Maria Y. Orosa St. cor. UN Ave., Manila, Metro Manila

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Fast Food

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₱87 - ₱237

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Salie D.
4.0 Stars

I liked that we've been here in this area a lot (finishing some important things) because of the tabi tabing Restos and Fastfood chains.

It was a super late lunch na that's why i ordered Lauriat with Chicken while hubby had this S&S Pork Lauriat. I was soo full di ko na naubos yung pansit.

But who wouldn't Take Halo Halo for a dessert? Kaya we ended up having the Regular one with Vanilla Ice Cream! 128525 Burp!

I just wanna commend the waiter who patiently gave us what we need and also for getting us the extra rice and Halo Halo instead of us ordering it from the counter. 128077 Thanks man!

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Sinful B.
5.0 Stars

Cold weather? No problem! haha!! Better than Razons IMO hihihi! I'm particular with the flan! And the texture of the nata and jellies! So 5 star for this classic love! 10084

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Miss H.
4.0 Stars

Looloo is now a certified companion to my everyday insomnia. I don't know if it provides relief or worsens my sleeping habit. Haha! Either way, Looloo all the way!

Since it's Manila Day yesterday, I treated my Blitz Campaign Team for a simple lunch since payday is few days from now pa. So I thought Chowking would be a cheap escape. Lol

I was expecting less from this chain cos upon entering, sinalubong agad kami ng karumaldumal na amoy. Hindi ko alam what's leaking pero mabaho talaga. I thought of transferring to Ambers but the team was seated upstairs already. Was relieved though that the view upstairs was great. Trees along UN and Orosa. Yay! Maaliwalas. 128526128526

Nagulat ako a minute or two pag-upo ko, dumating agad yung orders namin. Fresh and hot. Lol. We requested other condiments, water etc etc, in less than a minute, everything's given to us! Now they live up to being a FASTfood chain! Lol! Five stars for great service!

We're a group of 6 so I ordered the Family Lauriat good for 3. Kuripot ba? Haha!

The Php399 Lauriat includes:
- 5 pieces fried chicken, big ones really
- Pancit Canton for sharing
- Chopseuy for sharing
- 3 cups of rice
- 3 regular drinks

Since the deal consists of five fried chicken, I just ordered additional rice for the four of them and four siomai sets since my friend from work and I decided to have a different meal. Hehe. So the whole lauriat was for them to share.

My friend and I settled for Pork Chaofan and some sidings. We both haven't been here for ages.

So what's the verdict?

Fried Chicken: It's crispy outside and the meat is tender. But nothing beats Bonchon's crispy skin and KFC's flavorful chicken.

Gravy: I still go for KFC's sinful gravy. This one is better than Jollibee's though.

Pancit Canton: Never get this one. Tastes like cornstarch or uncooked flour. Lol

Chopseuy: They might be using baking soda for the veggies since the color is as bright as a diamond. Lol. Half-cooked veggies that are crispy in every bite.

Pork Chaofan: I don't know but this isn't the Chaofan that I used to know. 127926127926127926

Siomai: Siomai House is still better and cheaper! It tastes bland. Even the chili sauce they've provided, no kick at all.

My Verdict:

Ambience: 3/5
Food: 3/5
Service: 5/5
Value for Money: 3/5

Total: 3.5/5

Hopefully, I'll get to sleep na before my eskandalosang alarm clock starts buzzing. Fingers crossed. If not, let there be more Looloo posts. Lol

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