Chotto Matte

Izakaya Sensu, Net Park Bldg., 5th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Chotto Matte
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Ej C.
5.0 Stars

THey have FRESH sashimi! ... For a fair price at taguig!! :)

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Sarah L.
2.0 Stars

I don't get what the fuss is about. Went there around 1030 and only 2 tables were occupied. The chubby man by the entrance greeted us with- they only serve cocktails nalang. I was surprised so I asked "no food?" He replied "only tempura" I asked again "that's it? " and he said and yakitori. So i said that's fine. It seems he was dissuading us from entering. I understand sashimi isn't available anymore since the restaurant adjoining the bar is already closed but he could have said that only hot dishes were available. It seems they dont want customers to come in anymore. I also noticed a couple who came in after us didn't even get seated they must have said the same thing so they wont come in anymore. Come ordering time a lot of hot dishes weren't available. The fried rice arrived 45 mins after we ordered and i asked why the servers reply was its standard. 45 mins for fried rice? All our other food was cold already. Cocktails were basic. LIT has better drinks. Ooma has better food. And Mcdonalds (yes I am comparing them to a fastfood chain) has better service. Save yourself the hassle and do not go here. Its nothing special. And service sucks. They also forgot to take out from our bill the order that was unavailable. Awful service plus so so food= waste of money.

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Kristin A.
4.0 Stars

Long overdue review of a K eatup!

I work in the vicinity of this place but I still arrived after EJ B, ikaw na! He generously shared his "get one" of the highball, which was OK with me (disclaimer: I kinda like sweet drinks and alcoholic ones are just a blur for me, soooo... )

Pricing was kinda ok, especially when the drinks are on BOGO. Just don't be surprised if you racked up a bill ordering one drink after another.

It was Monday night so the place wasn't so packed. The dim lighting was very conducive to privacy (like if you're wary of people seeing you have a drink on the first day of the workweek 128521). We all sat at the bar as we were waiting for people to arrive, and it's a perfect meeting spot especially if you're meeting unfamiliar faces - you're kinda easy to spot 128522 Plus, watching the bartenders in action is a good conversation starter. Take it from a shy extrovert.

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Inna A.
5.0 Stars

Everything we ate and drank was delicious!

Wagyu was cooked perfectly.

Hamachi was fresh.

Yakitori Platter had variety.

This melon drink I had was awesome.

No picture of the Karaage, but that was good too.

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Sakura Smile - 250 - Lychee infused sake, cherry-infused vodka, lychee puree, cherry bitters.

Pretty pink cocktail in a glass. i was hoping I could taste the lychee but sadly it tasted a bit watery to me. I got a gentle punch of the sake halfway through my drink. Perfect buzz just before dinner.

Liked their happy hour buy one, get one which lasted until 8PM, I think. I like the feel of the place, a bit dim, high ceilings, Japanese inspired interior. Nice place to sit down (or stand up in my case) and chat with friends. I prefer eating here than in their izakaya.

Coming back for the sours and yakitori.

Hello to the K's, AA's, and new friends!

Bar Hopper's Badge!

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Tei A.
4.0 Stars

Speakeasy bar that is the perfect place to hangout after work. Known for its highballs and cocktails infused with Japanese whisky, sake, beer.

They also have a great selection of Japanese appetizers snd sashimis!

I enjoyed my Sakura Smile and Bungalow Blush. 127864

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Angela Marie C.
4.0 Stars

So finally we got here to meet with other |ooloo-ers! My bf, Josh G and I got to meet Jayson J, EJ B, Christina R and Kristin A for some drinks before having dinner. Eventually Elaine O, Dennis O and Patrick V joined too. So glad this place had happy hour then so yey, 2 drinks for the price of 1! Plus it was so nice to spend time with people that share the same love for food, and also spend at least 3 minutes taking foodie photos before actually starting to drink or eat. 128568

I was so excited for this meet up that I spent most of my afternoon looking at the IG account of Chotto Matte. They posted a photo of "Sakura Smile" that day, and I pretty much had my mind fixated on trying the drink. I love lychee so I was so excited to try it!

I liked the cocktail creation but I found out it too strong, or maybe I was expecting more of something like a Lychee Martini of some sort. I don't really drink Sake, but I just thought having "lychee infused Sake" would make the lychee flavor stand out more, but it tasted he alcohol more. I still enjoyed it though. 128570

The place was very nice too. It has quite a number of seats and with just the right ambient lighting. It is a very good place to chill after a long day's work. 128571

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

I'm glad Angela Marie C and Josh G decided to wait a minute (english translation of the establishment's name) here at Chotto matte before gigi flies to Cebu.
I called Chotto matte on my way here but disappointed they don't take reservations. But buti nalang there's EJ B who's now stealing the early bird seat together with Kristin A who's outfit is so.. Formal! Lol it's okay because the ambiance of Chotto matte is really formal and dark. Guys we found another yakuza's hideout!

Me and the very gorgeous Christina R who's sporting also her very posh work outfit arrived almost the same time, she was excited to order because it's happy hour!! Buy one get one on selected drinks only me and christina shared

128204 sakura smile
This is lychee infused sake and cherry infused vodka with cherry bitters. I must say the alcohol taste is strong. It has cherry inside a lychee skewed in a toothpick.

Happy hour-- ej and tin, angela and josh, me and tina! Pairs! Dennis O and Elaine O arrived next--they shared and we really occupied the bar--it's about 10 seats and there are still some tables good for around 36 more for other people who like to have a restaurant feel. Still hindi pa rin because it's dark all over.

