Chibo Okonomiyaki

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Chibo Okonomiyaki
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Most Recent Reviews

Christian S.
4.0 Stars

A must try 128512128512128512

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Midz S.
3.0 Stars

This place has been open for quite some time now. I still remember the time when this just opened and we were eager to try it. Sadly, we just had okonomiyaki at a different restaurant and we avoid eating another for awhile since we get sick of the taste.

So we headed to Chibo last Friday since we're ready to eat okonomiyaki again! The place was calm and had dim lightings. We ordered the okonomiyaki and yakisoba set and an order of the spicy Konnyaku steak teppan for the three of us.

The set order (P980 - good for 2) includes a salad, an okonomiyaki, yakisoba, pork omelette and dessert.

And oh, there's a grill on each table, but it's not for you to cook your orders on. Its purpose is to keep your food warm as you slowly finish it.

The salad was drenched with the dressing. I loved the bacon, though 128055

The yam cake (P120) we had was a little bit better than okay. It had the right amount of spiciness that I was able to handle, with what I'm assuming is some sort of a barbeque marinade. Serving size is small.

The okonomiyaki was just okay. The pork slices in it were the highlight of my meal. If it weren't for that, then I'm not sure if I'd be able to eat several bites.

The yakisoba was okay also, although I think I wasn't able to eat much of it because it was loaded with black peppers.

The pork omelette was okay. It's just scrambled eggs stuff with pork slices and topped with sauce.

I'd love to give a comment on the dessert, except we weren't given any, and we only remembered after leaving S Maison.

Overall, ambiance is nice, service is good, food was okay and a bit pricey. Yes, the set meal alone is enough for 3 people, but for the serving size and taste, it's a bit pricey.

So I guess I'm not really a fan of okonomiyaki after all 128517

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

Went here for a late snacks as okonomiyaki might not make me full for a dinner. And also just wanted to try it out as curiousity prevails.

Order their chibo okonomiyaki for around 400, they cook it on their kitchen and just reheat it on the table. Depends on your preference but i prefer that i can watch the overall process. The server left it on the table and i was left wondering how long to wait 128556

Impression on their okonomiyaki, it was good as there were lots of meat inside. The tiger shrimp head with its fingers on the side was not appealing for me. I didnt much taste the tiger prawn body inside the japanese pancake. Nonetheless i enjoy my visit here.

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Bo R.
3.0 Stars

Don't expect this restaurant to satisfy your Japanese food cravings. This isn't your typical Japanese resto. They specializes in Okonomiyaki which they describe as a Japanese pancake, but is actually a Japanese omelette/ really huge takoyaki with LOTS of Japanese mayo. (Grabbed a photo from their site cos I wasn't able to take one).
The super thin, fried gyoza was the better part of the meal (see photo).
Definitely for the slightly adventurous eater

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Leo C.
5.0 Stars

This is my first time to write such a long review just because I really had a great time in this Japanese resto.

So on a Thursday night my cousin and I went to Conrad hotel to try this new resto specializing on okonomiyaki. I was reading alot of positive reviews here in other sites. and I must say that from the very start it was a very pleasant experience. The place alone was very classy and comfy and has a very nice modern Japanese vibe to it. Their servers greeted us enthusiastically as we went in the resto so then we chose to sit on the couch.

They handed us out this very big menu which contains clear pictures of what was listed. We proceeded to order the pork omelette i forgot the Japanese name, also a gyoza, yakisoba and their best selling okonomiyaki. while waiting for our orders they gave us both a glass of cold tea and also water. after a few minutes our first two orders arrive which were the pork omelette and gyoza. we were both surpirse that the gyoza was flattened as in almost paper thin but it tasted fine. then we tried the pork omelette which I may say has a very generous amount of pork strips in it. After finishing the appetizers the yakisoba arrived and I may say this is one of the best sobas i have tasted. the server will ask if you would like to sprinkle alittle sea weed powder and some fish flakes which we said yes too. the yakisoba was very rich in flavor and my cousin loved it more than the okonomiyaki. so after finishing this the main course arrived which was their pork okonomiyaki and boy it did not disappoint it was delicious and very cheap for the quality. the server will place it on the hot surface in your table and add the mayo and other toppings to the meal. after that they will offer to cut it and serve it to you. after finishing the meal we decided to order the mango dessert and it was nice finish to a great dinner.

