Churreria La Lola

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Churreria La Lola
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Most Recent Reviews

Mhigz A.
5.0 Stars

We ordered all the flavors. Matcha is still the best of course.10084 Next fave is the butterscotch and then the plain. 128077
Tumaas yung standards ko sa churros dahil kay La Lola. Hahaha 12851410084

Stuffed churros are quite pricey but i'll try those next time!
BEST CHURROS EVER TASTED! 128076128076128076

  • No. of Comments: 4
Ruth D.
5.0 Stars

Churreria La Lola
Eastwood Mall

I have a love-hate relationship with La Lola because from experience, nothing is consistent. But during this particular visit, I really loved everything.

I ordered their Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich and it was really good. A little funny because after waiting for a few minutes, I expected the top and bottom layers to have a biscuit-like texture and chewiness. I forgot that it was churros. 128518

The service I experienced here was excellent. Way better than the other branches I've been to.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Jessica N.
5.0 Stars

Matcha churros is 10084

  • No. of Comments: 2
Anch B.
4.0 Stars

1st visit:

As a first timer here, i wanted to order something safe, so i ordered the original one and a large dip (w/c is 100 pesos btw). For me, there's nothing special about their churros? I mean, yes it's good but damn it's overpriced. Especially the dip :-(

I also tried the matcha flavored ones, and it was okay lang rin!! These are served cold pala because of the matcha coating :-( Mmm, this one is too sweet for me :-( I only consumed half of 1 churro and i couldn't bear to eat it anymore :-( Ang mahal pa naman din. 128557

2nd visit:

Okay, so since my friend wanted to buy churros here.. Sabi ko sa sarili ko why not diba? Lemme give it another shot! So i ordered something different. 1pc of churros with speculoos (tama ba spelling??) inside. THIS ONE I LOVED. LIKE HOLY HEAVENS. I guess, i made the right decision of giving it another chance! I'm pretty sure this is the churro that i will keep coming back to 128586128149

Hooray La Lola! 128131🏻

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Russel F.
3.0 Stars

The Matcha craze had been towering the charts since last year and I wasn't that surprised when La Lola had released their Matcha-coated churros just this year! I'm not a big fan of matcha myself but I quite like it! Together with other flavors, our group decided to get an Ultimate mixed churros consisting of the original, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and matcha for about 350-ish bucks that's already good for 4-5 people! We also paired it with the hot chocolate dip for a perfect combo!

I've always loved the original churros together with their rich chocolate dip so I had this kind of high expectations with the other flavors. Unfortunately, I was disappointed! Well, everyone was!!! The flavored-churros were really tough, as if it's not freshly cooked! It feels like it was already cooked and preheated it, and then served it. Actually it's not even hot when it's served so I doubt that it was even heated. I don't know but that's how it feels like even the original one, although it's still good as it is. Both matcha and white chocolate churros were meh! Only the dark chocolate among the flavored ones were a bit better. I don't know if it's a bad batch or something, but for now, I'm giving this place a 3-star rating. Will surely give them another chance for sure but not in this branch!

  • No. of Comments: 3
Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

La lola lolo looloo reviewer reviewing haha

Let's welcome la lola at eastwood. This place is a total al fresco area. It's near the escalator and you cannot help people passing by looking at you while you're enjoying your churros. Anyway, after soban, craved for churros and dragged the guys here to initiate an afternoon tambay.
We decided to try the flavored chirros--especially the matcha. For 12 pieces with three pieces for each flavor, it's sold around 300+. Not so bad for sharing.

128204 dark chocolate churros
Sticky. But i really do not recognize dark chocolate here. It's just sweet. But Russel F kinda liked it.

128204 128525 matcha churros
I like this one. It's cold and hard though, the matcha flavor is a little to the light matcha i could taste somewhat sampaguita in it. Lol. I could eat a lot if this but Patrick V just cant take another bite of this.

