China Blue

3/F Conrad Manila, Seaside Blvd. cor. Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila

China Blue
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Elise C.
4.0 Stars

So glad I was finally able to get hold of a table last week!One of us has dined here twice already so as soon as we were seated, we ordered with the help of  their chinese staff. So lets cut to the chase and start this review by talking about the appetizers, next the soup, then the main entrees, the house specialty buns, and lastly, the desserts! (beware...really long review)

--Sour plum & sweet vinegar marinated cherry tomatoes Php 240 -- YUM! I love tomatoes and I have never thought of eating them this way. The tomatoes are sweet with a tiny hint of sour. They were very fresh as well. One might not think of ordering this, but I suggest you give it a try! 

--Shanghai style soya-braised fish Php 390 - The sauce of this dish is of course the star, but the crisp of the fish skin was also notable! Had this been with fish bones...I would not even consider eating them! So I'm really glad the fish was boneless, and tasted great. I love!

--BBQ honey-glazed Matsusaka pork neck Php 490 - so tender and I loved how sweet it was, meat is definitely of great quality! this is the real deal!

--Assorted seafood in 8-hour golden broth Php 450 per person - our soups were served with candles underneath as to keep them warm. This was not heavy at all, and had the right kind of thickness. Perfect choice of ingredients, equally great as the appetizers.

--Rose apple and pork with sweet, sour and spicy sauce Php 550 - this was also good, I find it surprising that I liked the sweet and spicy one better than the sweet and sour one. Also their serving size for the spicy one is larger than the sweet! Anyway, this dish was mostly crispy. Not really special as I do not find it unique, nor the cooking style. But that doesnt mean I didnt like it, I, for one, enjoyed it!

--Fried spinach bean curd Php 450
- I find myself liking Shang Palace's version of this better, as the spinach part of the tofu only tasted nice for me. But then again, kudos for making me eat tofu!! It was rather enjoyable.

--Fried snow fish w/ leek & duo mushroom Php 1200
- This must be the most expensive dish we ordered, and it is probably the best. Loved how the fish was so soft and tasty. It being fried made it taste better! love!!

--Wok-fried rice with seafood & signature X.O. sauce Php 590 - also good, but not as remarkable as I thought it'd be.

--Pan-fried scallop and shrimp mousse in crab roe sauce Php 1100 - by the time this arrived, most of us were already full, so we had this for take out. Scallops were really huge. This dish was nicely made as it was mild in taste, not salty at all. Yum.

Now we go to the house specialty buns!

Steamed mushroom buns Php 260 - smelled like truffles, and looked really really cute!! I enjoyed eating this as much as I love mushrooms!!! Totally recommend you give it a try. 

Black gold egg custard buns Php 240 - if you think the mushroom buns are the best, you're wrong! these are better! I loved the consistency of the oozing yolk. Perfectly made. I dont know where else you can find egg custard buns as delectable as these!

The best part of a meal, as they say, is dessert...lets see!

Chilled lime jelly with lychee mojito crushed ice and oreo banana ball Php 280 - not our favorite. instead of lychee, we tasted mint. not so great, but wonderfully plated.

Tofu gelato with bacon crisps & Palawan honey Php 290 - this would probably be  the star! reminded me so much of my favorite childhood snack, taho with sago! Tofu gelato???? Only in China blue. Must sound weird, but it tastes great, I swear. This is a must when you visit.

Mango sago Php 220 - mango sago made even more sosyal! with quality ingredients, of course. tasted better than the chilled lime jelly.

Chilled yuzu jelly & lemon grass sorbet with sugar comb Php 270 -very fresh and citrus-y, was okay. better than chilled lime jelly as well.
And if I say I was not full and immensely satisfied with dinner....... I would be bluffing. This was definitely one of the best dinners I've had. Service is of course top-notch, even the servers are well-knowledged. Plating is fantastic. Ambience is of course, perfect, with fireworks display at night. Food is of course expensive, with servings not as big as one would expect, but fret not, food is done right. My 8 recommendations and the dishes you must not miss are -- 

Sour plum & sweet vinegar marinated cherry tomatoes
Shanghai style soya-braised fish
Assorted seafood in 8-hour golden broth
Fried snow fish w/ leek & duo mushroom
Steamed mushroom buns
Black gold egg custard buns 
Tofu gelato with bacon crisps & Palawan honey
Mango sago

dont forget, and of course, enjoy!

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Mike L.
4.0 Stars

I actually got mixed reviews from my friends but had to try it to myself. I actually like it. There were misses but I have to say the good ones were really good. The truffle bun127812 was yummy. What stood out was a very simple appetizer - the pickled cherry tomatoes127813. Make sure to order that. Oh and if of course, the pièce de résistance - the slated egg bun128035 for dessert!

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Ian P.
5.0 Stars

Had lunch with the in laws to celebrate our uncles 73rd birthday!
The food here is in my opinion modern Chinese.
Excellent restaurant. Decor, service, staff, the food everything was excellent. Hard to describe the food. Just go!

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David B.
5.0 Stars

Chinese modern cuisine with a twist. From the moment you enter the place, to the sculptures by Indy Paredes, to the motorized lazy susan, to the time you finish off every morsel is an experience. The wok fried beef tenderloin cubes melted in your mouth. Highly recommended. It is a bit pricey though but for special occasions, it is worth every cent. Didnt have time to get pictures because I was busy with the food.

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