We asked for our bill and it was not that expensive considering we ate very good quality and delicious food not to mention their service crew was very attentive to requests and helpful if needed. For me they are offering customers a unique Japanese experience. I will definitely comeback to the place and bring friends here.

i was not able to take good pictures because I was excited on eating everything but I guarantee you it was great!

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

Chibo Okonomiyaki recently opened its first branch here in the Philippines last June. It's located at second floor of S Maison, Conrad, just beside MOA. It was said that the chefs trained in Osaka, Japan just for this branch. So you better expect authentic 🇯🇵 food (yum!! 128523).

PLACE: The place feels fancy yet cozy at the same time with teppan warmers on each table.

SERVICE: The service was okay. Although it could be on the slow side. We did have to wait a bit for the food to arrive. The staffs were very polite and friendly.

FOOD: Below were the dishes that we ordered (There was only the two of us).

128035 Tonpei Yaki - Some sort of Pork Omelette. The egg was very fluffy and soft which was perfect for the omelette and topped with Japanese Mayo and seaweed powder (??). My friend really loved this one.

128061 Gyoza Teppan (P150) - This is not your regular gyoza as it is flat. I was a bit underwhelmed at first because they look so tiny. But this had a crunch to it and I loved loved loved their gyoza sauce.

128055 Butatama Okonomiyaki (P190) - In Japanese, buta means pork. This is one of their classics and one can never go wrong with it. If you're new to Okonomiyaki and want to try something safe, then try this 128077🏻

🧀 Cheese Yaki (P280) - This dish was exclusively made just for the Philippine branch since we all know how much we love our cheese. This includes Okonomiyaki dough, teppan noodles, bean sprouts, pork and a combination of Gouda, cheddar and mozzarella cheese. An extra layer of cheese is then poured on top of the dough as it cooks. Ohh that cheesy heaven goodness! 128524

127861 They also serve cold tea (for free) which I also loved!

Personally, I really loved this place. It's actually my first time having okonomiyaki. I thought I wouldn't like it but I did. It's perfect for any meal during the day, be it breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. If you're really hungry, you can devour one whole okonomiyaki by yourself but if not, you can invite a friend and share one. I can't wait to be back! 🇯🇵

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Daylight M.
4.0 Stars

okonomyaki 10084️
spent y'day with friends, and this is where we our hungry belly brought us. hahahah, everything we had were all goodl (so good that i didn't mind remembering the names). some celebs are also spotted in the place. also, we were all full, no space for desserts, aaawh.. 128529

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Elise C.
4.0 Stars

Just typing these first few words is already making me hungry, I wanna come back!

It was already 2 in the afternoon and we were mostly hungry (mostly me), and we couldnt choose. I've read online that the shirayukihime and the gyoza teppan is a must try, so I ordered it for us, along with their Tabekurabe Set which consists of one butatama okonomiyaki, hiroshima okonomiyaki, chibo salad, tonpei-yaki, and two servings of dessert for just 980 pesos.

The tonpei-yaki or the omelette arrived first and it already won me over. Yum!!!!! Very savory and seasoned quite well, I had to get two slices, sorry, friends! And then the gyoza arrived, this I didnt like, it was very dry and didnt taste like anything at all. I like the normal gyoza better.

Next came the hiroshima okonomiyaki, if I'm not mistaken this one's the okosoba??? There were noodles and some cabbage... It was good, but it's nothing really special. I like Botejyu's better. The butatama okonomiyaki is so much better. Yum!!!

