Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Buenos Aires, Carmen, Bohol

Chocolate Hills Adventure Park
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Nizhel V.
5.0 Stars

Save your jump shot for Chocolate hills adventure.

Drive using ATV for P900 per person and enjoy the muddy road going to chocolate hill.
There would be a 15min walk (depending on your phasing).

The fascinating view on top will definitely be your best moment in Bohol.

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Darlene M.
5.0 Stars

“Don’t look down.” That was what I repeatedly told myself while I was pedaling slowly in a bike in mid-air. With a white-knuckled grip on the handlebars, I pondered if it was best to go faster while trying hard not to let my knees shake. Granted I was in a harness, and the bike is also secured, the 150-feet drop still scared the life out of me. Even more so when I realized that this 550-meter long bike zip was round-trip.

CHAP is Bohol’s latest eco-tourism adventure park. The adventure park boasts of different challenging activities for its visitors. Located in Barangay Buenos Aires in Carmen, you will pass by CHAP even before you get to the old chocolate hills viewpoint. It is just right after the arch.

The entrance ticket counter is situated right after the parking area and visitors are to go on foot from here. We passed by a garden and a pond before we reached the main lobby. The staff greeted us warmly and explained the activities that the park offers. Luckily, when we visited, there is a Christmas promo ongoing until January 30, 2016.

We originally just wanted to do the Bike Zip, but because of the promo, we decided to also avail of the Snake Ladder Package (at 50% off!).

After payment, we were then guided to the orientation area to be briefed regarding the safety protocols. They also made us sign a waiver and leave all our things in a locker. We were then equipped with our harnesses and off we go to do the Snake Ladder Package. This consisted of two hanging bridges, Island in the Sky, Burma Loops and a zip line.

By this time, my palms were already sweating and my heart skipping a beat. That’s how much of a scaredy-cat I am when confronted with the thought of heights. The hanging bridges were easy enough, albeit very wobbly.

Next up was Island in the Sky, which was a bit like a hanging bridge minus a lot of planks, and the ropes you can hold on to. Come to think of it, it looks more like a train track suspended in the air. Being vertically challenged, stepping on the 36 planks to get to the other side seemed like forever. Tall people definitely had it easy, I thought. They don’t have to exert much effort just to step on the next plank. I was already tired halfway through and wanted to just quit. But R was cheering me on, and of course, my pride couldn’t take it if I really did quit.

After begging the staff to let me rest for a few minutes, Burma Loops was up next. This time, the challenge is to balance on a single rope suspended from 2 cables by 2 ropes in V-formation. I actually thought this was easier than the Island in the Sky. But I quickly changed my mind after my right foot almost slipped. I took it slow from then on, and told myself that there would probably be no more tightrope walking in my future, so I just have to make the most out of this.

I was sweaty and jelly legs by the time I finished and got to the Mini-zip line station. The sitting zip line was in fact quite short and was the most enjoyable of all the challenges I did so far. Haha. Thankfully there was no time limit for each challenge. And I was allowed to take my time because I was certainly no American Ninja Warrior.

We were instructed to go back to the orientation area to collect our things and our harnesses removed. After a short break, we proceeded to walk to the path leading to the Bike Zip. Lo and behold, we were greeted by a sign that said: Fitness Test Starts Here. True enough, the cemented stairs leading to the Bike Zip area was one hell of a climb after all those activities earlier. Made me realize I should focus more on my cardio and leg days soon. Suffice it to say that I had a lot of stops before I made it to the top.

We were then rewarded with a view more beautiful than the one we saw earlier in the chocolate hills viewpoint. It was definitely less crowded and the cold breeze felt so good for my sweaty limbs. We were told at the orientation area that there will be another locker in the Bike Zip area. But to our surprise, there was only a table manned by two staff. I hope they improve on this soon, though. We were quite reluctant to leave our valuables exposed at the table.

By this time, I was already regretting not buying that action camera before this trip. Since they don’t allow any hand-held cameras. Only mounted action cameras are permitted. They do have an on-site photographer, though, who will take your picture on the way back. One printed picture costs Php 100.00 along with the soft copy of the rest of your shots.