128204 white chocolate churros
This is a throat scratcher if you eat a lot of this--i mean too sweet. Ok na ang isang stick. It tastes white toblerone though. 128077🏼 truly high class. But then it's hard too. Dennis O finds it sweet as well.

128204 plain churros
Hard too. Disappointed. The one i had at UP town center--este ateneo town center was fresh and chewy. This one i could use for playing billards.

No need to actually order chocolate dip for the flavored churros

Overall i think they did not give us fresh churros. I just like the matcha (white chocolate next) because i think this flavor is best given not fresh. Haha. Marc David M is not fond of churros but thanks for accompanying us. 128568

  • No. of Comments: 12
Sheena D.
4.0 Stars

I had churros craving today so I went to Eastwood, and bought the mixed churros at La Lola. I picked the classic and the dark chocolates churros, and paid P170 for 6 pieces plus P60 additional for the dip. My favorite so far is the matcha, but the dark chocolate is as good. And oh, I chose churros over my workout.

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Emem S.
4.0 Stars

Churros. 128156

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Dennis O.
3.0 Stars

After meal at Soban, Jayson J was craving for churros so we drop by La Lola. We ordered their mixed churros to be able to try out various flavors. The flavor coated churros was a little too hard and the white chocolate was too sweet.128561 I did love the taste of their matcha churros but it was just a little too hard. Not sure if it was really like that or if it wasn't a fresh batch. I still preffered the original just the right amount of crunchyness on the outside and soft in the inside dipped on the hot choco. Yummy!

There was also no one cleaning the table on the sides of their kiosk.128529

  • No. of Comments: 2
Patrick V.
3.0 Stars

We availed of their one dozen assorted churros for P375.

The matcha churros were hard. As in. I only ate half the I decided to throw my share away. I'm not sure if they were old because the matcha ones I tried in the Uptown branch were not that hard. Nevertheless, the dark and classicos saved the day! Will probably just stick to those two as the white ones are too sweet for me. 128539

  • No. of Comments: 4
Abbey A.
3.0 Stars

I was so excited to try the new Banana Nutella Xuxos, but I was disappointed. It wasn't so good huhu the churros itself was soggy.. and the banana seemed overripe because it was so soft.

A plain Nutella Xuxos might've been so much better. 128556

  • No. of Comments: 2
April H.
4.0 Stars

Running errands with my dad is fun! Because you can suddenly "suggest" to try a new restaurant and he's just game... But instead of going somewhere new, I really wanted my dad to try La Lola's Perrito Caliente... The moment I tried it during the rendezvoos, I knew my dad would love it!128515

My dad and I shared one as a quick before heading home. We had to wait for quite sometime before it was served... I was actually contemplating of getting churros already but I decided against it... Coz you know, guilt...128514

Anyway, quick recap on what a Perrito Caliente is. They use their xuxo or hollowed out churro, as a substitute bun for the chorizo... Which is a substitute meat for the hot dog...128517 The caramelized onions and sauces dress it up further and add more flavor to this creation... And it's really good!128525

My dad loved it and his half was gone before I could even ask him how it was... He just kept nodding his head as he ate... Glad he enjoyed it!128077

Using an old picture btw, because my dad doesn't understand that you HAVE to take pics of food against nice backgrounds...128514

  • No. of Comments: 10
Abi F.
3.0 Stars

Carbs and sugar.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Shelly R.
4.0 Stars

Love their classic churros with belgian chocolate dip! The best churros so far!128512

  • No. of Comments: 0
Telle B.
5.0 Stars

PERRITO CALLIENTE!!!! I just had to get that out of my chest 128539 I know La Lola is known for its sweet offerings but hot damn! I'm going back to La Lola for their savory churros offering: Perrito! 128588🏼

Ok so let's start from the very beginning. I was invited for another Looloo eatup at La Lola! Who could say no to that?! So, I said yes and got all excited because let's face it.. It's La Lola! Anyway, we had a churros-filled night! 128539 I have never had so much churros in my life! What a great night that was! 9786

We met up with the owners and they are the most entertaining restaurateurs I have ever met! I'm entertained just by watching them! 128517 it's nice to meet people who are very passionate with what they do. 10084️ I found it amusing and wonderful that they value their clients' feedbacks so much so that it was my first time to be asked questions in a Looloo rendevooz! 128539 it's also nice to know that whenever they hear negative feedback about their restaurant or food, they turn into a positive thing by improving their service! 128079🏼128588🏼128077🏼

Now back to their food. They served 7 different kinds of churros. Actually there were 8 I think, but I wasn't able to taste the Speculoos Xuxo.