The salad came in between, and it was so fresh. I loved it as well. Loved the parmesan bits. After all this, our shirayukihime still hasnt arrived and we were already full. But after a few moments... A very appetizing okonomiyaki topped with fluffy egg whites arrived. Mouth-watering!! This was our favorite and we really wished it was the first one they served. Loved how cheesy it was and how meaty it was! The only thing we didnt like about it was the bitterness of the green stuff inside. Forgot to ask what it was.

Dessert was equally great!! It was mango panna cotta if im not mistaken. Sweet!

Service is impeccable and food is great. Serving is big and pricing is right! 4.0 because it wasnt overwhelming and doesn't have the umay factor!

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Donna M.
2.0 Stars

Horrible service. Indifferent and inefficient.

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Julie J.
4.0 Stars

Visited newly opened S Maison & Conrad yesterday out of curiosity, the place looks pretty and posh but only a handful of establishments are in operation at the moment 128542

Japanese cuisine always wins when it comes to choosing where to have our meal 128541 So Chibo it was! At 11:30, We were #2 in line as the place accepts reservations and was already booked solid... So if you guys plan to drop by, best call ahead to reserve seats! Anyways, the wait time wasn't too bad, we were seated after 30 mins or so.

The place looked really nice and classy...Menus came with photos and brief explanations so it was easy to choose what we wanted...Loving the extensive Okonomiyaki and Teppan choices! 128523 Here's a rundown of what we tried 128071🏼

128204 Chibo Okonomiyaki @380 - Prawn, scallops, beef & pork

128204 Gyoza Teppan @150

128204 Assorted Seafood Teppan @480 - Prawns, scallops, salmon, squid

128204 Hotate (Scallops) Teppan @280 128076🏼

128204 Omusoba @230 - Yakisoba wrapped in an Omelette

128204 Geso Teppan @180 - Squid Tentacles

128204 Cheese, Asparagus & Spinach Teppan @120

128204 Assorted Mushroom Teppan @150

Well, that sure was a lot of Teppan 128514 We liked everything we tried, the Okonomiyaki was good too! Too bad all the cooking was done in the kitchen then served to us (shortage of Teppan chefs?) 🤔 i would have preferred watching them prepare everything in front of us... Maybe next time 128566 Service was pretty good though and dishes are yummy & reasonably priced....Nom!

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Serena M.
4.0 Stars

After Uma Uma and Horse's Mouth...

Our 3rd stop...

Chibo Okonomiyaki 🇯🇵127887127884

Spotted... Karyll (Zsa Zsa's daughter) which is seated right next to us!! Well, since I'm not a big fan of hers, we continued checking on Chibo's menu.. 128541128541128541
I've noticed that their menu is quite extensive! So many foods to choose from. They also have seafood teppan, beef teppan, foie gras, etc. Quite impressive! 128521

Actually, we're a bit full already that's why we just ordered their house specialty which is the Chibo Okonomiyaki (P380) which consists of prawn, scallop, beef and pork. I thought they'll cook it in front of us like in Dohtonbori but they did not. Instead they cooked it in their kitchen and warmed the okonomiyaki on our table. Surprisingly, we like the taste of their okonomiyaki!! Taste better than Dohtonbori's!! 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻 We weren't able to finish it coz we're thinking of having some coffee and desserts pa 128539

So off to our last stop.... Huma 128517

#happy_tummy=happy_me 128131🏻

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Chibo Okonomiyaki has a relaxed vibe since there are only a few tables in contrast to Dohtonbori. Interiors are very different too, so that's another factor. Also, the dishes are already cooked in the kitchen so there's less "chaos" here.

We had the following and we liked every dish. And I'm surprised that the prices aren't so bad.

🔹 Hotate (Scallops)

🔹 Tonpei-yaki (pork omelette)

🔹 Cheese Asparagus and Spinach Teppan

🔹 Mattari Okonomiyaki. Ingredients were asparagus, spinach, mochi, cheese, and pork.

🔹 Hiroshima Yaki. This had cabbage and bean sprouts, pork, shrimp, squid, scallops, and noodles.