I said a silent prayer as I was climbing those metal stairs to get to the bike zip platform above. I don’t want to be the first visitor to fall off the bike in the air. Hahaha. Took a lot of deep breaths to calm my nerves and slow down my heartbeat. This was

definitely another first for me.Too bad though that the combo bike is not available that time. It would have been easier if I was just behind R and not seeing everything in front of me. Hahaha. Thank goodness I can focus on the fact that the bike is suspended in cables and that I was wearing a harness.By the time I made myself relax a bit, I was already in the middle and had a little courage to take a peek below and sideways. Whoa! This is definitely one scenic ride. I didn’t know what my subconscious was thinking of that time that I began to sing Loving You by Minnie Ripperton. Those la la la la la definitely helped me relax, though. Hahaha. (Probably from watching too many Generation Kill episodes)

​The way back was definitely faster and easier as I was now more used to the bike and because of the wind propelling me on. Having your photo taken while doing your best not to fall off the bike was definitely awkward, though. Definitely, no “smizing” to be found in my pictures.

The walk back to the lobby area used up all my adrenaline high. Too bad we were also too late for their buffet which only runs from 11 AM to 2 PM. So much for our fresh seafood craving!

​We did enjoy our time in the park though. And I would definitely recommend this for visitors looking for thrill and adventure amidst the beauty of nature. There are lots of other activities that one can enjoy in the park aside from the Bike Zip and Tree Top Challenges. They also offer chicken and fish feeding, fishing, campsite, serpentarium, eco-trail, Zorb ball, Body Ball, Sumo Wrestling, and wall climbing. Rates can be found on their website. Their effort to label the trees and plants found in the area is also admirable.

Travel date: dec 2015

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

When we came to CHAP, in all honesty we were already pressed for time so when we were asked if we wanted to do the Bike Zipline, I chose not to anymore. (Also for some reasons of acrophobia, over the years I've learned to overcome this but I need ample time to condition myself before making any adventurous moves, so I had to pass this time.)

The park was about to be closed and in all honesty I just wanted to see Chocolate Hills, so we availed just the Entrance to the park and access to the viewing deck. I dunno if it's a good thing, but our ticket to the viewing deck came with a complimentary pass to the Hanging Bridge which we had to conquer before finding the path and steps to the viewing deck. 128561

It was drizzling so in all honesty the place was a tad drenched, and given that, it was super SLIPPERY! I was praying in my head while making our way through the bridge! 128517 But you know what, we got through it! Hihi 128514 I must say, I am very proud of it because once again, I conquered my fear of heights and I had to do it quick pa! After we crossed the bridge, we made our way up the 248 steps (SLIPPERY AGAIN, AS MENTIONED!) to the viewing deck which was a challenge in itself too! 128516

All in all, even the most basic ticket in this park is exhilarating enough, so I'd still recommend it! 128077🏼 Hopefully next time, I can gather enough balls to do more. For now, I had a really wonderful time still, walking on the plank, chasing sunsets and stepping on rocky and slippery steps! Haha 128517

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Ruth D.
5.0 Stars

"Please don't pick me." - not Meredith Grey.

Get it? No? Fine. 128517

But seriously though, I wish more tourists would pick Bohol as their next travel destination. The province has been through a lot of devastation but the people are working very hard to get back on their feet and get tourism in their province to flourish again.

One of the relatively new attractions in Bohol is the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park. At CHAP, you don't just get to see the beauty of Bohol's world-renowned Chocolate Hills but, you can also do a lot of fun activities... Activities that might require you to ride on a bike...midair..150ft high. Yes. That's how you attract tourists. Sounds. Fun. 128692🏼128513

There are other activities just as fun but not as scary so please check them out. 9786

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Yen D.
5.0 Stars

This is the latest eco-tourism adventure park in Bohol that offers over 20 thrilling adventure activities for both kids and adults.

One of the challenges that my husband and I tried were the thrilling Treetop Challenges! CHAP’s Treetop Challenges were not only tiring but will really push your physical skills to the limit!

The Treetop Challenges showcase 7 tree top rope courses: Canopy Walk, Islands In The Sky, Rappel, Burma Rope, Earthquake, Vine Walk and Jacob’s Walk. I am proud to say that my husband and I finished the entire course in good time! For kids aged 6-12 years, a Mini-Rope Course is also available.

If you want a more exciting challenge, do THE RUSH! Bike across a zipline 550 meters long (round trip) and 150 meters high while enjoying the breathtaking view of the beautiful Chocolate Hills!

