Chill Top Roofdeck Restobar

Amio Tuazon Bldg., 17th Ave. cor. P. Tuazon Blvd., Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Chill Top Roofdeck Restobar
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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

My blogger friends and I went to Chill Top just recently. It is a karaoke bar in Cubao, which can be easily spotted from a distance, given the huge sign and the flashing blue lights outside of the establishment. We had an awesome experience here that’s definitely worth sharing as it is one for the books.

As soon as we got inside Chill Top, we were directed to a room where us guests may have our karaoke session. Their well ventilated rooms can actually accommodate up to 30 people. And since there were only eight of us in the room, the place felt so massive for us, that one can run and play around the place if he wants to. Oh, and one more thing, the room actually has its own comfort room, which makes the place even more awesome. What more can a customer ask for, right?

As soon as we rested and relaxed ourselves on their comfortable couch, we were served different kinds of slushies. They’re basically alcoholic beverages mixed with crushed ice. Amongst all these drinks, my favorite would have to be their Chocolate Slush, a combination of rum, vodka, and gin, mixed with chocolate and milk. It was reminiscent of Chocolait, my favorite drink during my childhood. My friends, on the other hand, enjoyed their fruity Mango Slush drink, which is a combination of basil, cherry, and rum.

If you are feeling rather adventurous with your drinks, I suggest that you go for Chill Top’s sweet and light Bombshell or Zombie Chill. Both of which may be set on a three-liter tower. This is actually good for about five people and you can avail this during their happy hour for only Php350.

We had a food feast that day, taking bites every now and then, as we passed on the microphone and happily sang along to the songs playing on the screen. We find their Adobol, or sizzling adobo, very flavorful. It had this nice texture to it, being crispy on top and saucy underneath. I highly recommend their Tokyo Teri pizza too. It had a generous serving of chicken teriyaki slices and cheese on it.

Our group also ordered boneless crispy pata and a whole lot of chicken wings, both of which are really good finger foods, which we have munched on as we wait for our turn on the microphone.

Out of all the foods that we got to try from their menu, our runaway winner and favorite would have to be the Flasher Squid. You can tell that it was cooked very well, as the meat was very tender and well-seasoned. It is already good on its own, even without dipping it into the vinegar that came with it.

After almost three hours of eating, chitchatting, and singing in between, we decided to go to the bar located upstairs where we can relax and have a 360° view of the city. If you feel like you just wanted to chill and spend time with your family and friends, I suggest that you visit Chill Top and make the most out of your visit.

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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

I rarely go to any bars nowadays mainly because of two reasons - first, I rarely drink, and last would be trying to avoid places with loud distorted sound playing party music while watching an NBA or PBA replay, or whatever sports. Gone are the days of drinking a bucket of Red horse beer, or anything that’s beer and would knock me down until the next morning. In short, I’ve gone low into these things and would rather sit down in a quiet cafe playing some relaxing tunes, or maybe sleep early. Hello, Titos of Manila! Lol. But then, If I’d go to a bar, I’d usually go to places where I can watch live bands and would just have a bottle or two - which is pretty much ideal for me.

It’s easy to assume that I’m picky when it comes to the places I go to. Yes I am! And a place that would let me feel relaxed or chill would be truly perfect - and that’s the exact reason why Chill Top Roofdeck bar is a good place for early-staged titos like me!

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen a lot of Chill bars everywhere you go. It’s much like the usual pubs where you can drink while listening to live acts, but Chill Top bar is more than just that. The main attraction of this bar that separates them from their other siblings is their setting - set up on the roof deck of a residential building along P. Tuazon in Cubao is nonetheless amazing. Beautiful 360-degrees view from the top, and the city lights during the night - a great escape from everything that’s giving us burden and have a quick break from stress!

Aside from the roof deck view, they also have Karaoke rooms which are all spacious and could accommodate up to 15 persons. The sound system is clear and the view from the windows is just beautiful!

Their marketing team accommodated during our visit. We’ve also tried some of the crowd-favorite pulutans and drinks.

Nacho Nasty - Usual favorite when it comes to inuman. Kinda weak for my taste, but the salsa dip is delicious. Maybe they should add more toppings and cheese on it to make it catchy?

The Mexican Pizza - Thin crust Mexican-inspired pizza with nacho chips on top aside from the usual pizza toppings. This is quite bland for me! It’s just an ordinary pizza with nacho chips and that’s it. Not even thin crust, if you ask me. Could be improved, imho.

Sizzling Sisig - Yes! I usually trust pubs’ version of sisig cause you can never go wrong on how they do it! And this one’s one of their best-selling which isn’t surprising because it’s good and tasty - talagang mapapa-kanin ka dito!

Calamares - I'd call this as the "Calamare-saurus"! Aside from it being big in its size; it's not just about being big or its quantity, it's delicious and ideal to pair with any of their cocktails! Just make sure to eat this right away when it was served to fully enjoy the crispiness of the whole squid!

