Churreria La Lola

2/F Glorietta 4, East Drive, Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila

Churreria La Lola
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Most Recent Reviews

Adnad S.
2.0 Stars

Ok na sana yung foods & generous servings naman kaso may 2 hair yung Carbonara ko!!! 128557

Di ko na nireklamo kasi baka gantihan pa yung pamalit.

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Pat D.
3.0 Stars

La Lola has a cafe 128561128561128561128561128561

Located at the 2nd floor of Glorietta. La Lola changed their usual churros place into a cafe

Ambience & Service 1108811088110881108811088

It's quiet, relaxing and very homey. The staff were really nice and friendly

Food 110881108811088

➡️You can never go wrong with their churros. I just wish they also sell 3 pieces or the single piece filled with warm and gooey Nutella
➡️The ripe mango shake was just ok. It was a bit difficult to drink with the paper straw probably also because of its consistency. I should have ordered their iced/hot drinks. Note it comes with a free churro
➡️I had high expectations for theri signature cheesecake. It was just ok for me. I feel its too expensive for its taste

They also serve pasta- Macaroni Bolognese, Spaghetti Carbonara, Spaghetti Marinera.

You can also order some salad (caesar, caprese, La Lola) or sandwiches (ham and cheese croissant, chorizo burger, La Lola Club)

Price 110881108811088

Quite expensive. I'll still try it again hahaha. I want to try their La Lola brownie and french fries 9996🏻

➡️ Classic Churros P110 (6pcs), P195 (12pcs), P275 (18pcs)
➡️ Signature dip plus P60/ P100/ P130
➡️ Ripe Mango Shake P110
➡️ Signature Cheesecake P180

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Kaycee G.
5.0 Stars

128149Date for Two: Mixed Valentines Churros for takeout, Churros Classicos (Medium) Chocolate Dip (Medium)
128140Total: P365

Overall: Best Churreria so far. They use olive oil for their fried goodies so need not to worry about the extra calories. For newbies, you may opt to order the mixed churros so you may discover the best flavor for you. For us, we still prefer the classic and then pair it with a dip. Chocolate dip is still the tastiest for us though you may also try their Matcha dip for a much adventurous flavor. And oh, we love those holes per table where you can conveniently place your churro cones! Lol.

Value for money: Worth it!

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Charlzz C.
4.0 Stars

Honest to goodness statement is that I'm not a big fan of this brand,but when I saw the signs,posters and even videos of the wall and saw ube as one of their items.Without thinking I immediately went in.

Nice predominantly green interiors ,tho lacking in seats.I love that you can see how the churros were being made.

Bought the Ube Shake ,this came with a single churro dipped into the beverage with whipped cream and candy sprinkles on top.The taste of the Ube is very good ,it's so ubelicious that I had a brain freeze, hahahaha.Flavorful ube indeed.The churro that came with it was still the rich ,tiresome deep fried item.

Overall with the Ube Shake sans the churros it's still a GO.

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Nic S.
4.0 Stars

It was my first time to visit the La Lola Churreria branch at Glorietta. My friend and I were looking for a new place to get coffee and a snack and we ended up here. The place isn’t stressful and noisy despite it being right smack in the middle of one of the busiest shopping malls in Makati. It also has this open air type structure - it doesn’t have doors or walls surrounding its outer side. Despite that, it’s still a somewhat peaceful place to hang out and chat.

We ordered six pieces of their original churros to share (this costs 110 pesos) and a cup of chocolate dip which set us back 65 pesos. The churros are relatively cheap for their size but it’s the idea that you have to pay premium for the dip which will sort of make you think twice before you get these a couple of times a week hahaha once in awhile is totally fine I guess but it could definitely be a splurge if you have no self-control! It’s even more difficult to choose a churro because they have more variants for the filled ones as well. I really like plain, simple food though so it wasn’t a question that I would end up getting the original churros #basic hahaha

My friend ordered a large macchiato and we were both drawn to how pretty the cup was. She told me to take a sip for this review’s purpose HAHAHA and hey, it wasn’t bad at all. La Lola actually has decent coffee, hooray! Another place to walk to when work is being difficult, hahaha oops. Upon tasting it, it was obvious that the quality of their coffee was great but the Macchiato had too much milk so maybe a different variant would do next time or we could ask them to lessen the amount of milk mixed in with the coffee.

I think this place is gonna be a staple for random coffee runs with my friends and co-workers! 128522128522128522

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Jonathan R.
4.0 Stars

Masarap kaso hindi ko kaya ubusin mag-isa... 128513

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Sanie G.
4.0 Stars

If you want yummy churros and you're in Makati,La Lola Churreria at Second Floor, Glorietta 4 Ayala Center Glorietta Complex, Makati City is the place to can be your dessert or a snack you take to the movies, or simply something you munch on as you walk around the mall..128516

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Reich T.
3.0 Stars

I am such a sucker for anything Ube. So here i was sitting alone and full of regret while sipping Dreamy Ube.

The churros is fantastic but the ube drink thingy is too icy and reminds me of a bad batch of ice scramble.

La Lola failed me today.

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Brie K.
3.0 Stars

Churros, churros! An interesting food to eat for merienda with different flavors to choose from but I'd rather get something else.

I bought the mix churros (P 130) and chose three flavors: classic, match and butterscotch. And yes, I am so excited to dig in! First bite on the classic, it is cold. 128557 I am used to the hot churros where you can dip it in chocolate, so quite disappointed on that one. I tasted the matcha next, and given, it is also cold. But it was hard to bite! 128530 I was expecting it to be like KitKat matcha, but its not. I didn't dare to taste the butterscotch.

The good thing about it, well its not their product though, Bayani Brew. I just sip and enjoyed this Lipsmackin' Lemongrass (P 65). I'd probably give 2 stars without this drink.

Well, try it out and you might enjoy. As for me, I'd go with the food carts who sell churros!

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Azaliah A.
4.0 Stars

Tried the Churros Classico Jr. - 3pcs with dip of choice (got Signature Hot Chocolate)

The churros were freshly made. We let it sit for awhile before digging in for the oil to be fully absorbed by the paper towels inside the cone. The dip was almost bitin, and we did not dip as mch for that matter. Nevertheless, if you want to just try and avoid not finishing the 6pcs set get the junior set. Its easier to finish just right while the churros is still fresh.

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