>>Classic - can never go wrong with these! Especially if you dip them in the Belgian hot chocolate 128525128525128525128525

>>Chocochurros - sweet and very filling! 128525128525128525

>>White chocolate churros - something uniquely La Lola! Yummy but too sweet for me 128525128525128525

>>Churros Bravos - this is good! I loved eating one whole because the flavors explode in your mouth 128163 128525128525128525128525

>>Perrito Calliente - this is L10084️VE!!!! After eating this, I knew I had to get it for lunch soon!!! I honestly liked this more than anything else on their menu! I never thought churros would be good as a savory snack! Will definitely keep coming back for this! The chorizo is just heaven! It's sooo good with caramelized onions, aioli and salsa sauce! I'm craving for one again as I type! That Perrito Calliente is still on my mind! After x number of days! 128517 i find it really good because even if it isn't served hot, it's still very delicious for me and I don't eat savory food that's not hot. 128517 it's a bit pricey though but I don't mind because I feel like I'm paying for a piece of heaven 128525128525128525128525128525128525#KalmaKaLangGirl

>>Xuxos (cream and custard) - I only got to try this one. It's good but I'm not a fan 128517 there was an after taste for me that tasted sour so I didn't like it as much as the rest. 128525128525

>>Ice cream sandwich - this was ok. It was not something I would crave for. The churros and ice cream mix is a good idea though but I think a Xuxo ice cream version would be better for some reason 128517 but that's just me. 128525128525

All in all, it was a very memorable and entertaining night! I had a good time with Looloo people as usual 10084️, met the awesome owners of Lola 128588🏼 and most especially, it was the night that Perrito Calliente was introduced to me 128514

  • No. of Comments: 13
Jacque B.
5.0 Stars

Feb. 14 is my lucky day! Yes! I got an email from Peanut D. inviting me in a Looloo rendezvoos at Churerria La Lola. I was so happy but a bit confused....... "dinner at La Lola? seriously? I can't remember something in the menu that will fill my appetite. "

My curiosity started to perk up to the point that I looked at my Spanish Cuisine notes to check about Churros and it says:
Churros - is a fried dough (flour, salt and water) pastry fried until crunchy sprinkled with sugar. The surface is ridged due to having been piped from a Churerra. This snack is popularly known in Spain, Portugal, France and Latin America. In Spain, there are 2 types of churros; thin that is usually knotted while the other one is long and thick (porra) dipped in chocolate or coffee with milk. Normally served during breakfast but can be eaten the whole day.

In Venezuela, you can see stalls in the streets selling churros which is called Churerrias. Where it did originated? Others said its from China, learned by a Portuguese explorer; initially, its "pulled" but he didn't learned the technique so he used a star-shaped pipe which is now called churerra. Some said, it originated in Spain and was discovered by the Sheperds to substitute fresh breads, since the dough is easy to make and can be cooked in an open fire in the mountains.

I am a fan of churros, in fact I only dine to this known restaurant just to eat churros. That's why when I met La Lola, I fell in love with it!

When the group arrived in La Lola we first met the owners Sergi, the Foodie and Dani, the Marketing Genius; both Spanish. Staying for 10 years now in the Philippines running several food establishments and the 1 year old La Lola. We also met Tricia, La Lola's Marketing Manager. We started the night by asking questions about La Lola, of course we wanted to know what "La Lola" means. Dani said, in Spain, Lola is a nickname of a very common name Maria Dolores and in the Philippines we call our grandma Lola; connect the dots and we have La Lola.

