Choobi Choobi

102 Panay Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Choobi Choobi
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Most Recent Reviews

Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Choobi Choobi from Cebu, is a casual dining restaurant with shrimps as their house specialty. Its first branch opened in 2013 but it now has branches located in Bacolod, Iloilo, CDO, Davao, and Metro Manila.

Since its Panay Ave., Quezon City branch opened last year, I have already visited numerous times. I just keep forgetting to write a review. Anyway, my favorite of course is their Shrimp in a Bag - Butter and Garlic. Considering its price and quality, this is easily the best out there. Don't just take my word for it but go and try it out ASAP. While you're at it, go ahead and try their Pork BBQ or Liempo, Halaan Soup, and Pinakbet too!

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Manfred M.
4.0 Stars

Cebuano cuisine has always had remarkable and unique flavors that a Manileno like me has learned to love. Fortunately for me, I was once again invited to taste Cebauano food through an event.

Choobi Choobi has been operating for some time now in Cebu. Just last year, they set up shop in Panay Avenue, Quezon City. According to the manager, the branch is their first in Manila. The branch lives up the high quality of food delivered by their Cebu branch. They deliver the seafood and other ingredients straight from the Cebu as soon as these are harvested. They also conform to the standards set by their Cebu branches.

The new branch never disappointed me. Even if I'm not big on seafood, the place made me rethink my apprehension against eating shrimps, mussels, and squid. The dishes were in huge sizes, fresh from the sea, and cooked well. First I had a bite of the Stuffed Grilled Squid (250 pesos). This dish grilled to perfection and topped with a special sauce and sesame seeds. The serving was very reasonable for its price. Also, the taste was remarkable. The squid didn't taste like it was stored in the freezer for too long.

We then sampled their premier vegetable dish, the Cha Tao Miao. At 180 pesos, this dish is composed of stir-fried pea sprouts in light oil. I loved the dish for its easy to eat feature as well as the light taste. Also, the dish was the only vegetable viand offered to us.

The Choobi Pata was the highlight of the day. At 465 pesos (large) this dish was the restaurant's premier viand. The delectable hunk of fried pork loin made my day as I was a meat eater. The pata was deep fried with an appetizing golden brown skin. Upon tasting, I enjoyed the crispy goodness of the dish together with the tender juicy meat. Surely I'd love to order this when I get back here.

The prime seafood dishes followed. I had a taste of Stan's black pepper shrimp which was a fried delicacy composed of huge prawns, sauteed with corn, black pepper, and a special sauce for that juicy flavor. The Php 440 price tag for this meal wasn't bad either.

The sabaw na halaan was a perfect accompaniment to the seafood galore. With the tasty soup and the fresh fish, one can't go wrong in ordering it. The 210 peso price tag is also very reasonable.

Lastly, their drinks such as the Pineapple Kale and Cane juice were pretty unique and refreshing. At 130, these are a good representation of the Visayan taste.

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Fe P.
5.0 Stars

If you are a shrimp lover this is the place to be! I found out about this resto also here in this app... we ordered their house specials which is the salted egg shrimp. And true enough, it is really special, the butter did not over power the flavor of the salted egg but complimented the shrimp. We paired it with the kinilaw na seaweed, it was a match made in heaven.
This place is SHRIMPTASTIC! i will denifitely go back and try the Stan's fried shrimp! The staff were accommodating and friendly.
The first branch is located in Cebu, we also found out that the reason why their shrimp are not the normal size is because the owner is exporting shrimps. All fresh.
Highly recommended for the shrimp lovers out there!

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Neil L.
5.0 Stars

Loved the following:
Halfpound shrimps whole choobang flavor- Make sure to order it at "medium well".
Pork belly dancer (pork liempo)- Enjoy it with their vinegar.

Mean & Green Pinakbet - less saltiness will be great.

Sayang wala:
Cha Tao Miao (Snow Peas sprout)

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Dell C.
3.0 Stars

Do not expect much from this place. It is plain, edible, affordable food. Nothing special about this place, just that they have wide variety to choose from and that it is affordable and service is quick. We got a not so crispy pata, tahong, bbq, scallops, some veggies and everything is just okay.

What interest me is their pineapple kale. The poster is very deceiving. It looks so refreshing and healthy with all the fiber and nutrients I need for the day, not to mention it is their best seller drink daw. And so I tried. The kale is too empowering it made the drink taste too healthy/medicinal than fruity and refreshing. But I still finished it since kale is good for our body. Utot. 127865

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5.0 Stars

Spent another great night with friends whom you seldom see in a new talked about restaurant in QC near our workplace - Choobi Choobi! Super busog with Camille R, goddessified U and Pat D 128525

Some say this is better than Shrimp Bucket so we were eager to try. We ordered Chicharong Bulaklak as starters. It was so crispy, super panalo, though the serving was kinda small.

We also had Baked Scallops. Anything with cheese is worth it! Scallops were really flavorful topped with melted cheese and butter! Yummy!

The real deal came when our Salted Egg Shrimp in a Bag arrived! This is definitely crazy!!! The salted egg was so well grinded that it almost served as the sauce of the shrimps. It was so delicious you can eat it as rice topping! What I also noticed was the shrimps here in Choobi Choobi are bigger than Shrimp Bucket's. Pardon me for the picture of the salted egg shrimps, we were very hungry already didn't have time to fix it for a perfect photo.

We also had the Sausage Scampi Baby Lobsters with Mussels and Shrimps in a Bag. Theirs was kinda lame compared to Shrimp Bucket's version of sausage (Mardi Gras). The sausage were literally sausages, as in longganisa! Not that big of a fan of lobsters too. It was difficult to crack the shell and eat the meat! Effort! Lol. We also tried Buttered Garlic Shrimps in a Bag, I'd still root for Shrimp Bucket's version though.

The husband of our friend had inihaw na liempo because he doesn't eat shrimps. Tried tasting it and it was good too.

Because of my cravings for the salted egg shrimps, we ordered that as lunch in one of our meetings.

So for the ratings - worth the 5 stars because of the Salted Egg flavor which is better than Shrimp Bucket's! Yay!

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Sheena D.
4.0 Stars

We went here after watching Rak of Aegis, they have a promo on the shrimp in a bag for only P250 from P395. You'll have around 25 pieces of medium shrimps for either butter garlic, sauteed in garlic, spicy gata, and whole choobang. My personal favorite though would be the salted egg shrimp flavor, not part of the promo and we paid P440 for a bag. We also got the crispy pata, the bomb! This one's crispy in outside, but juicy soft inside. I stopped myself from eating more of the crispy pata. Haha. Oops, too hungry for photo.

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Chieo O.
4.0 Stars

Ohh another Cebu foodie find in QC 12852210084127881 and such a cute name hehehe 128518

Met my cousin here coming from a site visit ..... Though we ate a lot I'll share you guys a glimpse of appetizers 10084128518

We got the Cha Tao Miao, Stir fried snow pea sprouts 128522it sure tasted great! Perfect, light appetizer 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

Then we got Patrick Star's Baked Scallops! A hint of buttery taste yet delish and addicting !!100841008410084128077🏻

Though the forte is seafood, its interiors seems like its more of a localized TGIF .......quite surprising actually :) you would think you're gonna have ribs and burgers and fries kind of interior feel 128522

Price is also pocket friendly as well! And of course to share! Lingaw lingaw kaon 128522

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Lei A.
5.0 Stars

Food is good, service is nice, place is clean! Will definitely come back.

- Salted Egg Shrimp
- Scallops

- Cucumber Lemon

There's also a carwash behind the restau, perfect match as you eat!

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