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Tyn J.
5.0 Stars

For someone who was afraid of heights, I think I did good with these challenges. 40 ft up and did those three challenges wearing the wrong shoes. Di naman kasi ako naiform na may ganito pala kaming gagawin hahaha

Didnt take the sky bike cause it was too much for me.

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Lexi M.
4.0 Stars

A theme park of obstacle courses for kids and young adults with wooden hanging bridges connecting from tree to tree, a koi/tilapia pond and a buffet dining area. You'll love the cool forest breeze.

The photo shows their breathtaking viewing deck sitting atop a chocolate hill where a biking zipline also awaits. Midway through a long flight of steep stairs to the viewing deck, there's a small hut where you can rest and a smiling vendor beckons you to take an ice cold, refreshing carabao's milk in mango and chocolate flavors. I love mango. Yum!

The landscape is picturesque but it needs proper maintenance to keep the lush greens and the colorful flowers. And safety is of utmost priority for the adventure-seekers.

Entrance Fee - PhP 60 except kids
Activities - PhP 300-400
Buffet - PhP 300

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Jacy Mae L.
5.0 Stars

A Bohol trip is not complete without seeing the Chocolate Hills 125 ft high up in the air!!!!

When I asked Nesty A about the fun activities to do in Bohol, she said Sky Biking! She sent me a FB link and I was like "Wtf, are we seriously going to do this???"

And so we really did!

Time to conquer your fear of heights!!! The Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP for short) is not a place for the weak! This place is full of zipline, rope and tree climbing activities. Definitely a good place for team buildings or simply for a cardio workout.

There's an entrance fee of 60 pesos for the view deck and you can roam around the adventure park. The zip bike cost P400 in addition to the entrance fee but they currently have a Metrodeal promo now, so I suggest you avail that to get almost 45-50% discount. Too bad I wasn't able to avail the deal!

*Regrets* 128532 Though, I wouldn't mind paying the full fee. It was really a once in a lifetime thrilling experience.

Okay! If you think sky biking will make you sweat, going up the view deck will provide you a good warmup. There are exactly 248 steps going up. Then you have to climb up a 70 ft ladder to reach the zip bike area. The owner was there and he said it's approximately 125 ft high. I'm not sure how long the distance of the bike path but it's a good 5-10 min. workout.

Sky biking was super fun and I loved the view! You get a 360 degrees view of the Chocolate Hills. Talk about awesome!!!!

There's no turning back once you've started pedaling. Suck it up because there's really no other way but to go to the other side. It's a bit scary but it's a really fun experience.

Tip: Don't wear slippers. It might fall off! Mahirap na.9996

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Nesty A.
5.0 Stars

Zip lining is fun but sky biking is more fun!

CHAP has been operating couple of years already but this sky biking thing just opened recently, after the terrible quake.

I saw someone's photo doing the bike zip on my FB news feed and I told myself that I'm gonna try this one day.

Until Jacy L planned to spend her Holy Week in Bohol and asked me what to do here. Sky biking is the first thing that came out my mind.

She saw a 45% OFF deal on MetroDeal but I told her that we would just purchase when we get to the place. Only to know that it is valid and should be reserved 7 days prior to using it 128557. So we paid the full amount for bike zip package which is P400/pax plus the entrance fee of P60 each. Sorry Jacy!

From the entrance you'll have to walk 248 steps going up to the view deck where the bike zip will start. You'll see the awesome view of Chocolate Hills from there.

I was too excited while watching someone sky biking. Wasn't nervous at all. Maybe because I've tried zip lining at EAT Danao, the highest zip line I've ever known so far. And I don't have problem with heights.

When my turn came, I almost backed out. I was so scared I didn't wanna do it! But I didn't want to throw my P400 away so I did go for it.

While on my way, Jacy was on her way back. She was having so much fun asking me to high five. She screamed "Apir Nesty! Apirrr!" I screamed back and said "Noooooo!" My feet were shaking and to do the high five? No way. It's easy to fall off because you aren't attached to the bike. But you do have harness but still... it's good to behave 128540. I felt like I was way too far to the end which is on the other side of the mountain.

It was easier on my way back though. I started enjoying it! Hubby was scared even. He had this worry smile as we crossed. He said he didn't want to go back when he reached the other end but didn't have a choice 128514.

If you are scared of heights, better look straight and just enjoy the awesome hills. No regrets, it was a great experience!

They have rope courses as well if you want to try, for adults and kids, but make sure that your stomach is so full before doing them because you will surely lose all your energy! 128077

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