Chocolate Hazelnut

Iced Coffee Drinks -165PhP
Their drinks needs a little improvement though. We find it too thin.
128204128525Iced Peached Latte
This one is weirdly good. The farthest pair of citrus we had so far is orange, but peach, it will be an acquired taste!

128204128525Iced Hazelnut Cappuccino
For me this drink is the best among the rest. This drink is good as being thin--so the hazelnut flavor is elaborated.

128204 Caramel Frozen Coffee

128204 Iced Vanilla Coffee

Chiara pastry is Italian in origin, but they do not plan on introducing pasta and and other Italian commons, because they want to focus more on the desserts, most especially on gelato says their marketing

The place is not so good during weekends as it is really jam-packed. Taking away some points from my score. You might want to try their other branches (MOA, SM Sucat). The management plans on opening two more branches this year.

Operating times 11am-11pm
Mall stores 10am-9pm

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Clarissa P.
3.0 Stars

Been visiting Amici for Sunday dinner two weeks in a row now because my daughter liked their Four Cheese Pizza and Gelato. Last Sunday, instead of Caramia, I urged them to try Chiara's just because we haven't tried their gelato yet. Fortunately, they were having a promo - Buy a large cup and get a smaller one for free. Not bad I thought.

There were only about 6 flavors left. My eldest daughter tried them all and decided to get Chocolate and Vanilla - large cup. My youngest wanted strawberry so we got that for the free small cup.

The gelato base was smooth and creamy and didn't melt too fast. The Chocolate was chocolatey, almost the dark chocolate type but there was nothing special. The Vanilla didn't have a strong Vanilla flavor - or maybe I was expecting a Vanilla Bourbon flavor. The Strawberry was sour and too sweet at the same time. Umay!

Honestly, I wished we went for Caramia's gelato instead 128527 Large Cup for 200Php is not sulit in this case for me.

Oh and their customer service - meh. Maybe we went a little late like 9PM late that's why they weren't too perky anymore? Maybe they were too tired that's why the impatience was evident when my daughter was sampling the flavors.

Maybe will try their cakes next time.

2 stars + 1 star for the promo LOL

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Zai M.
3.0 Stars

Tinidors at Ku---

128514Tried Chiara's gelato during my first time in Venice Grand Canal mall for additional "Italian feels." 128514128514 This "small" cup with 3 "small" scoops (strawberry, cheesecake, choco) costs Php130. It tasted okay, but not sulit for me.

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Raisa Z.
3.0 Stars

Meals aren't complete without dessert. So after that heavy meal from Kuroda - we went to look for dessert, we ended up in this Gelato Place. We tried the following flavors: Pistachio, Hazelnut, Green Tea, Tiramisu, Cheesecake.

I think I will stick with Ice creams. I find Gelatos too sweet 128524

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Hannah V.
3.0 Stars

Combination of toast bread topped with white chocolate cream and pistachio gelato.
The gelato was nutty and smooth on each spoonful. thick and creamy, doesn't melt that fast while the toasted bread was just okay nothing special on it. (They should put more scoop of gelato) The service was good though.

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

I have seen a handful of posts and reviews about this gelato place in Venice Grand Canal Mall. I got very curious when I found out that one cup of three scoops only cost PHP120. Three scoops of gelato for less than two hundred bucks? I was sold! But it took me a while to visit this place as the famous and green Grand Canal could be very crowded with… selfie sticks. But after having lunch at Nihonkai Tsukiji, we decided to hunt for more Pokemon and ended up in the newest tourist destination in Manila. Since we were already there, I figured that I should swing by and try Chiara’s.

Hello, Chiara’s.

The place was packed when I visited on a Sunday afternoon. The gelato store’s area is quite small and gets too crowded once five or six customers are inside. They do have al fresco area though in front of the store. I really wouldn’t mind dining outside if only it wasn’t so humid that day.

After sampling a few flavors, I decided to go with a Small Cup (PHP120) with Pistachio, Strawberry and Hazelnut. It all made sense to me when they handed my order. It was a tiny cup with sorbetes size scoops. Nonetheless, you could not get three gelato flavors at this price.

I went outside and quickly took snapshots of my cold treat. It was challenging to capture a nice shot of it as it wasn’t as photogenic as I pictured.