Lovebirds in Soy Garlic Flavor - This one's my favorite! Soy-garlic flavor chicken wings paired with its special dip! This was definitely my most favorite among everything... syempre because it's..... Soy garlic! 128069

We tried a few of their best-selling cocktails and they're all pretty good! I don't usually drink cocktails 'cause you couldn't really enjoy its full splendor! In about 3 shots, you wouldn't know that you're already singing Pusong Bato countless times!!! And by the way, did I mention that this particular branch has one of the best karaoke rooms I went to? Comfy, spacious and feels like you're in someone's flat with karaoke setup in clear surround sound! The marketing staff told us that each of the rooms is equivalent to a studio type unit in the building.

Definitely a good place to hangout with friends. In terms of price, everything is budget-friendly! The setup of the place is also nice! Whether you feel like chilling with a great 360-degree view of the citylights, or chill while listening to the performing band, or go crazy with friends and belt your hearts out with your most titular hugot song - Chill Top Roofdeck Bar is the best place to be!

Great seeing you guys again! Angela Marie C EJ B Dennis O Josh G

Special thanks to Chill Top bar for the sponsored invite and for letting us check out your place!

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4.0 Stars

Do you even imagine to have a 360 view of the skyline and mountain ranges around Metro Manila and nearby areas in Quezon City?

Yes! There is a place called Chill Top!


Chill Top is a roofdeck bar situated in the highest floor of Amio Tuazon Building in P.Tuazon, Cubao, Quezon City. Operating in 24 hours daily. Yes! You heard it right... the bar is 24/7 catering the needs of who wants to chill in any time of the day.

By the way, Chill Top is under the same group behind the success of Padi's Point.

They also have KTV rooms for those who wants to sing. And celebrate occasions privately. Packages starts at Php1,500.00 for 2 hours consumable.


Chill Top have wide selections of pica-pica to pair for your favorite cocktails or beer. The sisig is one you shouldn't missed. It taste like the "Dinakdakan of Ilocos".
And the Lovebird, fried chicken wings with soy garlic flavor... this one is to die for. Ang sarap!


The staff were very supportive all the time during our visit. They provided excellent service. Keep it up!

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Chill Bar is one of the common low to mid-class level bar you would frequently encounter around the metro. From the same people behind Padis Point they've created Chill Bar for a more chill type of bar compared to the uber noisy Padis Point. One of their branch is in Cubao which is located on the rooftop of the building to give a great view of the metro. This particular branch name Chill Top was really amazing. I love how chill relaxing the view of the metro and at night love the fresh? cool air.

In this branch they have also the top floor condo rooms converted into videoke room. For a rate of only 2000 for the 1st 2hrs and that is also consumable. Considering that the room and videoke system are top notch that is a great deal. Their sound system is at par with redbox and MusicMatch and their song list are updated good job! Love that you have you own condo room with your own CR while having fun time singing with your barkada.

For the food and drinks. Pricewise it was very affordable. You can say the price is at par with Central. Taste wise it wasn't bad just expect too much similar to other bar. From what we had I love the LoveBird with soy garlic. This was good remind me of bonchon minus the crunchiness of the skin. This was a hit for our group. The calamaris was also great. Presentation wise reminds me of Taiwan street food. It was delicious but hoped they can have a Taiwan peppered version of this. The Nachos and Pizza wasn't that spectacular just the common pica pica you get in bar. For the drinks they have very similar taste with central. Taste good but with a punch.

Overall if you are looking for good time with the barkada this is a great option. Instead of having it in one your friend condo this one is better you don't have the hassle to clean-up after haha.

PS. Parking lot is a big problem here best to go here via uber/grab to lessen the hassle

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Angela Marie C.
4.0 Stars

So after our feast in Soru Izakaya, a smaller but nonetheless still quirky bunch from Team K went here to Chill Top as we were once again invited for a visit.

First thing’s first, let’s take a spade as a spade. Parking here sucks. 128574 That’s my biggest concern. If they can improve that, it’ll definitely help them. So after a good 20 minutes just looking for (random) road-side parking, on we went to top of the Amio Tuazon Building. It’s really not hard to find because they have all sorts of adds on the side of the building. 128570

When we arrived, we were welcomed by their Marketing team. The place was actually beautiful. The view was very nice at the top. VERY CHILL! Hahahaha 128569 So if you’re looking to somehow escape from bad vibes, their facilities here actually make things a lot better. Their prices on food and beverages are quite on the steeper side if you just came to wine and dine. Of course it’ll be premium because you get a magnificent view with it, so understand that people! But all in all, the dining experience here is definitely awesome. 128568

I loved that apart from the bar and restaurant with a view, they also had ktv rooms, with views too! We were able to see them and we found each of them to be very nice venues for small gatherings. Plus the packages they offer for these rooms are very affordable! They could definitely give some popular karaoke places in the metro a run for their money because Chill Top’s is not expensive in terms of by the hour packages, but equipped with exceptional karaoke machines and very comfortable loungers. Again, congratulations on proving true to your brand, the place was absolutely CHILL! 128571