Service was great. Servers were attentive and very knowledgeable of the dishes they offer. Operations Manager David Guevarra has done another great job with this new Japanese restaurant. 128077🏼

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

After the uma uma experience, we hurriedly went to chibo, since this is quite far from our area, and even though we were quiet deep inside the uma uma sharing experience is a bad idea for hungry people.

Now Chibo sounds really new to us, but this restaurant long started 1973 at Osaka at is claiming to be the first to introduce fusion of okonomiyaki and teppanyaki. While dotonbori (it's a name of a famous food arcade in Osaka) is where Chibo's largest establishment is located.

Well, the place really is high class. It's a type of place where yakuzas can meet. There are a couple of function room and a very very frigid CR. There's no wifi and no power outlet as it does not proclaim to be a good tambayan place.

We also decided to share two orders muna
128204128525 butatama okonomiyaki @190php
Buta (豚) is pork in japanese. TAMA! Lol.
As i am writing this review i have already tried dohtonbori, but i still love how plain and elegant they do their okonomiyaki.

128204128525 pumonjyu yaki @230php
Yakisoba inside a crepe with squid and pork. Worth trying as well.

Kristin A did try the avocado tuna tartar (5th photo) on our second visit (within the day LOL)

As i've said (which i plan to talk more about it on my dohtonbori review) this place is high class. You see they make things professional. The way the splat the Japanese mayo on your teppan is worth video recording and "boomeranging" they are also formal too when it comes to accommodating customers. There's a downfall though (in which many of us have observed too)--the service was freaking slow.

Do i like this more than dohtonbori? Maybe? Some aspects! I'm still ok with giving this place a more than okay score. I love how elegant and professional they are. 128521

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Muffy T.
5.0 Stars

Found myself at S Maison yesterday and decided to try two of the three restaurants already open.

Chibo, has one of the best okonomiyaki ive had here in the phils. (Yes, a lot better than that other popular "D" place imho).

Okonomiyaki is a popular snack in japan made from soybean paste and baked flour. Its basically a pancake made with any ingredient you want. The roots of this dish go as far as the Edo period when food was scarce and people tried to increase calorie intake by mixing protein with starch.

Their signature dish is the Okonomiyaki Chibo made with sirloin, shrimp, squid, and scallops. If you're feeling a little adventurous, you can also try their okonomiyaki pozza made with sirloin, shrimp, squid, scallops, pizza sauce, and cheese.

Another dish i would suggest is their seafood tepan. The dish is a mixture of scallop, shrimp, salmon, squid, and wild mushrooms cooked on the griddle. Everything was fresh and seasoned perfectly.

The servers are efficient and polite. I i really enjoyed everything from the food to the ambiance.

Ps: no outside food is allowed, as it is with most of our restaurants.128513

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4.0 Stars

After we slurped and ate all the ramen and gyoza, respectively, at Uma Uma! We went to Chibo Okonomiyaki. It's just besides Uma Uma! 127845

Chibo Okomoniyaki is a franchise from Osaka Japan. They operate and introduce okonomiyaki in their own style since 1970s.

All of us (I mean 8 of us) share with 1 order of Butatama Okonomiyaki and 1 order of Pumonjyu Yaki just to know the difference from other Okonomiyaki Restaurant. 127884

Butatama Okonomiyaki (Osaka's Okonomiyaki with Pork) Php190.00 - 11088️11088️11088️11088️ 4/5
"Same taste with Dohtonbori"

Pumonjyu Yaki (Crepe Style Okonomiyaki filled with Yakisoba, Squid and Pork) - 11088️11088️11088️11088️11088️ 5/5
"For me eto yung masarap, NAKAKABITIN!"

Jayson J Christina R Dennis O Elaine O Marc David M

#ilovetoeat 12851510084️ #ChiboOkonomiyakiPh 🇯🇵

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Marc David M.
3.0 Stars

Chibo Okonomiyaki and Doutonburi Okonomiyaki. No I am not comparing the two joints. It's two of the best-selling Okonomiyaki Variants at Chibo Okonomiyaki. 128514

Honestly though, I can't differentiate the two by taste because they have quite similar ingredients in them aside from the Cheese of the Doutonburi. The Sauce and the Mayo is just too overpowering as in most Okonomiyakis.