We were served with 8 classes of churros and a drink of our choice.

🔸Churros Classicos - basic churros sprinkled with granulated sugar can be eaten as it is or can be dipped in hot Belgian Chocolate.

🔸Chocochurros - Dark Chocolate coated churros chilled to keep chocolate from melting.

🔸French White Chocolate coated Churros - another variant of Chocochurros, also chilled.

🔸Perrito Caliente - spanish word perrito means "dog" while caliente means "hot"; special chorizo in hollowed churros topped with caramelized onion and special sauces.

🔸Churros Bravos - spanish word for "well done or excellent "; this inch-sized churros is filled with all i aoili sauce and salsa brava.

🔸Xuxos - stuffed churros of your choice; Nutella, Dulce de Leche, Strawberry and Speculoos peanut butter.
We tried speculoos and a custard and cream.

🔸Ice Cream Sandwich - flavored gelato between 2 crunchy churros; available flavors are Matcha, Strawberry ad Dark Chocolate.

🔸Macchiato - this is not your ordinary coffee, and its better than the one we know.

My top favorites are:
128205Perrito Caliente - its like, all the spices in the world is rolled in one churros! This sandwich blew me away, I didn't expect that churros can be used as a bread.

128205Churros Classicos - the flag bearer! There are a lot of establishments serving churros but this is the only place where you can have it long and thick, crunchy on the outside but still chewy on the inside. I wonder how they achieved the salty taste of its dough that compliments with granulated sugar and what I liked most is, it's fried in olive oil so I don't worry if I eat too muc because I think its healthy and according to Dani, they don't reused oil because it's absorbed by the churros. Let me add that their hot Belgian Chocolate is worth every calorie.

128205Churros Bravas - I love the "salty and sour flavor that explodes in your mouth drama" that's why this item made it to my top 3.

My first experience of Looloo rendezvoos is amazing because I met the genius people behind La Lola, the very energetic, friendly, handsome and beautiful Looloo Crews and last but not the least, these jolly Looloo reviewers Roy Lambert T , Abbey A , April H and Telle B. Aside from the overflowing churros, I enjoyed the discussion about Dani and Sergi's experience how they started their business in the Philippines, their struggles, including cultural differences, how to deal customer complaints, and they also gave advices to us that if we want to open a food business, we should be hands on and very passionate with it because if you're not you will give up either your exhausted or your bankrupt.

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Rust D.
4.0 Stars

Dessert Project # 4 One of those foods that you will surely be curious about and when you try it you will basically say mmm its good but then you'll get use to the taste and feel full after but you wanna try it over and over again. I think its a fad tho but churros is a classic, you can never ever ruin the classic.

  • No. of Comments: 1
Cocoy P.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

  • No. of Comments: 1
Cheska S.
4.0 Stars

My husband really loves Dulcinea's churros so we decided to check this place out if it would be better than D's.

I ordered the stuffed churros, the Dulce De Leche Xuxos. Initially, I thought it was pretty expensive for a single piece but when I was eating it, I realized that I could not finish it in one sitting. The churros seems buttery, which I liked, but the Dulce de Leche was too sweet for me.

My husband liked the classic churros and dip. He especially liked their chocolate dip but he did not like the sugar on the churros, which, I, on the other hand, liked. In any case he ordered another one without sugar, which he liked better.

We liked this place and their food and will definitely go back to try their other dishes. We just wish we'd find the perfect time to go there when there would be seating available 128513

  • No. of Comments: 5
April H.
5.0 Stars

Churreria La Lola-- known for their scrumptious churros, of course....127775

Thus, when I received an invite from THE Peanut D, I was very surprised... Dinner at La Lola? Are you sure? Not just merienda? How is that going to play out? Curiosity definitely got the best of me... Who wouldn't be curious about the savory offerings of a shop that has carved a niche for itself as the latest churros specialist in the metro?