1.) Nacho Nasty
This was a solid take on the favorite pulutan. The salsa that came with it was absolutely delicious. Perhaps I was just looking for a deeper flavor of the cheese. With a little tweak on the recipe, I think this dish will definitely fly. 128570

2.) Lovebirds in Soy Garlic Flavor
This was the obvious favorite of the group. Crispy on the outside, nice and tender on the inside, these battered and deep fried wings were actually really good! The sauce was great too, not too salty and overpowering. I really liked this! I would have enjoyed this with a cup of rice actually, but it’s also really good with your beer or cocktail. 128571

3.) The Mexican Pizza
This definitely lacked flavor for me, but with improvement I think it’ll be good. The toppings were definitely not Mexican-tasting. The bread tends to harden fast, and it was rather thick for a “thin crust”, you know what I mean? Hehehehe 128569 But I think it has potential, so if they revamp their pizza recipe it’ll be a nice item to pair with their drinks.

4.) Sizzling Sisig
They used fried liempo for their sisig with mayonnaise and I absolutely loved it. This differs for a lot of palettes though. I like this kind of sisig actually, the kind with mayo and crispy meat but for others it may not be as good. I’d still recommend it. This pairs well with your favorite cold beer, or even a hot cup of steamed white rice. Hmmmm 128568

5.) Calamares
This was lovely in terms of presentation. it was served like them fried squids in the streets of Taipei. We might have eaten this too late because it started to get rubbery, but I just know that had we eaten while it was fresh out of the kitchen, it could have been really swell. It was actually very well seasoned and the vinegar-based dipping sauce served with it also complements well with the dish. I will definitely order it again. 128568

As for the beverages, I couldn’t really have a lot because I was gonna drive then so I literally just had a sip. The ones that came in big pitchers tasted like liquor and a tinge of juice and watered way down. So basically, bland sila. 128575 But the cocktails served to us, (sorry I honestly forgot the names already) were actually pretty good. So I think if you just need to chill, just go for the individual glasses. 128568

All in all, this place is a really nice place to hang out. Parking is just a pain, but hey, if you get a view like this, and facilities more than at par, it ain’t half bad! I’ll come back with friends ready to battle it out on the microphone because I particularly loved their ktv rooms here! 128571

Flat lay styled by EJ B 128571 Thanks again, team K and Chill Top! Dennis O Russel F Josh G

***Note: This was a sponsored event of Chill Top. The management allowed for all food and beverage items to be chosen by the reviewers as per their preference.

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Herl C.
3.0 Stars

TGIF and everyone of us wanted to go out to have some drinks. Since I've learned about this newest bar in Cubao, we went there as early as 5:30pm.

Chill Top Roofdeck Restobar is located in vicinity of P. Tuazon Cubao. Since our office is just near to this place, it's very accesible for us to go there. Just a short jeepney ride or 10-minute walk.

127860FOOD & DRINK (Price)

✔Absolut Citron (P1,900 per bottle)
There was a discrepancy on the price when we got the receipt, they actually wrote P2,200. Good thing I checked and told them to revised it. Heck! It was really a hassle that they didn't even double check.

✔ Tokwa't Baboy (P160)
Horrible food! Sobra! The tokwa was so dry, tasted like Scotch Brite! Seriously. The pork was chewy and I had a hard time digesting it inside my mouth. The soy sauce didn't even went well. I jokingly said, "toyo resistant yung tokwa and baboy because of the dryness". 128547

✔Sizzling Sisig (P250)
Mayonnaise filled with pork. Yeah! The sisig was like spread. The amount of mayo was not even balance on the pieces of sisig meat. My officemate told me "mas masarap pa yung de lata".

✔ Nuts (P70)
Nothing special. Just salted nuts sold in streets. 128529

✔ Nasty Nachos (P285)
Overly expensive nachos! We were expecting that this might be special because of the price, but nah! It was like nachos with just plain cheese, few bits of pork, and just tomatoes. Grabe! No more effort on the serving or taste. 128544

✔ Lechon Kawali (P220)
Of all the food we ordered, this one was the matino of all. Crispy? Yes! Not really delicious but just for pulutan.

✔ 7 Up in can (P50)
Too expensive I think! They don't have per liter so we had to order 10 cans.

It was so slowwww! We even had a hard time getting our foods ready and following up. The rest room too is just on the lower level, so it was a hassle getting in and out of the rooftop.

The place is good and the ambiance. They have live band playing at night. But the food, it was all horrible. Nothing special. I don't think they even have an effort on their menu considering the prices are a bit high. We are willing to pay anything regardless of the price if the food is to die for.

Condering they are restobar, I think, they should check out the quality and taste of their food. From us, we paid more than P5,000 but overall, we didn't like the whole experience. I didn't even have photos of the food.

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