After a while, I took a spoonful of each flavor. And sadly, none made a lasting impression. I vaguely remembered hazelnut which reminded me of Ferrero Rocher.

Overall, despite it being affordable, I felt that I didn’t get my money’s worth.

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Edison A.
5.0 Stars

Coffee gelato in your hand with the grand canal view will definitely make your day.
After our morning dance rehearsals, me and my friend decided to pass through Venice Piazza since it is very humid outside. We stopped to take some pictures because it looks like they just cleaned the canal, and then I saw this Gelato and Cake shop. We were looking at the menu inside undecided what to get when a crew approached us, he gave us the menu and offered for us to sit while he take the orders. We ordered 2 of the bestsellers, the Foresta Nera - P220 and Coppa del Nonno - P220. Not your typical overpriced Italian resto, this one is quite affordable for the tastes that they offer. I personally enjoyed the brutti ma buoni with coffee gelato, its like a meringue cookie with chewy nuts inside. The place is quaint and cozy but not too spacious inside. You can sit outside with the grand canal view if its not too humid or raining. I'll go back to try their Toasted Bread + Gelato. 128077

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Cindz C.
3.0 Stars

For 200 php experienced their 5 scoops of gellato in a wafer. Tasted good specially their pistaccio flavor but nothing beats cara mia. Will go back to try their cakes.

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Shareen B.
5.0 Stars

Grand canal view with gelato in your hand? Perfect! We walked around Venice Piazza lokking for desserts plus also to see the grand canal mall. We ended up at Chiara's 127846127847

3 scoops of Gelato only costs Php 120. They have wide assortments of desserts but gelato really caught my eye! 127846

We ordered:
Strawberry, Pistacchio and Chocolate; 1108811088110881108811088
• I love how realistic the taste of strawberry which really a bit sour. Pistacchio and chocolate is a great compination!
Tiramisu, Dark Chocolate and Pistacchio; 11088110881108811088
• Tiramisu was awesome! Dark chocolate, not really my kind of chocolate. Pistacchio is really good!

Maybe one day you want to have that "turista" shot at Grand Canal Mall, Venice Piazza, drop-by Chiara's 128588🏼

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Chiara's Pastry  is the new gelato joint to grace the newest foodie destination in the Metro.  I've never heard of them till now.  It's hot and humid,  a gelato break seems appropriate.

Ciara's is a quiant dessert shop located at the ground floor of Venice Grand Canal.   They specialise in handcrafted gelato and dessert toasts.   It was half full when i visited.  The inside houses three tables and it is quite crowded.  Customers may dine al fresco via the tables outside. 

I was pleasantly surprised that the prices are easy on the wallet.  A small cup with three scoops only costs php 120.  There were limited choices of flavors though.  I picked the following flavors:

| Yogurt.   This is my favourite among the two.  Well,  biased opinion as I like yogurt.  The texture is smooth and it feels like i am eating yogurt,  except it is gelato form.

| Strawberry.  Mediocre.  Flavor is good but lacks the wow factor.  It goes well with the yogurt variant though.  I made it a point to scoop half and half.  Voila,  strawberry yogurt!

| Pistachio.   This pale green hued gelato maybe easy on the eyes but it packs a punch.   Smooth and nutty on each spoonful.   

Overall, i enjoyed their frozen treats and i feel so responsible that i only spent php 120 for a cup of gelato

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Chachi L.
4.0 Stars

To complete the Italian experience, we stopped by Chiara's for some dessert. The place was just beside Toni and Sergio. Though they are still in their Soft Opening, the crew were very cordial enough to let us in and try their gelato flavors. Those that were available and I've tried during our visit are the ff.

1.) Hazelnut
2.) Yogurt - Has a sour taste similar to a greek yogurt
3.) Vanilla
4.) Tiramisu - Coffee like flavor
5.) Ricotta

For an amount of Php 120, they will allow you to pick 3 flavors for your small cup. I chose the Tiramisu, Ricotta and Yogurt. Even though the cup was small, their scoops are big enough and is worth the price comparing to other ice cream shops.

Aside from the gelato, my friend tried their Panna Cotta with Coffee (their bestseller according to one of their servers). The panna cotta was firm and not too sweet just good enough to cleanse our palate from all the pizza and pasta goodness that we had for dinner.

Credits to Jeric for this pic :).

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