Boni Ave. cor. Sto. Rosario St., Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

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Cel C.
3.0 Stars

Milky white halo-halo is my fave! Even if late na, they still have halo-halo. They used to run out of this before. I like this one over the regular variant. Only the ingredients I like. It only has banana, macapuno, langka, leche flan, pudding, vanilla ice cream, and pinipig. Though Razon's version is still the best for me, this will do.

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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

Ever since Chowking unveiled their latest creation, that is the Happy Pao, many people are getting crazy with it. And I finally had the chance to try it last weekend.

I got a single order of both Panda Pao and the Piggy Pao for only Php78. They make look soo cute and you wish you won't eat them, but those eyes were actually telling you to devour them! Lol.

The Piggy pao was your typical Asado pao, but surprisingly, the asado filling was generous. Even chunks of meat were present in the bun.

The Panda pao was a different take from the usual siopao. Instead of meat fillings, it was filled with delicious chocolate that'll surely tickle your sweet senses. So, it's totally a dessert siopao!

Although I heard some stories that they imitated this from Spring by Ha Yuan, I still thought that it was good on its own and its price!

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Aurelio S.
2.0 Stars

Went there for a take out of the following and the review:

Beef wanton mami- as you can see in the pic when I opened the paper bowl there was the noodles with the essentials such as the beef which is konti128563, then wanton konti din and taste like starch can't taste the usual inside flavors of the wanton128551, I usually take out orders because it's just near our place the bowl was supposed to have the mami stock below the said bowl and to my disgust found nothing128561 128078128078

Siopao- I ordered bola bola, first time since I usually order the asado type. The taste was below the standard was expecting the likes of a ma mun luk or a siopao of maxim's the salted egg must be "luma na" taste awful 128586128078128078

Kangkong with bagoong- at least this one compensated for the poor expectation of the above, healthy, bagoong was perfect sawsawan for the kangkong green leafy looks fresh and substantial serving inside the paper box ( Mandaluyong is one of the plastic less city)128077128077128077


Dunno if the one at the counter understood my order, there was no siopao sauce instead they placed spicy sauce, told her to include a chili oil not the sauce damn128584 I called up the branch after seeing there was no mami stock, in fairness they delivered the stock but malamig na ang noodles127858127858127858127836127836127836128576128576128576 128078128078the delivery boy insisted there was the soup when they place it at the bag, told him to see for yourself (still insisting128556128556128556)...this is the chow king branch at Boni besides the university.

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Russel F.
3.0 Stars

Went here for a quick meryenda after buying some meds for my stomach flu. I ordered for a regular Asado siopao and Beef wanton mami.

The siopao was okay. Nakakabitin nga lang since it's too small. The Beef wanton mami was supposedly great. The serving was generous and the noodles were superfine. But, as soon as you're eating it, nakakasawa. And the soup itself easily gets cold so it doesn't taste that good anymore when it's not warm. Better yet finish it when it's still warm.

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Krabby P.
3.0 Stars

My cravings for their Chao Fan and Dimsum is on!

The first thing that comes into my mind when my hunger is at its highest level is something salty and heavy --- Chowking's Chao Fan. It isn't salty as you think, I put too much soy sauce on it (i love salty foods).

Everything is ok -- their tofu was like my mom's version of Fried Tofu in Black Vinegar. Crispy and has spring onions and sliced red onion. Only that my mom puts garlic on it. Yum!

Pork Chao Fan -- was ok also. Kakabusog.

Pork Siomai - i think they put a lot of extenders on their pork siomai na.

Pancit Canton - no no. The canton is starchy. Parang hindi luto. Vegetables ate over cooked/over blanched. 128532128560

The thing that it is affordable and that is satisfies your hungry tummy, I would always come back on CK. Their service lang is medyo mabagal obviously because they only had one server during that peak hour (lunch). And the manager has nothing to do with it pa.

Overall, I would still want their Chao Fan. I think that is the only thing I liked about CK. 128524

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Marichu R.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Audrey Marie N.
4.0 Stars

I never miss eating Chowking's Halo Halo during the summer season.

You can ask for extra milk, I think it's for free.127868

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