The service here is great, super courteous, really inculcated Japanese discipline. They open the door for you and greet you "kon banwa!" Upon entering--that the ever late comer Patrick V also experienced this from the servers. They give you towel and water as you are seated.

CR--they share with izakaya and you gave to enter the bright world of izakaya if you feel like 1 or 2. Nice and simple 2 unisex rooms with common washroom outside.
WIFI is available as well! But no power outlets.. The music is so formal jazz as well. Enjoy high class drinks and ambiance will be a good reason for a next visit. 128077🏼128077🏼

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Patrick V.
4.0 Stars

If it's within BGC on a weekday, madali akong kaladkarin! Lol.

So tumakas ako last night to meet up with the usual kaladkarins plus got to meet new people rin. (Hello Angela Marie C Josh G EJ B! It was nice meeting you.)

Upon arriving(medyo late), they informed me of the Buy 1 Get 1 Promo from 5-8PM!

EJ and I got the Fukuoka In Bloom(P195 for 2 because of the Happy Hour promo! Sulit na diba?) which is a blend of mango infused tequila, grapefruit, lime juice, bitters and salt rim. I didn't taste anything else except the grapefruit. It was like a grapefruit juice infused with alcohol.

What I love about this place is the ambience which is why I'm giving it 4/5 stars. Feels like the perfect place to hangout alone - I would just sit by the bar so I could watch other drinks being made, drink and think about life decisions. Char! 128514

I would definitely go back and try other cocktails! 128076🏻

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4.0 Stars

It's 6:30PM, time to go to Chotto Matte. 127863127864127884127886127887

Seated in the bar, I availed the Buy 1 Take 1 Happy Hour Promo of Chotto Matte. While waiting I got a Highball Liquor called ANDRES (Tanduay Dark Rum, Coca-cola, Panocha Syrup, Orange Bitters and Fresh Calamansi) for Php150.00 (2 glasses). Then Kristin A came and get the other glass of Andres... Followed by Jayson J, Angela Marie C, Josh G, Christina R, Dennis O and Elaine O. They have different and separate cocktails. Then chat and picture galore! Until Patrick V came and ordered Fukuoka In Bloom (Mango-Infused Tequila, Housemade Grapefruit Syrup, Lime Juice, Bitters, Salt Rim) for Php195.00 which he shared the other glass with me.

Andres Highball - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Fukuoka In Bloom - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Happy Hour Promo is valid daily from 5:00-8:00PM. Come and visit Chotto Matte at Net Park Building, BCG.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Last night we finally met up with our |oolooer friend from Cebu Angela Marie C and her BF Josh G. Nice meeting you guys! 128518

1st stop was Chotto Matte to avail of their happy hour promo of buy1 take 1 on cocktails.

Chotto Matte is Japan Franchise that offer great japanese cocktails. Side by side with Izakaya Sensu they are a perfect combination. Chotto Matte being the bar side. The place is dark and got a bit of a formal vibe.

For the cocktail I tried out their Fukuoka in Bloom. A blend of mango infused Tequila, Grapefruit, Lime juice bitter and salt rim. I love the pinkish color of it. Brought a true flower kind of character to it. At first sip it was too salty for me because of the salted rim. After a few more sip minus the salt, I was able to taste the great sweet bitter taste of the grapefruit alcohol. I enjoyed it and for only 195 we were able to get glass of this because of the promo. Not bad!128526128077

Definitely would love to comeback to try their other sake mix!128522

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

A trip to Izakaya Sensu is not complete without visiting its neighbor Chotto Matte which means "wait a minute" in Japanese. I failed to ask why they named it such but I think it has the same concept as Brotzeit (which means break). The idea is to slow down and have a drink or two. And this is why Chotto Matte is open from lunch till dinner.

Hello, Chotto Matte!

This speakeasy bar seemed to attract a slightly older crowd with its dim lounge-like setting.

With a huge selection of Suntory beverages, Japanese liquor lovers would go crazy over the wide selections! They have beers, cocktails, mocktails, sake and whathaveyou concoctions like Sakuratini. 127864

I went with Chu Hi Sours line of beverages which is marketed as great light afternoon drinks. I initially ordered Melon (PHP195) but Andrej (one of the owners of Izakaya Sensu and Chotto Matte) insisted that we also try Grapefruit (PHP175).

Melon was served first (as Grapefruit was requested after I ordered my drink).

It was basically a melon-flavored shōchū. (Shōchū is a Japanese traditional hard liquor that typically contains 25% alcohol by volume. It is usually distilled from rice, barley, buckwheat, sweet potatoes or brown sugar.)

It had a nice hint of melon and it was like drinking a refreshing glass of light beer. Personally, I think that it would have been better if the melon taste was a bit stronger so that I'd have a sweeter drink to pair my meal with.

The grapefruit had a stronger fruit taste and I liked it! I think I liked it a bit too much as I didn't even realize that I gulped down the whole glass in a few minutes. I heard that this is also one of the bestselling highballs and after finishing one, I understand why.

Be careful though in ordering a lot of these. It may not be as strong as whisky or vodka, shōchū is above wines and sake in the which-one-will-make-you-drunk scale.

Overall, the relaxed vibe would be a good spot for Titas of Manila who like to drink something more... Asian. But skip going Wednesdays to Fridays if you want your peaceful night as Chotto Matte is exploring the idea of bringing in DJs to play music on those days.

I'll definitely be back to try more!

Note: You could also enjoy your highballs and other Chotto Matte drinks at Izakaya Sensu's dining area. 128518

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