I met up with the looloo crew and four fellow reviewers at one of the newest shops of La Lola at Eastwood Mall... It's located on the second floor, very near Cheesecakes by Guy, Cyma and Pott's Point... Let me just say this first off-- I am a La Lola fan... I just like their churros, I think it's yummy!128522 It's one of those places that either you like or you really don't get... And I'm part of that first group!128525

I'm sure everybody has seen that iconic green and red four-sided cone when you go to several malls, recognizably La Lola... Honestly, every time I see one, I crave for churros. It's a Pavlovian response really... But what exactly is this treat? It is essentially fried dough with a characteristic ridge shape, crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside... It is very popular in Spain and has regional variations-- they may be straight or curved and served sprinkled with sugar... May be eaten alone or enjoyed with a chocolate dipping sauce or coffee. I have loved this for breakfast when I was little and I was very eager to try some last night! I was also excited to meet the owners behind the phenomenon... But, I had no idea that I was about to be blown away...

We met Dani, Sergi, and Tricia, all of whom were very warm and put us immediately at ease. We started of the evening with the classics, items that a lot of us have tried before...

128261Churros Classicos-- The churro as we know and love... Dani & Sergi revealed to us that they use olive oil to fry the churros, chosen because it is relatively tasteless and healthier than other oils. They asked us to try it with and without the chocolate dip... I liked it both ways. When you bite into one, you will note contrasting textures between the soft core and the crunchy exterior... Dipping it in chocolate just makes for an even better mouthful... The most traditional of their offerings and the bestseller as well... But what's new is that they now offer this their Muchos Churros, a Jumbo size-- 36 pieces for you to take home, to the office, or to a party in this absolutely cool mini bayong container of sorts... A great way to share it with family and friends...128077🏻

128261Chocochurro or Chocolate Dipped Churros-- I have never tried this before, so I was surprised to find that it was cold... For this one, they dip the churro in chocolate and keep it refrigerated to keep everything from melting. They use dark chocolate that coats the churro evenly and every bite is like an explosion of flavor... I was surprised that the Churros remained crunchy despite being dipped in chocolate... They also provided us with whipped cream and I suggest you try it this way... It was really good!128525 And don't worry about dirty fingers! They have gloves available so you can walk around the mall with this treat...

128261White Chocolate Churros-- one of their new offerings. I was amazed that they actually had to experiment with 11 kinds of white chocolate before getting it right... Others may just give up and scrapped the idea, but not these guys. They finally got it right with a white chocolate flown all the way from France... The result is a delicious sweet treat... Sooo good with whipped cream, believe me...

128261Churros Bravos-- This is their take on the traditional patatas bravas... They use their Xuxo (a hollowed out churro without filling) as a replacement carb for the potatoes and cut it in bite sized pieces... Each piece is then filled with a tomato based sauce and an aioli... I would have liked bolder flavors from the sauces that filled the Xuxo though... A bit more spice would make this a very bold and inventive dish.

128261Speculoos Xuxo-- I like cookie butter and seeing a Xuxo filled with Speculoos just made me happy. I have tried their Nutella filled Xuxo before and I must say that I prefer the one with cookie butter. Lighter sweetness level and still maintaining that crunch...

128261 Cream and Custard Xuxo-- This creation is very rich and calorie dense... Cream cheese + custard + brûlée on top... The three components worked well together for me, but I found that it was way too heavy... I couldn't finish more than a couple of small bites...

128261Churros Ice Cream Sandwich-- Another new creation with two pieces of flattened Churros, layered with condensed milk or chocolate sauce, and finally sandwiching your choice of ice cream flavor in between. They have Matcha, Davao Chocolate, and Strawberry for you to choose from. I tried both matcha and chocolate variants and I have to agree with Abbey... The ice cream had a lot of icy bits that made it difficult to eat... As the ice cream melted, bits of ice remained, making me think it's about the freezing process... Roy pointed out that the matcha flavor had a lingering aftertaste, but I think my tastebuds may have succumbed to sugar coma at this point already...

