Chung Mi Rae

Mansion, 24-K Sct. Tuazon St., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Chung Mi Rae
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Most Recent Reviews

Monique A.
4.0 Stars

Frequent by Koreans & my friends loves dinning here too ,authentic food fare served by the Korean family that treats guests to feel like theyre home

Complimentary Ice cold Barley Tea (Bori Cha)

Star dishes 11088110881108811088
Doenjjang Chige(fermented bean soup),Kimchi Chige(kimchi soup),
Samgyupsal(grilled thin strips of bacon)eaten by wrapping in lettuce & parilla leaves, raw onions and peppers, sesame oil with salt and ground pepper & samjang (thick spicy paste made of fermented bean),Dolsot bibimbop(rice with veggies in fire pot ), kalbichim(stew beef ribs), & bulgogi(mince beef)

Friendly & attentive

Ambience 11088110881108811088
Homey feel

Price point :128184128184(300-600)

Complimentary barley tea, banchan(traditional starters)sets their level apart from the average Korean joint, ice cream bars at the end of the meal are to die for

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Jillian L.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

  • No. of Comments: 1
Jacy Mae L.
5.0 Stars

A hole in the wall authentic Korean restaurant.

After seeing a friend post a very inviting photo of her order of Chung Mi Rae's seafood tteokbokki on Instagram, my siblings and I decided that we must visit and check this place!

This resto serves unlimited free appetizers and had a look and feel of a typical Korean restaurant. The yellow preserved radish appetizer dish was to die for. I don't usually eat radish, but this one, I liked! We asked another round for it.

Ordered the ff:

Sundubuchige - not the best I've had. So far, nothing could still beat Jang Ga Nae's sundubu.

Dolsot Bibimbap - I really like this one a lot. The rice was flavorful. This is a dish I'd come back to and order again.

Seafood tteokbokki - It's the dish you always see on Koreanovelas like Princess Hours and Jewel in the Palace. This dish was very flavorful and filling. It had sticky rice with seafood and it tasted sweet and spicy. Quite expensive but it's okay because this dish seemed complicated to make and it had a lot of seafood.

Korean dumplings - one of the best gyoza type of dumplings I ever tasted! Really good with the spicy sauce that came with it.

Seafood pancake - also good. Pancake batter tasted like seafood. They didn't scrimp on the seafood because they added oysters in it too. It had the same sauce as the dumpling. A bit spicy but still delicious.

They give free ice cream for dessert that looked like a small bar of butter. It came with vanilla and French Vanilla flavors. Ice cream was good! I learned that they sell it by the box. Not a good idea to bring it home because it melts quickly! Would love to take some home but scared that it might melt so we ate everything there.

Place was packed when we went around 8pm. You know a place is authentic when a lot of Koreans are eating there. I was watching them to see what they were eating. Haha! What they ordered also looked delicious! Something to take note for my next visit.

Hooray for a new discovery! A new Korean resto I'd go back to! Yay! It's not far from my house either. 128077

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Wilann Y.
3.0 Stars

Friends invited us to dine here . Small korean resto with minimalist set-up.
They served 8 small plates appetizer, :D.
Beef bibimbap- big serving good for 2 pax.
Chap chae- puede na.
Ramen- my hubby said it tasted like the packed korean noodles lang:-(
What I liked most -- fried dumplings!
Overall, food was ok.

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Maria L.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Glynis Lyn C.
5.0 Stars

I have been meaning to do a review on this! And for some absurd reasons, this review is what I'm doing first before even starting with the position paper that I need to file tomorrow at the MTC Branch 45, Pasay City! Haha.

Chung Mi Rae was my first loved Korean place back in law school. Back then, you get to sit on the floor and eat the way koreans do (I was formerly addicted to koreanovelas. Haha guilty pleasures).To be served with an overwhelming amount of appetizers was already delightful!

So here goes...

They'd start serving you ice cold Barley Tea (Bori Cha) which I tremendously love coz it's really refreshing. It helps you prep enough to indulge on what Korean dinner should be. And like most korean restos, they serve complimentary side dishes (numerous, that is) that the patron would just have to choose what dish would serve best with the variety.

I'd never pass on getting Doenjjang Chige (Fermented Bean Soup). It's ultimately hearty as is, and I LOOOOVE the kick that the green chili gives! It pairs perfectly well with their chewy steamed rice and I like it that they serve it in a stone bowl. Super init nakakapaso yung soup pero swabe!

Sam Gyup Sal is also the way to go! Grilled thin strips of bacon eaten the Korean style by wrapping in a lettuce and putting different toppings from the side dishes. Just make sure your hands are clean though.

And the surprise comes as soon as you get your bill. Your dessert, Excellent Ice Cream, comes FREE! These are ice cream cubes that come in french vanilla and vanilla flavors! Superb!

I've always been happy at Chung Mi Rae not just because you can request for more helpings of the side dishes and other complimentary stuff but because their food tastes absolutely korean-authentic. The ambience, over-all, is pretty average but the staff and service make up for their simple, homey-like setup.

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Leviruth N.
5.0 Stars

Love love the cheeessy budae chigae... Heaps of appetizers.. And of course the staff and the owner... We have been suki ever since...

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