Foie Gras Steak - just your run of the mill Seared Foie Gras served with seared slices of fruits. We seared it even more at the pan to draw out some more flavor and oils then swirled the okonomiyaki slices over it 128525 Perfect!

Rant: Service is just toooooo slow. From waiting to get seated, to food, to bill... Mag-iinit ulo mo kung talagang gutom ka na. 128548

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Elaine O.
4.0 Stars

Okonimayaki is starting to have a following outside of Japan and our taste buds are starting to crave and enjoy its savory taste.

Chibo started in Japan more than 40 years ago. It first started in Osaka and is vastly expanding overseas (they have a branch in Hawaii). Chibo takes pride in their Okonomiyaki and is proud to spread it all over the globe.

128077 Butatama Okonomoyaki
Serving size is good for sharing and I love the sweet flavor from the Otafuku/Okonomiyaki sauce, the salty taste from Aonori (seaweed flakes) and Katsuobushi (bonito flakes) and the sour-y flavor from the Japanese mayonnaise.

✔ The place is stylishly fancy and a bit intimidating.
✔ The staff are attentive in refilling the complimentary tea
✔ Unlimited bonito flakes and seaweed flakes
❌Serving time is quiet long

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

I can't believe that another okonomiyaki franchise is here in manila. Filipino palate have really diversified and we have learned to accept more new adventurous type of food. Chibo okonomiyaki originated from Osaka and they are one of the pioneer when it comes to making okonomiyaki.

For the 2nd stop of our foodcrawl in S Maison we choose to try out Chibo Okonomiyaki. This okonomiyaki house has much more serious fine dine kind of vibe compared to dohnto. Their interior looks elegant and their menu have more diverse choices. But we decided again to go for sharing and tryout some of their okonomiyaki specialty. 1st up was Butatama Okonomiyaki. For just 190php I find this one very affordable. I love how it tasted and honestly they tasted very similarly with Dohntoburi. Our second order I forgot the name but it was a crepe style okonomiyaki with yakisoba inside. I also love this one but wishes there were more meat in it. Overall it was all good and just love the good delicious flavors in their okonomiyaki. The bonito flakes on the side was also so addicting that we were cooking some of them hahaha.

What I wish for them to improve is their slow service. I know okonomiyaki takes time to cook but unlike in the other okonomiyaki house this one is not cook in front of you so medjo nakakainip maghintay. Lucky if you'll be able to get a place on the Teppan showcase area that is where they cook upfront. 128522

Overall I love this place from the interior to the food and the prompt server who kept on refilling our tea.128522128077 Would really love to comeback to try their other dishes.

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David B.
3.0 Stars

Servings small and lacked flavor. Sauce was too strong. Also batter was too thick. Ended up smelling like a fast food joint after. Price point a bit high.

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Sabrina P.
4.0 Stars

We came from a wedding fair at SMX and my fiancé mentioned that there's a new hotel just beside it which had restaurants that newly opened. He told me that he wanted us to eat at "Cibo". I gladly agreed since I wanted to have some pasta anyway.
Little did I know that he was talking about "Chibo" and not "Cibo". 128540128514
Anyway, we arrived there at around 6:00 pm and there were enough seats for us. At first, I thought that prices at Chibo were rocket-high expensive. But when I opened the menu, I was surprised to see affordable dishes! Woohoo!
We ordered a set meal for two that had yakisoba, okonomiyaki, tonpei-yaki, chibo salad & dessert only for P980. 128522 They were good!
Love how the place looks too. Servers were attentive and pleasant as well.
Good thing I asked where the rest room was before we left the place. Near the rest room was a back door to an open area where you'll see Manila Bay! Such an awesome view of the sunset. 128525

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