Ching Hong Foods

Benavidez St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

Ching Hong Foods
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Gracie T.
4.0 Stars

Dahil natakaw ako sa Binondo Eat Up pix, I got one for myself 128523 Craving satisfied!

They increased by P1, so now it's P17 a piece hehe!!!

Really cannot go to Binondo without foodtripping! 128523128523128523

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Forth stop, right beside Wai Ying...

I did not know what to expect when told that we were going to try the fried siopao... I'm NOT a siopao fan, but I'm up for anything... 127860

When I saw that there were a lot of people buying their siopao, as in almost panic-buying level na sa dami, I was pretty excited!128513 akala ko naman oily or whatever, but it wasn't... It looked like siopao! Haha, I was expecting something kid of toasted or brownish kasi fried... But it was GREAT!!! Super love!128522 it was fluffy, non-oily, and masarap yung filling!128077 kakainin mo nga lang sa daan, but I think that's part of the fun!128079

Plus, you can't go wrong with getting this as pasalubong, because the best part is it's just P17!!!128522

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Kiko G.
4.0 Stars

Dahil hindi ako nakasama sa Binondo Eat Up,

I was walking back and forth along Buenavidez Street because this place is so hard to find. I asked a couple of people but they don't know the place because the signage is displayed in pure chinese. I asked one chinese woman and she pointed at a small store beside Wai Ying restaurant.


For 16 pesos each I bought two. It was delicious but I was hoping for it to be a little bit more fried. Crisp bottom maybe..

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Precious Jewel G.
4.0 Stars

I realized that I don't have any photo pala,Ayan selfie.128513
Loolooers described the taste already,and that was according to my opinion.guys!How can I review pa?128517128518
Inside of the siopao tasted like sisig with lots of onion leeks.Yeah I guys I tasted it already on my first bite, believe or not.128540 eiLeeN T JP G
Well usually I prefer mantao compare to siopao, but not today!I liked their version of siopao, and the bread itself is chewy, soft and moist. Bitin ako sa isa.128532
Bichobicho- nothing extraordinary, i just had a bite piece.128522

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Justin J.
5.0 Stars

I really didn't know what to expect when I heard about this Fried Siopao. I was thinking deep fried, crispy or toasted bun. Which made it one of the things I was looking forward to during our eatup and in fact, it became the highlight!

Not totally what I was expecting because it's just the same siopao, only cooked on a pan. So it's just toasted underneath.

But after the first bite..."ooooommmmpphh" the goodness!!

The bun was so soft, the pork was really tasty, bits of onions and kutchay. Plus oil dripping from the inside which made it even better. Haha. One of the best siopao ever!

I wanted to go back to buy a dozen more, but I can't carry them all as we had a whole day ahead.

Only thing I could suggest to them would be to put more pork. It's a little bit hollow inside. But for p16? I dont mind. :)

Credits to the owner of the pic by the way. Wasn't able to take a shot. :)

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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

I guess this IS the right place!

The first stop of our Binondo tour last Saturday. As of our tour guides eiLeeN T & Dell C, this place got the best fried siopao in town; and of course, we should try it for ourselves.

We got ourselves a piece of Fried siopao and it's really good, although the only part where it was fried was the bottom part. Also, I couldn't agree more with Jewjew B when she said that the fillings taste like sisig.

Not bad at all! We also got our parts of bicho-bicho (if I'm saying it correctly), and it was good as well.

About the photo, walang pic yun siopao eh groupie nalang. 128513128513128513

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5.0 Stars

Totoo Ang kasabihan, daig ng maaga Ang Masipag at this time around, Ang winner ng round na Ito ay si Jairus d, eiLeeN T, at Gio C. Haha. Kudos to Jai at nag-effort hanapin talaga :))

This was our first stop for our mini eat up and it was such a surprise because I've been going to this street since forever for wai ying and maki place. And tabi lang pala ng wai ying. I've never noticed it before or I chose not to notice it since the menu and the sign board is pure Chinese. Hahaha.

Good thing the Chinese Looloo your guides (Dell C and eiLeeN T) introduced us to this because ang sarap! Tulad ng sabi ni Rihanna, we found love in a hopeless place. #ansabe haha

I tried out the Fried siopao, and Ayon Kay Jewjew B, lasang sisig Ang loob. And plastic pa lang dinilaan, sarap na daw. Hahahaha 128514128514128514 but I have to agree, it is good. Moist and oh so tasty.

We tried the bicho -bicho. It's like a cross breed of a fried churros and dumpling wrapper glazed with confectionary sugar. Haha. But it was good. But I didn't eat a lot or baka ma-umay.

Will definitely come back for this. Sarap!

-The siopao is just p16 each. ZOMG! 128077128077128077
-yun na haha


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Gio C.
5.0 Stars

This was our 1st stop at our unofficial looloo Binondo Tour. Good thing Jairus d found the name of the place, or else I would have just called it the Fried Siopao store (plus the name was purely in Chinese, so we really didn't know what to call it otherwise).

This place seems to have a following among the locals since there was a bit of a line to buy from them. They sell their fried siopao buns and bicho-bicho, as well as some other products that looked like Machang.

Their siopao bun was firm and chewy, and the toasted bottom was a nice touch. They serve it to you fresh from the pan, so the inside is still warm. The meat was really flavorful, with a strong spring onion flavor. I think these might have been bola-bola siopao, judging from past siopao experiences. This was pretty good, and cost only 16 pesos each, so Reg and I bought 2 each. #highrollin :P

The bicho-bicho, or fried bread with powdered, sugar is similar to the Chinese version of a churro (without the chocolate). Theirs was crunchy and pretty oily, so it might be best to share with a friend or consumed in smaller quantities, else you risk getting "umay". Also, it's best to shake the bag around a bit to get the sugar to mix more evenly with the rest of the bicho-bicho. These cost 15 pesos each, so they're a very affordable snack, and come sliced by the store, so it's easy to eat while walking.

Overall, great inexpensive first stop as appetizers for the rest of the trip!

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eiLeeN T.
5.0 Stars

The first official stop! Thanks Jairus d for finding this.

They have fried siopao, bicho bicho and machang for sale. The group was decided on having fried siopao during the itinerary planning and so we made this the first stop.

Ang gulo namin and this is just our first stop!!! Jewjew B with only her first bite (mantao pa lang!) was already exclaiming, "ang sarap!" 128563128514128514128514 Even encouraged her to take another bite so she could taste the meat filling and her next reaction, "lasang sisig!" 128563128514128514128514

And because this place doesn't have tables/chairs/stools, we walked away eating our siopao and moving on for a quick stop at the Bee Tin grocery.

Tall Asian Dolce Latte > Fried Siopao

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Jairus d.
5.0 Stars

Quoting from Gio C: Truly, it was a "looloo kind of day!"128582128582128582

Met up with fellow |oolooers last Sunday to eat our hearts out in Binondo! Tbh, I was a bit hesistant to join the eatup just because I'm not a fan of chinese food. But the craziness of the people involve in this food trip was something I can't discount. 128522

First stop, Ching Hong Foods for their Fried Siopao! Each costs 16 pesos. I initially thought I'd get a crispy bun but it was actually the same. The bottom part was the only thing that's toasted. The filling was somehow similar to a bola-bola but texture wise, their version is softer and really tasty.

I suuupper loved it specially the strips of onion leaves (no ngang tawag dun?!? haha). It's sooo good i wanted to walk away! Too bad I only bought a piece.128557

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