128261Perrito Caliente-- literally, their "Hot Dog"... I had to save the very best for last... This is a snack that I will definitely come back for... As in tomorrow na...128514 I love chorizo!128525 and when you tell me that you will be combining this with a churro, I wouldn't have believed that it would work. But I am a believer, believe me! #gulo Imagine a hollowed churro that serves as a bed for caramelized onions and great quality chorizo, topped with mayo... One bite and----- BAM!128165 Panalo guys!128525 A mix of strong flavors from the chorizo anchored by the savory and crunchy churro... I was so hesitant to try their savory offerings before because of the price tag, but I can say that this one is well worth the price of admission.

My top picks from their new food lineup:
1. Perrito Caliente-- sooo good128525
2. White Chocolate Churros-- very unique but also quite sweet
3. Churros Classicos-- because you can't go wrong with a classic

It was literally a churro-induced high last night-- my first and last time to consume that many Churros in one sitting!128517 It was crazy and what made the experience even more fun is meeting fellow reviewers... Yey to seeing Roy Lambert T, Telle B again and meeting Abbey A and Jacque B!!!127775 So if you guys receive that first email from the crew, please don't have any second thoughts. Just say the magic letters-- G, P!128514 The rendezvoos is a great way to expand your circle of contacts and to meet the big wigs of the industry... It's also a meet and greet with the looloo crew (nukzzz showbiz)... Thanks a bunch to Odell R Roegan T Pam L and Miss P!10084️ The people present are usually really friendly and these meets are definitely fun!!! 128077🏻

Another big plus? Spending time with these SEASONED RESTAURANTEURS is an insight to a business industry that we are an integral part of as consumers. It's a way to see the other side of the story, to know the challenges they face and the creativity they bring to the table... It is such an inspiration to learn about all their stories... I have found that it has made me a more well-rounded (both literally and figuratively) foodie...

This is not my first rendezvoos... I have had the privilege to meet some of the most successful chefs and restaurant owners in the metro... The list goes on, but one thing they always say is that they listen to what their customers have to say... They value our input and we have all helped them improve their businesses... They see complaints as a chance to make loyal customers out of us as well... So don't worry guys, the management of La Lola reads your raves and complaints and treats both with equal gravity... It lets them gauge where they really are in the industry... They LISTEN to their customers and look at how their business has flourished because of that humble attitude! SO KEEP REVIEWING LOOLOOERS!!! 128588🏻

Sergi & Dani were really great hosts... It's the same group of people that brought us Rambla at Rockwell and Las Flores at BGC, so it's just great food all around... It definitely takes a genius to make fried dough sexy... And they have succeeded in just that-- they brought the churro back into the public consciousness... And not just the churros from a hundred years back, made in the far flung areas of Spain. It's a skinny jean clad, Ray Ban wearing, Neverfull carrying, high heeled churro of the modern age... With studs and a Pandora. Posting on IG. And reviewing in looloo... #HabaNgStorya

They actually talked to us about the restaurant business and it should have been entitled, "How to open a Restaurant 101"... They have experienced manning cashiers, appeasing irate customers, and they had no qualms about bussing the tables in their establishment before our eyes. Even Miss Tricia G said that she was loving her bosses and their very professional work ethic... Despite their success, they continue to develop their product and find new and cool ways to serve churros... Such a charming, dynamic and down to earth group of people!128515

To end this already long review, I asked Dani if they have ever considered selling the Churros in a smaller size or even by piece. I figured that this may encourage more people to try this yummy treat. I loved his answer to my query. He said that they have considered it. But that's not what the company is about. La Lola is all about sharing... Have a churro and share it with your friends and family. That is their vision and they want to stay true to it.

One thing is for sure... La Lola is more than just a churreria...128077🏻


Guys, can we just send a big shoutout to the beloved looloo crew who keep working so hard to make this a great and super fun app!!! We all love you guys!!! Go Barangay looloo!!!128079🏻

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