Chicco's Delicatessen

70 Rizal Blvd., Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

Chicco's Delicatessen
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Christa U.
3.0 Stars

The tip to finding Chicco's Delicatessen is not to look for it, but to look for a sign for Why Not - the restaurant and the disco place. Chicco's Delicatessen is the smaller and more intimate/cozy version to Why Not restaurant, and is located right beside the restaurant and Why Not Disco. You can't miss it as the outside seating in this area is frequented/favorited by foreigners who live here, as it's usually quiet in the mornings and afternoons, and affords a great view of Rizal Boulevard.

Chicco's is a cafe and restaurant, serving an assortment of dishes. The atmosphere inside leans toward a sense of coziness, using cozy and intimate colors for its interiors. We were here on a late Sunday afternoon and found the place e-m-p-t-y. Me and my aunt initially wanted to have a light merienda, but it ended up turning into our early dinner.

We had the Margherita pizza, which is usually one of my favorites since I like pizzas that don't have a lot of variety when it comes to toppings. Margherita has it down with just basil, cheese and tomato. Anyways, had Chicco's Margherita pizza, and it was okay. The cheese was good, but it was lacking that contrasting tomato flavor that sets it apart from an ordinary cheese pizza. It wasn't bad, but it could have been better.

As we spotted the ice cream freezer coming in, we also decided to get some ice cream. My aunt recommended the aloe vera flavored one, which we shared. Initially, I was a little skeptical to try the flavor - I've heard of aloe vera as a smell or scent in commercial products, but never before as a flavor of food, so I wasn't too keen to try it out. When I did though, I found the taste was quite good. Kind of like a palatte cleanser.

After that one scoop though, I felt like we needed one more. So we ended up getting one more flavor. It was something - almond. I can't remember the exact flavor. Russian Almond? Haha. 128514 It was good too. Something reminiscent of coffee crumble, but different. What we noticed immediately though was that the almond/nutty flavor really shone through.

Prices here are reasonable. For the pizza, 2 scoops of ice cream, and my iced tea, I think we paid around 400-something. Not exactly super cheap, but pwede na. 128518

Service. Service, here is so-so. One of the things I noticed was how the staff member serving us wasn't smiling at all while taking our order. I'm sure she could have been having a rough day, but considering we were the only customers around, that frown-ish face was kind of a downer.

Another thing that happened was when it came to ordering our ice cream. The first one was okay. Order, served, done. But when we ordered the second scoop, golly it took them such a long time to serve it, even if the freezer was right behind me. In fact, they forgot about it! When we followed-up on our order, they had a conversation that went kind of like.. "Where's their order?" "I told (name of person) about the order." "How come it hasn't been served" (all in Bisaya of course). Anyhoo, hearing that scene was not cool. Though our ice cream did get served after, and we just ignored the scene.

Still, the place has reasonable prices, and okay food. Service could be better, and the atmosphere could be better, and cleanliness could be better too (spotted a mini roach, and this considering the cutlery is all laid out on the tables).

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