Church of Our Lady of Caysasay

Taal-Nasugbu, Taal, Batangas

Church of Our Lady of Caysasay
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Judy R.
5.0 Stars

First time I went here was last January of 2017. My boyfriend told me that the virgin mary of this church was so powerful and always grants wishes. He told me the story of how his parents asked for a baby girl and was given with one. Not a believer of miracles and wishes, I tried wishing and offered prayers when we went there. A few months after my wish came true!

We went back and offered orchids as an offering for granting our wishes. From then on we always go back to pay thanks and prayers to this powerful church in Taal Batangas.

Tip: You can write your wishes on small piece of paper and put in an envelope and drop it on the back of the altar of Our Lady of Caysasay. Always give thanks and praises too while you do that. 128536

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Cianhel S.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Jona P.
4.0 Stars

Our Lady of Caysasay, One of the oldest church in batangas (Circa 1603)

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Rachelle V.
5.0 Stars

It is a miraculous mary that if your wish is granted you need to offer some flowers as a gift to our lady. It a vintage style of chirch. It has a miraculous wishing well that you need to say your petitions and wish and if grabted you need to offer flowers. There are kids around there that can hrlp you to go to the well and they will tell the history

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